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What Are 9 Things To Do in Dubbo?

Who doesn’t love visiting zoos? We all love animals and enjoy watching them irrespective of age. If you love visiting zoos, visit Dubbo, located in the Orana region of western New South Wales. Besides the zoos, there are several other things to do in Dubbo in the central west of New South Wales.

Some things to do in Dubbo and must-sees destinations include visiting the Old Dubbo Gaol, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Lazy River Estate, Wellington Caves and Phosphate mine, Dubbo Regional Botanical Garden, and Dubbo Framer’s Market.

Things To Do In Dubbo

Dubbo is not an ordinary city; it is so much more than that. Beautiful landscapes and rural beauty surround the place. Additionally, the town is preserved with amazing European architecture, which greatly interests all history lovers. Below is a list of some top and most beautiful sites in Dubbo. 

1. Taronga Western Plains Zoo

The enormous Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of the very popular destinations in Dubbo. It holds more than 350 species of animals from all five continents. It is a world-renowned zoo for conservation programs, study facilities, breeding endangered species, and caring for wildlife. 

Some of the tourist attractions of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo include cheetahs, zebras, Asian elephants, Australian kangaroos and koalas, Sumatran tigers, and African lions. The zoo is big, and a 5-kilometre fenced circuit surrounds the open range area. You can take a car, bicycle, or electric safari ride to roam around the zoo since walking the whole way can be exhausting.

things to do in dubbo
Photo by Lieselot. Dalle on Unsplash

One of the must-see highlights of the zoo is the new Lion Pride Lands enclosure which provides an African-like safari in Australia. The zoo tickets are valid for two consecutive days so that the visitors don’t rush and take their own time enjoying the zoo.

2. Western Plains Cultural Centre

The modern Western Plains Cultural Centre near the old Dubbo High School is one of the must-see attractions in Dubbo.

It houses the Dubbo Regional Gallery and the Dubbo Regional Museum containing the rich history of Dubbo and exhibitions from local artists featuring important entrepreneurs, activists, and residents of the Dubbo region. The gallery showcases the story of Dubbo through photographs and artifacts.

3. The Old Dubbo Gaol

One of the very first things built in Dubbo and located in the main street and heart of the city is the very famous old Dubbo Gaol and state heritage. The intact Gaol, operated from 1847 to 1966, was the correctional home for the wicked prisoners. However, the Gaol is now surrounded by markets and shopping malls and is preserved beautifully as a heritage site.

Wandering through the old Dubbo Goal, you will see tiny cells where the prisoners were confined. Additionally, the holographic figures tell the daily activity and routine of the restricted prisoners behind bars, thus making the experience thrilling and exciting.

things to do in dubbo
Photo by Humberto Portillo on Unsplash

4. Dubbo Farmers Market

One of the must-visits in Dubbo is the Farmers Market. The Farmers market takes place every first and third Saturday of every month. The market trades on the corner of Macquarie Street and Newell highway and provides beautiful local goodies like seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, nuts, sauces, wine, freshly baked bread, locally raised beef, lamb and pork. 

things to do in dubbo
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Moreover, if you visit the market early morning, you can start the day with a delicious breakfast like bagels and fresh coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans.

5. Wellington Caves

A 45-minute drive from the town is the Wellington Caves. The place is set of limestone caves and a phosphate mine. The largest cave in the area is the Cathedral cave, famous for the Altar rock, a 15-meter-tall stalagmite.

things to do in dubbo
Photo by Michael Behrens on Unsplash

The limestone formations inside the Wellington caves look splendid and show megafauna fossils like the giant kangaroos and wombat-like animals from the Pleistocene period. The artifacts were hidden beneath the surrounding landscape and unlocked in the 1800s.

6. Royal Flying Doctor Service Experience

One of the city’s most popular destinations and iconic things to do is visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The tourists meet the doctors, pilots, and nurses who provide emergency healthcare services across millions of square miles. The center offers attractive insights and educational videos regarding the RFDS.

The visitors also get to experience and discover a replica aircraft, real equipment, and stories of people who got help from the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

7. Shoyoen Japanese Garden

Walking through the stunning Dubbo Regional Botanical Garden on a hot day will make you feel calm and relaxed. The Dubbo Regional Council runs the Dubbo Regional Botanical Garden, and the most lovable is the Shoyoen Garden of all the gardens.

things to do in dubbo
Photo by Carlita Benazito on Unsplash

The Shoyoen Japanese garden was gifted to Dubbo by his sister city Minokamo and is considered one of Australia’s most authentic Japanese gardens. The garden portrays religious symbolism and cultural references. It has some beautiful waterfalls, streams, rivers, and a dry garden landscape known as the “Chaoya” or the tree hut.

Students visit and study the city’s native species at the Biodiversity Garden. Additionally, the Sensory Garden provides visitors to engage with their taste, sight, smell, touch, and hearing.

The Oasis Valley Garden is planted with species of dry rainforest. The garden shows the evolution of homegrown bushes from the plant species of the Gondwana supercontinent thousands and millions of years ago.

8. Macquarie River

The Macquarie River flows through the center of the town. Tourists often take a walk or enjoy a cycle ride following the river’s course and sometimes relax by the river.

things to do in dubbo
Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Swimming is again a great option at the very famous Sandy Beach, and Sir Roden Cutler Park makes an amazing picnic spot on the opposite side of the beach.

9. Heritage Walk

One of the touristy things to do in Dubbo is taking a stroll in the city. Every architecture on the street has its own stories and history. The fine and elaborate architecture of the St. Brigid’s Catholic church and the Court House Building is bound to amaze you.


Dubbo is a destination that beautifully manages a family holiday. The country’s hospitality and the regional city’s diversity will cater to every person’s interests. There are innumerable things to do in Dubbo, from experiencing the historical collections of the Dubbo Museum to sightseeing or making day trips surrounding the city.

Ankita M Bose
Ankita M Bose
Ankita has completed her Masters in English and has a great interest in traveling and exploring beautiful destinations. She loves writing travel contents and also keeps an interest in exploring beautiful Australian beaches, deserts and wildlife. She will guide you through some of the popular and exciting destinations to visit in Australia from her research.

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