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A Complete Guide To Geelong Beach – 2 Important Point to Know!

Want to enjoy your weekend and summer break with your family? Change your dull day to a fun day at Geelong beach. It is the best location for public holidays. Geelong has the best beaches in Australia.

You can enjoy your time with your families at Eastern beach, Port Phillip bay, Point Lonsdale, beach reserve, Barwon heads, and other beaches. Enjoy your precious moments with soft white sand, ocean waves, car wander, diving towers, early sunrise, and beautiful sunset.

You can enjoy various activities at Geelong beach. This is a favorite spot for surfers and swimmers.


1. Some of the Best Geelong Beaches

There are many best Geelong beaches to enjoy time with your family. These beaches have many facilities for visitors. They also have help centers that help visitors. Some of those beaches are Eastern Beach, Port Phillip bay, Bellarine peninsula, east side beach, etc.

Let’s discuss these beaches in detail.

1.1. Eastern Beach

The eastern beach is the best recreational area in Geelong. The main thing which attracts visitors is the Victorian Heritage Register.

This beach is located on the shores of Corio Bay. This beach is famous for kiosks, art deco buildings, dressing room pavilions, and swimming pools.

1.2. Protected Bay Beach

Protected Bay Beach is located at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay. This beach is famous for its treed foreshore reserves, beach reserve, wide grassed area, Rip View Lookout, and surf areas. You can also see a wide range of wildlife and vegetation on this beach.

Geelong Beach
Photo by jovannig on Unlim

1.3. Ocean Grove Beach

Ocean grove beach is famous for the ocean grove surf. Apart from this, it is famous for the unbroken stretch of sand. It is located at the mouth of Barwon mouth. This wide surf beach has a nature reserve and many local art pieces.

This beach is very kids friendly. There are many amazing things that will attract the kids to them.

1.4. Thirteenth Beach

The thirteenth beach is famous for its surfing sites. The surfing sites on this beach are very diverse and difficult. This beach is located at the mouth of Barwon heads. This beach also has picnic facilities.

The surf condition on this beach got worse during the summer months. So, lifeguards patrol the beach. It has a playground for children.

1.5. Point Lonsdale

Point Lonsdale is a coastal township area near Queenscliff, Victoria in Australia. This township has an ongoing connection with three characters. These characters are Port Phillip, Point Nepean, and The Rip.

It is the favorite spot of golf players. It has many golf courses and tennis clubs. It also has a cafe for chit chat after the game.

Geelong Beach
Photo by FiledIMAGE on Unlim

1.6. Bellarine Peninsula

Rows of vines in a Bellarine Peninsula vineyard - Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Photo by lkonya@optusnet.com.au from Depositphotos

Bellarine Peninsula is an amazing location in west Melbourne, Victoria. This is famous for its wineries and wine estates. It has many wineries, such as Jack Rabbit. Another pass time of visitors to this peninsula is golf courses.

1.7. Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is also located in Melbourne, Victoria. It is famous for its water sports, golf courses, tennis courts, adventurous hikes, and beautiful gardens. This could your favorite vacation spot for coastal holidays.

2. Things to Do at Geelong Beaches

You can enjoy various things at Geelong Beach. There are various adventurous things which will make your visit memorable. You can enjoy swimming, scuba diving, surfing, enjoying the sunrise and sunset, and so on.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

2.1. Explore the Eastern Beach Reserve

Eastern beach reserve has various things which will attract you. It has a historic carousel, fishing line, Ferris wheel, steam packet gardens, bay walk bollards, cafe, playground, and beautiful sunset sites.

2.2. Surfing and Swimming

This beach is first priority of swimmers and surfers. They have a lot of choices for swimming and surfing. You can also scuba dive here. In the month of May and October, you will also get a chance to swim with dolphins and fur.

Geelong Beach
Photo by Wavebreakmedia on Unlim

2.3. Explore Art and Culture

Geelong Beach is rich in art and culture. You can see the history and culture of this beach at Narana Aboriginal Culture Centre and National Wool Museum. It also has a lot of churches which will seek your attraction.

2.4. Sightseeing in Queenscliff

Queenscliff Harbour is an amazing location. It is rich in preserved forts. It has a lot of art galleries, boutique shops, museums, and lots of cultural sites. The main tourist attraction of this place is Queenscliff Fort and Buckley’s Cave.

2.5. Enjoy Food Platters with Estate Wineries

There are a lot of wineries in the Bellarine peninsula. You will taste the amazing blueberries, strawberry juice, and tangy olive oils. It also has a boutique smokehouse.

It is rich in artisan food production. It is quite famous for craft beverage markers.

Geelong Beach
Photo by jovannig on Unlim

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. Are there any facilities for the kids on these Geelong beaches?

Ans. Yes, there are many facilities for the children so that the parents can enjoy their time and the children can enjoy themselves with their new friends.

These Australian beaches have fenced children’s pools, terraced lawns, soft sand, beach reserve, picnic and barbecue facilities, lifeguards, and many more things.

3.2. How many famous beaches does Geelong have?

Ans. Geelong has four famous beaches. These beaches are full of facilities and adventurous activities. These beaches are easily accessible for city locals.

3.3. Can visitors swim at the Geelong waterfront?

Ans. In summer months, the waterfront has calm waters so the visitors can swim in the Waterfront.

3.4. What are the places to visit on Geelong Beach?

Ans. Geelong Beach has many places to visit. It has the best beaches in Australia. You can visit floating islands, Corio Bay, beach reserve, diving towers, back beach, long pier, Barwon heads, ocean grove main beach, water fountains, port Phillip Bay, playground, barbecue facilities, walking track, golf course, and many more places.

3.5. Which area of Geelong is trendy in the fashion sense?

Ans. The most vibrant, trendy, and luxurious shopping malls are located at Great Ocean Road and Malop Street in Geelong. You can also get trendy fashion clothes from Melbourne City.

Geelong Beach
Photo by Yellowj on Unlim

4. Final Note

Geelong beach is a most vibrant and attractive place. It is the first choice of people for spending their summer vacations. You can see both locals and tourists on Geelong Beach. It is a vast place to explore.

It is full of adventurous things. You can hike, surf, swim, walk, camp, play with water waves, enjoy picnic table facilities, barbecue, and many more. There are many things for kids as per their choices, such as the children’s pool.

If you consider visiting here on weekends, you will get more rush on weekends and can also see the travel alert, so please check the official site before visiting Geelong Beach. Enjoy your visit to Geelong Beach and share your wonderful experience with your friends.


Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
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