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5 Amazing Things To Do In Bunbury

Bunbury is located 180 km south of Perth, Western Australia, and is considered a metropolitan city. The city is also considered an economic hub. It is very well known for its creativity, colourful street art, nice weather, and friendly environment. There are so many things to do in Bunbury.

People also get attracted to Bunbury’s nightlife. If you are visiting Bunbury then you must know in advance that it has got a lot in terms of visits and exploring and fun.

So basically here we will talk about fun and adventure which we can undertake in Bunbury and can spend our vacations to the fullest. Here is a brief list which depicts Bunbury’s life:

  1. Aquatic fun
  2. Culture and heritage
  3. Markets and Eatings
  4. Greenery and Wildlife
  5. Rides, Walks and Fun…

And if the above mentions lefts you curious then don’t stop here, go read the full-fledged article and you will be amazed to learn new things about Bunbury.

1. Aquatic Fun

Things To Do In Bunbury
Pexels / Michał Cygan

1.1 Dolphin Eco Cruise

Do you love dolphins? If your answer is yes, then here is big news waiting for you which says that dolphin eco cruise lets you go close to wild dolphins. There is a cruise build-up where they let you spend approx 90 minutes on the cruise and the cruise introduces you to the dolphins. This is offered at the shores of the bay.

1.2 Bunbury Interpretive Center

It’s a center that lets you interact with fishes and other aquatics through interactive displays. The place is full of vibes and comes under one of the must-visits.

1.3 Dolphin Swim Tour

Wanna encounter dolphins closely? Then this tour is the must-take. This is an adventure where you will get close to dolphins and for guidance, a volunteer will accompany you. Give it a try.

1.4 Wyalup Rocky Point

if you are a person who loves being in a silent aroma for some time to boost productivity then this place would be a great pick for you. Earlier this place was designed for mourning purposes and was a burial ground.

So by visiting there, you can have a peaceful day watching beachy looks and having a sunbath while your children are indulging in playgrounds and you can even have a barbecue with your family.

1.5 Bunbury Back Beach

If you got a holiday after a long time and wanna spend this single holiday very productively with your family then you must include this in your to-do list. This is a full enjoyment package.

If you are a water baby then it has numerous water activities for you. Such as surfing, swimming, fishing, etc. And if you prefer to stay dry it has walkways, running spots, and cycling paths for you. So eventually you will be happy after this trip.

1.6 Lena Shipwreck Dive

It has several marine species such as tuna, skipjack, turtles, whales, etc. And swimmers don’t meet with any difficulties while swimming. So if you are in Bunbury then you must experience it.

1.7 Bunbury Foreshore

Bunbury has worked on the foreshore redevelopment and has now become a major attraction to spend a day there. There is a cool and attractive playground and water activities, a zipline, etc for kids.

So you can be there watching kids and enjoying your day peacefully there at the same time.

1.8 Interaction Area

This is an area that offers interaction between people and dolphins. Volunteers are always there to take care of things and you can freely interact with dolphins but make sure not to disturb them by a physical touch and that is illegal too.

1.9 Dolphin Discovery Centre

There is a place in the bay that allows visitors to swim with the dolphins and can learn about these friendly dolphins. Tourists come from a long way to experience it. You can even have sightseeing and enjoy the view from a little away with food in your hands. So this place is worth it.

1.10 Jetty Baths

This spot has always been very popular for picnicking, swimming, sunbathing, family timing, holidaying, etc. These baths give mesmerizing views that a person can watch all day.

You can also have meals there while enjoying the view. The jetty baths are considered one of the popular tourist attractions.

1.11 Koombana Beach

The beach is right next to the Koombana Bay playground. If you wanna experience the cool beachy vibes then you must go there. Sandy Beach will make you stay there for a long time with a cool Breeze coming straight forward to you. So you can try it out. It’s good.

2. Culture and Heritage

Things To Do In Bunbury
Pexels / Yiannis Konstantinou

2.1 Street Art

Having kids who love art? Then there won’t be any other good option than this. Go get your kids and take them to show the amazing local street art and local artists. Bunbury is quite famous for its street art. And the art depicts history and mystery with a touch of creativity.

