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The Best Theme Park in Gold Coast You Must Visit!

Gold Coast is a coastal city in the Queensland region of Australia. Gold Coast is famous for its sandy beaches, sunshine coast, the long stretch of sand at Surfer’s Paradise, enchanting rainforest, and the best theme park in Gold Coast to be ever found.

It is also home to some of the best theme parks on the Gold Coast. Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Sea World are some of the best theme parks on the Gold Coast.

1. Theme Park in Gold Coast

1.1 Dreamworld

Dreamworld is the largest theme park on the Gold Coast. Dreamland boasts many attractions such as thrill riders, rides you can enjoy with your family, live interactive sessions, and unique animal attractions such as Tiger Island—an Australian wildlife experience.

Without a  shadow of a doubt, Dreamland is one of Australia’s most well-known and biggest theme parks and the most visited adventure destination on the Gold Coast.

theme park in gold coast
by thellem on unlimphotos

Dreamland is undoubtedly a dream come true for all thrill ride enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of exciting rides to choose from. The place caters to everyone’s needs, from family to kids’ rides. 

1.1.1 Family Slides

Family slides make for the perfect rides if you aren’t a fan of too adventurous rides. There are plenty of fun rides that you can enjoy, from the escape to the Madagascar rollercoaster to shockwaves that leave you climbing and plunging in a circle that goes round and round.

It also offers a ride dedicated to the ginger man named Gingy’s Glider. There are also very fun-filled, cute vintage and bumper cars that let you test your driving skills and me, the koala family.

The Wiggles Sing the Dreamworld 'Take a Trip Away' Jingle!

1.1.2 Kids Slides

There are 11 rides for kids in Dreamworld that the kids can enjoy. Have fun in the car and on boat rides that make you feel funny and wiggly, such as Dorothy’s rosy tea cup ride and the giggle and Hoot’s pirate ship.

There is also a fun maze and a puss-in-boots sword swing.

theme park in gold coast
By dreamworld.com.au

1.1.3 Tiger Island

Visit the fantastic tiger island home to rarely found Bengal tigers and Sumantran swim, play around, and at the tremendous island.

Tiger Island ensures you have a perfect wildlife experience full of excitement where you can even interact with the white tiger cubs and cats, pat them, and chat with their trainers. Amazing.

wildlife spotlights tigerupclose
By dreamworld.com.au

Dreamland boasts some of the most thrilling, fastest, and highest rides filled with action and excitement. This popular spot allows you to have fun with your loved ones more excitingly.

Tourists from all over Australia visit this spectacular The Tower of Terror II, one of the theme park’s highlights, one of the world’s fastest and most thrilling rides. The giant drop boasts one of the world’s highest, with a freefall from 39 stories.

1.2 SeaWorld

Seaworld is a premier marine animal park located on the Gold Coast. It is a unique marine park home to a spectacular theme park and oceanarium. It boasts different attractions, such as a theme park, a marine mammal park, and an oceanarium.

Seaworld provides a platform for its visitors to learn more about marine life, animals, and conservation. Seaworld offers a wide range of fun activities to choose from. They also promote and encourage tourists about the importance of wildlife preservation and protecting marine habitats.

Along with the fun and thrilling rides, they also work for the rescue and rehabilitation centre that cares for injured and sick marine animals, wildlife, and orphaned ones. Seaworld not only provides thrilling rides but also has a variety of shows and different experiences.

Sea World Australia Theme Park Review | ReviewTyme

1.2.1  Main Attractions

A monorail links a theme park hotel to the theme park, Sea World Resort, and water resort. Some main attractions include SpongeBob parade pants, dolphin interactions, penguin encounters, a fish detective show, etc. 

Seaword’s dolphin program allows you to interact with dolphins, applaud them for their incredible acrobatic skills, watch them do acrobatics, and make friends with these cute, innocent creatures.

The penguin encounter program allows you to watch the beautiful penguins from up close and interact with the incredible Antarctica penguins.

The sea world is not only home to many sea lions, sharks, and polar bears. At SeaWorld, you get to spend the times of your life indulging in plenty of different fun-filled and exciting activities and experiences. You can also enjoy a hearty meal at their fantastic range of dine-in restaurants and shop your heart out in their shopping complex.

Seaworld is a theme park that makes all your thrills and fun come true. It boasts several different shows and fun activities, along with interactive events. 

