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8 Important Types of Aboriginal Artwork: Must Try

Aboriginal artwork has a rich history. There are various forms of artwork such as aboriginal art, indigenous art, aboriginal paintings, dot paintings, and many more. There is a specific community of aboriginal artists who have an interest in aboriginal artworks.

Aboriginal artwork has very important because it helps you to represent your place, and knowledge and additionally you feel proud to represent your style and ideas to the people. Aboriginal artwork is a free form of artwork. Many aboriginal art galleries present the beautiful works collection of aboriginal people.

With the help of these artworks, aboriginal artist promotes their culture and talent. There is an Aboriginal art association that observes authentic Aboriginal art and gives a certificate to Aboriginal artists.

1. What is Aboriginal Art?

Aboriginal art was an Australian art form. It was started in the northern territory of Australia. It was first known as Australian aboriginal art or Australian aboriginal artwork. In earlier times, people drew on the rocks and in the western desert of Australia.

The artists were very talented, and they worked closely with the story. The aboriginal paintings were related to daily life, nature, and animals. People developed this artwork to show the history of Western Australia to the world.

People view the artworks of those artists, and they like the method of painting. They first painted on rocks, and after that, many different methods are present to date. Many aboriginal artists have a huge collection of their aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Artwork
Photo by bettercallcurry on unlim

2. Types Of Aboriginal Artwork

There are different types of aboriginal artwork. These artworks started 40,000 years ago. The artists use different technologies and methods to form these paintings according to their wisdom.

The arrival of one artwork motivates and provides hope to another community to establish new forms of aboriginal artwork. Due to this to date, we have a lot of different types of aboriginal artwork.

These forms are rock paintings, canvas paintings, wood carvings and sculptures, fiber art, rock engravings, dot paintings, weaving, and many more. We will discuss some of them in detail.

2.1. Rock Paintings

Aboriginal Artwork
Image Source: Depositphotos

The rock is one of the ancient artworks. It was established to remember historical events and to know about extinct species. The artists used to draw on the rocks of the caves so that their artwork is not be destroyed by anything.

In ancient times, the artists make the cave as an art gallery so the people who visit that place can know about the historical period of the country. The collection of rock paintings is found in European countries.

The Panaramitee rock art is well known in central Australia. According to them, every artist has their own style and method of working which is different from others.

2.2. Rock Engravings

Rock engraving is among one the most popular and interesting painting styles. This painting style is famous worldwide. People all over the world even are interested in learning this painting style. Rock engraving is a style in which the rock is graved with the help of special instruments to cut or give it a beautiful and amazing look.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by charlottebleijenberg on unlim

2.3. Dot Paintings

Dot Paintings are very well known in this era but it was established many years ago. Dot paintings nowadays are modified and named polka dot paintings. In this painting style, the background is plain and on that plain background, the dots are made with different colors.

2.4. Bark Paintings

A bark painting is a kind of painting in which the bark of a particular tree is used for painting purposes.

2.5. Stone Arrangements

Stone arrangements are a unique and very wonderful painting style, in which the stones are arranged in different manners and shapes and are represented as a painting.

2.6. Cravings and Sculptures

Cravings and sculptures are simple paintings or designs carved on solid surfaces to form a painting.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by Philou1000 on unlim

2.7. Weaving and String Artworks

Weaving and string artwork is an artwork which is very popular nowadays and everyone around the world loves to learn this style. In this, the weaving nature of the waves from oceans is used along with strings to paint the artwork with beautiful colours.

3. What is Indigenous Art?

The theme line of indigenous art is based on storytelling. This is the method used by the indigenous people to convey information about the events, beliefs, lands, and history of their community.

They use different symbols for writing their story. First, they started with stones and rocks but later on, the women started taking an interest in aboriginal artwork and they started to use those symbols in textiles and jewellery.

4. Types of Indigenous Artworks

There are many different types of indigenous artwork. The main objective of the people who have started this artwork is the next generation will acquire information and knowledge about their culture, land, and beliefs.

When women started doing indigenous art and painting on textiles and jewelry then it has become very famous. They started trading textiles and jewelry. In recent times, indigenous artwork is online available for sale. You can purchase them from any online site.

There are several types of indigenous artwork. Some of them are Kalti Paarti, Stone artwork, Textiles, and Jewellery. we will discuss them in detail.

