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Things to Do in Penrith – Fun Options You Should Explore

There are many things to do in Penrith. It is situated in New South Wales and has a conducive atmosphere that exudes warmth and peace.

This place is a paradise for nature lovers to hike and enjoy the scenic beauty. It is in the Nepean River that outlines the Cumberland Plain.

1. Things to Do in Penrith

An abode to many tribes is also a center for commercial establishments—a hub for shopping centers, transport, education, landmarks, and attractions.

A center for culture and media, the climate relaxes and welcomes people from all over the globe. Read more to find out about things to do in Penrith.

1.1 Penrith Regional Gallery 

Penrith Regional Gallery is at the foot of the Blue Mountains in the Emu plains. It embarks on the western bank of the Napean River. The gallery hosts dynamic exhibitions, events, education programs, gardens, and cafes.

Penrith Conservatorium is a place where you will enjoy relaxed music and be in touch with the serenity. Their diverse exhibits from talented artists are mind-blowing. 


1.2 Sydney Regatta International Center 

Sydney Regatta Center, an hour from Penrith, is a spot for entertainment and outdoor sport on and off the water. An event venue that opens to the public for recreation with walking or cycle path availability. Kayak on the waterways or open water swim train.

The greenery at the backdrop of the lake is stunning, bringing visitors closer to nature. The center also is feasible to host functions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, and BBQ facilities.

Events and facilities can be planned as it is a huge island with limited restrictions with access to multiple conference rooms. An abode to national and international regattas hosting festival events and destinations. Built exclusively for the Olympics and Paralympics, it is a unique location with a variety of facilities. 

1.3 Arts, Culture, and Heritage 

With a rich cultural and historical significance, Penrith paves the way for world-class performances creating vibrancy in Penrith, Australia.

Visit galleries and museums to understand the beauty of historic landmarks, night live music, and comedy. 

1.4 Things to Do in Penrith- Visit the Arms of the Australian In Museum 

The vibrant history of the museum is an ideal venue for local activities, tour groups, events, tours, and exhibitions. The museum has artifacts and photos. 


1.5 Pinot and Picasso

 Enjoyed painting on canvas and exploring basic to advanced skills of painting. Learn new techniques of painting on canvas in a conceived environment.

Pinot and Picasso provide step-by-step instructions on painting. Their sessions are unique, with themed pieces of artwork to recreate. 

1.6 Museum of Fire 

 The Museum of Fire is a prominent attraction in Penrith. The museum has a fascinating collection of firefighting vehicles and memorabilia. They educate you on how to protect yourself against fire.

You get to know the experience ce of the dangers of fire and the drama of fire and fire fighting. The museum has the largest fire collection in the world. The museum intrigues visitors with rotating exhibits of historic fire engines dating back to the 18th century. This includes uniforms, phones, radios, and alarm systems. 

Fire fighting tools and protective equipment. You also have a children’s play and activities area with interactive games such as ride-on-fire and computer games. Tour these interactive games and explore the gift shop outside the playground and picnic area.

By Bijoy John on museumoffire.net

1.7 Museum of Printing 

A place that has maintained the history of letterpress and printing machinery and equipment. Explore the 23 working machines on display here.

Also near the Museum of Printing in Penrith are a couple of other attractions, such as Penrith Panthers, shopping, and restaurants. 

It was established in 2001, which is unique, and volunteers who are printers and tradesmen are managed. The objective of the museum is to collect, conserve, and display letterpress printing machinery and equipment with the knowledge of letterpress printing for present and future generations.

The artifacts include the Wharfedale flatbed printing press, Chandler, and price platen presses. They also host tours for the recreation of the community, service, clubs, and schools. 

1.8 Napean Naval Museum

A museum displays naval exhibits dedicated to naval forces. They have a collection of naval forces and memorabilia. 


1.9 Paint and Sip Studio 

 A painting company that offers pre-booked painting and sip experiences customized for an occasion. There are guides and mentors to embark you on a step-by-step journey from holding a paintbrush to painting your masterpiece.

You can also book for their unique painting to grace functions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. 

1.10 Penrith Heritage Drive 

 Penrith Heritage Drive is approximately 50 km, with which you can explore old buildings, structures, and locations in St. Mary’s, Penrith. Penrith entices visitors who travel to rural and urban areas to visit the historic sites within the city.

Explore all the 27 sites to visit, including Victoria Bridge and Mamre House, which has hidden historical gems. The drive offers picturesque views of Penrith Park.

