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14 Amazing Things To Do in Albury

Looking for a place to let yourself go these holidays? Visit Albury, near Wodonga—a perfect reason for a great outdoor vacation. There are a lot of things to do in Albury. The fun and excitement never seem to end here. Make loads of unforgettable memories while traveling to this picturesque region.

Whether you are a solo traveler or on a fun-filled family trip, Albury is the one-stop solution—luscious natural beauty for a quiet me time or the bustling farm markets. You will love each second of your stay here. Welcome to Albury, Wodonga!

1. Albury Wodonga Region and the Murray River 

The Albury Wodonga is deeply connected to the Murray River. Murray is one of the most beautiful rivers in the region. It is well known for being one of the best in water sports like canoeing and kayaking in regional Australia. For water sporting there are two main companies both are located at Noreuil Park. Canoe the Murray, and Murray River Canoe Hire, both of them offer guided or self-guided trips.

The Kayaks and canoeing boats are fully equipped with life-saving equipment. One trip is approx 90 minutes. Keep your eyes open for catching a glimpse of a platypus on the way to your journey through the Murray River deck.

The waters flow at the Murray River flow very slowly and gradually. Thus, the Murray River deck is perfect for canoeing and enjoying a pleasant ride. It is the best thing to do in Albury during the summer months. You can approach different companies to rent a canoe or a kayak for your adventure ride. It is the best way to for sightseeing the Murray River for inexperienced travelers.

Walking Along Murray River Albury, NSW, Australia

2. Things To do in Albury

2.1 The Amusing Albury Botanic Gardens – Things To do in Albury

Albury Botanic Gardens is one of the best places for visitors in the city. The widespread gardens’ foundation was laid by plantations of English elm. It was done by the mayor of Albury around 1877. The garden consists of lots of unique specimen trees.  Plantations has more than 450 genera and approx 95 plant families.

The cherry on the cake is the amazing rainforest species that can be admired during the famous Rainforest Walking trails. As you trail along the beautiful greenery consisting of the Australian teak, weeping lily pilly, water gum, bleeding heart, native quince, and many more. The 40- minute approx stroll is nature at its best.

Albury botanic gardens also have special arrangements for its younger visitors known as the Children’s Garden. The happy forever children’s garden has a huge dinosaur with quite interesting speaking tubes, that keep children engaged for a long time.

Many other fun arrangements like troll caves and a fairy temple are loved by every young visitor visiting the Albury botanic gardens.

Things to do in albury
Source: https://www.nsw.gov.au/visiting-and-exploring-nsw/locations-and-attractions/albury-botanic-gardens

2.2 Admire the Art at the Museum – Things To do in Albury

Australia is famous for its great contemporary artists. The Murray Art Museum is the best spot to admire the art of some of the best Australian artists. Named after the beautiful Murray River this art museum is among the most popular tourist places outside Sydney.

The Murray art museum is famous among the locals and tourists for being unique and innovative. It has some of the best collections that you can admire especially the contemporary art galleries is the star of the show at the museum here.

The plus point of this art museum is that they base their themes and stories on living artists. This makes their exhibitions relevant and relatable to present-day art visitors too. It is one of the must things to do in Albury Wodonga. It is one of the best things to do in Albury, Wodonga.

things to do in albury
Source: https://www.mamalbury.com.au/

2.3 A Perfect Picnic Day at Lake Hume Dam – Things To do in Albury

If you love the beauty of nature then nothing is better than a visit to the Lake Hume Dam. A perfect picnic is the most sought-after activity by tourists at Albury, Wodonga. The Lake Hume Dam is admired for its scenic beauty.

Some of the best things to do in Albury are available at this place like paddleboarding or kayaking and many other watersports are available here. The adventure sports lovers crowd here for its water sporting facilities.

Besides you can go fishing with your loved ones and family members. Just keep in mind to not let the kids go near the water sporting area or deep water areas. Their safety is your priority. Opting for camping near the lakeside is also as popular as the other activities at Lake Hume.

2.4 Walking at Lake Hume Dam Wall – Things To do in Albury

If you have filled your belly with tasty picnic food take a walk at the Lake hume dam wall. It is going to be the best thing to do in Albury, Wodonga. The construction of the dam began after world war I that included about 1000 men. After the construction was over the lake Hume was renamed as Hume Dam. This dam became one of the largest dams in the Southern Hemisphere.

