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Things to Do in Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay is a famous town situated in New South Wales, Australia. Batemans Bay is synonymous with paradise as it boasts a vast number of attractions and destinations that you can explore.

1. Things to Do in Batemans Bay

From the rich heritage and history of Batemans Bay to the unique natural parks, it has everything for everyone.

Batemans Bay, NSW Australia.

1.1 Murramarang National Park

Visiting Murramarang National Park is the ultimate destination if you wish to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Murramarang National Park is one of the most famous and stunning national parks of NSW (New South Wales), on the south coast of Australia, south of Sydney.

Murramrang National Park boasts several gorgeous beaches, cliffs, and shores. Murranmarang is an excellent and thrilling destination for all adventure lovers. With many fun and challenging activities, it is the perfect spot to unwind and spend your vacation. 

Murramarang National Park | Stay in a beachside cabin or campground

In Murramarang, you can never get enough of nature. Murramarang is home to numerous wild animals, such as wallabies, sea eagles, peregrine falcons, and Australia’s national kangaroo. 

1.1.1 Myrtle Beach Walking 

myrtle beach g63fcf4ce0 1280
by WillieMac on pixabay

Myrtle Beach walking track is an absolute paradise if you want peace away from city life’s crowd and hustle culture. Myrtle Beach is a 600m hike track in the Murramarang National Park, New South Wales.

It is an isolated beach surrounded by lush green bushland. You can also plan a picnic here with your family and friends while you lie down and relax while listening to the mysteriously calming ocean waves.

During the walk here, you will meet a fascinating forest that is locally called the “enchanted forest“, which has a collection of spotted gum forests that are weirdly shaped as they have been twisted by the air and coastal winds.

Enjoy the sandy beaches and the stunning view of the majestic high cliff of Myrtle Beach. You can also enjoy swimming in its crystal clear water, snorkelling, and trying your hands on fishing. All this while listening to the sounds of the birds sing and watching them fly in the mighty sky.

Screenshot 2023 08 06 205946
By nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

1.1.2  Honeysuckle Beach Walking

Honeysuckle Beach Walking is a 2.5 km hike in the Murramarang National Park. The honeysuckle beach walk is a great short hike north of Batemans Bay. It is a must-visit to experience the stunning views of the south coast away from the crowds.

During the hike, you will see the spotted guns beautifully sculptured by the gusty winds while enjoying the spectacular islands once you reach the honey suckle beach with its abundance of black pebbles scattered all around. 

You can even spot species of birds such as shearwaters and petrels out to the sea and Freshen up by diving into the river and spread your blanket on the sand for a picnic and enjoy reading your favourite book by enjoying the picturesque views of the beach while you do so. You can also enjoy fishing here, and if you get lucky, you might even catch a tailor or snapper. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 210313
By nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

1.1.3 Murramarang South Coast Walk

Murramarang south coast walk offers some of the best and most stunning views along its coastlines. The Murramarang south coast walk coastline is nestled between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla.

It is the gateway to the different coastal villages, the tall-standing forest, quaint beaches, and crystal clear water with a hint of blue.

Murramarang South Coast Walk | Murramarang National Park | NSW National Parks

You have plenty of options to explore and plan your adventure. You can reserve accommodations and campgrounds offering a panoramic view of the spectacular landscape.

The walk starts at the pretty beach and ends at Maloneys Beach. It is the best birdwatching destination; you could even spot sea eagles who come to the ocean for fish.

1.2 Clyde River National Park

The Clyde River National Park is between Batemans Bay and Nellige in New South Wales. It is truly a natural playground by the river that offers a variety of adventurous activities to choose from. 

clyde river np 01
by www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

You can enjoy everything you can ask for in the lap of nature, from canoeing and kayaking to fishing and swimming.

The National Park is a rich and diverse region that is home to a large number of different natural spots to discover. Famous for its mangroves, steep forested hills, foreshore, and rarely-found salt marches.

1.2.1 Holmes Lookout

Holmes Lookoust is a famous picnic spot in the Clyde River National Park, known for offering a panoramic view of the majestic Clyde River.

