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Hat Head National Park: 5 Exciting Things to Do!

Hat Head National Park has exceptional beauty and is a natural paradise of all national parks. It is located in New South Wales, Australia. This national park has stunning coastal views and great vantage points. This national park is rich in wildlife.

If you enjoy the guided tour of Hat Head National Park, you will see dunes, rainforests, walking tracks, wetlands, and beach cliffs. It is perfect for camping, swimming, wildlife photography, and bird watching.

You can easily hear eagles soaring sound, and flocks of black swans are spotted during the trip to this national park.

Some famous places of Hat Head National Park that you should explore are Korogoro creek, smoky cape lighthouse, southwest rocks, and crescent head. These places also have parking areas.

History of Hat Head National Park

Hat Head National Park is the traditional land for the aboriginal people. These are known as the Dunghutti people. This site is culturally important for those people due to the park’s wetlands, shell middens, burial sites, and ceremonial grounds.

In 1770, Captain Cook sailed his ship to the Hat Head and was the first person to discover this national park. When he sailed the boat in the north direction, he saw fires on the headlands, and he named it Smoky Cape.

This national park has rivers, seas, headlands, and wetlands. This national park is rich in many sea resources. The people of this place eat fish and shellfish.

Geography of Hat Head National Park

Hat Head National Park is a small area located in the narrow bar of sand between Korogoro Creek and the Pacific Ocean. It is situated on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Hat Head National Park near Kempsey and Southwest rocks.

The average altitude of Hat Head National Park is 8 meters. The area of this national park is 74 km per sq. The managing authority of this national park is NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Hat Head National Park
By Kitch on Unlim

Things to do in Hat Head National Park

Hat Head National Park is a great place, and its location is also very incredible. It is located near southwest rocks which gives spectacular views. There are many things that you can do in Hat Head National Park.

Many beaches, sand dunes, rainforests, camp areas, wetlands, and headlands exist. Wetlands offer great walks, excellent fishing areas, and so on. Plan your next hike to this national park, and you will enjoy it.

1. Korogoro Walking track

Korogoro walking track is a very famous walking track in the area. The walking track of this trail is adorable. It passes through the heathlands, rainforests, endangered native grasses, and wetlands.

It is a 3.2 km long walking track and a medium hike with fewer challenges. You can observe the natural beauty very easily if you are going on this walking track.

You will feel the beauty of nature on this track. You will spot many wildflowers during the walk. There is an entry fee for this walking track.

Hat Head National Park
Photo by Brian Isaac on Unsplash

2. Gap Beach Cliffs

Beach cliffs refer to the coastal slope created by the waves’ erosive power. There are many beaches in Hat Head National Park. You can enjoy swimming, board walking, and playing beach games.

Some people like beaches because they can easily relax at this place and perform their hobbies. There are many trails near this beach so you can go on hiking. You can also enjoy surfing on the beach.

3. Smoky Cape Track

The most famous and stunning place in the Smoky Cape track is the Smoky Cape Lighthouse. This is a place that is surrounded by spectacular coastal views.

The lighthouse was built in 1891 by James Barnet, a Colonial Architect. Another famous place during this track is Captain Cook’s Lookout. Don’t forget to capture these moments with your camera.

The Smoky Cape Track is moderately challenging. This track is 2.2 km long, and you can complete this track in just 1 hour. The way of this track goes from the rainforest, and you can easily spot animals and birds in this track. 

You can easily spot swamp wallabies, swallow-tailed butterflies, and red-necked wallabies. There are many lush ferns and cabbage tree palms in that dense rainforest. 

Hat Head National Park
Photo by Vern Norrgard on Unsplash

4. Watching Wildlife

Hat Head National Park is very rich in wildlife. There are many different species of animals and birds that take shelter in this national park. There is a certain butterfly species found only in this national park. The name of that butterfly is Regent Skipper.

These species include eagles, whales, black swans, egrets, kookaburra, herons, hawks, fantails, black cockatoo, black she-oak, white-bellied sea eagle, red-necked swamp, grey-headed flying fox, short-beaked echidna, sugar glider, eastern grey kangaroo, and honeyeaters.

You can enjoy whale watching, flocks of birds are easily visible, and the eagles’ soaring sound drives you crazy. Many people enjoy bird watching and wildlife photography in this national park.

Hat Head National Park
By jovannig on Unlim

5. Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a place in New South Wales. It is well known for its amusement parks, beach, and monuments. The main attraction of this place is Big Banana.

This place is well known for its underwater diving spot. It preserves the aquatic ecosystem and is also rich in terrestrial biodiversity. You can visit this place with your family and friends.

Final Note

We have discussed the qualities and features of Hat Head National Park. It is one of the famous national parks of New South Wales, Australia.

This park is famous due to the park’s wetlands, headlands, beaches, walking tracks, picnic areas, and so on. These places offer an ideal backdrop for camping, hiking, surfing, walking, site seeing, bushwalking, or quiet picnic lunch.

You can also enjoy whale watching from May to November. It is because this is the time of their annual migration. If you are a birdwatcher, you can also apply some more filters according to the migration time of birds. So, plan your next trip with your friends and family.

You have to book your tickets online before visiting the national park. For booking tickets, go to the online website of the national park and fill in your details.

There are some places near Hat Head National Park in New South Wales. Please have a look at those places. They are also exciting and incredible places. Some of them are Trial bay gaol, Port Macquarie, Macleay Valley Coast, Kemp corner (a very big market where traditional owners sell their products), and little bay.

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Priyanshi Sharma
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