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Explore Adelaide CBD Restaurants: 27 Must-Try

Adelaide is the only park city in Australia and one of the most livable cities. It is also a fantastic destination to work, visit, study and invest. As it is a city meant for life, it is destined for glory.

Adelaide is easy to reach, and the main Downtown is only 20 minutes from Adelaide Airport. The city core is easy to access and enjoyable to explore whether you walk, scooter, or want to take a bike, cab, Uber, or public transportation. It is quite easy to traverse because it is equipped with a grid.

Along with the outstanding transport facilities and famous places to visit, the place has some of the best restaurants. Let us learn about the best Adelaide CBD restaurants in detail.

Adelaide CBD Restaurants

There are several places to dine and drink in Adelaide. If your diet and money allow, you’ll find something to fill your stomach in this city: a quick nibble, a celebration dinner, or heading to a pub with friends.

1. Aurora ADL

Aurora ADL in Adelaide’s Wright Square promises to deliver unique dining experiences that are healthy and pleasurable, based on the values of sustainability, local products, and social responsibility. Best renowned for its open kitchen and dedicated Braai, Aurora serves contemporary cuisine to worldwide standards utilising high-quality ingredients sourced locally.

Led by Executive Chef Brendan Wessels, Aurora is a premium yet accessible restaurant in the heart of the business district. Several Professional cooks sits at the heart of the open kitchen, delivering innovative food to worldwide standards.

The Part of Light, a non-profit and charitable venue, collaborates closely with local suppliers to find quality products for the chef’s eclectic menu, honouring his South African roots.

Enjoy small plates of incinerated calamari, Boston Bay guanciale, cucumber, yuzu and sesame seeds before larger offerings from Braai, including beef, chimichurri and acacia seed mustard.

2. Lemongrass Thai Bistro

This restaurant is one of the best and has a wide range of menu selections, from traditional Thai cuisine to dishes where you can choose the sort of meat and sauce. You can also order the fried crocodile.

The beef is soft and not overdone, the veggies are crisp, and the flavour is always spot on. It is not real Thai food, but it is tasty. You must come here at once, and take a bite of their delicious food.

3. Golden Boy

The eatery provides a cosy environment eating experience. They take pleasure in delivering creatively prepared contemporary Thai food at communal tables for sharing. There are two outside sitting terraces and a comfortable inside dining space. This restaurant is one of South Australia’s greatest contemporary Thai restaurants.

This restaurant serves wonderful meals with a distinctive presentation and attention to detail. As a result, the meal is strong and full of fresh taste. Its kitchen captures traditional Thai food with a contemporary touch to tantalise your taste buds. Dining at Golden Boy will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

The dining room also caters to dietary restrictions such as salt-free, vegan, dairy-free, vegetarian, nut-free, shellfish, mollusc, egg, and onion sensitivities. This is a restaurant that serves wonderful cuisine to all customers.

4. Star Of Siam

Star of Siam is also a traditional Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai food. The restaurant promises an intimate dining experience in a basic environment with an emphasis on offering delicious meals. Star of Siam takes pride in crafting meals with vivid tastes and an eye-catching appearance.

adelaide cbd restaurants
Courtesy – Star of Siam

They adhere to a simple concept that combines tiny elements of colour and flavour that leave an impact. There is something for everyone on the menu, which includes lunch menus, a la carte menus, and takeout menus. Star of Siam provides it all, whether you want to order a full meal at home or go out for a chilly lunch or supper.

5. Africola, Adelaide CBD

For a taste of the big unknown, empower your upbeat attitude with North African spices. Africola is one of the trendiest tables in town and is best shared and savoured with others.

Set the table with golden daal, sprouting lentils, roasted cauliflower, sardines with harissa, falafel, and marinated eggplant from the chef’s delicious 4-course menu. Africola, a fan of chef Duncan Welgeord, is one of Adelaide’s greatest restaurants, so make a reservation in advance.

6. Shobosho, Adelaide CBD

If your only experience with Japanese food has been plastic sushi plates moving around on a conveyor belt, come to Shobosho on Lee Street and prepare to be surprised by the taste.

