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How Many Beaches In Australia: 10 Stunning Coastal Gems

Australia is known for its breathtaking beaches, as the name implies. It makes sense that the nation is renowned for its beaches. Australia’s coastline spans about 50,000 Kilometers and contains approximately 10,000 beaches.

The beach is a well-liked tourist attraction. The majority of tourists prefer the beach for a good vacation. The beach culture embodies the “Let’s chill” mentality that characterizes much of Australia, whether chilling at the beach, surfing in the clear sea, or attending a beach party.  

There are a lot of beaches in Australia that you can check out. Here, we will take a look at how many beaches in Australia and their special features. 

How Many Beaches In Australia 

Here is a list of some of Australia’s most famous and renowned beaches that you must check out. 

1. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, located east of Sydney, Australia, is one of the best beaches and the most iconic for its sweeping white sand. It is the most liked and appreciated beach in the country.

It is also famous for its laid-back coastal lifestyle and crystal and coruscating ocean. This beach is about 1.5 Kilometers long, with plenty of restaurants along the coastline that offers an extensive view of the stunning beaches. Surfers who surf year-round are drawn to the real waves.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

It has one of the most ancient swimming clubs, the Bondi Icebergs. Apart from that, it has a lifesaving club which is also the oldest. 


Bondi Beach has several spots to dine in while enjoying the beautiful beaches and the delicious cuisines. The restaurants and bars have a good ambiance with chic interior decor. The neighborhood gem of this place is its brown sugar, Bondi.

Some famous restaurants and cafes are Bondi Trattoria, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, Ikaria Bondi, Sabbaba Bondi Beach, Mojo’s Tapas Bar, Hurricane’s Grill, and Bar Bondi Beach, El Indio Bondi Beach, SOY Japanese Beach, and Handmade Noodles and Dumpling Kitchen.

Location:- Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia

Best time to visit the beach:- October-April

2. Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is one of the best beaches, an idle destination for holidays and vacations. The scenic bush and crystal clear waters allow the travelers to take a breathtaking walk along the paradise-like coastline. This beautiful turquoise sea is perfect for swimming, fishing, and surfing.

How Many Beaches In Australia
Image from Shutterstock

The ocean is a haven for bottlenose dolphins, little penguins, and cute fur seals. A must-do at Hyams Beach is the White- Sands walk. It is a 90-minute walk from Hyams Beach to the Greenfield Beach picnic area in Vincentia, embracing the coastal forest of Jervis Bay National Park.


Stop by the popular and famous Hyams Beach store and cafes to savor the beach’s delicacies and enjoy a relaxing brunch. Some of the popular beach cafes to stop by are Cooked Goose on Hyams, Sandbar Restaurant & Bar, Huskisson Hotel, Hyams Beach Seaside Cottages, Bamboo River Restaurant, Hyams Beach Bed, and Restaurant, 3Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant, Nana on the Bay Thai Restaurant, Stonefish at Hyams Beach, Silver spoon Vincentia and Taj Indian restaurant Huskisson.

The freshly baked tarts, hand-prepared salad bowls, and cakes are like a cherry on top that takes up the beauty of the beach.

Location: City of Shoalhaven, Australia.

Best time to visit the beach: Early January- Mid-February.

3. Surfers Paradise

Australia’s yet another famous and iconic beach where travelers flock from around the world to surf, party, and swim in the Surfers Paradise. Situated at the heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast, this beach is famous for its golden sand and modern beachside metropolis. This beach spot is a serious shopping center with the best lifestyle and beauty.


The coastline has various nightclubs and bars that lure travelers where you can dance, drink, party, and goof your stress out. In the daytime, you can visit the restaurants and cafes along the coastline that offer everything from fresh seafood to international cuisine, which has made Surfers Paradise a famous spot to visit.

