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The Best Amusement Park in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, offers a variety of amusement parks for having a great time. Adelaide City, named after Queen Adelaide, is surrounded by green gardens. Let’s check out the most exciting Amusement Park in Adelaide.

Along with its laid-back lifestyle, Adelaide holds a special place in the hearts of people seeking thrill and great fun. 

1. The Top 5 Amusement Parks in Adelaide

We all want fun and sometimes scary experiences that pump up the adrenaline. These amusement parks’ insane rides bring smiles to our faces with endless adventures.

1.1 The Beach House

The Beach House Adelaide is the best Amusement Park in Adelaide
Source The Beach House Adelaide

Situated in the suburb of Glenelg near the shores of Adelaide, The Beach House is the premier destination that offers the perfect blend of thrilling rides, beachside fun, and highly interactive games. This Beach House is an iconic destination for visitors of all ages to come and have fun, adventure, and enjoy life.

The Beach House Adelaide was established in 2006. Since then, it has been operated all year round. It gives its visitors the complete flexibility of visiting the venue and using their favourite attractions at their leisure without paying any entry fee.

It works in straightforward steps like Visiting the place, Purchasing a fun card or fun band, Loading your card or bar with credit, tapping your card, and you are set to go. You can recharge your card if you wish to.

The Dry Attractions of the Beach House are:

1.1.1 Dodgem Cars

The Dodgem cars are a great way to have a friendly competition where you try to avoid collisions with other drivers around the enclosed park. It is for all ages, including adults.

1.1.2 Mini Golf

The 18-hole Goldmine theme golf course allows you to challenge yourself. The Game is filled with obstacles and will bring out your inner challenger.

1.1.3 Arcade Games

This section has a whole level of classic and latest video games like Mario Kart racing, The Space Invader, Air hockey, and much more. It is a great chance to compete with your friends.

1.1.4 Ticket Games

If you are an old-fashioned person who wants to win fabulous prizes by winning tickets, you can play NBA hoops, Ice Ball, Deal or No Deal, and many more. 

1.1.5 Little Kidie Activities

Little kids under six years can also play and have fun with attractions like a 7-mini-story indoor playground Play Castle. The little ones can also have fun with Carousel, which has been ridden over generations and has a history of 120 years. 

They can also have fun with the train ride, which circles around the Golf Course and passes through shafts and waterfalls.

All Water Slides at BeacHouse Water Park in Australia!

Here are some Wet attractions in The Beach House

 1.1.6 Raft Waterslide

This slide on a raft that passes through absolute darkness and you come out with rocketing speed is unique. The raft accommodates two riders maximum. The descent takes a maximum weight of 180 kg.

1.1.7 Speed Waterslide

Speed Waterslide is a solo waterslide with a 130-meter-long body and is the fastest slide in the Beach House. This ride gives an extreme thrill to riders. It takes a maximum weight of 130 kg.

1.1.8 Chilla Waterslide

This is also a solo waterslide, and its large tube offers excellent excitement. The large line makes it a great place to start. This slide takes a maximum weight of 130 kg.

1.1.9 Bumper Boats

Be prepared to be soaked with a blaster boat with its water cannon. It takes a maximum weight of 125 Kg, and the driver must have a height of at least 120cm.

The Beach House is a complete, fun destination for people of all ages. It is a perfect destination for fun, bonding, and lasting memories for groups or families. 

1.2. The Big Wedgie Inflatable Water Park, Adelaide

The Big Wedgie
Source The Big Wedgie

The Big Wedgie is the world’s tallest standalone water slide. This amusement park has options for The Little Wedgie Waterslide, The Just Right Wedgie Waterslide, The Big Chucka Waterslide, and the Big Wedgie water slide. 

The Big Wedgie has a more than 50-degree drop and is 18.2 meters high. It is enjoyable and safe for all ages.

1.2.1 The Little Wedgie Waterslide

If you are taking your 3-5-year-old kids to this amusement park, then the little wedgie waterslide is the perfect option. The kids will get entertained by the little thrills of this waterslide.