The Japanese-inspired meal here is overseen by chef Adam Liston following spells in Shanghai and Melbourne, relies on the ancient traditions of Japanese yakitori: smoke, steam, and fire are blended. Sashimi, noodles, yakitori, gyoza, and bao are raw, pickled, and fermented meals that complement the smokey taste.

The interior design is sophisticated, rich, and inviting, with a distinctly Japanese flair. The kitchen is open throughout the day and provides lunch, snacks, supper, and beverages.

7. Fugazzi, Adelaide CBD

Enter Fugazzi, Adelaide’s decadent home. This New York Italian restaurant and bar and dining area are noted for its morish, from its velvet and marble trimmings to its perfectly crafted drinks and hand-rolled duck cappelletti.

It is perhaps one of Australia’s greatest pasta locations. Try the Roman Vegemite fingers for an Australian twist, or go all out with the Wagyu Tomohawk. Embody the phrases. Prepare to unbutton your belts since the menu is divided into four sections: Snacks, Pasta, Fire, and Sides.

8. Fishbank, Adelaide City

Our affection for the sea extends beyond eating. The cuisine at Fishbank includes over 30 different varieties of seafood. Whole fish, caviar, oysters, sashimi, shrimp, clams, scallops, lobster, crab, grains, squid, and other delicacies are available.

The nautical motif continues through the after-dinner beverages. Dorsal gin pairs well with a local gin, vermouth he Bianco, fennel bitters, and citrus bitters. Sashimi, an unusual combination of vodka, wasabi, yuzu, tangerine, and pickled ginger, is also recommended here.

9. ITL, Adelaide

One of four best restaurants in the new SkyCity complex, the 200-seat casual dining restaurant, is located on North Terrace, near the Adelaide Casino, in the Festival Centre, Adelaide Oval, East End Bar, Peel Street, and Lee.

The centre of it is an open kitchen providing exquisite, uncomplicated Italian food and a bar piled high with local and Italian wines. Luca Giotto, an Italian-born head chef, augments ITL’s traditional handcrafted pasta and pizza bases with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

10. Fino Vino, Adelaide CBD

Fino in Seppeltsfield, one of South Australia’s finest country eateries, is now easier to reach for hungry city dwellers. Fino Vino, located on Flinders Street in Adelaide, is an urban spin on the famed Barossa restaurant.

The cuisine includes fresh tapas with a trendy yet rustic décor focused on seasonal products, supporting local producers, farmers, and wineries, and the philosophy of eliminating waste. It’s the ideal spot for an after-work drink or snack, with booths, community tables, kitchen seats, and a bar.

11. Nido, King William Road

Nido is one of Adelaide’s greatest restaurants for an Italian delight since it is intimate, boutique, and ever-changing. Nido’s cuisine, created by former Kobosho head chef Max Sharad, who was voted Young Chef of the Year at the 2018 Appetite for Excellence Awards, puts an Australian spin on traditional Italian ingredients.

The iconic Hyde Park hotspot is the neighbouring restaurant of another institution on our list, Fuggazzi, and serves the greatest handmade pasta in town, freshly prepared on-site every day.

Nido (meaning “nest” in Italian) is a tucked-away restaurant on fashionable King William Road that serves artisan smoked meats and salami, bar snacks, big platters of grilled meats, and delectable Italian desserts. A must-try is the gnocchi fit to (golden cushion of fried gnocchi bread).

12. Peel St, Adelaide CBD

Peel Street, filled with fresh, seasonal vegetables, has become a fixture on Adelaide’s eating scene. The menu focuses on Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Mediterranean-style dishes and changes seasonally to take advantage of the variety of regional ingredients.

adelaide cbd restaurants
Courtesy – Peel St. Adelaide CBD

Chefs Martin and Jordan provide platters brimming with fresh ingredients from the kitchen, a beautiful balance of simple cuisine and deep tastes. Peel St is great for a lengthy lunch or an after-work meal because it is surrounded by the wonderful selection of taverns and eateries that give it its name.

13. Osteria Oggi, Adelaide CBD

This local pasta powerhouse on Pirie Street is famed for its handcrafted pasta that’s prepared fresh every day, but there’s more to this sophisticated Italian restaurant than simply pasta.

The menu includes everything from appetisers and salumi to pasta, slow-roasted meats and seafood, and desserts with an Italian flair. There’s also a cheese truck.

