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How Many Gold Medals has Australia Won ?

So far, Australia has won about 566 Olympic medals in Olympics out of which, more than 170 are gold medals. It is one of the few countries to record a total of over 100 medals of all three types. Yet, today the leader of the Olympics was once a struggler too. Therefore to substantially answer how many gold medals has Australia won, we have traced how Australia grew over the years to be able to win such a high number of medals.

Australia is one of the most successful countries when it comes to sports. Its performance in all the well-known sports categories in the world is phenomenal. Being the best at swimming, it also excels in rigorous sports like wrestling.

From cricket, hockey, archery, etc., you name a sport, and Australia is set at the top of the chart. It doesn’t matter what kind of tournament it is. Australia’s emphasis on sports has led it to be the dominator in all of them.

 But first, we have to know and understand the concept of the Olympic games and trace their linked history with Australia.

1. The Olympic Games

The Olympic games are known as the world’s most important sports event. These are held once every four years. More than 200 teams representing different nations and territories participate in these games. With such a large number of participants, these games are the most famous sports event worldwide.

2. Australia and Sports

Australia is one of the best nations in terms of its performance in sports. Moreover, sports have been a very important part of Australian culture since the early colonial period.

The professional sports that are played in Australia all have proper leagues. Some of them aree:

Australia is amongst the most successful nations when it comes to sports. Cricket is the most successful sport in Australia. Moreover, Australia has won many medals in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

2.1 Australia’s Excellence in Team Sports

Australia is known for its remarkable achievements in team sports.

In this article, we will be talking about Australia’s success in the Olympic games. It has done great in sports like basketball, field hockey, and rugby sevens. The women’s field hockey team is known as “Hockeyroons.” They have dominated the force sports and won multiple gold medals for the same.

Both the basketball teams (men and women) are known for their greatness on the field. These teams are becoming better day by day.

2.2 Australia in Individual Sports

Apart from team sports, Australia’s performance in team sports is also very good. It holds some of the most renowned positions in sports like swimming, and cycling. Many cyclists in Australia are considered role models for newcomers around the globe.

3. Australia in the Olympics

Australia is ranked 14th in the highest number of medals won by a nation. It was the only southern hemisphere country to have won gold until 2022.

3.1. Summer Olympics

Australian Olympic Committee was discovered in 1895. Since then, Australia has won many medals in the Summer Olympic Games.

Till now, Australia has won 556 medals in total. Out of these, 168 are gold, 174 are silver, and 212 are bronze medals.

Swimming is the leading sport in the medals tally having a total of 212 medals. Out of these, there are 69 gold, 70 silver, and 73 bronze medals.

Other than swimming, Australia is also very successful in sports like hockey, cycling, rowing, equestrian sports, and sailing.

In the Summer Olympics, Australia won the maximum number of gold medals in Athens(2004) and Tokyo( 2020).

The nation has won 17 gold medals on both occasions. The most-won sports among all were swimming, cycling, diving, and rowing.

Athens: 7 gold medals were won in swimming, followed by 6 in cycling.1 gold medal was won each in cycling, diving, rowing shooting, and field hockey.

Tokyo Olympics: 9 gold medals were won in swimming alone. Two golds were won each at canoeing, rowing, and sailing. Skateboarding, too, accounted for a gold medal.

3. 2. Winter Olympics

Australia first competed in the Winter Olympics in the year 1936.

However, Australia’s performance in the Winter Olympics was abysmal during the initial years. That was the due to a lack of snow in Australia. Moreover, there was a lack of funding from AOC.

However, the funding increased over time, and Australia won its very first medal in 1994. It was in the men’s 5,000 meters short track relay speed skating event.

The first individual medal(Bronze) was won by Zali Steggall in 1998 in a slalom event.

Australia has won 19 medals in total in The winter Olympics. 6 gold, 7 silver, and 6 bronze medals are among them.

In the Winter Olympics the country won its maximum number of gold medals at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. However, they equaled that record at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In 2002, one gold medal was won in 1,000 meters short-track speed skating by Steven Bradbury. Another one is in aerial events by Alisa Camplin.

The 2010 Olympic games were the most successful for Australia. Torah Bright and Lydia Lassila won gold in women’s half-pipe snowboarding and aerial freestyle skiing respectively.

4. Australia’s Performance in its Homeland

Australia won the most gold medals at the 2004 and 2020 Summer Olympic Games. But, their best performance was accounted for in the 2000 Sydney games which they hosted.

How many gold medals has Australia won
Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on Unsplash

Here, Australia won a total of 58 Gold Medals. Of these, 16 were gold, 25 were silver, and 17 were bronze medals. Moreover, the most number of silver medals(25)were won this year too.

Again, the most rewarding sports were swimming, cycling, diving, and rowing with 15, 11, 6, and 4 medals each. So, Australia’s overall performance was best in its homeland.

5. The First Summer Olympics Winners

Edwin Flack was the first male Summer Olympian. He was also the first overall athlete from Australia to compete in the Olympics. He won gold medals in 800m and 1500m races, as well as tennis doubles all at the 1896 Athens games.

Sarah Durack and Wilhelmina Wylie were the first female Olympians in Australia. Both of them competed in the Stockholm Games in 1912.

Sarah Durack won her first gold medal in 100m freestyle swimming. She became the first-ever Australian female olympian to win a medal in the Olympics.

6. Most Medals in Individual Olympic Games

Emma Mckeon is the most successful Olympian ever in Australian Olympic history. She has won 11 Olympic medals in total in her swimming career. 5 gold medals, 2 silver, and 4 bronze are to her name now.

In the male category, Ian Thorpe is the most successful Olympian, with 9 Olympic medals to his name. He won 5 golds, three silvers, and one bronze from 2000 to 2004 in swimming.

7. Most Number of Olympic Games Participation

Andrew Hoy played the most number of Olympics For Australia at the Summer Olympics. He competed in equestrian sports.

Hoy competed between 1984-2004 and then in 2004,2012, and 2020. He has 6 medals in total to his name. Three golds, two silvers, and one bronze are among his Olympic Medals.


Australia has been one of the sports leaders of the world. It has performed really well since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Since then, it has been placed 4th twice in the medal tallies.

Brisbane, Australia, would be the host for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games. Finally, one should strongly hope that they will improve their performance. Also, many other nations are currently following in the footsteps of Australia to grow in the fields of sports. Being successful for so long makes people expect more of you. Similar is the case with sports. Despite having so many victories on their name, the players still need more.

In hopes of another outstanding performance in the next Olympics, the Aussies look forward to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

I am a physics graduate who loves to travel , explore and learn new things. Through my knowledge of physics, and sciences in general I am able to relate various things that the general public can't. I share my experiences with the world by writing them as blog posts and articles. Being a keen observer ,I often write things that many people fail to notice.

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