Where to Find 13 Best Restaurants In Adelaide?

Best Restaurants Adelaide
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If you are trying to find the best restaurants Adelaide, you have reached the right place. The city of Adelaide is filled with restaurants that serve lip-smacking cuisine made from fresh produce and local ingredients.

Restaurants In Adelaide
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But before that let us get to know its and bits about the city. Adelaide city is the capital of South Australia and is one of the largest cities in the country. Adelaide is thought for its festivals, special meals, and top-class wine areas, only a quick power from the center of town. With a packed activities calendar and a number of the country’s best restaurants and small bars, which are truly worth visiting.

Best Restaurants Adelaide City

There are plenty of restaurants in Adelaide which serve excellent food, handmade pasta, remarkable wine, fantastic pizza, and much more. Here are the top 13 restaurants in Adelaide that you must visit when you are in the city. These are the 5-star restaurants in Adelaide.

Historic Victorian buildings

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1. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Shobosho

Assuming your experience of Japanese food is restricted to plastic sushi plates moving around a transport line, then head to Leigh Street’s Shōbōsho and plan for a flavor disclosure. The Japanese-inspired cuisine, created by successful South Australian restauranteur Simon Kardachi and with chief gourmet specialist Adam Liston in charge following stints in Shanghai and Melbourne, combines smoke, steam, and fire – the traditional methods of Japanese yakitori.

Crude, relieved, cured, and matured dishes supplement smoky flavors with sashimi, noodles, yakitori, dumplings, and bao on the menu. The stylistic arrangement is smooth, rich, and inviting, with an undeniably Japanese feel. The kitchen is open all day, providing lunch and small plates, followed by supper and beverages.


17 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

2. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Peel St

Liberal plates of new, occasional food have made Peel St an Adelaide feasting scene foundation. Here, basic cooking matches impeccably with massive flavors, as plates overflowing with new products are siphoned out of the kitchen by culinary specialists Martin and Jordan.

Tucked among the noteworthy bar and eatery offering which lines its namesake, Peel St is undeniably situated for long snacks and after-work meals. The food is remarkable as it is made from local produce and is bounded with tasty flavors. The menu is weighty on Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Mediterranean style dishes and continually changes given what is in season and plentiful locally. Vietnamese food is the pride of this place.


9 Peel Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

3. Best Restaurants Adelaide – McLaren Vale Madre Lievito

If you are looking for some Italian restaurants then you need not look any further. Venture onto wash pink-marble tiles and travel through become flushed pink encompasses that slant up to an all-blue kitchen. A Madre (Virgin Mary) sculpture invests heavily of spot (close by a second, which cook Ettore Bertonati purchased to investigate the kitchen).

It’s from a similar group as Pizzateca; however, the pies here share all the more practically speaking with the pizzas of Bertonati’s old neighborhood Naples than Pizzateca’s “Italian” ones. The batter joins Tipo 00 flour, Tipo 1 wholegrain flour, seawater (imported from the Mediterranean), and a sourdough starter – and its salt substance is close to half of that in the mixture of ancient traditions.

Then there’s the sauce – at Madre Lievito (Italian for “mother batter”), the sauce is canned San Marzano tomatoes, hand-squashed and salted – that is all there is to it. What results is new and acidic. This restaurant is indeed one of the best restaurants in Adelaide Hills and is completely awesome!


319 Chalk Hill Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171, Australia.

4. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Golden boy

A lively environment, credible yet cleaned Thai menu, and impressive mixed drink list make Golden Boy a well-known supper torment for local people. Large plates loaded with flavor can be anticipated at Golden Boy. Devour top choices incorporating wok-threw mussels with Thai basil, bean stew jam and lime, mushroom pan sear with sawtooth coriander glue, garlic stem and green stew, and eight-hour meat cheeks with tangerine jus cured ginger.

Excited and hungry? Request the Tuk meal and test Golden Boy’s best dishes – the food won’t quit coming until you’re full. Make a point to attempt the roti with pandan custard for dessert. Present supper, head down the stairs on the extravagant cellar bar for a nightcap.


309 North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.

5. Best Restaurants Adelaide – The Homespun Eatery

This custom-made diner has one-of-a-kind photographs of the proprietors and their families on the dividers, and Afghan fortunes act as beautifying objects. The food is loaded with flavor and is fragrant with flavors. Champions on the little menu incorporate the eggplant curry, and the fried dumplings stuffed down with chives and finished off with mincemeat and garlic yogurt. The handcrafted ginger and frozen pecan yogurt are a saltine. These things make it one of the best fine dining Adelaide.


46 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007, Australia.

6. Best Restaurants Adelaide – SOI 38

Soi.38 was opened in October 2014. Initially named ‘Sukhumvit Soi 38 Thai Street Food’ (however generally known by ‘Soi 38’) after the location of a famous road food market in Bangkok, the eatery started as a spot to serve the road food bites and dishes that couldn’t be found on Adelaide Thai café menus.

Today, Soi 38 has advanced to exhibit the dishes of Thailand’s districts, history, and ethnic minority gatherings. The menu is occasional, and Executive Chef Terry Intarakhamhaeng has accumulated plans from across local and remote pieces of Thailand, ethnic minority gatherings, and slope clans. Different plans are obtained from chronicled records and given over through family lines.

Utilizing simply the best neighborhood fixings, Soi 38 has a guarantee to source produce as morally as could be expected. A few Australian local fixings are filled in for Thai ones, such as utilizing kangaroo tail instead of water bison tail.