At present visitors are allowed to visit the dam. Sometimes the place is open. Hence, take a short walk across the lake or between Victoria and New South Wales. Visitors love visiting here.

things to do in albury
Image by Bettercallcurry on Unlimphotos.com

2.5 Walking Amidst the Wonga Wetlands – Things To do in Albury

If you are someone who is let’s say simply bored from parks, museums, etc,. Here’s something new to walk through. The Wonga wetlands are an amazing and completely different kind of environment. It is only a 7-minute drive from the central Albury. The environment has an entirely different Kind of vibe that feels out of the world.

The origins of these wetlands are near the Murray River floodplain. It is an area which is restored from grazing land. This has been done by employing treated wastewater. This place covers an area of approximately 80 hectares and contains many lagoons and various billabongs. The wetlands house a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Visiting the Wonga wetlands is one of the best things to do in Albury. If you may be interested in knowing why so then first of all it is open throughout the year.  The summer season is very unique in wetlands. Wetlands are completely dry but that doesn’t mean you can not visit here. The abundance of beautiful trees makes it a cool place to visit and take an afternoon nap.

During the winters birdwatching is the best activity here, as lots of beautiful swans and pelicans make this place their home. The crowd here is full of nature and bird lovers. They will surely love Wonga wetlands for its beautiful sculptures by local aboriginal artists. The information boards at every site will enhance your knowledge about Aboriginal history.

Before visiting the wetlands do make sure you gather all the necessary information like the opening hours, holidays, etc. Check the official website for complete details about the place.

2.6 Shopping at Albury Wodonga Farmers Market – Things To do in Albury

If you are a health-conscious person constantly looking for fresh fruit and organic veggies. The Albury Wodonga Farmers Market is the best place to look out for. Every week on Saturday this market is held at Gateway Village, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga from 8 am to 12 noon.

Many people from local and distant places travel to Albury, Wodonga for buying fresh farm produce. The different fruits and veggies sold here are locally produced and organic. There are many other farm goods like eggs, tasty cheese, bread, artistic cakes, and tasty pies.

People visit this place to browse through this healthy and fresh produce. The products sold here are prepared food and raw food. All of the products at Albury’s Farmers Market have been grown by using organic fertilizers and natural methods. Do visit here to browse through these goods, and buy and support these products and their producers. Visit the online website for further information about these products.

things to do at albury
source: Your farmers & producers – Albury Wodonga Farmers’ Market (alburywodongafarmersmarket.com)

2.7 History of the Army at Army Museum Bandiana – Things To do in Albury

Every country is always proud of its army. Similarly, Australia shows its patriotism by dedicating a whole museum that brilliantly showcases the history of its army. As a visitor, if you are someone genuinely interested in arms, ammunition, and military-related stuff then you must visit Army Museum Bandiana. It is the largest army museum in Australia. This army museum is spread over an area of 5000 meters.

It is one of the best things to do in the Albury Wodonga Region. Check the official websites for the opening and closing timing before visiting here.

things to do in albury
Source: https://www.visitalburywodonga.com/operator/army-museum-bandiana/

2.8 Play at Playspace at Oddies Creek Park – Things To do in Albury

When you are visiting the Albury Wodonga area with children and looking for things to do in Albury for young visitors check out Oddies Creek Park. This is the best spot to check out for children due to the huge adventure playspace that attracts lakhs of people every year. The well-built park has lots of green spaces and tall trees.

The playspace structure located at Oddies Creek Park is about five meters tall. It has also got ramps to assist its wheelchair users. There are many other entertaining rides for kids of different ages. There are many fun rides like the 30-meter flying fox, slides of all sizes, a sandpit, a swing, and a climbing net. Till the time your children are having fun you can relax near the plenty of seatings available at the park. If you are visiting the wider park region then it is facilitated with picnic tables and shelters, barbecue facilities are also available for adult visitors here.

Oddies Creek Playground, Wodonga Place, Albury

2.9 Bookworms Calling at Albury Library Museum – Things To do in Albury

When you are a true bookworm at heart present at Albury then visiting the Albury Library Museum is one of the best things to do at Albury Wodonga. This place is a combination of Albury’s city library and museum put together under a single roof. The design and structure of this building have been done by the well-known firm of Albury Wodonga. This has led to the firm winning many awards.

For the tourist visiting Albury Wodonga, this place is perfect for tapping into the story of the city. It also serves as a modern-time landmark for the new out-of-town visitors visiting Albury Wodonga.

