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Australian Kpop Stars: 7 Talented Idols

You might have already heard about K pop idols who are still in their young age, wangled millions of hearts down the road. K-pop idols in South Korea have already brought themselves to popularity in the Korean industry. A K-pop fan myself can positively say how the K-pop industry is multi-cultured, as you can notice K-pop stars coming from different parts of the world with the finest music possible.

Agencies like YG EntertainmentJYP Entertainment, and many others have shown us some international singers contributing to the K-pop industry. K-pop rose to fame in the early 2016s, giving the audience big hits all around the year.

australian kpop idols
Image Source: Depositphotos

Let us talk about how Australian kpop Idols caught our attention immediately. As we already talked about how the industry welcomes international trainees, Australian trainees played a huge role in becoming Australian Kpop Idols. After spending almost four years training themselves and becoming a Kpop idol, they released their solo debut with albums selling a lot more than expected. People started noticing Australian idols based in South Korea. Here are some of the well-known Australian Kpop idols from familiar cities. 


Roseanne Park, who goes by the stage name Rośe is one of the top Korean pop idols from Australia. Her Korean name is Park Chae-young. Although she was born in New Zealand, Rose moved to Australia later.

australian kpop idols
By megan welsh/Flickr.Copyright 2022

At the age of only 15, Rośe auditioned at YG Entertainment at her father’s suggestion. One song that raised her fame is the G-dragon song known as ‘Without You’. Her contribution made the song peak at number 10 on South Korea’s music chart in 2012, the same year she joined the label as a trainee. Years later, her hard work paid off in forming a K-pop girl group named BLACKPINK.

Apart from giving her fullest, she even considers her loving fans where she once invited a fan to their concert because she was surprised by her artistic works. She’s best friends with her group members and takes care of them as well, as seen on youtube videos or social media sites.

Today, BLACKPINK is number two in South Korea with number one in Australia and New Zealand. She’s one of the top Australian Kpop Idols. Rośe also looked at herself being a solo artist when she was given an opportunity with the single album R. In late 2021, netizens came up with Rośe’s rumoured boyfriend Mark Tuan following an Instagram post that made it obvious. However, the dating scandal between them was terminated. She’s also been modelling for some of South Korea’s brands, namely OIOI and OIOICOLLECTION.


Lee Felix Stray Kids is another top Australian K-pop idol from STRAY KIDS. His Korean name is Lee Yong Bok., born on 15th September 2000. He attended St. Patricks Marist College, a Catholic private school in Sydney.

He trained for a year before participating in a reality show called “Stray Kids” in 2017 produced by JYP Entertainment and M Net. Felix was eliminated in the middle of the reality show but was given a second chance to debut with the group by PD Park Jin Young.

Finally, he debuted with his group stray kids on 25th March 2018 with the digital single “Hellevator”. It was later released as the title track of their first mixtape. He is the lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist in the band.

Coming from his Australian Origin, he gets along well with his fellow Australian member bang chan. Fans are shown making date edits and videos on Twitter, including his guy friends in the frame.

australian kpop idols
By JYP Entertainment (via JYPAudition)/Wikimedia Commons.Copyright 2022


Bang Chan or Christopher Bang was born on 3rd October 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. Later on, he moved to Sydney, where he took a lot of ballet and modern dance classes. He passed in an audition for label JYP Entertainment, held in Australia, at the age of 13.

He then moved to Korea to train for seven years. Like Felix, Bang Chan also participated in the reality show held by JYP Entertainment and was made the leader of the group. Bang chan is the leader, composer, producer, songwriter, lead rapper, lead vocalist, and lead dancer of the group.

His role models are his dad, Drake and Cristiano Ronaldo. He was part of a sub-unit/ pre-debut group called 3RACHA, and his stage name for this unit was CB97. He can speak Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

He is not rumoured to be in a relationship but is good friends with TWICE’s Sana and Jimin from 15&. He blew up on Twitter after the Vogue modelling. He does maintain a good relationship with all his band members since Day One, and the members also support him with great aims. Before he moved back to Seoul to his hometown he made a quite of name.