Things to Do in Penrith-
By Penrith-heritage-drive

1.11 Penrith Gallery- Home of Lewers Bequest 

The spectacular gardens embarking on the Napean were the former home of a sculptor in the Penrith Gallery. You get to see exhibitions, events, and workshops.

The cafe at Lewers in the heritage gardens is an ideal spot to enjoy a scrumptious meal. The gallery conducts sips and sounds during the summer months. 

1.12 Penrith White Water Stadium

The Whitewater stadium has a lot of water games to have fun. Canoe and kayak in the water that splashes your way. You are also given swift water rescue training and explore the venue for cafes to relax and enjoy the warmth of the surroundings.

Penrith white water stadium is a site for various water sports competitions. Near Sydney, offers white water courses on kayaking and swift water training. They also host national and international competitions. Never miss out on the fun of water adventures. 

1.13 Napean River 

Walk along the scenic Napean River on the Great River Walk. Walk along the Regatta Park along the Emu plains and Penrith sides of the river.

You can enjoy the activity on the river or picnic on the spot along with your friends.

1.14 Cables Wake Park 

  The park provides exciting opportunities for any riding activity. You can try out activities such as wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and water skiing.

They are proficient coaches who can make your ride memorable. Other activities to explore are jumping pillow, playground, and cafe. 

1.15 Penrith Observatory 

 Penrith Observatory provides visitors with an insightful experience of the Universe’s mysteries and wonders.

They host programs that include informational talks by some of Australia’s prominent astronomers and physicists. 

1.16 iFLY Indoor Skydiving 

 Get into sportive action in iFLY indoor skydiving. Experience the thrill and adventure of skydiving. Qualified instructors guide you with skydiving providing you with a unique experience. Master the art of flying inside the giant glass tunnel. 

The mind-boggling views of the Napean George in the Blue Mountains National Park are enchanting. Drive along the Mulgoa road from Penrith and enjoy picturesque views of Mulgoa Valley.

Bushwalkers can walk through swamps and eucalyptus forests to Riley’s Mountain, where you can enjoy the scenic views. 

1.17 St Mary’s Street Art Trail

St. Mary’s Street Art Trail is a diverse, colorful trail with charm and uniqueness. Although there are a plethora of reasons to visit the neighborhood, this trail creates memories.

Take selfies in front of the Angel wing mural, Engross yourself in an edgy street, or look at the stunning walls decorated with painted bloom. 

1.18 The Joan 

The performing arts center is a world-class venue with ecstatic performances in music. They opened up to the public in 1990. A cultural center in the world named after Australia’s famous opera diva.

The art center sprawls across a multipurpose hall and theater and is home to the Penrith Conservatorium of the museum and Q Theater company.  

1.19 Aqua Diving 

Offers water water-diving experience and an amicable environment for the family. The golf setting is complete with water hazards and traps and 36 holes and sound traps when you hit through the water. A memorable experience for a travel enthusiast.

Experience intricate water features in the urban parkland-style course. They have a variety of green complexes for a golfer. The enticing stunning view of the picturesque downtown skyline and mountains.

The golf course is redesigned to minimize floods in the neighborhood and is a parkland that offers spectacular views. 

1.20 Westfield Penrith Shopping Center 

Shopping center with plenty of shops. Eat, shop, and play and get entertained with the movies. Explore the luxurious collection of aromatic hand and body care home collections.

The associates in the shop guide you with the best products that suit your skin. Customers can find out the fragrance of hand soaps and shower gels.

1.21 Climber Collective 

They create a fun-filled experience with a conducive environment. You can climb across the shapes and in an appealing and creative setting. Suitable for adults, the climbing facility with walls of 4 feet height.

Equip yourself with climbing shoes to be prepared for any obstruction in the path, including small rocks. Visit here for more information on Penrith. 

1.22 Weir Reserve 

Relax in the serene environment in the Napean River near Penrith. A gorgeous greenery that makes it popular for wedding and picnic spots. The grass blanket covering the area makes it look like nature’s reserve.

It gets its name weir from the appearance of the park. The area is flat and ideal for playing many games. They launch wharves for kayaks, and the Napean River rowing club allows different water activities.

You can also have lunch and dinner, viewing picturesque scenes. Experience a moment of peace watching grass and water flow. 

1.23 Harry Hartog Bookseller and Cafe 

The store is a space between books and the world for continuous learners, adventure enthusiasts, and avid readers. Read to enlarge your vision for life.

Broaden your horizons of knowledge by reading books that shape your life‘s journey. The store has a collection of books, games, homewares, and gifts. 