1.2.2 The Just Right Wedgie Waterslide

Your 5-8-year-old kids will enjoy this waterslide because it provides the perfect dose of fun. This slide has the ideal combination of thrill and delights for them. 

It is not recommended for adults, though.

1.2.3 The Big Chucka Waterslide

This 2-lane, 14.5-meter and 80-degree drop waterslide is perfect for people who want to have the thrill and experience of some crazy slide. 

The Big Chucka Waterslide throws you in the air, and you fly up to 9 meters, equivalent to some movie-styled landing pad experience. 

1.2.4 The Big Wedgie

This 3 lane18.2 meters tall and over 80 meter-long waterslide holds the world record. As you come down with the rocketing speed of about 45 KM/hr by the 55-degree slope, it is definitely for the brave hearts who want that extreme thrill.

The Big Wedgie - Inflatable Water Park, Adelaide

If you want to visit The Big Wedige Inflatable Water Park, Adelaide, you can purchase tickets online or onsite via cash or card. There is ample free parking space available onsite. They expect you to bring bathers costumes as it is mandatory. 

Ensure you buy tickets for proper slides according to age and confidence level. You don’t have to sit as a spectator because the falls are for all ages. Hence, you can also have fun as an adult. 

1.3. West Beach Adventure Adelaide, South Australia

It is always recommended to have some outdoor activities to release our stress levels, connect with nature, and breathe fresh air. The outdoor adventure improves cardiovascular health, increases muscle strength, and boosts our endurance levels. 

It is an excellent option for kids, especially for fun and exercise. West Beach Adventure Park is near the central Adelaide region, making it easy to reach and enjoy your day out.

West Beach Adventure Park Adelaide
Source West Beach Adventure Park Adelaide

1.3.1 Giant Swing

Once strapped into your seat, you get elevated to a height more than 15 meters high, and when released, you can see the scene’s ocean and Australian coastline. 

Again, you get strapped in and drawn up to the height of about 18 meters, and when you come down at 70 Km/hr, it gives the feeling of extreme thrill of destroying the fence before you enjoy the gentle swing of this Giant Swing.

1.3.2 Mega Climb

Mega Climb is the main attraction of the West Beach Adventure. It is also known as Sky Mate. Mega Climb has more than 70 obstacles available and is Australia’s most extensive aerial challenge course. 

You have options like playing tennis in the air or riding a BMX bike. One can also go for basket rides, dangling pencils, flying esky, aerial jousting, or swinging logs.

West Beach Adventure, Mega Adventure, Adelaide

Those who want to have the ultimate fun and thrill can go for the MegaJump. With all the world-class safety harnesses, you can have a great experience.  

The highest point in Mega Climb is the Crows Nest. You need to climb with the help of a broken web. Standing at the Crow’s Nest about 30 meters from the ground gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of the West Beach area.

If you have any height fears, SkyMate will help you leave all your worries behind. There is no age limit to visiting this place. Safely is the priority at West Beach Adventure. All the guests are given the correct harnesses and safety gear.

1.4. Waterworld Aquatic Center Adelaide

Waterworld Aquatic Center is a high-quality outdoor waterpark in Adelaide. This popular destination is the perfect place to have fun and enjoy aquatic adventures with various aquatic adventure activities. 

Waterworld pools and slides Adelaide
Source Waterworld pools and Slides Adelaide

Various options make Waterworld Aquatic Center a great place for people of all ages to enjoy a day out. Here is an overview of Waterworld Aquatic Center Adelaide.

1.4.1 Water Slides at Waterworld Aquatic Center

Waterworld has a range of waterslides for all. The only condition is the rider has to be at least 1 meter tall and over five years of age. These are single-rider slides. 

For an adult, the water slides are charged around $9. You can bring a family and check the prices at the Waterworld Aquatic Center website.

1.4.2 Learner’s Pool

The certified instructors help you if you want to improve your swimming skills or if you are a beginner.

