10 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney With Kids

Sydney, located in New South Wales, is a beautiful place in Australia. It is known for its beaches and city streets and has plenty of fun things to do in Sydney with kids.

You can take your kids for an educational tour by visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, Wildlife Sydney zoo or even the Sydney Aquarium. There are amazing playgrounds for your little kids to play in, and they will love spending their day.

So let us now find out what the things to do in Sydney with kids are.

When To Visit Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, known as destination NSW, is an ideal place to visit throughout the year. Every season has something or the other to offer kids.

December to March are school vacations in Australia. Kids love celebrating Christmas in Sydney and witnessing fireworks with the Sydney opera house or the Sydney harbour bridge in the foreground.

It is also the best time for a cruise in darling harbour city, which has numerous fun family activities and many things to do in Sydney with kids.

April to May is autumn and is the perfect time for visiting Sydney with older kids. The whole family can enjoy strolling in the wildlife of Sydney zoo, Chinese Gardens, and many other beautiful places.

Winters are not so festive in Sydney. But you may get the best offers for family-friendly accommodation. Though not an ideal time for any water activities, you can have a Sydney harbour bridge climb with your kids.

September to November is the driest season in Sydney and does not attract many tourists. It is the best time to go on a bus walk or a trail walk in the blue mountains and other national parks with your older kids. Your children will enjoy the guided tour and animal encounters in the gardens. 

1. Things To Do In Sydney With Kids

Sydney has a plethora of fun kids’ activities. Your kids and the entire family will have a great time here in Sydney. However, one of many best things to do for your kids can be to take them to some kid spots. 

You can take help from the special attractions of kids given below. 

1.1 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Find The Secret Gardens In Sydney

Learn the four amazing secret gardens on the Sydney Lower North Shore. The best place for children is Wendy’s Secret Garden. 

Children can enjoy the trails and explore them without going off. Enjoying picnics in Sydney with your kids can give you an overwhelming experience of peace. 

1.2 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Cupcake Decorating Classes For Kids In Sydney

Cupcake decorating classes can be an ideal choice for your child as one of the school holiday activities. It is yet another best thing to do in Sydney with kids.

Cammeray North Sydney lets kids have creative fun while baking, decorating, and eating cupcakes for 2 hours. It is one of Sydney’s most exciting workshops for 4-5-year-old kids to learn.

Do not forget to add it to your list of things to do in Sydney with the kid.

1.3 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Kids’ Chocolate-Making Class

There is no reason to skip a Chocolate Maker class at an actual chocolate factory in Lilyfield. Take your children to chocolate-making classes, and you might witness the happiness of your child. 

1.4 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Dreamcatcher Making Workshop For Kids

Give the children a chance and let them learn the skills of Dreamcatcher. These things to do in Sydney with kids are everyone’s favourite.

There are private lessons for kids ages 8 to 19. Students making and creating dream-catchers can take them home for their personal use.

1.5 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Brunch At Grounds Of Alexandria

If you haven’t visited the Grounds of Alexandria while your stay in Sydney, then you are making the biggest mistake of your life. You might want to bring your entire family to spend some quality time.

Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

The food-themed attraction features food stalls and mini farms, which are extremely popular among children. It would be best to make reservations.

Or you can arrive early as this is a very crowded and famous place. So, you might want to secure a table for your family. 

1.6 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Kids Hula Hoop Class In Sydney

Hula Hoops have a great, fun class in Sydney, which most kids love. A professional circus performer teaches in these classes.

Bring your kids here, and let them join the teacher. It is an excellent party idea for kids in Sydney and can also be a perfect holiday activity.

1.7 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Head To Darling Harbour

Regarding activities for kids and having a fun day in Sydney, Darling Harbour should be your starting point. This is a go-to place for most tourists in Sydney.

Image From: UnlimPhotos

Visiting Sydney Aquarium, the Sydney Wildlife Zoo, and Darling Harbour’s amazing playground are well worth the trip.

1.8 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Story Time Art And Craft Classes

Thinking of doing something for your little ones while your stay in Sydney? Perhaps you should head to Padstow. Here they can enjoy their time by attending storytime and art classes suitable for kids aged 1-2 years.

Once they finish storytime, you can work on making a good art piece related to your child’s stories. These moments make lasting memories of the time you spent with your child.

1.9 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Oatley Park Adventure Playground

It’s an eco-friendly playground constructed from natural materials from the bush. The airport has flying foxes that kids love, and you may even spend a day in that area.

This is one of many great places in Syndey where you, your kids and your entire family love spending time here. 

1.10 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids – Amazing Race Style Game At The Botanic Gardens

When your family loves to go racing with you, you must book a super cheap Blooming Botanical Trail, including a treasure hunt with Adventure Clues. That’s another great way to explore the city.

The game requires you to download the game on your smartphone and to find the secret clues that lead to many places in Sydney. This site also features a leaderboard to keep you battling against other players.

2. Places To Visit In Sydney With Kids

Besides enjoying activities in Sydney, explore the most visited spots in Sydney. Spending time in these places can be worth your time. 

2.1 Beaches

Sydney is home to many beaches. These are the famous beaches

Bondi Beach is the most visited beach and is only 15 minutes from the city centre. The beach is usually crowded with global tourists and friendly local crowds.

Photo by Paula-Jorunn Naes on Unsplash

Another famous beach in Sydney is Manly Beach. You can plan an amazing day by taking a short ferry ride on the Manly ferry from Circular Quay, cruise through the Sydney Opera house, and arrive at the beach for surf lessons. Many ferries are available from Manly Wharf.

One of the northern beaches of Sydney in the shark valley, Shark Beach is a small beach where you can enjoy swimming to the fullest. The beach has a shark net to protect swimmers against shark attacks.

2.2 Museums, Parks, Zoos And Aquariums

Sydney has many parks and zoos to take a short walk with your loved ones. Sydney Harbour National Park, Nielsen Park, Prince Alfred Park, Sydney Olympic park, royal botanic garden, Wild Life Sydney zoo, and Taronga zoo have plenty of room for outdoor fun with kids.

Photo by Nils Bouillard on Unsplash

Do not forget to add sightings of kangaroos, Koalas, and flying foxes to the things to do in Sydney with kids list.

Some aquariums offer a discount for students and pre-booked tickets. Do not forget to pre-book your tickets, carry your kids’ ID, and make the visit. 

2.3 Historical And Important Sites

Visit the tallest building in Sydney and enjoy more exciting things to do in Sydney with kids.

Sydney Tower Eye is the tallest building in Sydney and the second observation spot in the southern hemisphere. It has an observatory deck from where you can enjoy the beauty of the entire city. 

Visit the landmark of Sydney, the Opera house. It is a multi-venue art gallery and performance centre. You can enjoy the beauty of this place with a sumptuous dinner at the Opera Bar which stands opposite this place.

A trip to Sydney is incomplete without a visit to the Opera House, and do not forget to add it to the things to do in Sydney with Kids list.

2.4 North Sydney Olympic Pool

Your visit to Sydney’s west is incomplete without visiting the Olympic Pool. This historical swimming pool and exercise area have a spa, sauna, and gymnasium in addition to a deep swimming pool and is a must amongst things to do in Sydney with Kids.


You will have to find a long list to note down all the best things to do in Sydney with kids. A well-planned trip will make it memorable. Pack the right clothes for the season and plan your trip for cheap hotel prices. With plenty of things to do in Sydney with kids, your family will have a memorable trip.

Dithiesh is a travel enthusiast with love for the Australian flora and Fauna. He loves reading about the unique life I'm Australia. He also loves writing and sharing his research on his blog.

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