Some of the popular beach cafes and nightclubs to stop by our Stingray Lounge, The Avenue- Surfers Paradise, Elsewhere, Lost Kingdom Nightclub, Yamagen Japanese Restaurant, Alfresco Italian Restaurant, White rhino ear and Eats, Hurricane’s Grill and Bar Surfers Paradise, Kookoo Tep pan yaki and Lounge bar, Seascape Restaurant and bar, Edge water dining and lounge, Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant and Long Boards laid Back Eatery and bar.

Location: Queensland’s Gold Coast in eastern Australia.

Best time to visit the beach: December-March.

4. Manly Beach

Manly Beach, situated among the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, New South Wales, is endorsed by travelers as one of Australia’s most famous surfing beaches. Certainly, take a ferry ride from Circular Quay to Manly, as that is a great experience.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

The sand is nice and clean, and a stroll on the street along the beach with the ocean view is priceless. Do not forget to walk down Shelby Beach, which is nearby; it certainly beats the more known Bondi beach. The beach is gorgeous and worth visiting. The seashore also has various cafes and trees that add to the list of attractions. 


This beach is famous for its Fish and Chips, a common snack to munch on while you enjoy the ocean view. Some popular cafes and restaurants are The Pantry Manly, Jelly Fish, Hemingway’s Manly, Fusion Point, and Kazzi Beach Greek Manly.

Location: Southern End of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, New South Wales.

Best time to visit this place: December-February.

5. Cable Beach

Another iconic beach of Australia is Cable Beach, located in Broome, on the Northern territory of Western Australia. The turquoise water, dunes, and ochre cliffs enhance the beauty of this ocean. This beach is also famous for its soft white sands, where travellers can enjoy the calm blue waves of the sea and course, the star of the all-day show, and the splendid sunset.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

It is a perfect destination to visit, where one can enjoy the great ocean and the ocean road and traverse the beach on the back of a camel during sunset. Interesting facts, you can explore some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities, like kayaking and fishing. For further information, you can hire bicycles and paddleboards to analyze the great ocean road.


There are a variety of options to choose from, from the cocktails to the takeaways to the local fusion restaurants, when dining in Cable Beach. Cable Beach General Store & Cafe, Zanders at Cable Beach, and Cichetti Club are popular cafes and restaurants.

Location: Broome, Western Australia.

The most preferred time to visit this place is between April-November. 

6. Bells Beach

Bells Beach is a tiny, warm, home-like bay famous for its surfing pedigree. There are old schools scattered all along the stretch of the beach. Though it is a wonderful beach, it is always better to stay on the sand rather than the water because the beach is often unpatrolled and is not an ideal option for a swimming pool.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

Location: Bells Beach, Victoria’s Southern Coast.

Best time to visit this place: October-November

7. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, also known as Karta Pintingga, located off the mainland of South Australia, Southwest of Adelaide, is famous for its honey and the Ligurian honey bees.

It is known for its fantastic beaches, authentic food and drink, wild landscapes, and lively wildlife.


Kangaroo Island is famous for its Island wine and seafood, such as southern rock lobster and southern garfish. Some of the must-try dishes of this place are honey or lavender ice cream, granola with pickled figs, and fresh oysters with local gin. 

Apart from this, you will also be able to taste some of the other authentic dishes of Australia. 

Location: Southwest of Adelaide.

Best time to visit the beach: December-February.

8. Vivonne Bay Beach

Vivonne Bay, which is located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island is a long-U-shaped beach. It is one such beach that was once voted the best in the country. This sandy beach is located among the spinney of eucalyptus trees. The white sandy shores meet the gentle lapping waves, perfect for dabbling waist deep. This natural beauty is a great excuse to slip away for a great weekend.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

The campsite at this beach is equipped with tents and trailers. The water is cold all year round, so bring your wet suit. You can get a glimpse of the koalas in the eucalyptus trees. You also see wildlife like kangaroos, possums, and occasional echidna.


The bistros are a great place to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the delicious cuisine of this bay beach. At the restaurants, you get a two or three-course lunch. Top up your meal with mouth-watering meats and local cheeses.

