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What To Do In Ballarat?

What to do in Ballarat? After reading this article, you will get the answer to your question straightforwardly. Ballarat is one of the most famous places in Australia that offers you a lot of things to do that give immense pleasure to your life, and you feel more energetic after visiting this place.

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Shuang Li from Shutterstock

The place is known for its visitor’s excellent experience every year. You can explore a lot of things outside your home. If you are planning to go on a holiday or simply looking for a city to explore, you should select this place that gives an answer to your question that what to do in Ballarat? 

Now We Will Check Out What to Do in Ballarat?

1) Art and Cultural Activities

What to do in Ballarat? If you love Australian art and cultural activities, you should visit Ballarat because it offers a plethora of Ballarat art galleries and cultural activities.

Some of the famous art and cultural activities are Gordon cottage, Annexe wall, Prisoners of the war memorial, Artspace Ballarat, Aura sound and light show, Aviation museum, General cemeteries, Campsite mural, Heritage tours, Framing Gallery, Eureka guided tours, Accent framing, Golden city paddle streamer, and Greenhalgh tannery.

2) Family Fun

what to do in ballarat
Photo by oneinchpunch from Shutterstock

Suppose you plan to go with your family to Ballarat and find what to do in Ballarat. In that case, you can play so many indoor and outdoor games there, have good family dining with your families, and enjoy wildlife activities. You can even visit resorts and caravan parks.

3) Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Feeling and relaxing around nature gives so much peace and calm that you could not find out in your hectic schedule. For this, the botanical gardens of Ballarat would be the best place for you.

Enjoying your food under the tree is one of the exciting things to do in botanical gardens. You feel the beauty of mature marbles statues and fantastic trees that give you cooling wind that you cannot find in your air conditioner. It is divided into north and south gardens. It covers an area of 40 acres.

The opening hours of this garden are 7:30 am to 9 pm from October to April and 7:30 am to 6 pm from May to September, and the entry is free of cost.

Main attractions around this garden:
i) Zoo remains.
ii) Pow memorial.
iii) Fish hatchery.

4) Lake Wendouree

what to do in Ballarat
Photo by Tony Barbour from Shutterstock

Lake Wendouree is one of the fantastic lakes in Ballarat. This lake was built in the year 1850 that is spread across 238 acres. Here you find different animal species, and it’s a good place for walking and jogging. It has a beautiful area used for picnics and playing games for children that attract visitors.

5) Lydiard street

If you’re still confused about what to do, then walking is one of the best ways to explore yourself through this city. You can take a walk on Lydiard street, as it has so many beautiful buildings, six lanes, and beautiful statues. We can say that it is the perfect symbol for architectural activities.

6) Lake Views

What to do in Ballarat
Image from Unsplash.com by Zac

Ballarat lake gives you many things to do like boating, fun, sailing, and playing water games. You find a lot of fish in the lake and duck rides on lakes. You can enjoy the beautiful view and have your favorite food here.

7) Visit Ballarat Wildlife Park

Loving animals give you immense pleasure. If you would like to see them, you should go to the Ballarat Wildlife Park, where you get the chance to watch more than 400 native Australian animals like kangaroos, famous Australian native animals, penguins, and crocodiles.

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Suthikait Teerawattanaphan from Shutterstock

You can have an immense amount of fun with your family here, have lunch, and enjoy so many different types of tasty food near the cafe situated in the wildlife park.

8) Ballarat Tramway Museum

What to do in ballarat
Image from unsplash.com by Kafai Liu

If you love to watch things from ancient periods like weapons and coins, you can visit the Ballarat museum, where you get a rich collection of items from more than 3500 years ago.

9) Kryal Castle

what to do in ballarat
Image from Unsplash.com by Andrien Tutin

If you want to enjoy your childhood, this place would be great for you as it provides you with castle towers, a maze, and a drawbridge. You can plan various events, shows, and extra activities to give you a magical adventure. You can stay here for nights. It is better to book your tickets in advance and book your seat so that you won’t face any difficulties.

10) Ballarat Begonia Festival

In Ballarat, every weekend, a cultural festival is organized that beautifully describes the culture and history of this city. So if you are excited to learn more about this city, you should attend this festival. It is organized from 7-8th May.

The best thing is that you get free access to this festival. You get a chance to enjoy performances, local food, cultural activities, music, and many things. You can make your day by attending this weekend festival.

Hope you have gotten an overview of what to do in Ballarat?

Exciting Things to Do So Around This Festival

  1. Live Jousting display.

2. Medieval adventure.

3. Knight school and ax throwing.

4. Archery adventure.

5. Photography studio.

And many more.

11) Taste of Wine

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Africa Studio from Shutterstock

While exploring the city, you might crave something to refresh your body. To fix that, you can chill with Ballarat wine that refreshes your mood and adds interest. You can visit the famous bars of Ballarat, i.e., RJM’s bar, which is famous for its fruit beers.

12) Sovereign Hill

One of the oldest museums became the center of attraction among visitors worldwide. It has so many recreated buildings and staff that provide answers to any photo.

This place offers antique works, livestock animals, and devices to visitors. It is one of the best attraction places for visitors. The ticket price is $39 for adults and $20 for children, and the opening hours are 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. It offers you with bar, café, and conference parks.

13) Ballarat Railway Station

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Taras Vyshnya from Shutterstock

You can enjoy your Ballarat journey by train. It is one of the oldest railway stations enjoyed by tourists worldwide as it gives you a historical building view. The station was built in the 19th century. You will find a beautiful café waiting room at this railway station.