It is the area that surrounds the crystal clear water of the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean that is highly soothing to the eyes.

holmes lookout 01
by www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

You get to see the best of both worlds here as it offers stunning sights of Batemans Bay in the southeast and beautiful views of the Budawang ranges in the north.

If you come to Holmes, you can sit back and relax or watch the one-of-a-kind sunrise or sunset. Enjoy the mesmerizing. You can have a memorable picnic here with your family and friends. 

Holmes Lookout is the perfect place for bird watching, especially during the afternoon and early morning. You can spot mysterious kookaburras and colourful parrots that make along with some of the most unique species of birds, such as honeyeaters, spinebills, and yellow robbins. Summer and spring are some of the ideal times to visit. You can reach here by your car as parking is also available.

1.2.2 Red Gum Campground

Red Gum Campground is a beautiful camping destination located near the river. It is located only a short distance from Batemans Bay. You can even reach here by canoeing or kayaking, a more fun and adventurous way to enjoy.

 This camping site is perfect for a vacation and a weekend trip away from bustling places. You can find many secluded campsites which allow you to admire nature from up close.

One can even get a glimpse of the wide variety of waterbirds that live there, such as the sea eagles, and experience bird watching that makes for an experience you want to capture in your photos to look back again.

Screenshot 2023 08 06 210555
By nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

You don’t need to pay any camping fee, but they charge an introductory price of $6 for booking. You need to have a prior booking before coming here for camping, and you can either call the national parks contact or book online. 

1.2.3 Beach Campground

Beach Campground is an isolated camping site located near the river. It is a perfect picnic and vacation spot with a panoramic beach view. It is a quaint space where you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful sights. 

But here is the catch. You can only reach here by river, so be ready to cameo or kayak your hearts out. Once you get here, you can stroll down the beach or relax while you enjoy your food or read your favourite book. 

You can even enjoy fishing while you wait, and the excitement of fishing builds while enjoying your view. You might even spot a sea eagle and many different waterbirds if lucky.

There is no camping fee, but you must pay $6 for the booking.

1.3 Oyster Tasting

Batemans Bay is particularly famous for its oysters. Oyster tasting is one of the specialities and one of the things you must try when you come to Batemans Bay.

by visitnsw.com

 One of the most popular places for oyster tasting in Batemans Bay, a unique experience, is the farm gate and oyster shed on Wray Street. It is situated on the banks of the majestic Clyde River at Batemans Bay.

This place is popularly known to have the best oysters in the region. It is a family business that has been running for generations and serving one of the best oysters you could get your hands on. It is a must-visit if you are a seafood enthusiast who loves exploring the seafood of different places and cultures.

 They serve you the freshest oysters and even give you free samples to taste and take with you if you want to enjoy them later. You can enjoy the freshly served oysters while enjoying the spectacular views of the shimmering lake. They also have tarts and coffee on their menu so that you can enjoy various foods. You are bound to fall in love with the place. 

Oyster Tasting Kayak Tour - Batemans Bay

1.4 Birdland Animal Park 

If you want to explore nature up close and experience the real essence of nature, then you should stop by Birdland Animal Park. The park brings you close to heart with its abundance of wild animals and birds.

Birdland Animal Park is home to Australian birds such as kookaburras, gulls, and lorikeets that stay in their natural habitat. The park is home to birds and wild animals such as kangaroos and wallabies. All the wildlife is taken care of by the authorities.

There is also another amusing aspect of this park. A small arena lies outdoors near the train station, where they talk about animals daily. These essentially fun and informative sessions teach about animal behaviour and make you more aware of the do’s and don’ts to remember around them.

Birdland Animal Park - Batemans Bay - NSW South Coast - deer, cassowary, emu, ostrich, kangaroos

1.5 Broulee Beach

If you want to explore the seaside of Batemans Bay, then nothing can beat Broulee Beach.  Broulee Beach is a beach situated 20 kilometres away from Batemans Bay.

Broulee Beach is a part of Broulee Island, a destination loved by tourists and popular among travellers. The beaches are particularly famous for being family- and children-friendly as they offer a delightful and relaxing environment everyone loves.