14. Gaja By Sashi, Adelaide CBD

On Pirie Street in central Adelaide, Gaja by Sashi provides hawker-style meals. On the menu are bold tastes. Curries,  finger foods and stays with Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian influences employ spices, garlic and chillies.

There are also several vegan and ulcer diet choices available. Expect the music to be louder than usual, supported by a laid-back party atmosphere and an extensive drink menu.

15. Sunny’s Pizza, Adelaide CBD

This is Adelaide’s must-visit restaurant for real Neapolitan-style pizza, beverages, and a party atmosphere. It was opened by five friends and was made into existence by Adelaide’s Studio-Gram (who are also the architects of Africola and Osteria Oggi).

It provides a feeling of eating at your oddest friend’s house. It includes a fantastic bar and DJ. The meal is probably a lot better.

16. Parwana, Henley Beach Road

When exploring Adelaide’s food scene, Afghan cuisine may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but Parwana is more than simply a restaurant. Afghan street cuisine, opulent decor, and family-run luxury hospitality are part of this fascinating culture.

They bring decades of culinary experience to produce some of Australia’s greatest Middle Eastern food. Sumptuous plates of delicately seasoned meats, seasoned rice, and savoury vegetable dishes offer interested eaters a taste of this mythical area just minutes from town on Henley Beach Road.

17. Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant, Magill

Penfolds Magill Estate, located just 15 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD in the foothills, has long been regarded as one of the city’s greatest eateries. This multi-award-winning restaurant, with stunning views of Penfolds’ ancient vineyards and Adelaide, has been honed by Chef Scott Huggins, who draws inspiration from seasonal ingredients and Penfolds wines.

The menu of the restaurant Magill Estate Kitchen is ideal for a lengthy meal or informal eating.

18. Noi, Fullarton

Noi elevates Vietnamese cuisine in Adelaide with a menu inspired by Thy and Quang Nguyen, who grew up enjoying food. Please make a reservation, put on your nicest stretch pants, and walk directly to your table when Shibui, Devour, and Third Time Lucky open their new restaurant.

The building has been stylishly refurbished and has an ambient, bright glass atrium filled with veggies from Southeast Asia. It is located just five minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, on the original site of the Chopstix on Glen Osmond Rd.

The cuisine is genuine, fresh, and savoury, including gluten-free and vegan alternatives such as fried eggplant with caramel sauce, slow-cooked beef cheek with yellow curry, and five-spiced Seta squid.

19. Pink Moon Saloon

This Japanese-style pub on Adelaide’s most popular alley, Leigh Street, is best characterised as an ‘urban paradise.’ This unassuming bar serves seasonal alcoholic beverages, premium cans, and a wine selection meticulously chosen with fine wines and spirits.

The Pink Moon Saloon’s unusual mountain cabin façade embraces the notion of a ‘small bar’ (less than 4 metres wide) and is as appealing as a cosy ski chalet after a long, cold day.

20. Merrymaker

Merrymaker is the best restaurant with a scenario sunset view if you’re searching for a rooftop bar with panoramic city views. Merrymaker is one of Adelaide’s highest and greatest rooftop bars near the bustling Adelaide Central Market.

adelaide cbd restaurants
Courtesy – Merrymaker

Merrymaker, located on the rooftop of the distinctive boutique Hotel Indigo, features 25 gins, inventive cocktails, and some of South Africa’s best wine and craft bars. When visiting Adelaide, make a reservation at the Hotel Indigo. Only a short lift ride away from one of Adelaide’s greatest vistas.

21. Maybe Mae

Mae is a world-class speakeasy with a distinctively Adelaean vibe, elegant but approachable. It has the air of a basement bar, from the wood-panelled entrance to the attractive green leather booths to the Art Deco-inspired wood and mirror décor. Once can find this restaurant in the Peel Street Tunnel.

22. Leigh Street Wine Room

The Leigh Street Wine Room was inspired by the cosy and energetic wine bars of Paris, Rome, and New York when it was converted from an Adelaide dry cleaner into a wine bar.

The bar boasts a distinctive curving vaulted ceiling and terrazzo tile flooring, but the main draw is the ‘Wine Wall,’ which houses 400 bottles that have been lightly tampered with and are ready to be drunk. Whatever the circumstance, this winery sticks to its motto of ‘excellent food, good wine, good experiences.’