4.1. Stone Artworks

In ancient times, people don’t use pen and paper so this was a big problem for them because they want to tell their stories to the people of their community. So, they started to draw their stories on the stones.

They also use stones and arrange them to make some specific symbols. with the help of those symbols, people understand their stories and beliefs.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by kingmaphotos on unlim

4.2. Kalti Paarti

This artwork is not very ancient. It was established in the 19th century. The Kalti Paarti is a traditional aboriginal artwork. In this artwork, artists use emu eggs for carving. The eggs were taken from the farmed emus. These eggs were used to create different effects.

4.3. Textiles

Aboriginal Artwork
Image Source: Depositphotos

When men started to do art and paint on rocks, wood and stones. The women thought that they will also do art and painting. So, they started to make designs on the clothes. Later they started to embed their stories in the clothes.

Those paintings were liked by people. So, they thought of starting it as a business. They started trading in textiles. Their trade grows a lot in a short period of time. In those communities, people believe that wearing a textile good and after removing give it to a person will enhance your bond of friendship.

4.4. Jewellery

In ancient times, there are very less number of jewellery production. So, the people used aboriginal art to make different types of jewellery. People used different materials to make jewellery.

They use shells, strings, red ochre, human hair, and different types of grease to make jewellery. These pieces of jewellery were worn by the ladies of their community during any function or ceremony.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by dedoma on unlim

5. Culture and Religious Aspects of the Aboriginal Artwork

The cultural and religious aspects of Aboriginal people are related to their Aboriginal artwork. The aboriginal communities of Alice Springs draw the paintings on their body as well for the dance performances.

They used to draw and paint themselves for the expression of traditions and for the elaboration of songs. In some communities, when someone dies, they bury them. After that, they draw art on a stone or rock and put them in the place where the person is buried.

It was done to symbolize and remember a particular person. Some communities draw and paint themselves as their gods.

6. Traditional Iconography of Aboriginal Artwork

The Aboriginal artwork has many different icons and symbols. The Aboriginal people use that symbols in their paintings. These symbols have different meanings. They draw on the rocks, desert floor, stones, and caves.

They draw some symbols which represent animals, birds, waterbodies, mountains, and many more things. This iconography and symbols are introduced to remember the history of their communities.

7. Aboriginal Artworks in International Museums

Aboriginal Artwork
Image Source: Depositphotos

There are many countries that make aboriginal artwork. There are various museums that have a collection of these artworks. This artwork is available for sale and you can also purchase these paintings.

Australian indigenous art is the most studied artwork in recent years. There are two museums that only show Australian aboriginal art. These museums are the Museum Voor Hedendaagse Aboriginal Kunst and Museums of Contemporary Aboriginal Art.

8. Aboriginal Art Gallery

There are many aboriginal art galleries. These galleries have a lot of paintings and sculptures. These art galleries promote the culture of a community or country. These types of art galleries are very famous in Australia.

One Australian artist is very famous for his paintings. He is Emily Kame Kngwarreye. His art gallery is full of different types of aboriginal artwork. Aboriginal art gallery is present in many countries. This type of art gallery has much importance. They provide information about the beliefs, culture, and communities.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by ankarb on unlim

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why aboriginal artwork was started?

Answer: It was invented to teach the history, beliefs, and culture of the community to the people.

Q2. Why aboriginal artwork is unique from others?

Answer: Aboriginal artwork is unique from others because it revolves around a storyline. 

Q3. What is the inspiration behind the aboriginal artwork?

Answer: The inspiration behind the aboriginal artwork is Australian animals and natural materials and landscapes.

Q4. What are the different types of aboriginal artwork?

Answer: The different types of aboriginal artwork are rock painting, body painting, rock engraving, stone arrangement, bark painting, ochre painting, sculptures, and many more.

Q5. Which was the first aboriginal artwork?

Answer: The first aboriginal artwork was rock art.

Aboriginal artwork
Photo by Vitamin on unlim

Final Note

Aboriginal artwork completely depends on the authenticity of the beauty of the place and the historical stories of the place. A specific community has a specific story, theme line, and representation method.

There are many different types of aboriginal artwork and indigenous artwork. The artist can draw on rocks, stones, bark, jewelry, textiles, and weaving. After some time these paintings and sculptures become ancient and have the information of history.

There are many art galleries in Australia and many other countries which preserve this historical painting. You can browse the images of aboriginal artwork from an online website. You can also purchase the paintings of a particular image via online mode. You just have to send the photo and pay for it.


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