74 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

7. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Parwana Afghan Kitchen

Interlaced with conventional Afghan plans is one family’s account of an area long tormented by war, however, with considerably more at its heart. Dynamic plans, one family’s recollections of their country, and an exciting understanding of Afghanistan’s rich legacy. Creator Durkhanai Ayubi’s folks, Zelmai and Farida Ayubi, escaped Afghanistan with their small kids in 1985, at the stature of the Cold War.

At the point when their family-run café Parwana opened its entryways in Adelaide in 2009, their vision was to impart to the world their family recollections through the pleasures of Afghan cooking, injected with Afghanistan’s rich chronicled culture and customs of liberality and neighborliness, to offer a complete image of the country they had abandoned.

For ages, these fragrant and flavorful plans have been in the family and incorporate rice dishes, dumplings, curries, meats, Afghan pasta, chutneys and pickles, soups, loaves of bread, and beverages and pastries. Some are ordinary dinners; some are extraordinary celebratory dishes.


124B, Henley beach rd, Torrensville SA 5031, Australia.

8. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Midnight Spaghetti

With indoor stall or bar seating, to in the open air aperitive’s on the overhang, the two settings will make them examine the dividers for neglected outlined famous people, flippant stuff, and more spaghetti that is bombed the stick test than you’ve at any point seen. This is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Adelaide.

The planned space invites visitors into the lighthearted eatery, which draws style from the 1981 Italian sex satire it was appropriately named for (Spaghetti a Mezzanotte). Every perspective creates a genuinely gorgeous pasta bar with a fine dining scene.

Working two jobs on the menu with liberal contemporary twists on simple works of art. Chief Pan-Handler JP states, “You won’t trust its simply water, eggs, and flour combined as one once it hits your lips”, as he makes sense of a portion of the late-night contributions. “A few things like the piano accordion never go downhill”.

Whether or not you are going through or remaining the evening, don’t stress over it. Like the Italian people exemplary Ce La Luna, Mezzo Mare, the wine list sings out to you. Drawing works of art hailing from the alps to the boot, neighborhood top picks, and containers of lager on each table.


196 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

9. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant

This restaurant is the best one to have a long lunch with your dear ones. Arranged at the otherworldly home of Penfolds, the café is found only 8km from the city of Adelaide, roughly a brief excursion via vehicle and arranged to neighbor the Magill Estate Vineyard, Winery, and Cellars. It is managed by head chef Scott Huggins.

The café consolidates present-day compositional style with the usual credits of its Adelaide lower regions area. It notably encompasses and conveys a contemporary and agreeable high-end food environment. Contemporary food, a broad assortment of Penfolds wines, praiseworthy assistance, and shocking perspectives finishes one of Australia’s best food and wine insight.


78 Penfold Road, Near Hyde Park, Adelaide SA 5072, Australia.

10. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Africola

Probably the most sizzling table around, Africola is best appreciated when shared. Let the flavors of Northern Africa release your audacious soul to have a go at something magnificently new.

Pick the lavish four-course gourmet specialist’s determination or fill your table with plates like brilliant dahl, grew lentils, crispy eggplant, sardine with harissa, cauliflower with some delicious seasonings, and falafel. With gourmet specialist Duncan Welgeoed’s raving fans and incredible worth, Africola is perhaps the best café in Adelaide, so ensure you book ahead.


4 East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

11. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Sunny’s Pizza

Retro and brilliantly kitsch, Sunny’s Pizza is an absolute necessity visit Adelaide eatery for bona fide Napoli-style pizza, mixed drinks, and party flows. Opened by five companions and planned by Adelaide’s Studio-Gram (the draftsmen behind Africola and Osteria Oggi), diving into a pizza at Sunny’s feels like a dinner at your most whimsical companion’s home, yet with the expansion of a great bar, DJs and presumably much better food.


17 Solomon Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

12. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Fugazzi

Venture into Adelaide’s place of wantonness – Fugazzi. Without a doubt, one of Australia’s best pasta torments, this New York-Italo propelled bar and lounge area typifies the term moreish, from hints of velvet and marble to masterfully organized mixed drinks and hand moved duck cappelletti.

Their menu is separated into four portions – snacks, pasta, fire, and sides – so be ready to release your belt clasp. Attempt their form of Australiana food with their Roman Vegemite finger or go all out with a Wagyu Tomohawk.


27 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

13. Best Restaurants Adelaide – Handmade Pasta at Nido

Cozy shopped and continually advancing, Nido is probably the best café in Adelaide if you’re looking for an Italian dining experience. With previous Shōbōsho head culinary expert Max Sharrad – named Young Chef of the Year in the 2018 Appetite for Excellence grants – assuming control, Nido’s menu is supported by an Australian understanding of traditional Italian flavors.

The well-known Hyde Park torment is the sister eatery to one more foundation on this rundown, Fugazzi, and presents the absolute best pasta around, made day to day on location. Concealed on famous King William Road, Nido, signifying ‘home’ in Italian, dishes up craftsman relieved meats and salami, bar snacks, bigger plates including barbecued meats, and slobber commendable Italian pastries.

The gnocco fit to – brilliant cushions of seared gnocchi bread – is an unquestionable requirement. Nido likewise moonlights as an aperitive bar, with a great wine list including Australian and Italian wines and the best-mixed drinks.


Shop 2/160 King William Road, Hyde Park SA 5061, Australia.

These are the best restaurants Adelaide that you must visit when you are in this charming city. Several people visit this city, and everyone is a fan of its food. Some of the eateries are also award winning restaurants. The city can be considered a perfect spot to satisfy a foodie’s soul. Hope you liked this list of Adelaide’s best restaurants.

So, if you are looking for a good restaurant, a place for long lunches, an open kitchen, big flavors, live music, a dance floor, a wine bar, and wood-fired pizzas, Adelaide’s best restaurants will amaze thrill you. Do visit them and have fun!



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