2.2 Bunbury Museum

Fond of museums? Then you must visit this place. The museum shows a lot related to Bunbury’s history, heritage, audiovisual exhibits, etc. Bunbury Museum and Heritage are considered one of the major attractions in Bunbury.

2.3 Bunbury Cultural Walk

If you want to go or are deeply fond of learning new things, cultures of different places. So visiting Bunbury would be a good option. As Bunbury displays a lot about its culture.

2.4 Regional Art Gallery of Bunbury

If you are a person of creativity and imagination or even if you possess a minor interest in arts then without a shred of doubt, I can say that you will love this place. It even hosts world-class exhibitions.

2.5 Geographe Motor Museum

If you are fond of motor products then you must visit this museum. Because this museum has a collection of a lot of motor products such as motorbikes, racing cars, vintage cars, and other auto products.

3. Markets and Eatings

Things To Do In Bunbury
Pexels / Ayşenaz Bilgin

3.1 Bunbury Farmers Markets

This is a quite worthy place where you will be finding fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, meat, baked products, etc. The products can be expensive as they offer fresh products.

3.2 Bunbury Eatings

Over the years Bunbury has made huge progress in eating places and opened a lot of restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, bars, etc. If you are a die-hard foodie then this place will go to be an appropriate fit for you. They are amazing.

3.3 Markets

Markets in Bunbury have a lot to offer in terms of street food, fresh local produce, music, coffee, and lots more. So everything combined fulfills and Contributes to a better and more productive day. So visit it on the first or third Saturday and have access to all the stuff present in the market.

3.4 Victoria Street

This is the most popular street when it comes to shopping in Bunbury. This place has a lot of cafes, hotels, restaurants, banks, retail shops, high street shops, several street food options, etc. In short, this place is considered the hub of shopping.

3.5 Fruit picking

In today’s time, you may have doubts that the fruits you are taking might be powdered. But Bunbury offers a solution for this problem. As they let you pick fruits straight away from the trees. Sounds amazing, right? But it feels marvellous while picking your favourite fruits from the tree all by yourself.

This is also a very productive family picnic spot. And also when fruits are picked on our own then there are quite chances that those will be eaten with much more interest.

4. Greenery and Wildlife

Things To Do In Bunbury
Pexels / Ross Ogston

4.1 Bunbury Wildlife Park

If you are looking forward to spending your vacation productively then Bunbury is an amazing place that allows everything that contributes to a better vacation. It would be a great place to have a family gathering at.

There you will get to see a lot of native animals, can have a walk in the fields, and can feed animals and birds with your own hands. So overall you can have a peaceful and soothing vacation in the wildlife.

4.2 Bunbury Mangrove Boardwalk

If you love greenery then you must visit this place in western Australia. Apart from greenery, this place has numerous species of birds.

4.3 Big Swamp Parkland of Bunbury:

This place is a complete package for family outings. There you can enjoy the greenery of nature, a family picnic, watching several birds, playgrounds for kids, and BBQ facilities also while enjoying the views. You will find this place on the peripheries.

4.4 Bunbury Forest Adventures:

If you love having some adventures then you must visit them and have fun in the forest adventure in Bunbury. These adventures are not designed only for kids but for the entire family.

So, you can have a fun day there and can make your kids happy at the same time. Thus, you must visit this forest adventure as it offers a bundle of activities such as crawling, climbing, rope course challenges, etc. Just go and have a relaxing day.

5. Rides, Walks, and Fun…

Things To Do In Bunbury
Pexels / Yusuf

5.1 Bunbury Rides

Having kids who wanna roam around the city? Then for those kids, Bunbury has something exciting to offer and that is bike rides on bike trails which allow younger kids to roam around the city. And is one of the cool adventure activities for kids.

5.2 Dog Walks

If you have a dog then you would know that some places do not allow dogs. But Bunbury has special spots maintained for dogs so you can take your dogs for a walk there. And these spots can be in a forest or by the waterside. Not only dogs but you will also cherish that walk.

