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11 Awesome Things To Do in Torquay

It is a perfect holiday spot with lots of beach culture for sunny, happy days. Your go-to destination is Victoria, Australia, with many things to do in Torquay.

Feel the incredible beach culture that makes it a beachy spot.. or something like that. This place is perfect for you if you own a travel channel on YouTube or Instagram.

1. Things to Do in Torquay, Australia.

Suppose you are looking for a place to enjoy different things besides beaches. Torquay has got you sorted. Wine lovers can enjoy fine wines at the best wineries and breweries. Thrill lovers can enjoy skydiving for the ultimate adventure.

If you are here for peace and relaxation, take a relaxing spa treatment or a coastal walk atop coastal cliffs. Game lovers can enjoy golfing. Hence, there is a lot to do all year round.

2. Popular Places to Visit in Torquay.

There are many popular places to visit at Torquay, like the Surf World Museum, the Great Otway National Park, Bells Beach, Torquay Surf Beach, Point Danger Marine Sanctuary, Victorian Surf Coast Walk, Australian Surfing Hall, Surf City Plaza, and many more.

Below is the list of those places and the things to do in Torquay at those places. So, let’s go through some great Torquay attractions

2.1 Torquay’s Foreshore Surf Coast Walk

Torquay’s foreshore is most famous for connecting the town’s two main beaches and the town centre. The coastal path at Torquay’s foreshore is an essential part of Torquay’s beach culture.

The visitors here to find some peace are in the right place. A quiet place for a peaceful walk atop coastal cliffs is the best way to calm you down.

[4K WALKING TOUR] Torquay Foreshore - Great Ocean Road

The coastal path you will be walking on runs parallel to the beach. Here, you will discover lots of steps that go on connecting the beaches to the coastal paths. Just go on following the coastal path. When you keep on walking, you reach Jan Juc. This is one of the picturesque seaside towns at Torquay.

When you indulge in the beaches at Torquay, you will realize the beaches here are very quiet and silent. It is one of the best among the various Torquay Activities. This coastal pathway forms a section of the famous Surf Coast Walk. You will love the vibe here.

2.2 Visiting the Australian National Surfing Museum.

Every beach in Torquay is packed with surfing lovers all year round. What’s better than visiting a museum dedicated to surfing itself? Every beach lover and surfing lover tourist visit this museum.

Australian National Surfing Museum is the most highlighted place of interest in Torquay.

The museum signifies the celebration of Australia’s beach culture, which is quite rich and unique. This place has paid a great tribute to the global evolution of surfing in the past century.

Australian National Surfing Musuem

2.2.1 Australian National Surfing Museum Displays

The displays include a remarkable collection of surfing antiques and surf culture collectables. There are also some temporary exhibitions put on display from time to time. Surfing lovers love surfing video footage and notable photographs.

The evolution of different surfboard designs and wax over the VW Kombi van display is nostalgic. It can be observed in the surf boat tour history provided by the museum.

The show’s star is the ultimate Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, celebrating the Australian Surfing Champions at their best. What else can be better than this? Check out the entry fee and opening timings on the official website for an even better experience.

Things To Do in Torquay
By https://australiannationalsurfingmuseum.com.au/

2.3 Hiking the Rainforest of Great Otway National Park

Beautiful scenery for hiking, biking through the lush rainforest, or a calming walk atop coastal cliffs. Welcome to the Great Otway National Park, Torquay.

The jaw-dropping scenery is full of pleasing sounds of raw nature and outdoor wildlife, relaxing for a stressed mind.

things to do in torquay
Source: https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/great-otway-national-park

There is much to do here, from spending at the romantic waterfalls to admiring the scenes at fantastic lookouts. You can visit the excellent campsites full of lights from beautiful glow worms. It is a year-round destination offering everything you are looking for.

Your whole family can spend time here admiring the beauty of the park. The visitors can take advantage of the vast web of trails flanked with greenery. Great Otway National Park trails are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Check out the more accessible trails like Maits Rest boardwalk to admire beauty rather than physical exercise. The trail’s route is surrounded by trees covered in soft moss and the calm waters of the ravines.

The Great Ocean Road & Otway National Park - What to see & do on Melbourne’s best road trip

2.3.1 Otway Fly Treetop Walk

If you want panoramic forest views, climb the Otway Fly treetop walk. This place offers a chance to admire the dense rainforest below from a good height, and you might never want to leave.

Thrill lovers can go ziplining through the forest for the best views and adventure mixed with scenic rides. Besides, there is a beautiful Phantom Falls for hiking up to. The three streams passing through the myrtle beeches are the Triplet Falls of the Otway Cascade.

