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Who Is Jamie Durie?

Jamie Durie is an extremely talented human being who is also a landscaper, gardener, furniture designer, TV host, producer and writer. Jamie was born in Australia and reared there, while his paternal grandmother, Daphen De Silva, was born in Sri Lanka. In the 1950s, she moved to New South Wales with Jamie’s grandpa.

Jamie Durie has had an extremely good career but has also been highly stressful. He works properly on large projects with well-known individuals, and he’s undoubtedly had his fair share of difficult situations. Jamie had a close bond with his grandma, with whom he frequently cooked.

Jamie’s initial furniture line, conceived over a decade ago in 2003, has subsequently been sold in over 200 retail shops around Australia. After a successful European launch, Jamie’s collection is still sold in over 16 of his European countries. Jamie was a successful person, and people got inspired by him.

Jamie stopped attending school when he was 15 and became an exotic dancer several years later. He’s choice of a job in gardening and horticulture isn’t unexpected, given his passion for spending time outside Australia.

He has received over 33 global design awards since launching his design firm, Durie Design, in 1998, earning him one of the profession’s most experienced and imaginative designers.

These include the collection of the famous Milanese furniture manufacturer RIVA 1920, launched in 2013, with his second collection in 2016. Including over twenty years of experience in the business, Jamie and his team have built a name for themselves by creating smooth transitions between the inside and outside.

Jamie’s main focus in all of his designs is to enable a stronger connection with nature in carefully considered settings where the furniture draws inspiration from nature. He always thinks about sustainable ideas because he always thinks about livable environments.

Different Working Spaces Of Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie, an award-winning international designer and author, founded Jamie’s design firm in February 1988. Durie made his furniture design debut in 2001 when Jamie and his company were requested to create various pieces of bespoke furniture for many luxury hotels and resorts, initially in Spain, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The Outdoor Room 

Import from Australia, Jamie Durie’s new HGTV services, which premiered in January, combines global travel with sustainable garden design to create stunning outdoor space. The outdoor room, largely shot in and around Los Angeles, where Jamie just purchased a classic midcentury home in need of a makeover, employs sustainable ideas such as low-water plants and reclaimed hardscape to create an intimate design, livable gardens and surroundings for former nongardeners.

Manpower Australia 

Manpower Australia is a touring dance group most known for its male dance performances and the exceptional physical beauty and sex appeal of its dancers. Jamie was introduced to this group by his agency in Australia. 

jamie durie
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Jamie Durie has never married despite being engaged multiple times. Taylor, his daughter, was born due to his prior relationship. Taylor and her father have a wonderful connection, and Taylor has chosen to work in the same business as her father as a floral designer.

The Environmentalist

Jamie Durie works with several environmental organizations dedicated to conservation and sustainable design practices. In recognition of his achievements in this field over the past two decades, Jamie was awarded the Order of Australia for his contributions to the environment and design in 2013 and 2004 for the environment, television and community. As a dedicated and passionate environmentalist, Jamie has made a huge impact on his landscape design face, inspiring a new generation to rediscover the Garden by showing them how to truly live outdoors in rice fields. Jamie introduced low water planting trees so that the trees would easily grow, and it would be beneficial to their country.

The Program Host

jamie durie
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The journey of Jamie Durie is very inspiring. Jamie hosts over 52 primetime lifestyles and design TV shows broadcast over 90 countries. Since making his U.S. debut on Oprah, Jamie has been a regular celebrity designer, and in the U.S. has hosted his Outdoors, His Home, His TV, and Outback, His Nation. In Asia, Jamie hosted The Apartment, Asia’s largest reality show. In 2019, Jamie Durie joined the House Rules family as a new design expert. Leveraging his experience as an award-winning international designer, he oversaw and judged the contestant spaces alongside design and style experts Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen and Wendy Moore.

This is another step for Jamie Durie to spend more time at home, and we look forward to him showing off his design skills and creativity on this premier Seven Network show. Jamie is also currently the organizer of Australia by Design, which explores the beauty and creativity of Australian design excellence across his four disciplines: Architecture, Innovation, Landscape & Garden and Interiors. Durie’s firm, Patio Landscape Architecture and Design, was renamed Durie Design in 2010, with the goal of not just renewing existing gardens but also providing new fascinating outdoor destinations for customers, with an emphasis on wacky furniture design.

Patio Garden Design and Ideas

In 16 days, a team of 22 employees constructed the AU$800,000, 200 sqm celebration of the Kimberley scenery, dubbed the Australian Garden and designed by Durie. Australian Garden received one of eight Gold Medals in the Show Garden category. All of the materials came from Australia. Durie was given the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2012 for his environmental and charitable achievements. Durie began working with the Italian luxury furniture firm Natuzzi Group Riva 1920 in 2013. At Milan Furniture, Durie and Riva 1920 debuted a unique collection of five furniture pieces, including the Tubular dining table, to significant praise. Durie has residences in Pittwater, Australia’s Northern Beaches, and Los Angeles, California.

jamie durie
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Durie describes himself as a friend and coworker. Taylor, Jamie Durie’s grown-up daughter from his former relationship with Michelle Glennock, lives in Australia. Durie adds, “We go camping together, surfing, and bike riding.” “I simply want to achieve greater balance and travel down the tiny path of self-discovery,” Durie says of his life.

Jamie has had a lot of success in his career, but his personal life has been a little more difficult. People have become increasingly aware of the relevance of renewable energy in recent years. 

Hobbies Of Jamie Durie

His abilities have enabled him to go to many different locations and finish huge multinational assignments. Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Indonesia are among the nations he will be permitted to visit.

Many people assume that falling out of high school makes a good career impossible. While it is true that possibilities are more difficult to obtain without a high school certificate, it is not impossible.

jamie durie
source: deposit photos

Jamie swam, surfed, waterskied, went camping and trekking, and constructed cubby homes, dams, and even the occasional go-kart during his boyhood. A normal person would be fatigued just reading his résumé. Author of some books; worldwide garden designer and proprietor of a Los Angeles design business; host of many TV series, including “The Outdoor Room” and “The Victory Garden”; recipient of several accolades; and so on.

Wrapping Up 

Jamie Durie is one of the most talented and successful men today. He has achieved a lot of things which are beyond the thought of common men. Reading and knowing about him is a matter of great pleasure. 

We are all proud to have a person this talented among us!

Annanya Chakraborty
Annanya Chakraborty
Annanya is a freelance content writer from West Bengal, India. Her blogs are not restricted to a certain domain but range from food, lifestyle, travel and a lot more.

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