Broulee Beach is a paradise for surfers and people who enjoy kayaking their paddles through the beautiful beaches. Broulee is also very well known for being the perfect place for cycling. You can cycle from one end of a town to another while catching glimpses of the beautiful postcard-like picturesque views. 

things to do in batemans bay
by lovleah on unlimphotos

Broulee boasts a unique surf culture, especially the north Broulee, considered one of the best beaches on the Australian continent to learn surfing.

In contrast, the southern part of Broulee is more suitable for people at an intermediated or advanced level of surfing, as the beaches are more challenging.  

1.5.1 The Eurobodalla

If you want to enjoy fishing, you should not look elsewhere and head straight to Eurobodalla. Eurobodalla is a place full of adventurers waiting to be explored. Essentially known for its pristine foreshores, estuaries, and stunning lakes, it is one of the best lakes in Australia

Eurobodalla comes from the brinja yuin dialect, which roughly translates to “land of many waters”, as it is no less than a paradise with an abundance of creeks, rivers, and lakes. 

Broulee also offers you the best weather and sights to enjoy a walk. You can stroll the way that connects the town to the beach or explore the Broulee island, dunes, and rock ledges. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 212408
By eurobodalla.com.au

Batemans has a very rich that dates back to some 20,000 years ago. The rich soil and abundance of seas have been the source of life for the indigenous people. Eurobodalla is located in the country called yuin. The country stretches from the Shoalhaven region to the Victorian border.

The police station residence museum and old courthouse are some of the must-visit places to learn about the history and culture of Batemans Bay. Both are managed and run by volunteers from Bateman’s Historical Society and Clyde River.

The museum has many artefacts and photographs, each with a story. 

1.6 Visit Perry Street Cinema 

Perry street cinema is a locally owned, family-run, independent business that continues to show Hollywood movies and locally made independent films. Nestled in the heart of Batemans Bay on the top floor of the city centre arcade, it caters to every age and scene in all genres, making it a rich cinematic experience. 

There is a candy bar that takes care of satiating your cravings for delicious snacks to make your movie experience more fun. They also cater to wheelchair services, and hearing aids are available inside the digital cinema complex. 

You will have a fun time with your family and friends here. Come here for a delightful experience while supporting local businesses. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 211403
By perrystreetcinemas.com.au

1.7 Batemans Bay Local Market

It is a famous local market that operates every Sunday and third Sunday of each month beside the serene Clyde River on the Corriganns Beach reserve in Batemans Bay.

The Batemans Bay local market is a bustling and vibrant market that offers a wide range of stalls that sell everything from gifts, food, and clothing to collectables and many other cool stuff. You can enjoy the market’s ambience with live music and a cup of coffee to complete the whole experience.

This local market makes for an excellent retreat to spend on Sundays in a fun and relaxing way. You can not miss visiting here without wandering in the market on weekends.

With the thriving market stalls, great live music shows from local artists, and delicious treats and coffee, you will fall in love with the market’s great vibes and the lake’s incredible view.

flea market g4dccaaaef 1920
by jackmac34 on pixabay

1.8 Batemans Bay Sculpture Walk

It is an existing walk through the stunning sculptures and bayside vistas. The Batemans Bay sculpture is home to the award-winning sculptures that won awards at the annual Sculpture for Clyde event. 

Amazing outdoor sculptures - Sculpture on Clyde Exhibition

The number of sculptures keeps increasing yearly; in 2002, there were eight beautiful sculptures. Most of the sculptures are crafted and designed in Australia alone.

The sculpture walk starts at seven Clyde Street, Batemans Bay Street, and extends to the Batemans Bay marina.

2. In a Nutshell 

Batemans Bay is a must-visit destination that offers many things to explore and enjoy. Batemans Bay is specifically famous for its pristine beaches and reefs. Some of the most popular spots in Batemans are the Birdland Animal Park, which is home to a massive variety of birds and animals native to Australia, such as koalas and kangaroos.

Clyde River National Park is also one of the most popular destinations for its stunning views and fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, a favourite among tourists and loved by everyone.

Batemans Bay is no less than a paradise that should be on your itinerary list for your next trip. Head to the gorgeous Batemans River without a second thought, and you won’t regret it. 

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