If you love taking up challenging goals, try conquering the Great Ocean Walk, which is a walking distance of approximately 65 miles, passing through Cape Otway Reserve, Appollo Bay, and Twelve Apostles near Princetown.

Great Otway National Park is just an hour from Melbourne City along the Great Ocean Road. Check out the best online website for day tours and accommodations and the official website of Great Otway National Park for camping and other information before visiting here.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures: Zip lining and Treetop Walk

2.4 Watch the Waves In Action at Bells Beach

For those who believe in looking straight into the eyes of danger. Bells Beach has got some terrific swell for experienced surfers of the waves.

The beach is trendy among surfers for its challenging waves and some amazing cliff-top views to sweep you off your feet. It is the star of the show among the many beaches of Torquay Surf Beach.

If you are a pro surfer, you are most welcome to ride the waves with your surfboards. People who love watching the waves and surfers can admire Australia’s best surfer riding the waves.

things to do in torquay
Image by SimpleBE on Unlimphotos.com

2.4.1 Bells Beach and Surfing

You can also witness prestigious surf contests like the Rip Curl Pro Competition. International surfing competitors come from around the world to participate in this competition. It is understood that the waves here are not for everyone, so do not try them until you are an experienced surfer.

Want to take in some panoramic views of Bells Beach, bounded by beautiful cliffs? Then, walk up to any one of the boardwalks. Absorb the stunning views of the golden sand spread far and wide.

Four Perfect Rides From Bells Beach

This is the perfect place for new and experienced photographers to capture their best clicks. You may also get your best pictures with the background of the fantastic coastal panorama. It will be your best pic to upload on your social media.

The waves at Bells Beach can rise to 16 feet or more. It is not for the faint-hearted to visit the point break; make sure to keep yourself and your whole family at a safe distance from these waves.

Easter is the peak time to visit these beaches to witness the Rip Curl Pro. It is part of a week-long festival hosted here that you can be a part of. Many other festivals save Bell’s Beach during February and December, too.

2.5 Point Danger Marine Sanctuary

A small and pretty limestone reef lies between the front beach and the back beach of Torquay. The exposed reef is somewhere near the point break. It is popularly known as the Point Danger Marine Sanctuary.

A Day in Torquay Beaches | Point Impossible Nude Beach, Point Danger Beach | Exploring Australia

This beautiful reef is home to vast numbers of unique and fantastic creatures. The highlight is the 96 species of sea slugs in this area. It is a major Torquay attraction. Other than this, there are weird but unique carnivorous worms, soft and brittle stars, and majestic eagle rays.

Regarding Torquay activities, this place has a lot to do, like snorkelling and scuba diving below to explore the amazing marine life, including the native Australian creatures. Just be mindful that these activities are available when the sea conditions are suitable, and the weather is favourable.

Do not visit here unassisted. When there is low tide, try Rockpooling in this beautiful sanctuary. Though, as the name suggests, keep watch over the tidal changes that keep changing.

Always go there with a local expert guide to avoid being stranded there. Visit the online website of the place for more information about the activities here.

2.6 Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights

If life is an adventure, it is your view on living to take the adventure flights at Tiger Moth World. These Torquay activities are solely dedicated to thrill and adventure lovers. Get up to Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights for a daredevil experience.

People who love talking to the sky and are inclined to aviation will love visiting here. Adventurers are on board for an experience of a lifetime with picturesque scenes of the Torquay Coastline.

Things To Do in Torquay
By https://tigermothworld.com.au/

The Tiger Moth Flights are WW 2 Open cockpit biplanes, another exciting highlight of this tour. You can choose extreme, wild, or mild options for a vast adrenaline rush.

It’s understood that people with a fear of heights should try not to go for this. This tour is all about going all out to heights. The different aerobatics are even more adventurous as the thrill keeps increasing.

Tiger Moth World Flights have been flying over the jaw-dropping scenes of the Great Ocean Road for approx 30 years. So you can trust their long-term experience regarding the safety and protection of thrill seekers.

There are various tour options like Coastal Flights, Aerobatic Flights, Flights for Two, 12 Apostles Flights, and Tandem Skydrive. You can check the complete information online on the official website before visiting here.

Tiger Moth World Promo

3. The Best Of Food, Wine, and Dine At Torquay

Torquay attractions include the Great Ocean Road trip and visiting places. The best thing is good food, which is available in Torquay Activities.

There are day trips, food, and local beer tours. There is a list of different food activities available in Torquay.

3.1 Yummy Ice Cream Treats at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie in Torquay provides many tasty ice creams. The attractive display counter contains chocolates, colourful candies, and delicious ice creams.

Those with a sweet tooth will love visiting here after a fun day in Torquay town.

Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie & Ice creamery #greatoceanroad  # icecream  #victoria #chocolatefactory

The shop has attractive exterior decorations, so it is hard to miss this place on the Great Ocean Road. Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie is very suitable for the whole family group visiting.

Children would love their dreams to come true with ice cream as breakfast! The location of the shop is very apt for easy access. It is situated an 11-minute drive from Torquay’s main town centre. Enjoy your ice cream day! You can also order your chocolates online on the shop’s official website.

things to do in Torquay
Source: https://www.gorci.com.au/

3.2 Fresh Farm Produce At Torquay Farmers Market

You must visit this local market if you love fresh fruits and vegetables. Torquay Farmers Market is famous for freshly picked fruits and vegetables, tasty delicacies baked at home, and some locally brewed coffee.

Visit the farmers market on any Saturday morning to enjoy these food items. The farmers market is situated near the town centre, a 40-minute walk.

For a local taste, you can enjoy some locally made best breakfasts at farmers’ markets. Added live music and a chilled vibe add even more enjoyment and relaxation here. The atmosphere at the farmers market is unforgettable, and you will carry it with you forever. It is the best Torquay shopping experience here.

Farmer's market haul 🌱 in Torquay Australia 🇦🇺 + meal prep ideas!

3.3 Fine Wine Bellbrae Estate Winery.

Wine Lovers from every country visit Torquay. What For? For the gorgeous-looking vineyards that every visitor gets lost in. What’s so unique about the winery here?

It is the only winery here, tucked away in the greeneries of the Bellbrae Reserve. Bellbrae Estate Winery is a single vineyard on the Great Ocean Road. A must-on thing to do in Torquay for wine lovers for authentic wine tastings is available here.

Bellbrae Estate & Morning Sun // The Cellar Door S01E03 / #CellarDoorAU

The products here are locally produced wines in Torquay, Victoria. This place’s main goal and opening was to promote Torquay’s surf culture mixed with the age-old French winemaking methods.

The winery also serves a fulfilling lunch or a yummy cheese plate with your favourite wine. Don’t forget to buy a good stack of wines they sell. Raise a toast for the wine lovers!  You can also check the online websites to order their fine wine.

things to do in torquay
Source: https://www.visitvictoria.com/regions/Great-Ocean-Road/Eat-and-drink/Wineries/Bellbrae-Estate

3.4 Enjoy A Good Beer at Torquay Victoria Brewery.

The town has some awesome breweries like Bells Beach Brewery, 4 Pines Torquay, Blackman’s Brewery, etc.

Things To Do in Torquay
Image by Wavebreakmedia on Umlimphotos.com

Visiting these places would be the best thing for beer lovers to do in Torquay. The beer made here is locally crafted and instilled with the vibe of Torquay’s surf culture. Locals, as well as tourists, always crowd this place all through the year.

If you love your beer with music, visit 4 Pines, which has Boardrider’s family officially playing live music for the visitors. Enjoy the music and casual bites with your favourite beer at their large garden. The places got the life here!

Sou'West Brewery By Ewert Leaf In TORQUAY, AUSTRALIA

3.5 Surf Coast Strawberry Fields

Are you here with your whole family consisting of children who love strawberries? You are at the right place. The Surf Coast Strawberry fields are full of strawberries and are situated from the centre of Torquay by a less than 15-minute drive.

It is quite an adventurous and happy place for the whole family. Go fruit picking with your young ones. Their faces will be beaming with happiness while they like the season’s best strawberries.

This is a great experience to teach your children about their favourite fruit. If you can finish all the stock you picked together, remember to carry some strawberry preserves as a souvenir of this place.

Surf Coast Strawberry Fields

4. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What are the best places to live in Torquay, Australia?

Answer: Some of the best accommodations in Torquay, Victoria, in Australia, are Tasman Holiday Park, Tower Court Motel, White Crest Apartment, etc. The town has enough good places so do not worry about your accommodation.

Q2. When can budget-friendly visitors visit Torquay, Australia?

Answer: For a budget-friendly tour of Torquay, Australia, choose a time between June and August when it is less crowded.

Q3. What are the best things to do in Torquay?

Answer. Torquay, Australia, is very famous for its beach and surf culture. Besides this, it has a unique national park, surf museums, breweries, wineries, etc. You will love it here.

5. Conclusion

With amazing beaches, naturally beautiful forests, fantastic wineries, and breweries. To top it all off, the people here are warm and welcoming. Let your hair down at one of the spas, or take a surf coast walk.

Explore the marine life of limestone reefs or enjoy picking some sweet strawberries. Once here, you would never wish to leave. Even when you go, you carry loads of happy memories. All that Torquay wants to say is to be back here with us soon!

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