Christian Yu or Yu Ba Rom was born in Sydney, Australia, on 6th September 1990. He obtained his degree in Science and Art from the University of Sydney. He moved to South Korea at the age of eighteen to follow his dreams.

He was signed as a member of the Korean band C-Clown by Yedang Entertainment. On 18th July 2012, he debuted as the leader of the band. After the separation of the band in 2015, he founded the K-pop multi-genre music and video band Dream Perfect Regime [DPR Ian] and played the role of the lead singer.

He has directed music videos for big names in K-pop like Taeyang, Mino, Loco, Bobby and Amber Liu. He appeared in CL’s music video of the song ” Five Star” which got people talking about their chemistry. He mentioned he’s a dog person in life, having two dogs named Lori and Snoopy. Since he’s Christian, he has a Christian name, Paul. He has also mentioned his love life, where he said he’s currently single and is not looking for a love relationship anytime soon.


Jake or Sim Jae-Yoon is a Korean- Australian pop idol born on 15th November 2002 in Brisbane, Queensland. He studied at St. Peter’s Lutheran College, a private school in Brisbane.

At fifteen, Jake was inspired by the AMA performance of BTS to become an idol. He auditioned for the global auditions held by then-big hit entertainment. He caught the eye of Bang Si-hyuk PD, who then chose Jake over 500 trainees and offered him a contract with his agency.

He moved to South Korea in 2019 and was later announced as an I-LAND contestant. It is a survival show produced by big hit entertainment, M net, and CJ E&M. At the end of September that year, he has announced the third rank among the winners and became an official member of ENHYPEN.

australian kpop idols

Jake debuted with his group on 30th November 2020 with the track “Given- Taken”. Jake and Sunghoon get along well as they have the same MBTI.


Prince Mak or Henry is one of the Chinese- Australian kpop idols, born on 24th May 1990 in Sydney, Australia. He worked as a dance teacher in Australia and was scouted by JYP Entertainment, but he rejected the offer thinking of it as a scam.

Later, he won a singing competition and was introduced to Jackie Chan. He then trained for two weeks and made his debut in the K-pop group JJCC managed by an agency founded by Jackie Chan himself. In 2017, he released a YouTube video, “BTS on Why I left Kpop”, and announced that he is no longer a Kpop idol.

He has a TV show on Australia’s SBS POPASIA and was the Chinese ambassador of Sydney in 2016. Two years later, this Thai boy opened a bar named “Five Club” and a restaurant in Thailand along with a Café in China. He has a youtube channel with his singles like “Take it Off” and “Go Away”. He decided to perform as a solo artist in China. Prince is fluent in English, Chinese and Korean.


Steven or Steven Kim is another Korean- Australian K-pop idol, born in South Korea on 17th January 2000. Though he was born in South Korea but moved to Sydney and was raised there. He decided to go to Korea in 2018 and trained for two years before he was supposed to join JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids.

Currently, he’s working for DS Entertainment with the group LUMINOUS. He was recognised in the reality show Produce X 101, where he was eliminated in the 5th episode of the 4th season. The country has supported him a lot, with girls fangirling over his pictures and videos.

He has citizenship in both South Korea and Australia. Steven’s life took a turn when he was signed for two agencies. Fans across the world, including America, India, Australia, Korea and other countries in Asia, showed much love. He has a high following in Australia’s major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. He is skilled in singing, dancing and composing music.

australian kpop idols
Photo by Vishnu R Nair from Pexels

These Australian K-pop idols have a huge influence on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and V Live. It made a lot of changes in the past years, including these agencies getting recognised for their efforts. These international idols are the most popular ones to date. All of them play an important part in the industry. Many more facts about them can be seen on youtube. Australian Kpop Idols in South Korea gained fame in a short period.




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