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Some handy ways to beat the Australian heat 

For people who are living in certain parts of the country, or even for holidaymakers on their travels down under, Australian summers can be extremely hot. In fact, Australia has some of the hottest temperatures on earth during the peak months, with people having to navigate their way through life without feeling the burn too strongly. It’s a common issue. 

The Australian summer months are certainly challenging for many people in the country. The people of Oodnadatta, South Australia, face the harshest of heat on a yearly basis, with the remote outback town managing to record the highest official temperature the country has ever felt, with a recording of 51 degrees Celsius occurring in 1960.

Thankfully, not every Australian citizen has to endure such heat, but it can get hot throughout the country. We’ve even had hot weather warnings in recent times as high temperatures continue to hit this part of the world. 

If you’re someone who struggles to function in the blistering heat, then let’s look at some handy ways you can beat the Australian summer period. 

Drink plenty of water 

This first piece of advice is hardly new, but it’s amazing how many people don’t drink enough water when they’re struggling with the high temperatures. It’s important to stay hydrated all year round, but even more so in the summer months. Of course, you can drink other concoctions, but water is easily the most suitable option if you’re struggling. 

Avoid using your oven 

Even though cooking a roast for a few hours is a tasty prospect, sometimes it’s best to ditch the oven for a cooler cooking appliance. Some people eat clean and rely on salads, while others enjoy making cold soups that offer a range of nutritional benefits, as well as enabling someone to feel refreshed and cooler. Certain accessories, such as a rice cooker and an air fryer, are great alternatives to switching on the oven, too. 

Make use of fans

Not only is a fan vital in cooling you down, but it will enable your valuable electronic devices to stay working in extreme temperatures, too. Whether you’re streaming movies on Netflix, watching the news on TV with your breakfast, or you’re partial to online casino gaming on your laptop, be sure to have fans pointing at your electronic valuables when you’re using them.

Overheating is a common way many valuables explode, something that will leave you feeling beaten if you’re without your entertainment options. Additionally, at night, make sure your fan is facing out of the window instead of in as it’s proven to keep a room cooler and you’ll be able to sleep more comfortably. 

Assess your exercise routine

ways to beat the Australian heat 
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Although nothing should ever get in the way of regular exercise, the scorching temperatures can make certain fitness routines slightly riskier. If you’re keen to avoid any dangers that are associated with exercising in the hot weather, then consider scrapping your runs and bike rides for more suitable activities that won’t expose you to the heat as much. For example, switching to water sports is a favoured choice for many. Likewise, you might want to exercise indoors instead of venturing outside during the peak temperatures. It’s also worth exercising in short bursts, too.  

Stay cool while you sleep 

Sleeping while being unbearably sweaty is never fun. In order to combat this common summer occurrence, consider investing in a variety of cooling products that will make your bed feel cool and breezy. A Chillow Pillow is a fantastic option, while some people sleep on top of a wet sheet. Ice packs are handy, too.

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