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12 Amazing Things to do in Caloundra

Let us find out the exciting things to do in Caloundra in Australia. You can choose from beaches,  wildlife encounters and other exciting options that Caloundra has to offer. Plan your getaway to Caloundra attractions. Now!

1. Picturesque Caloundra

Set on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, Caloundra is a fascinating place for travelers of all ages with pristine beaches and, outstanding cultural experiences and wildlife encounters. Among its many things to do, Caloundra offers something for everyone.

2. Things to do in Caloundra

In this article, we will explore the Caloundra surf school, Caloundra twilight markets, Caloundra jet ski, Caloundra Queensland’s top tourist attractions, Caloundra coastal walk, and top things to do in Caloundra so that you make the most of your visit to this picturesque Sunshine Coast.

2.1 Relax on Caloundra’s Gorgeous Beaches

Situated on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Caloundra is a wonderful destination full of beautiful beaches that open up to an exciting range of activities for everyone.

Things to do in Caloundra
Image by megann on unlimphotos

As someone who is a fan of sandy shores or as someone looking forward to engaging in some exciting water activities, cultural discoveries, or wildlife encounters, Caloundra has something special to offer for an unforgettable coastal vacation.

In this article, we will look at the delightful charm of Caloundra’s different beaches as each one offers visitors looking for relaxation, adventure, and the beauty of nature.

2.1.1 Kings Beach: Sunshine Coast – A Must on Your List of Things to Do in Caloundra

One of the true jewels of Caloundra is Kings Beach. This beach has soft golden sand and stunning blue waters just perfect for family holidays. Kings Beach has a saltwater swimming pool and a water play area for children.

Kings Beach, Queensland Australia

Take a leisurely walk on a gentle Kings beach break or around the scenic boardwalk, have lovely picnics or experience an exciting surfing experience in Kings Beach. Kings Beach has the right mix of relaxation and excitement making it one of our top destinations to spend a day by the ocean side.

2.1.2 Bulcock Beach

Families who just want to swim won’t be disappointed at Bulcock Beach where the calm waters of lagoons make it great fun for kids. You’ll also find lovely cafes along the boardwalk in Bulcock Beach or other shops close by so you can get a snack or an ice cream while you sit in the sun in Bulcock Beach.

Bulcock Beach Caloundra Sunshine Coast 🇦🇺🦘4k Walking Tour / Beach Walk & Review


The relaxed atmosphere at Bulcock Beach ensures this particular beach is popular among families wanting something serene and Sunshine Coast in Bulcock Beach. 

2.1.3 Moffat Beach: Enjoy the Best of Things to Do in Caloundra 

Moffat Beach is a destination for surfers and beach lovers who want to ride on impressive waves and soak in the rugged coastal charm. The Moffat beach is surrounded by cliffs that add a touch of drama to the scenery.

SURFING PUMPING Moffats Beach, Sunshine Coast - CYCLONE SWELL!

Additionally, Moffat Beach offers a vibrant arts scene with its galleries and cafes making it a perfect place for both relaxation and creative inspiration. With its atmosphere and strong surf culture, Moffat Beach is a must-visit spot, for anyone looking for an exciting coastal getaway.

2.1.4 Dicky Beach

Dicky Beach is a destination for sunbathing playing beach games and taking strolls due, to its beautiful shoreline and gentle waves. The Dicky beach got its name from the shipwreck of the SS Dicky that occurred in the century adding a touch of maritime history to the beach towns and its charm.

Whether you’re someone who loves soaking up the sun or enjoys exploring the coastline Dicky Beach is a spacious environment to savor the refreshing sea breeze and admire breathtaking vistas.

2.1.5 Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a quiet haven, set within a bay that is away from the bustle of everyday life. One of the most exciting things to do in Caloundra.

Shelly Beach Manly

Its tranquil waters are perfect for snorkelling and swimming while the rocks nearby provide an exploration opportunity. This secret gem is adored by ocean lovers and those looking to get amongst nature’s wonder.

2.1.6 Golden Beach: Things to do in Caloundra’s Coastal Paradise

Living up to its name, Golden Beach warmly greets visitors with its sandy shores and crystal clear shallow waters. Families and couples can delight in swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding in its waves.