5.3 Bunbury Accommodation

Bunbury offers a lot of options. As it includes restaurants, hotels, private apartments, Beachfront stays, and a lot more with great views. It even gives the option of free cancellation of hotel bookings.

5.4 Bunbury Lighthouse

Tired of seeing lighthouses on the internet? Don’t be upset. Bunbury even lets you see the lighthouse not from the inside but outside only, but that shows a great view and an outstanding feeling.

5.5 Marlston Hill Lookout Tower

It is a tower that shows an amazing view of the surrounding. Its view is mesmerizing to watch from the top. Everything feels so calm and peaceful from the top.

5.6 Bunbury Walking Trails

If you love long walks then Bunbury has a lot of walking tracts through forests, waterside, city streets, coastline, impressive buildings, etc. Without a shred of doubt, you must go take a stroll there. This experience will gonna be worth it.

5.7 Bunbury Waterfronts

Wanna relax for some time? Then you must visit the Bunbury waterfronts. It offers really attractive and mesmerizing views. You will notice your brain in the position of being calm.

Go and take a stroll or go to a cycling track and you will be better ready for productive tasks. You can even have some meals or energy drinks on the walk fronts to keep yourself recharged.

5.8 Bike Rides

This is true that Burburians love to explore, especially by walking but a bike is also a very good option. You can rent a bike with Melo. So hire a bike, ride it for some time, and then stop by a passing cafe, then grab your coffee and sit nearby and enjoy the view. This will contribute to an amazing experience.

5.9 Bunbury Selfie Points

In today’s generation, almost everyone is a selfie addict. So Bunbury offers a lot of selfie spots such as Rocky Point, a wildlife park, a lighthouse, big swamp wetlands, etc. Places are there where you can get cool selfies.

5.10 Taffy’s Corner

If you have a sweet tooth then don’t leave the beautiful town without visiting Taffy’s. Just visit there and load yourself with lots of chocolates, lollies, candies, fudge, and much more. Only this will be an ultimate satisfaction and also a complimentary treat to your sweet tooth.

5.11 Gnomesville

There is a forest named which is home to about 10k gnomes. Nobody knows about them. People have got no idea about its origin and relevance. You can even add to the growing gnomes population and can even take one home. Gnomesville is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in Bunbury. So when you plan to visit Bunbury, don’t forget to be involved.

5.12 Koolambidi

There is a place in Bunbury called which celebrates young people aged 12- 25 years of age. This place provides a lot of facilities to the youngsters such as youth services, golf areas, multi-sports areas, etc. It provides a complete package for the youngsters and they can enjoy themselves there to the fullest.


Summing up, once again let’s discuss some things to do in Bunbury. As already discussed, Bunbury is a great place to spend your vacations. The Bunbury area is a complete package.

It provides a bunch of activities to do such as interactions with the friendly dolphins through dolphin swim tours, dolphin eco cruises, interaction,n, and an interpretive center. And if you are a person of art then you will be amazed by the amazing Bunbury street art and regional art.

If you love knowing history then some famous museums in Bunbury tell a lot about the heritage and culture. Apart from the cultural museum and heritage center, Bunbury has motor museums too.

If you wanna spend vacations with your kids productively then there are a couple of things you can do such as fruit picking straight away from gardens, fun at adventure forests, big swamp parkland, jetty baths, new foreshore redevelopment, back beach, bike rides, wildlife parks, Koombana park lookout, marlstone hill lookout tower, etc.

And if you love an environment full of greenery then you can visit mangrove outlooks, walking trails, gnomesville, etc. If you are a foodie then you will have numerous options to eat in Bunbury such as farmers’ market, fruit picking, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, bars, and pubs (Bunbury is also very famous for its nightlife), and if you are having a sweet tooth then taffy’s and much more. A shopper must visit Victoria Street.

Apart from these Bunbury has a lot to offer such as serene Koombana Bay and beach, selfie points, waterfronts, Lena shipwreck dive, Bunbury markets and so much more to explore.


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