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Top 10 Beaches in Melbourne, Australia You Must Visit

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria State and the second most populated city in Australia, and the cultural capital of Australia. We have listed down the top Beaches in Melbourne, Australia.

These easy-to-locate beaches in Melbourne are full of culture, and they are a good option to get tanned.  These Melbourne beaches offer a great way to just relax on the sand if you do not wish to swim.

1. Most Unique Beaches in Australia 

1.1 Portsea Front Beach

Portsea Front Beach
Source Portsea Front Beach

Portsea Front Beach is located along the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. From Portsea Beach, you are greeted with a marvelous view of Port Phillip Bay. Moreover, the water at Portsea Front Beach is generally calm, making it perfect for swimming and underwater activities such as snorkeling

Portsea Beach also remains fairly concealed from the public, having to follow a windy path around the corner from Portsea Pier to get there. Hence this small hidden treasure is a wondrous location for those wanting seclusion and amazing views sheltered by a headland. 

1.2 Bell’s Beach

Bell’s Beach is one of Australia’s best beaches for surfing. Bell’s Beach in Torquay is the ideal place to experience the Australian waves.

For the more experienced surfers, the perfect time to come to Bell’s Beach would be between the autumn and winter months to witness the biggest waves. 

bells-beach-best beaches in Melbourne
Source Bell’s Beach

Most notably, Bell’s Beach is known for being the featured beach in the 1991 film Point Break and for it being the home of the Rip Curl Pro, the world’s longest-running pro surfing competition. 

Bell’s Beach is a must-visit location for all surfers. Aside from the waves, Bell’s Beach also possesses a gorgeous coastal view with high vantage points for tourists to get a great view of the coastal beauty. 

1.3 Half Moon Bay

To get to Half Moon Bay Beach, you only need to take a short train ride from Melbourne’s CBD. Half Moon Bay is named after its crescent-shaped cove nearby. Along the pier, you will find the shipwreck of the Australian naval ship HMVS Cerberus.

Half Moon Bay-best beaches in Melbourne
Source Half Moon Bay Beach

At Half Moon Bay Beach, you can engage in popular activities such as jumping off BlackRock Pier. Experience underwater marine life through snorkeling or get on a paddle board and enjoy the waves.

1.4 Lorne Beach

Lorne Beach is located along the iconic Great Ocean Road<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> in the town of Lorne. If you are a beginner looking to surf, Lorne Beach is the perfect beach as its natural formation allows for wider and low waves.

Lorne Beach best beaches in melbourne
Source Lorne Beach

If you are not looking to venture into the refreshing blue waters, Lorne Beach is also situated with a great number of eateries and cafes for you to take it easy and enjoy the view. It is only a 2-hour drive from Melbourne; Lorne Beach is an incredibly popular spot for tourists and families as everything is located nearby and busy with life.

1.5 Brighton Beach

Known for its iconic bathing boxes from the 1900s, Brighton Beach is an iconic tourist location and an incredibly photogenic location and the best option for a hot day.

Brighton Beach best beaches in Melbourne
Source Brighton Beach

You can find Brighton Beach packed during the summer months between December and February in Australia. 

Nonetheless, Brighton Beach is a popular spot for a reason, with many activities that can be enjoyed along its sandy shores. Furthermore, Brighton Beach is located only 15 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD.

1.6 Fairy Cove Beach

Located in Wilsons Promontory, Ferry Cove Beach remains a hidden gem that is not as easy as other Melbourne beaches. This secluded location is within the national park of Wilsons Promontory and roughly takes an hour to hike to and from Darby River car park.

Nonetheless, the effort it takes to get here will be worth it. You will be greeted with a small heaven surrounded by granite boulders, soft sand, and shining waters when you get here. This area has also been cleared as safe for swimming.

However, staying out of the waters is important when the weather becomes stormy, and the waves are not calm.

1.7 Loch Ard Gorge Beach

Farther out from Melbourne, Loch Ard Gorge Beach is located along the iconic Great Ocean Road and is only 3 minutes from 12 Apostles.

Loch Ard Gorge was named after the ship that sunk nearby and was where its remaining two survivors washed ashore and took refuge. 

Loch Ard Gorge Beach best beaches in Melbourne
Source Loch Ard Gorge Beach

Albeit its tragic history, this is one of the buzzing tourist spots nearby the Great Ocean Road as it features a view of the two cliff faces.