14) Gold Museum

What to do in Ballarat? This is another place that you can visit and you will never regret in your life after seeing this beautiful gold museum. Loads of people like gold because of its striking appearance. If you are a fan of gold items, you should visit this beautiful Gold Museum as it offers you a variety of gold coins, gold jewelry, and nuggets that you cannot find anywhere else. This historical museum is the perfect place for gold lovers to explore.

15) Arch of Victory

what to do in ballarat
Photo by K.A.Willis from Shutterstock

This place depicts the people who sacrificed their lives in the first world war. The monument has 17 meters tall and 19 meters wide. It gives a beautiful look at the night as it has so many beautiful lights. This war memorial is a must-visit during your journey around Ballarat.

16) Maldon trip

This place is surrounded by hills and forest areas where you get so many antique shops, cafes, and walking places. The specialty of this place is that you get the historical building over here like Grand Hotel, and if you are a food lover, you should taste the food around Maldon. Those who enjoy dance, music or want more entertainment in their lives should participate in the Maldon festival where you can enjoy your hobbies.

17) Lal Lal Falls

What to do in Ballarat? If you like the waterfalls between the rocks, then see all the falls in Ballarat place where you can enjoy this beautiful scene. Many beautiful trees are situated around the rock, and seeing the waterfalls between the rocks gives you a calming feeling along with immense pleasure, and you feel yourself around nature.

18) Castlemaine

It is one of the most visited places by Ballarat tourists. It is a small town surrounded by trees, flowers, arts, and gardens. Small shop stalls are situated around this village so that visitors will have a good time exploring antiques, paintings, and building materials. You will find antique book shops as well.

You will love to play with your kids in this playground if you’re on a family vacation. If you feel hungry, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from as it offers you coffee shops and food items under one roof.

19) Black Hill Reserve

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Zack Frank from Shutterstock

Black Hill Reserve covers 260 acres of area. It provides you with so many rock formations and native Australian creatures. You’ll witness some of the gorgeous views from this parkland. If you want to spend time with wildlife species and around nature, you shouldn’t miss this place.

20) Post Office Gallery

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions by the visitors of Ballarat. If you love the paintings, then go to the post office gallery of Ballarat, as it gives you access to works by so many designers and the most significant regional art gallery paintings that are hanging on the wall.

So many exhibitions are held in this gallery. If you want to experience art culture, then this is the place to be.

21) Water Parks

What to do in Ballarat? This is another thing which you can do after visiting this beautiful place. Children love to play in waterparks, so this is the best place for you and for your family where you can spend a whole day and not feel bored.

You get a lot of water activities to do it here. There are many water parks to explore around this city. You can have a rain dance, slides on water swings and feel refreshed, and have many more exciting things to do.

22) Bridge Mall

Who doesn’t like shopping for their favorite items, and if you are getting it under one roof, no one misses out on this chance. Visit this place as it offers you trendy clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, or whatever you want for your daily needs.

You get both branded and non-branded both types of items here. The interior of this place is awe-inspiring, and it hosts some festivals that attract visitors.

Further, you will go through with exciting things what to do in Ballarat?

23) Woowookarung Regional Park

This is a good place for cycling trails running, and walking activities. A plethora of flowers is there in the park that attracts the park’s beauty. You can even take your pets with you, have a fantastic morning and evening, and acquire playground and barbecue facilities.

24) Eat What You Like

After exploring the whole city, now it’s time to taste the food. Ballarat is a city where you get an end number of dishes, and you can satisfy your hunger by tasting these things.

You can taste a variety of things here that satisfy your hunger. Yellow Espresso is well known for serving excellent breakfast services; an Underbar is also a good option for you.

25) Enjoy Sleeping in an Excellent Hotel

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Sam Tanno from Shutterstock

Now, after eating your favorite dishes, it’s time to sleep comfortably, and you can choose Craig’s Royal hotel for this. It’s a gorgeous four-star hotel that will accommodate all of your needs. There are plenty of cheaper options available throughout the city as well.

26) Ballarat Aircraft Museum

Do you like aircraft or planes? If yes, then the aviation museum is the perfect place for you in Ballarat, where you get the best collection of aircraft, engines, models, and many memorable things from history. You get access to plenty of aviation history from this museum. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Ballarat.

What to do in Ballarat? So we can conclude that there are a lot of places to explore in Ballarat, as per your budget, environment conditions, likes and dislikes of your family you can go for any one of the places mentioned above.

Reasons to choose Ballarat

After understanding what to do in Ballarat now we will understand why should you choose Ballarat? If you want to have fun or either you want to live in Ballarat in the future, there are several reasons to choose this. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Gorgeous heritage look,
  • Lots of places to visit.
  • Try different dishes, tastes, wine, sports,
  • An active lifestyle,
  • You can get a lot of options to study in Ballarat. You can pursue the education from Federation university or Australian catholic university, where you can get a master’s degree in business management, information technology, nursing degree, and many more things. In Ballarat, the competition is not so high, so you can quickly get a job after completing your study.

Final Words

We can conclude that there are many exciting things and places to visit in Ballarat and this article is a perfect answer to the question – what to do in Ballarat? 

what to do in ballarat
Photo by Matt Sheumack from Shutterstock

Things that will attract you the most are the galleries housing Australian art, eureka stockade memorial gardens, lake Wendouree adventure playground, and maintained shallow urban lake.

If you have visited this place kindly share your views regarding what to do in Ballarat so that you won’t miss out any fantastic chance in Ballarat.

I want to express my ideas, and thoughts, through writing. My main motive is to provide accurate information to the wider audience.

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