Fiordland National Park
Photo by Stephanie Krist on Unsplash

With breathtaking vistas over the Pumicestone Passage Golden Beach is a spot for relaxation enjoying picnics and creating cherished memories by the water.

2.2 Discover Local Wildlife: Things to do in Caloundra and Australia Zoo

Just a short and exciting drive away from downtown Caloundra, you’ll find the Zoo. It’s a place where you can have experiences with a wide range of animals from both nearby and distant places. This renowned zoo has gained recognition. Is worth a visit when you’re in the Caloundra region.

When you step into the Australia Zoo get ready for some enchanting moments. 

Things to do in Caloundra
Photo by Ellicia on Unsplash

Visiting this zoo feels like entering a new world teeming with captivating wildlife. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about these animals, their behaviors, and where they call home. The zookeepers are experts in their field. Genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge with visitors like yourself. Rest assured that your visit will leave you with a treasure trove of facts that will stay with you for a time.

2.3 Experience the Caloundra Street Fair: A Must things to do in Caloundra

A Sunday in Caloundra has got to be a number-one must-visit event. It’s certainly a day overflowing with heart-warming delights as the fair brings out the soul of the locals.

Picture wandering and popping into quirky stalls crammed with an array of wonderful goodies. Beautiful artworks, handcrafted local treasures, produce plucked from trees last night. It’s like a fun treasure hunt discovering unique wares you can only get here.

Caloundra Street Fair - Sunshine Coast QLD

And there is music too; enchanting sounds floating through the air that will have you tapping your feet or moving to those rousing rhythms. Or if just exploring is more what you feel it’s sure to lift your spirits along the way.

So go ahead and mark your calendar this Sunday. It’s not just another fair but an experience you’ll never forget that brings added flavor to your visit, to Caloundra!

2.4 Marvel at Caloundra Lighthouses: Must-Do Things to Do in Caloundra

They are more than mere landmarks; they open portals to the rich marine heritage of Caloundra. Experience exhibits and displays that bring to life sailors, bustling trade routes, and most importantly how these lighthouses were a key element in the safe navigation of ships approaching the shore.

Caloundra lighthouse drone dji overview

It is a time travel that will leave one with an appreciation for our coastal heritage. Feeling as if one has stepped into a captivating chapter of living history, visiting the Caloundra Lighthouses offers an opportunity to delve into the past through interactive experiences.

 These lighthouses have tales of bravery, navigation skills, and the enduring essence of the world.

2.5 Caloundra Regional Gallery: Where Art and Culture Flourish – Must-Visit things to do in Caloundra

Imagine a sanctuary where creativity comes to life–a place where colors and shapes elegantly interlace together to tell captivating tales transcending all boundaries of expression. It’s an art and culture hub set in the heart of Caloundra.

Local Artist Always Supported at Caloundra Art Gallery

2.5.1 A Haven for Art Enthusiasts

Whether you have an obsession with art or are simply curious about the world of creativity this gallery has something for you. This hidden treasure offers a variety of artworks ranging from traditional masterpieces to contemporary depictions that will stimulate your senses and fill your imagination.

2.5.2 Engaging Exhibitions

Exhibitions and educational and entertaining events within the gallery promise an engrossing and enriching experience.

Local artists as well as other local and national artists and those from across the country contribute their singular visions, breathing life into the walls and allowing visitors to feel part of the vibrant artistic community.

2.5.3 Interactive Workshops

However, the Caloundra Regional Gallery is not a place, for passive observation; it’s a place where art comes alive in your own hands. Immerse yourself in workshops that cater to your inner artist’s desires.

Whether it’s painting, ceramics, digital art, or other creative ventures these workshops provide an opportunity to unleash your imagination and create something remarkable on your canvas.

2.5.4 Cultural Events: Engaging Things to Do in Caloundra

Apart from the displays and interactive sessions the Gallery also serves as a venue for a range of cultural events.

People's Choice Awards | Caloundra Art Gallery

These include engaging artist discussions that provide insights into the creative journey as well as special exhibitions that explore unique themes. There is always something inspiring happening at the Caloundra cruise and gallery.

2.6 Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Beauty

Caloundra is a haven for nature lovers. Not only is it able to enjoy its beaches and lake trails, but the town provides many outdoor activities that take you into the beautiful surroundings.