On Adelaide’s food scene, secular influences are exploding. A fruit and vegetable market trip is like a culinary voyage worldwide. This is where the impact of ethnic immigrant farmers is beginning to emerge, encouraged by chefs and restaurateurs passionate about fresh food.

It’s the ideal location for a great dining destination, with easy access to a thriving and diversified local wine culture.

adelaide cbd restaurants
Courtesy – Leigh Street Wine Room

Adelaide has had various waves of immigrants arrive and carry their gastronomic traditions with them throughout the years. Recent modifications to bar and restaurant licences in 2012 have made starting and maintaining a small company easier.

Young and vibrant chefs, bartenders, and businesspeople worldwide have flocked to Adelaide to join him in spreading positive accolades. This restaurant in the suburbs that cater to various sorts of immigrant populations have also increased in popularity, making inroads into the city’s eating scene and providing wonderful and authentic cuisine to the public.

With such easy access to high-quality fruit, chefs collaborate with local farmers to regularly bring A1 products from the farm to your plate. It doesn’t get much better than this.

23. Mediterranean Cafe Ristorante

Mediterranean Café Ristorante serves a range of meals inspired by the region’s many cultures and cuisines. Mediterranean Cafe Ristorante is guaranteed to be your favourite for a quick coffee, a fast snack from the lunch menu, or a superb supper complemented by wines from our excellent wine selection. The broad breakfast, lunch, and supper menus are offered seven days a week.

24. Adelaide Hills

Mount Lofty is part of the Hills. In contrast to Adelaide’s sweltering plains, these hills feature cold, pure air and a nice environment. It is regarded as one of the world’s most famous wine areas and one of Adelaide’s most popular tourist attractions.

Several significant European summerhouses may be seen in the region. On the other hand, the hills are most renowned for their wines and cellar doors.

25. NNQ Vietnamese

Since 2002, NNQ has been offering authentic Vietnamese food. Their restaurant is South Australia’s greatest Vietnamese restaurant. They provide traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern touch.

NNQ has a good reputation for providing the best service and atmosphere. Bring the whole family because they are specialised in working with large groups of people. NNQ is committed to offering genuine Vietnamese cuisine created to order using the finest ingredients available.

The vermicelli salad bowl is popular among customers because it is garnished with green onions and peanuts and served with fish sauce. NNQ also serves Adelaide at 125 Gouger Street and 1 King William Street.

26. Duke Of Brunswick

Oh, pub food. One of the first things we are hesitant to give up is when we become health conscious and look for gluten-free options, but The Duke of Brunswick’s latest addition might alter that! This is of many Adelaide CBD restaurants that look into health-conscious food.

Gilbert Street Pub Kitchen has established the city’s first 100% high-protein pizza bar. The pizza menu includes Margarita, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Ham & Pineapple, and DoB Supreme.

27. Press Food & Wine

This self-assured Press Food & Wine restaurant features a worldwide cuisine with local produce products. Aristologist Bar, 40 Waymouth Street, Adelaide Summertown Button commune and winemaker Lucy Margaux have a one-of-a-kind cellar door.

Other Restaurants

Apart from the Adelaide CBD restaurants mentioned above, Adelaide CBD has some more renowned and well-established restaurants.

The Meat & Wine Co Adelaide, House of Chow, and Elpis Food & Wine all provide halal choices on their menus in Adelaide CBD restaurants. Even a new restaurant, Elpis Food and Wine Bar debuted on Gouger Street, providing modern Japanese food.

Adelaide’s Napoli Pizzeria serves real Napolitana pizza and antipasto. It is widely considered one of Adelaide’s greatest authentic pizza experiences. Enjoy the informal and welcoming atmosphere while dining on exquisite pizzas and antipasti.

Napoli Wood Fired Pizzas will make you feel at home as you experience traditional Italian antipasti and mouth-watering pizzas, whether you’re looking for a fast-casual lunch, an evening out, or simply a takeout pizza.

Wrapping Up

Your guide is here if you want good food in Adelaide CBD restaurants. All these places above provide top-quality food and a great dining experience. Make sure to bring your friends, family and loved ones along to have a great experience.


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