The learner’s pool is 20 meters X 18 meters, with a depth from 0.75 meters to 1.1 meters. The pool at Waterworld Aquatic Center is heated at around 28 degrees. It is a good option if you want to improve your swimming technique.

1.4.2 Toddler Pool

The Toddler Pool at Waterworld Aquatic Center allows parents to bond with the children while teaching them to swim and have fun. It encourages having parental and guardian presence. 

The Toddler Pool is 30cm deep and has a non-slippery surface and child-friendly fences with all safety features kept in mind. Lifeguards are present to provide assistance to all the guests.

WaterWorld Adelaide

1.4.3 Interactive Splash Pads

The gentle sprays and cascading waterfalls provide great, delightful experiences for the guests. Kids love these interactive splash pads. These are specially designated for children to have some aquatic delight.

1.4.4 The Main Pool

The swimming pool is the main attraction of any waterpark. The main pool at the Waterworld Aquatic Center has 8 lanes.

It is 50 meters long and has a depth of about 1-1.8 meters. It has been designed keeping disability access in mind. The Main Pool is heated at around 28 degrees.

1.4.5 Barbeques and Shades at Waterworld Aquatic Center

In the surrounding of numerous trees, a roofed pergola with tables and chairs, and a lawn, the Waterworld Aquatic Center offers free electric barbeques. It is recommended to limit the barbeque use to about 30 minutes.

1.4.6 Waterworld Aquatic Center Swim Shop

Waterworld Swim Shop offers a good range of the latest swimming merchandise for adults and toddlers. Their product range includes Caps, Goggles, Bathers, Water toys, and much more.

1.5. Tree Climb, the adventure based Amusement Park in Adelaide

If you are looking for some outdoor recreational activity that will help you to push boundaries, conquer fears, and create lasting memories, then Tree Climb Adventure Park in Adelaide is a perfect option.

Tree Climb Adventure Park has two courses; one is for kids and the other for adults.

TreeClimb Adventure Park Adelaide
Source TreeClimb Adventure Park Adelaide

1.5.1 Grand Course

The grand course is designed for extreme thrill seekers with over 100 obstacle challenges, and it is divided into 2 locations. Adults should have a minimum height of 135cm and a weight under 120 Kg.

1.5.2 Kid’s courses

Kids’ courses are designed for lighter adventures with over 45 obstacles and zip lines. They should have a height of at least 100cm, and adults can not climb kids’ courses. Proper shoes which won’t come out of toes are required.

1.5.3 Zip-loop Course

This Zip-loop course lets you fly above Adelaide City Park Lands.

100% zip lines compile the excellent Zip-loop course, and it will carry you from one part of the park to another position that will give you an excellent adrenaline pump. 

1.5.4 Nets Adventure

This one is perfect for those climbers who are not quite tall enough for the Kid’s Course. It has been designed but is not limited to 2-10-year-old climbers.

TreeClimb Adelaide

The Tree Climb Adventure Park is interconnected with many trees, giving an experience like no other. This outdoor activity will improve your problem-solving skills, agility, and balance. It is an excellent adventure for team building and group events.

The Zip-loop Course, which glides you from one section of the park to another, will give you a bird’s eye view of the park. This course takes you closer to nature and enjoying the beauty of Mother Earth.

At Tree Climb Park, guest safety is the priority. There is a safety induction session before the start of every adventure. The trained instructors and guides explain the importance of proper harnessing, wearing gloves, and appropriate shoes.

TreeClimb - Adelaide

The obstacles in Tree Climb Park will remove your fears and be a life-changing adventure experience.

As the guest’s experience level increases, he can choose more complex courses. The team-building opportunities make Tree Climb the most sought-after amusement park in Adelaide.

2. Conclusion

All of the parks mentioned above offer a wide variety of recreational activities, team-building opportunities, relaxation, adventures, entertainment, and extreme thrills.

Some of them are very helpful in conquering fears and overcoming mental blocks. These activities or rides are for people of all ages. I hope this article helps you to find the best amusement park in Adelaide.

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