Crossing Place is a popular and permanent exhibition here, that is related to the settlement on this land, by the indigenous Wiradjuri people. The Crossing Place exhibits many different artifacts, audio recordings, photography, and footage related to the settlement. Many other compelling exhibitions are related to hospitals, sports clubs, railways, schools, cinemas, and various other ephemera.

things to do in albury
source: https://www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au/leisure/museum-and-libraries/locations/librarymuseum

2.10 Raise a Toast at the Rutherglen Wine Region – Things To do in Albury

The wine region of Albury Wodonga is loved by all tourists visiting Albury Wodonga. The wine region at Rutherglen attracts thousands of visitors every year at Albury Wodonga.  Rutherglen Wine Region has the winemaking heritage of Albury Wodonga that dates back to the gold rush era during the nineteenth century.

Whether you are a dedicated wine lover or not but you will love taking a tour of this town as one of the best things to do in Albury Wodonga. At every street and corner, you will explore some of the best wine-tasting experiences available in this town.

Some popular wines the town is famous for are crisp white wines like Chardonnay, and Marsanne and complex red wines like Durif, tempranillo, etc. Hence, it has led to Rutherglen to named Australia’s fortified wine capital. There are approx 20 wineries and cellar doors here.

things to do in albury
Image by Stokkete on Unlimphotos.com

2.11 Take a Dive at Albury Swim Centre

If you are visiting Albury Wodonga during the summer season and love swimming Albury has got you sorted. Dive into the huge Olympic-sized pool at Albury Outdoor Swimming Centre. It is situated on the right side of the Murray River in Hovell Tree Park.

It is the prime location for residents of Albury and the tourist visiting the town and helps the people of the town to beat the heat on any given hot summer day.

Besides the huge main pool for adults, there are pools dedicated to small babies and toddlers with a giant water slide. All the pools here are surrounded by enough amount of shade, greenery, and picnic facilities. After diving you will feel very tired and hungry, you can grab a snack at the kiosk or bring your snack and food with you.

things to do in albury
Source: https://www.alburywodongaaquatics.com.au/albury-swim-centre

2.12 Fun Family Time at Escape Room Albury

Families visiting Albury and looking for a fun way to spend their time along with their children should check out Escape Room Albury. It is the best activity for families to enjoy together and have a lot of fun.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions at Albury. This place is built as a room that you need to escape from using the clues and solving the puzzles provided to your group. The time limit to finish the activity is 60 minutes.

This activity makes your and your group’s mind engaged and active. While solving the tricky puzzles you will have a lot of fun and also learn group work. It is an amazing thing to do with kids at Albury.

The different rooms are various themes like the Heist, the Baker Street Mystery, etc. Do not worry about bad weather because they have outdoor and indoor rooms.

Do keep one thing in mind this activity is not suitable for kids below the age of 8 years. Check out the complete information about this place on the official website before visiting here to make your visit pleasant.

things to do in albury
Source: https://www.escaperoomalbury.com.au/

2.13 Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk for the History Buff

When you start a walk along the Murray River out to the wetlands it connects to the network of many footpaths. It is a wonderful way to discover nature and make a sculpture walk, especially for history buffs. At the Mods

Through the riverside parks, you will discover the Yindyamarra sculpture walk. It is a five-kilometer stretch between Kremur Street and Wonga wetlands with lots of sculptures in between. It is a knowledgeable walk for every visitor regarding the aboriginal history of Australia.

things to do in albury
Source: https://www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au/leisure/arts-and-culture/public-art/reconciliation-shield

2.14 Look Back at the Past at Monument Hill

Monument Hill is located near Dean Street. It was crowned as a memorial to mark the First World War. Later on, a white monument was erected here to mark the memory of world war two and the people who took part in it.

The visitors can hike up the hillside right from the city of central Albury Wodonga. Also,  the view of the town and the nearby region is just amazing and awe-inspiring at this height. The place has its own park benches, lighting, beautiful landscape, and roadways that are not very old but developed recently around maybe the year 2020.

Monument Hill War Memorial

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Albury worth visiting?

Answer: Albury is a beautiful town full of various places to see. It can be visited for two to three days.

Q2. What is Albury known for?

Answer: Albury is popular for the beautiful Murray River, the famous aboriginal sculpture walks, and the beautiful sceneries of nature that the town has plenty of.

Q3. What does Albury have to offer?

Answer: Albury has plenty of activities to offer from indoor to outdoor activities like water sporting, barbecue boats, standup paddleboats, canoeing, outdoor pools, an escape room for kids, etc.

4. Conclusion

Albury Wodonga’s visit is a holiday that will always remain fresh in your mind no matter where you are. The vibe this place has is unique and everlasting. The great outdoors will keep calling you back for a revisit to this wonderful place. And it is the least to say that you are forever welcome to Albury!

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