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Uncover the Best of Adelaide: 13 Places to Visit.

Adelaide is a place that is located between south Australia and the foothills of the very famous Mount Lofty Ranges. The capital city of South Australia is home to some major tourist attractions in this region.

Exploring this amazing city is considered rewarding for most travellers. The uncrowded and refreshing boulevards and the outstanding display of agriculture and mining are some things one can explore in this place.

The unique blend of architecture and design is an attractive feature. Apart from this, Adelaide is also famous for its private mansions and villas. In addition, various restaurants, museums, galleries, and gardens are equally beautiful and perfect places to spend time with your loved ones.

Listed below are some of the fantastic places to visit in Adelaide.

Best Places To Visit In Adelaide

Adelaide city is one of the best places to spend your time. Whether you want to spend some time in a peaceful garden or sit and have a relaxing lunch at a restaurant, this place will never disappoint you.

The fantastic parks, gardens, and other tourist attractions make this place famous. Listed below are some of the fantastic places to visit in Adelaide.

1. Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide zoo is one of the best destinations if you have a kid. Even if you don’t have a kid, you are going to love the experience that the zoo provides. It also has its name spread worldwide as it is the second-largest zoo in the country.

The main aim of this zoo is not only to keep the animals but also to prevent them from getting extinct. The members of this zoo rescue endangered species of animals and provide them with shelter, food, and all the other things necessary for living.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Rowena Shaw on Unsplash

Another best part about this zoo is that they keep the animals in their natural habitat. They do not disturb their natural habit of living.

The Adelaide Zoo is home to over 3000 mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds. The animals in the zoo are Penguins, Lions, Rhinos, African Lion, and many other species.

If you want to visit Adelaide, then make sure to come to this zoo. The place opens at 9 am every morning and closes around 5 in the evening.

2. Adelaide Central Market

The Adelaide central market has been ruling the heart of people for 145 years. The market was established in the year 1869 and have made a place in people’s heart since then.

The Adelaide central market consists of more than 80 traders. It is one of the primary reasons for being on the list of the largest markets in the country and the world. All these traders sell quality products in a reasonable price range.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Jose Murillo on Unsplash

The Adelaide central market is loaded with people buying various stuff every week. The fantastic things in this market are poultry, vegetables, organic fruits, gourmet cheese, premium meat, and many other bakery foods. The Adelaide Central Market also has some of the best restaurants in the country.

One of the best features of this market is that you can interact and ask questions to the traders about their goods. These traders are well-experienced and have sold their items here for over a decade. You can feel free to consult with them before buying anything.

If you want to know more about the Australian cities, the Australian cuisine, and its culture and heritage, this is the place you should visit in Adelaide.

3. Art Gallery of South Australia

It is the perfect place for art lovers. The art gallery of South Australia has collections of arts curated by collecting the best quality portraits, drawings, paintings, and crafts from all over the world.

The art gallery of this country is located in the North Terrace of Adelaide. It is located between the Australian Museum and the University of Adelaide. Around 7,00,000 visitors come to this place every year to experience the fantastic beauty they offer. The fantastic location of this place makes it even more popular among the visitors.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Artur Matosyan on Unsplash

The art gallery contains more than 38,000 artworks that are curated by collecting artworks from worldwide. The artworks include photography, painting, drawing, metalworks, sculptures, jewelry, and many other exciting items.

In addition, it offers free entry to everyone willing to visit this place in Adelaide. It is also open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening, irrespective of the day.

4. State Library of South Australia

You cannot end your trip to Australia without visiting the state library of this country. The library of South Australia contains all the information about the country’s culture, heritage, and fascinating history.

The state library contains different information about the European invasion as well. Many books and documents that are available here contain the before and after-effects of the invasion. So, it is a tourist attraction in Adelaide. It is also the most extensive public research library in the country.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Sean Robertson on Unsplash

The Mortlock Wing is much more than just a library. The rich architecture under the French roof is one of the biggest attractions of this place.

The library of South Australia is located on the North Terrace of Adelaide. You should take a guided tour on any weekday to learn about this place in detail. The guides will provide you with an insight into the culture and heritage of South Australia.

5. South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is on everyone’s list. It is a place that has a collection of various cultural remnants and natural history. The museum is also considered one of the major tourist attractions sited in Adelaide.

It consists of more than 3000 artifacts, and all of these are always kept displaying so the visitors can see and take the whole museum experience. Along with various artifacts, this place has one of Australia’s most extensive collections of aboriginal cultures.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Artur Matosyan on Unsplash

The South Australian Museum also has a biodiversity gallery. The main focus of the biodiversity gallery here is to portray the animals on the land and the marine wildlife in Australia.

It does not end here; besides the biodiversity gallery, the South Australian Museum also contains another gallery that contains information about various things like the Pacific cultures, Megafauna, Ancient Roman rooms, and Minerals Ediacaran.

The museum also holds various government events and exhibitions. The entry fee of this place is free for everyone. It opens at around 10 in the morning and closes around 5 in the evening.

6. Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden is the best place to enjoy nature among the hustle-bustle of the city. The place never fails to provide a calming and peaceful environment of nature.

The garden is spread over almost 50 hectares and was established in 1857. Along with enjoying nature, you will also be able to witness the wildlife that roams around openly in this garden.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Stephen Mabbs on Unsplash

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a famous name among the Adelaide botanic gardens in Australia. It is located in the North Terrace of Adelaide and is a tremendous botanic park.

One of the major highlights of this place is that it is known to have the largest single-span glasshouse in the southern hemisphere of Australia.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden opens around 7.15 in the morning and closes around 9 at night.

7. St Peter’s Cathedral

An Adelaide famous place, located right at the edge of Pennington Terrace, has one of the best architectures in town. The architecture of this place has a modern touch along with the traditional get-up.

If you are looking for a peaceful place to worship, St Peter’s Cathedral is the best choice. Inside this place, you can feel the ambience and holiness of the candle’s worships incense and choirs.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Cristian Ladner on Unsplash

You can take a self-guided walking tour or take a staff-guided tour to have a better understanding of a Cathedral. The staff of this place also emphasizes the artworks that are used here. All these artworks have religious significance and also have high cultural value.

You can also purchase a souvenir of your visit from the small gift shop beside the main entrance of this place. It is at a 5 min distance from the Rundle Mall.

8. Victoria Square

Victoria Square is located in the Adelaide city center and is considered one of the country’s top tourist attractions. The statue of Queen Victoria is located at the center of Victoria Square. The Supreme Court of South Australia is present at the borders of this square.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Jewel Alexandra on Unsplash

Victoria Square is one of the most famous places in Adelaide. It is surrounded by some of the significant buildings in the town like the Town Hall, the treasury building, and the St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

It is a place that is filled with people almost every day. It remains open daily, and people can feel free to explore this place.

9. Belair National Park

Belair National Park is an excellent outdoor spot in Adelaide. It was established in 1891 and has ruled people’s hearts since then. Some of the unique features of this national park are walking trails, diverse wildlife and fantastic landscapes.

Belair National Park is considered one of the oldest parks in Australia and South Australia. It is the best place to spend an entire day with your family and loved ones. The park is also home to some adventures like hiking and mountain climbing. In addition, there is also a facility for mountain biking.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

Generally, this national park opens at 8 in the morning and closes around 9 at night. But in the colder months, this national park opens at the same time in the morning and closes around 7 in the evening.

10. National Wine Centre

The National Wine Centre of Australia is a place you cannot miss on your trip to Australia. It is a fantastic place, and you will not regret even a minute of staying here.

Most of you have tasted the wine, but how many of you have witnessed wine being made? Not much, right, so consider this a primary reason for keeping this place on your bucket list.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash

The National Wine Centre allows you to see the entire process of winemaking. The place is famous as it holds regular exhibitions that educate the visitors about the different types of wine and their making process.

It is not just about the wine; you will also get the chance to see different vineyards and get to know different kinds of grapes.

11. Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty is the perfect place for people who like adventures. The Adelaide hills are also a part of this mountain range.

It is home to different adventure sports like hiking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. If you somehow manage to reach the top of the mountain, you will be mesmerized by the fantastic view it offers.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Joseph Akot on Unsplash

If you do not like hiking or biking in the mountains, do not worry, you can also walk up to the mountain’s peak. After reaching there, you can find a coffee shop and a gift shop. Feel free to help yourselves inside and have a fantastic time.

These mountain ranges are located in South Australia.

12. Cleland Wildlife Park

Apart from the Adelaide Zoo, you can also visit the Cleland wildlife park to witness the native wildlife of this country.

Cleland Wildlife Park is also known as Cleland Conservation Park as it rescues endangered animals and protects them in their natural habitat. It is located in the Adelaide Hills and is one of the very famous places in this region.

In addition, they do not keep the animals caged. Instead, the animals are kept in their natural habitat, enclosed in their surroundings.

Unlike the usual zoos, you can feed the animals and spend time with them here. You will also be permitted to hold and click pictures with some reptiles.

13. Waterfall Gully

Waterfall gully has earned its name on the list of the major attractions of Adelaide because of its mesmerizing beauty. The fantastic waterfall of this place is what attracts people the most.

places to visit in adelaide
Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash

The ones who love walking will find this place peaceful. People can walk and trek around the waterfall. While walking through this path, you can feel water droplets along with the cold and calming wind.

Waterfall gully is undoubtedly the best place when you are in the mood to beat the heat. The place is at a distance of 10 kilometers from the Adelaide city center.


Adelaide is one of the best places to visit in South Australia. Apart from Adelaide Hills, Glenelg Beach, Adelaide Arcade and the Heritage Rose Garden, there is much more to this place. Listed above are some of the best places to visit in Adelaide.

If you plan to visit this place, you need not worry about the money. It is because Adelaide has rooms and accommodation for everyone. It has luxury hotels, the parliament house, and budget accommodation like mid-range hotels.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore this fantastic place.


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