2.6.1 Golfing and Fishing in Caloundra: Exciting Things to Do in the Region

Golfers or anglers have plenty of options in Caloundra. Play at one of the courses with views and manicured greens. Or give it a try yourself and cast your fishing line into the waters – perhaps an exciting catch awaits reeling in. Both allow you to soak up the atmosphere while indulging yourself leisurely.

Caloundra Fishing Webisodes: Webisode 2

2.6.2 Scenic Cruises: Unforgettable Things to Do in Caloundra

Why not take a scenic cruise and admire incredible ocean views along the beautiful coastline beach Caloundra? Sail these waters and marvel at rugged cliffs while looking for dolphins and seabirds. From sunset cruises to wildlife expeditions on offer, these cruises give you another way of experiencing Caloundra’s natural beauty.

2.6.3 Visit Caloundra Botanic Gardens: One of the Best Things to do in Caloundra

Find peace among the palm trees at the Caloundra Botanic Gardens – an oasis of calm. These lush gardens provide a sanctuary where you can stroll through different plant species, find your spot for a relaxing picnic, or just sit back and absorb a peaceful atmosphere.

[1080P FHD] Walking Tour Through The Ben Bennett Bushland Park - Caloundra - Sunshine Coast

It is a beautiful tropical garden setting, perfect for families, couples, or anyone who wants some quiet time surrounded by nature’s magnificence.

2.6.4 Explore Natural Beauty: Ben Bennett Botanical Park and Things to Do in Caloundra

Nature lovers will enjoy a treasure at the Ben Bennett Botanical Park. This botanic park is home to plants and animals offering nature’s glimpse into the richly diverse ecosystem here.

Walk along well-kept pathways admire bright blossoms and keep an alert eye out for different bird species who call this natural sanctuary home. The serenity of its beauty makes it the ideal getaway from life’s chaos.

2.7 Escape Room Oz: A Thrilling Adventure Awaits!

Looking for a thrilling adventure look no further than Escape Room Oz in Caloundra. Imagine being locked in a themed room with a group of friends or family armed only with your wits and teamwork to help guide your way out. This immersive experience takes problem-solving abilities, creativity, and collaboration to new levels.

2.7.1 How It Works

Escape Room Oz has several rooms all with their enthralling storyline and complex puzzles which have to be unraveled. You are allocated a time limit – normally from about an hour’s drive or one hour – whereby you have to decipher clues that reveal hidden objects and unravel the mystery that guides you in escaping successfully. It’s like entering, stepping into, stepping into an exciting real-life adventure, or solving an enigma out of a gripping novel or movie.

Escape Room Oz - Game Time

2.7.2 Themes and Challenges

Escape Room Oz provides various themes from exploring ancient artefacts solving crimes surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The challenges are intended to keep your mind active. Your senses are alert. To find your way to freedom you will need to think connect the dots and use your imagination to put together the solutions.

2.7.3 Who Can Play

Escape Room Oz welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, an adventure seeker or simply looking for an immersive activity these escape rooms offer an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Both children and adults can join in on the excitement. Become part of the story.

2.7.4 Why It’s a Must-Try

Escape Room Oz goes above and, beyond expectations by providing an experience. It stimulates your mind encourages teamwork and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment as you decipher codes and unravel secrets. The feeling of escaping a room is incredibly rewarding—it gives you an adrenaline rush while creating lasting memories.

2.8 Queensland Air Museum: Exploring the History 

Do you love airplanes, helicopters, and the whole aviation world? The Queensland Air Museum fondly called as Aviation Museum Sunshine Coast gives you a world of aviation experience that has no prerequisites involving being a pilot or an astronaut.

Queensland Air Museum Tour | Caloundra Airport

2.8.1 Discover the Magic of Flight

Stepping into a world where one can look at real-life airplanes and helicopters flown in reality. At Air Museum, it is not just a manufactured dream; it is reality and close enough for you to reach out and touch. It is like a flight ground playground for those who love aviation and curious eyes for inquisitive minds alike.

2.8.2 History Comes Alive

Ever wondered how airplanes evolved through history? This museum takes you through time. Have a walk down memory lane from propeller-driven aircraft to cutting-edge engines of jets. Explore inside some planes glimpse at the pilots’ cockpit even touch the controls. You will feel like stepping into a thrilling living history book!