1.2.2 Nickelodeon Characters Meet and Greet

Sea World Theme Park| Gold Coast Australia|Nickelodean

At Nickelodeon meet and greet, you meet your favourite childhood cartoon characters, such as the cute Sponge Bob SquarePants, his friends Patrick Star and his neighbour Squidward, and the stingy Mr Crabs in Nickelodeon.

Who does not want to meet our cute Dora, the explorer who made our childhood memorable and fun? You can meet, click pictures and hug Dora the Explorer and the boots outside her home in Disneyland.

1.2.3 Shows and Events Penguin Encounter

It is a unique exhibit that is frozen and is home to the second and third-largest species of penguins worldwide. One can meet them up close while they dive in and out of the sparkling icy water.

You can see them play in their natural habitat, through the underwater window play and while they go under the crystal clear water and have fun swimming. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 190854
By seaworld.com.au Shark Bay

Get ready to witness a magical sight where there are tropical fish and other marine life in the mesmerizing tropical reef lagoon, which is no less than a great barrier reef. The window offers fantastic views of the majestic sharks that swim so elegantly that it leaves you in awe.

You can see the magnificent ocean beings in the vast shark lagoons through the window. It is a two-level exhibit that boasts two views, topside and underwater, along with a snorkel lagoon and a beautiful pool full of sharks that leave you awe-struck. Sea Jellies 

Here, you get to experience the beautiful  Sea jellies with a gorgeous backdrop setting that leaves you in awe. The beautiful colour and jellyfish make for a fun-packed experience that is a treat to the eyes.

Griffith University also offers research labs where you can study and learn about these beautiful creatures in depth, making it a unique experience. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 190622
By seaworld.com.au Turtle Power Live Show

Your wait is over if you have always wanted to see the teenage mutant ninja turtles live. At this live show, you get to be part of the fantastic ninja turtle’s extraordinary actions.

It is a fun-packed adventure where the mutants show you they rule the ninja turtle world with their skills and actions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Show at Sea World, Gold Coast 2021 New [4K] Thunder Lake Stunt Show

This show ensures to keep you amazed with one of the best athletes of the country competing and showing their skills and talent.

Get ready to witness one of the most thrilling and exciting showdowns between the Bay City River rats and the sun state all-stars. You can not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this excellent live show. 

Thunder Lake Stunt Show (2019) Sea World Australia

1.3 Warner Bros. Movie World

Warner Bros. is one the best Theme parks for reliving your childhood dream at warner bros. All your fantasies of meeting superheroes will come true here as you have all your superheroes waiting for you. Come to Warner Bros.

You can meet the movie characters and enjoy the action-packed, exciting rides with themes related to movies such as Superman Escape and the Green Lantern Roller Coaster.

The place is a kids’ fun zone where you can meet your favourite movie characters, such as Looney Toons and scooby doo. There are rides for the daredevils that will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs, such as the Superman escape ride, which accelerates from zero to 100 kmph.

Warner bros. Movie World also boasts a family-friendly park that caters to the needs of everyone, from kids to adults. Warner bros. Movie World offers some of the park’s most fun-filled street performances and shows.

There is also a star parade for kids where you can interact with the looney cartoon characters. You can even shop for sound and buy some movie merchandise. Warner bros. Make sure that you have a memorable experience. 

Screenshot 2023 08 06 191309
By movieworld.com.au

1.3.1 WB Studio Showcase

You will experience everything you can ask for at the WB studio showcase. One can be a part of a unique experience you won’t encounter anywhere. Visit the most giant warner bros.

Batman exhibition in Australia, where you can have fun with several cars, costumes, and props straight from the cinematic universe of Batman, such as the widely popular Batman Returns, The Dark Knight, Batman Forever, etc.

WB Studio Showcase (2019) - Warner Bros Movie World Australia

1.3.2 Star Parade

Star Parade offers some of the best experiences at warner bros—Movie World. The star parade is a dream for all cartoon lovers, where you meet all your childhood heroes and favourite characters.

The star parade starts from scooby doo scoopy castle and continues till Main Street. 

DC Super Heroes & Super Villains Parade (2023) - Warner Bros Movie World

1.4 Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet n Wild is one of the most famous water parks in Australia. It is the largest park in Australia. There are four water pools and seventeen different water slides for adults.

It offers an exciting range of wide rides to enjoy, and there are many children’s friendly pools where the kids can have a wonderful time.

One of their main attractions includes the whirlpool ride, a daredevil ride. It is a one-of-a-kind ride that is especially famous for its giant whirlpool-like swings that make you swirl and spin and will leave your heart racing like nothing else.