1.24 Blue Mountains Guided 4 WD Tour. 

Hop into the 4-wheel drive tour of the blue mountains with access to the views of the cape tree valley. The canyon is the enlarged space in the Southern Hemisphere. Do not miss out on the rocky pagodas and renew the lost city. More details here.

You are sure to be surprised by the artwork inscribed by aboriginal people. The formation of rock pagodas intrigues you. Tour blue mountains are escaping the bustling city hustle, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Watch out for the Jamison Valley, the three sisters, and other landmarks with a village restaurant. The ride facing the picturesque zone is breathtaking and worth a  travel memory. 

1.25 Sydney Tower for a Relishing Sky-feast 

You get an array of delicious dishes for lunch and dinner, not leaving the stunning views of the Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, and circular Quay, situated in Sydney’s tallest buildings above ground. You will get an experience of a restaurant in rotation. 

1.26 Scenic Adventure Cruise 

 Explore scenic vows while tasting a leisure lunch cruise. Your entry into the historic restored paddle-wheeler helps you explore nature’s beautiful spots. More details here.

Get a panoramic view of nature moving through Napean Gorge dating back to the Yore. Also, experience a delectable lunch and dinner accompanied by tea, coffee, and snacks. 

Things to Do in Penrith- Fun Things You Should Try
By www.nepeanbelle.com.au

1.27 Chinese Garden 

Experience tranquility in the Chinese garden. The garden is open all day a week, and you can come here to relax and enjoy the serenity.

Become familiar with the hidden pagodas, floras, faunas, and colorful statues. Also, get informative tours that operate during the day. 

1.28 Miru Muttigar Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Center 

You get to experience a unique cultural experience in Australia. Explore the abundant history of Aboriginal Darog culture. More info here.

Get into a meeting space to get an insightful understanding of Aboriginal heritage. The cultural guides offer you an enriching and refreshing experience of cultural activities. 

1.29 Thornton Artisan and Farmers Markets 

The market bounced back from rock bottom. Get to purchase local produce, original handmade homewares, and fashion. Enjoy the taste of locally made sweets.

The market is relaunched with community support. The markets also will feature Penrith and Blue Mountain regions. 

1.30 Napean Naval and Maritime Museum

The museum displays naval exhibits, and models and replicas of ships are common.  Naval military vessels, submarine-class models, and a few ships date back to the 18th century.

The Royal Navy purchased a variety of naval equipment that are showcased here. You can also have a look at the transition of naval uniforms. The display of service caps has changed over the years. Completing specialist training provides you with a qualified badge. 

1.31 Darling Harbor Explorer 

Exquisite sights on the Darling Harbor with closeness to beautiful ships and vessels of the Australian Maritime National Museum. Immerse yourself along the skylines and stunning views of the surroundings.

1.32 The Rock Lookout 

 A historic Mulgoa valley and a walk along the Napean River over the stunning views of the blue mountains make it a travel memory. Click selfies in the Napean River with iconic rocks.

Take a long walk along the swampy path to the eucalyptus forest to Rile’s mountain, enjoying the aroma of the eucalyptus leaves with surrounding views that enchant you. The rock lookout is open to all to enjoy nature’s way of healing. 

1.33 Freak VR

Experience a virtual reality experience with Freak-VR. They combine physical spaces, games played by multiple people, and unbelievable 4-D effects. Free movement for players experiencing the parallel universe solving unresolved issues striving for the next level of VR gaming.

Put on your headsets while traveling across the world and enjoy the best games and stories that VR offers. You can experience virtual reality differently through different games. Plenty of games, when played by a group of friends, are fun and enthralling. 

By freakvr.com.au

1.34 Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq 

A cocktail bar that enlivens arcades and tricky ticket games. Immerse yourself in games such as dodgeballs and bowling. More details here.

You can also experience the kaleidoscopic scope of traditional and arcade games that newly arrived. Push a ball along the bowling line and win prizes.  Bowling lanes transform from ten-pin bowling to circus wonderland-themed game. 

1.35 Big Swing Golf 

Get one of a kind golfing experience indoors with state-of-art stimulators and facilities with Big Swing Golf. The place is airconditioned to provide you with a cozy atmosphere. A real gaming experience with lots of fun that thrills with real virtual sports and equipment.

You can also plan different functions such as birthdays, children’s parties, and team-building events. Also, explore different places in Australia. 

2. Conclusion

Enjoy traveling to Penrith, which offers multitudinous opportunities to visit innovative and unique places that offer you excitement and thrill.

Take a sneak-peak into the arts and cultural heritage to know the historical significance of Penrith and explore a plethora of water sports to get familiar with water adventure. 


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