Queensland Air Museum 2022


2.8.3 Meet the Machines

Ever wanted to see a helicopter up close? Imagine what it would be like to sit in a cockpit. The Museum lets you do that. Stand next to helicopters. Imagine flying above mountains and cities.

You can even sit in the pilot’s seat of an aircraft and experience the true meaning of being a pilot. It is an experience that adds new thrills to aviation discovery.

2.8.4 Events and Activities

The fun doesn’t stop at just watching airplanes. Queensland Air Museum often holds events like open days and airplane exhibitions.

Queensland Air Museum 2022

You might even get to see airplanes flying above your head before they whisk off into the distance. Not that there are also activities for kids where they can experience flight simulators and learn the science of flight.

2.9 Explore the Caloundra Coastal Path

If you’re up for an adventure, then head on over to the Caloundra coastal walk on the Caloundra Coastal Path. It’s like walking distance to a trail that takes you on a journey along the coastline letting you walk or bike while gazing at breathtaking ocean views.

Coastal Pathway: Caloundra Connection – Moffat Beach to Bulcock Beach 4.5km

As you follow this path you’ll come upon coves that seem to look like secret little havens by the edge of the water. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting creatures such as birds or perhaps even dolphins if luck is on your side! It’s like being in a real-life nature documentary. It’s a way to connect with nature and experience Caloundra’s beauty, from an entirely new perspective.

2.10 Thrilling Water Sports

For those who adore splashing in the water and seeking thrilling adventures, Caloundra offers an array of sports! Just imagine yourself riding the waves gliding across the surface of the water or exploring the sea in a kayak. 

2.10.1 Surfing

Ready for that rush of riding the waves like a surfer? Caloundra’s beautiful beaches provide great surfing access whether you’re experienced or new to it.

Things to do in caloundra
Image by Kanenori from Pixabay

Feel the thrill as you catch and ride a wave back into shore. It’s an adventure that mixes excitement with fun.

2.10.2 Paddleboarding and Kayaking: Fun Things to do in Caloundra

Have you ever dreamt of standing on water? Paddleboarding offers a blend of surfing and kayaking giving you a fantastic way to explore the serene waters of the Pumicestone Passage.

If you prefer sitting down and using a paddle kayaking is an option. Glide through waves soak in the coastal scenery and perhaps even catch sight of marine life swimming beneath your board.

2.10.3 Jet Skiing

Caloundra Jet Ski

For those seeking speed and thrills jet skiing is a blast. Climb aboard a jet ski and zoom across the surface of the water feeling the wind rush through your hair as every twist and turn adds to your sense of adventure. It’s an experience that will make your heart race, with excitement and create memories.

2.11 Whale Watching Extravaganza: Among the Exciting Things to do in Caloundra

If you visit the Caloundra beaches from June to November, then you are in for a treat! This period bears something very special. Humpback whales make an amazing journey close to the Caloundra coast. To imagine getting so close up to these huge beasts, watching them flap their tails and shoot water over their backs is simply not describable.


To undertake this thrilling adventure, one can take part in a whale-watching tour with a difference. These tours will take you far out into the deep blue ocean where you will see these great whales swim across the water beneath a sky blue. It’s an expedition that will leave you spellbound but forever filled with memories.

2.12 Underwater Exploration at SEA LIFE Aquarium

Would you like to get up close and personal with the world under the sea? Dive into a magical underwater world at SEA LIFE Aquarium in Caloundra where an entire cast of spectacular marine characters awaits your discovery.

SEALIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium

From graceful rays gliding through the water, right up to sharks with amazing colors that demand your attention, it’s a captivating show of sea life. But there are even more animals for you to discover – step closer to sea turtles! You’ll learn about these fascinating creatures and why we need to protect our oceans.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, Caloundra in Australia has the most varied diversity which caters to every traveller’s interest. From its stunning beaches to intriguing coastal paths and great water activities to wildlife encounters make sure you get a vacation full of experiences that will surely give you memories for a lifetime.

Whether it be relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences this tranquil town on the Sunshine Coast can make your wish come true. Book your trip to Caloundra and let yourself get encompassed with natural beauty rich history as well as vibrant local culture for the experience of a lifetime.


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