Screenshot 2023 08 06 191519
By wetnwild.com.au

The kamikaze, aqua loop, tornado, sky coaster, and aqua falls are other thrilling rides. The kamikaze ride is a ride that gives you an adrenaline rush. If you are tired of all the rides and games, you can relax in the cabana and unwind.

The Calypso beach is also nestled near the Wet n wild park, home to the giant wave pool and lounge. Wet n Wild is a perfect water haven that ensures you have the best times when you can let go of all your worries and enjoy the beautiful weather and adrenaline-packed rides.

1.4.1 Rides Surfrider Ride

Surf your heart out while boarding on board, experiencing one of the most giant waves in the world. You will get to witness one of the most thrilling rides, where you will be merged with your fellow surf mates on a  giant surfboard that goes up and down in a giant wave, which makes you spin round and round.

This heart is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea as there are 360-degree turns and can speed up to 70km/hr.

Surfrider Wet n Wild Gold Coast Kamikaze 

The kamikaze ride is a must when coming to Wet n Wild theme park. This kamikaze ride is among the most sought-after and popular in Wet n Wild theme park.

It is a humongous ride that is U-shaped, and when you are on board, it leaves to clinging to the two-person tube while it moves in the forward direction and reverses the motion.

Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast - Kamikaze | Sidewinder Halfpipe Water Slide Black Hole

As the name of the slide suggests, it’s a slide that is packed with numerous ups and downs and heart-thumping twists and turns inside their black hole.

This slide is definitely for the faint-hearted; even experienced and regular thrill riders will think twice before riding it again.

Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast - Black Hole Water Slides POV

1.5 Whitewater World

White Water World is one of the best theme parks on the Gold Coast. It is a popular tourist destination. White Water World will come to mind when you think of a fantastic water theme park from now on. It boasts about 140 rides, slides, and attractions that offer unlimited fun.

You can buy a basic admission ticket or a multi-park pass, which allows you to get back and forth between white water worlds and the parks, also known as the sister parks of   Dreamworlds, and the Sky Point observation deck for 3-7 days.


White Water boasts many different rides and offers one of the only two LIM-powered rocket coasters and the only eight-lane octopus racer in the world.

Experience the thrill and excitement with each ride Wet n Wild offers, from the super tubes hydro-coaster to the Wedgie. You can also unwind yourself. If you are not a big fan of rides and water rides, you can always go to Cave of Waves and wiggle bay.

You can also buy a multi-park pass through which you can go back and forth between Dreamland and white water world at your convenience any time you wish to. Some of the main attractions of the whiter water world include the triple vortex, pipeline plunge, green room, Wedgie, and Huey temple.

1.5.1 The Green Room

As interesting as the name sounds, it’s one of the wildest and most exciting rides you can ride at the whitewater world theme park. It is one of the most famous thrill rides in the whitewater world.

The green room is primarily known for its deepest and most action-packed part of the wave. When you are on board, you first enter the huge funnel of fun that is said to be located above the ground, and then it passes through the cloverleaf blue tube that can accommodate four people. 

The Green Room at WhiteWater World, Gold Coast

1.5.2 The Wedgie

The Wedgie is remarkably one of the best rides in the whitewater world. There is a launch chamber through which you enter this amazing ride. This ride has five heat-thumping stories, giving you the best adrenaline rush you can ask for.

It then takes you to a trap door, leaving you holding your breath for a while as you struggle to keep your legs away from the translucent pipe. Next, you come across what is known as Australia’s only human half-coil, which leads you to the showdown, where you reach the splashdown pool.

1.5.3 Triple Vortex

As the name suggests, it is a vortex-like ride with three funnels. It is exceptionally fun and one of the most loved rides in the whitewater world.

You enter the ride in a raft that makes its way through the three tunnels. Even more interesting is that the funnels are connected by a series of slide sections under partial light levels.

Triple Vortex Funnel Slide | WhiteWater World

1.5.4 The RIP

The RIP is undoubtedly one of the best rides. It is a 16-meter tower with a complete 12 meters filled with absolute darkness.

The place is a classic twist-and-turn ride that gives you THE THRILLS. It passes through a massive curtain of water. As the excitement builds, it leads you to its last stage, where you end up in the enormous bowl of  RIP.

2. Conclusion- Best Theme Park in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is the perfect place if you are a theme park enthusiast who loves thrill rides from the SeaWorld theme park to warner bros. World, gold coast ensures to give you experience that makes you keep coming back.

Each theme park has many fun activities and events that add up to the fun of the heart-thumping rides. 

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