This beach is well known for its indulging dessert menu. There is also a wide range of options for all the vegans out there. Some famous cafes and restaurants are Vivonne Bay Bistro, Sunset food & wine, and Cactus.

Location: On the south coast of Kangaroo Island.

Best time to visit this place: August-October.

9. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach, located on Whitsunday Island, Australia, is a unique location to plan a vacation. It is just as beautiful as the advertisements, with its stunning ocean and white silica sand. It stretches for about 7 Kilometers. The sand on this beach is softer than any other beach, making it unique.


Whitehaven beach is famous for its BBQ lunch on the beach. Although just like any other place, enjoyable morning and afternoon cuisine is served, it is nothing like its BBQ. Dry bread rolls with fancy salads are also a must-try option while visiting the beach. Some famous restaurants and cafes are Pebble Beach at qualia, Pool Terrace Restaurant, Marina Cafe, Sail’s Restaurant, Romano’s Italian Restaurant, and Popeye’s fish and chips takeaway.

Location: Whitsunday Island, Australia.

Best time to visit the beach: is November-December.

10. Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach, located on the edge of Laguna Bay in Noosa Heads and just a short walk away from the famous Hastings Street, is one of Australia’s most famous and favorite tourist destinations. This beach has a laid-back lifestyle where you can enjoy your holiday by staying at the luxurious resorts, eating, drinking, and shopping at the heart of Noosa heads which is home to some of Australia’s famous restaurants, bars, and holiday resorts.

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

The natural beauty and the green spaces surrounding this beach attract tourists. Do not forget to dive into the crystal-clear ocean water of Laguna Bay. You might also spot Koalas in the eucalypt forest of the National Park.


The day starts early in Noosa. Make sure to get your day started at the beach with a cup of sunrise coffee and a pastry from one of the coffee shops/cafes along the coastline. You can also stop at the local eating restaurant while taking a walk with an ocean view and enjoy a long breakfast or lunch by the water. By the darkness falls, eat dinner and watch the beautiful sunset.

Then hop from bar to bar, show your grooves, and let your body free on the dance floor while enjoying cocktails or going expensive by sipping on some of Australia’s finest wines under the beautiful fairy lights.

Do not forget to taste the Noosa ice cream flavours in the middle of your tour. Some famous restaurants are Sails Restaurant Noosa, Broadwalk Bistro On Hastings, Hard coffee beach cafe, El Capitano- Pizzeria & Bar, Rocco Bistro & Bar, Season Restaurant & Bar, Aromas Restaurant and Bar Noosa and Betty’s Burgers.

Location: Edge of Laguna bay in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.

Best time to visit the beach: July – September

how many beaches in australia
Image from Shutterstock

As the name suggests, Australia is famous for its reptiles, beaches, and islands. This article briefly sketched some of Australia’s well-known and famous beaches. If you want to discover some of the hidden gems and islands of Australia, then you will have to go beyond these places.  Hope you’ll learn why Australia’s sand and sea are so famous and special.

Make sure to experience the Aussie Beach culture fringed by the marvellous blue beaches. Visit these iconic beaches, from Bondi’s golden stretch to Whitehaven’s white sand. Feel the soft sand right under your feet and you can also swim among these waves of the beaches. Explore the beautiful islands and find your paradise on these incredible islands.

Make sure to snorkel and dive into the reefs, where the Great Barrier reef is a must-visit. Swim with the aquatic life and explore the aqua creatures closely. Relax on Hamilton Beach if possible. Visit the secret Islands because they are as fun as they are beautiful. And, of course, spot the quokkas on Rottnest Island.


If you plan to visit Australia, visit these places and enjoy the beach life to the fullest. We are sure you will miss out on many things if you do not see these places during your next trip to Australia. 

All of these beaches are safe and kid and family-friendly too. Some beaches are pet-friendly, so do not worry about your fur friends. 


Annanya Chakraborty
Annanya Chakraborty
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