1.8 Kerferd Road Pier Beach

Kerferd Road Pier best beaches in Melbourne
Source Kerferd Road Pier beach

Situated in Albert Park, this is one of Melbourne’s beloved beaches. Here you can take a leisurely stroll along the outstretched pier, famously known as an amazing fishing spot. Alternatively, you can slow down and sit on one of many branches and enjoy a meal or a good book.

The stretching 240-meter Kerford Road pier also makes for quite a photogenic spot. 

1.9 Altona Beach

Altona Beach is certainly a place to visit if you are looking for a quiet and tranquil place. With cafes and restaurants located nearby, Altona Beach invites tourists and locals to take a relaxing time on its shores.

Altona Beach best beaches in Melbourne
Source Altona Beach

In addition to that, Altona Beach provides accessibility for its guests with beach matting along the sand for wheelchair-bound visitors. Visit Altona Beach to walk along the beautiful beach, enjoy a relaxing coffee, or bask in the warm sun.

You can indulge in different activities to enjoy your time at beaches in Australia. Kida can play treasure hunt games at sandy beaches. It is a lovely activity for kids.

1.10 St Kilda Beach

This 700-meter-long beach is known as an essential place to visit in Melbourne. This beach is famous among locals as well as tourists.

St Kilda Beach is the place to relax and enjoy the skyline of charming Melbourne.

St Kilda Beach
Source St Kilda Beach

Reaching here is very easy and simple, as the Victorian Tram Network connects St Kilda and Melbourne’s CBD. This beach is a great place for spending summer nights, great for a nice walk, or just hanging out.

While roaming around the beach, you will sometimes see random Latin dance lessons, find great cafes and ice cream joints and see people enjoying themselves.

2. Activities for Beaches in Melbourne

If you are on the beach with kids and want to occupy them, here are cool ideas.

kids beach
Photo by Işıl on Pexels

You can build a mermaid tail out of the sand. This is an interesting activity for kids; you can engage them to have fun. You can also have a water pistol fight on the beach and let kids enjoy it. 

If you are adventurous and want to try something more extreme, you can go for a kit fight. You can also fly a drone and capture stunning pictures with the help of a drone. 

2.1 Plying Games at Beaches in Melbourne

Diving in the water is another great activity at beaches. Surfing is another activity that will give you a lot of adventure at the beach.

You can enjoy a good session of beach tennis. Playing a sport at the beach will be a lot more fun. Playing beach volleyball is a good option. A Workout session at the beach can be good. You can just relax and read a book or do meditation to pass the time on the beach at some calm point. 

3. Most Family Friendly Beaches in Melbourne

A Family-friendly beach has facilities like Plenty of space for car parking, toilet blocks, a barbeque station, and other similar stuff. The beach should be kids-friendly and not be too crowded to consider it a kids-friendly beach. 

There are very popular beaches but visiting them is not conducive to a happy time with your family. If a beach has a creek or a small bridge, kids will love it. Having lifeguards working at the beach then it is always good for parental peace of mind.

4. Different Attraction to Beaches in Melbourne

Melbourne Great Ocean Road
Source Melbourne Great Ocean Road

St. Kilda Beach is the most crowded beach in Melbourne, with soft sand and fantastic amenities. It also has a fun-filled amusement park. Sorrento Ocean Beach is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and another family-friendly beach.

Port Melbourne beach is lined with palm trees and filled with soft creamy sand. There is a playground for kids and the long Timber Lagoon Pier to enjoy a stroll into the sea. 

Altona Beach has no boat policy, making it the perfect option for a dip in the iridescent Port Phillip Bay. At Altona Beach, you could also wander along the 19th-century pier, which unfolds into the 1640 feet into the ocean.

4.1 Elwood Beach in Melbourne

4.1.1 Elwood Beach

It is Sandy Bay is one of the best Beaches in Melbourne for swimming and boating. While you breathe in the delicious scent of the tea tree forest and Norfolk Island Pines in the reserve behind Elwood Beach. You could also follow the coastal path to Point Ormond Reserve for views of Melbourne’s dazzling skyline.

4.1.2 Sandringham Beach

It is an unspoiled idol in Melbourne’s Southern suburbs, snuggled between upmarket BlackRock and Hampton Sandringham.

4.1.3 Half Moon Bay Beach

This is located about 19 kilometers or 5 minutes drive from Melbourne’s CBD, is one of Australia’s most family-friendly Beaches.

5. Conclusion

We have taken a look at the best Beaches in Melbourne. There are gorgeous beaches of lucid waters backed by Soft sweeping dunes following a leisurely swim; lay a beach towel down and soak up the beautiful scenery.

These Beaches are easy to locate, and you can take a tram or train from Melbourne’s CBD to reach them.

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