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Visit 7 Beautiful Spots In Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is a part of the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia World Heritage area, just like Lamington national park, Mount Barney, and the Main Range. It is a protected national park and lies in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Queensland National parks in Australia. The National Park is 100 km away from Brisbane.

springbrook National Park
by Michael Lynch/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Springbrook National Park is a beautiful amalgamation of subtropical and temperate rainforest. It offers a rich diversity of flora and fauna. For all these reasons, properties on Carricks Road are very much in demand. But, the most interesting thing is that traditional owners of the region still own the lands and the properties.

Springbrook National Park is divided into 4 main Parts:

Springbrook Plateau Section

The Plateau section extends from Mudgeeraba to the Nerang River. You can experience so many things here. You can roam into the dense rainforest, ancient Antarctic beech trees, waterfalls, and a lot more.

Springbrook is the amalgamation of eucalypt forests and montane heath. The rainforest valley is surrounded by palm trees, fir, stream lilies. You can go for a picnic and barbeques with family and friends.

Mount Cougal Section to the South East

Although Mount Cougal is a small part of the Springbrook National park, it acts as the preserver of the dense tropical rainforest. It has two peaks and the cave creek named Currumbin and Tallebudgera. You can have a beautiful sight of the Currumbin Valley and enjoy the rock pools.

springbrook national park
by Steve Austin/ Flickr.Copyright 2022

If you want to have a long drive, drive along the valley. It is a great place to relax or have a picnic time together with your family or friends.

There is a high chance of sighting some of the most exotic species, like the water dragon, brush turkey, sooty owls, land mullet, and many more over here.

Natural Bridge Section

There are many walking tracks that would lead to the natural bridge. From there, you can head towards a natural arch-shaped cave. There are many options to reach there, like the Pacific motorway, the Neerang Mudgeeraba road, the gold coast Springbrook road. Preferably the roadway from Springbrook to Mudgeeraba road is the shortest to reach there. It is just 47 km long.

Springbrook national park
by E SSK/Flickr.Copyright 2022.

Get ready to experience the hot air balloon ride over there and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Numinbah Valley in The West

This part of the National park does not have a walking trail. This part of the National Park is home to many species and, perfect for holidays or picnics. During the wintertime, you can relax near the warmth of the bonfire and the barbeques as well.

Don’t Forget To Visit

Goomoolahra Falls

This place offers a wonderful, mesmerizing view of forested gorges and beautiful waterfalls. It’s 100 metres from the car park area. There’s a picnic spot as well. It means the whole family will have a great time together.

From the Goomoolahra falls lookout, you would also find many doing the Warrie circuit. From the Warrie circuit, people enjoy the spectacular sight of Poondahra Falls and the Ngarri Dhum Falls.

Canyon Lookout

From here, you will be having a holistic view of the Springbrook national park and the cool temperate rainforest.

On a walk of 4 km, you will head towards twin falls. Twin Falls is one of the longest trails in Springbrook National Park. It attracts tourists in bulk.

Natural Bridge

It is built over Nerang Murwillumbah Bridge. It provides a walking track of 1 km. This pathway would lead to the beautiful arch-shaped natural cave. This natural cave shelters many species of birds and animals.

Moving 14 km towards west, south-west, you would find Mt Warning. It is one of the ancient volcano vulnerable mountains and a part of the protected national park. Mount Warning also forms a part of the rich heritage of the Gondwana rainforests of Australia.

On the one side of the bridge, you would find the beech trees, tree ferns, fir and the hoop pines tree. You would find many glowworms and birds chirping inside the caves after the night falls.

Purling Brook Falls

This fall is 109 m long. Purling Brook falls is worth watching. You will also have the sight of many exotic birds and insects.

After heavy rainfall, the water flowing creates a mesmerizing view at Purlingbrook falls. This is what attracts many tourists. Yet, the place could be hazardous, sometimes leading to landslides.

springbrook national park
by Andrew Thomas/Flickr.Copyright 2022

Just below the Purling Brook falls lies the Suspension Bridge. It extends to the little Nerang Creek Gorge. It was named so after the Springbrook builder, late John Stacey.

Dancing Waters Cafe

This cafe is located in the vicinity of the car park just near Purling Falls. Serve your empty tummy with the best salads, soups, lunch, and many more.

The Twin Falls and Rainbow Falls

If you are visiting Springbrook National park, this place must not go without visiting. You can start with the twin falls circuit at the Tallanbana Picnic area, followed by rainbow falls.

springbrook national park
by Steve Austin/Flickr. Copyright 2022

Another option is Canyon Lookout. There are signboards as well to guide you through the forest. These falls have trails for hiking, nature walks, picnics, bird watching, and many more activities.

Highlights of the walk:

  • Twin Falls
  • Canyon Lookout
  • Rainbow falls
  • Blackfellow falls
  • Poonyahra falls

Things To do In Springbrook National Park

Walking Tracks

Many walking tracks you would find in Springbrook National Park. These would allow us to explore the natural beauty and the scenic rim. The track extends from 300 metres to 54 km. It is so full of adventure and new experiences.

Guided tours

You can approach many travel agencies for a full day tour to the national parks at night. The package would also include a visit to the natural bridge and the cave where you can see the glowworms.


Springbrook national park is perfect for picnics. You can arrange a fireside for you and enjoy the barbeques. You can also enjoy the experience of short walks along the valleys.


Springbrook National Park has a tremendous diversity of exotic and indigenous birds and animals. Including this, you will also have the luck to see the endangered species that actually ruled the earth many years back.

Many insects such as beetles, lizards, and camouflaging insects, the world’s largest skink, are also sheltered in this national park. The Springbrook National Park maintains the ecological balance with vivid natural vegetation and various flora.

Horse riding

Horse riding is adventurous and exciting where ever you find it.

How Can We Preserve The National Park

Needless to say, the bulk of tourists visit this beautiful place. The spectacular sights, stunning waterfalls attract many people from all over. With all these, it attracts lots of inconvenience for itself.

As tourists may litter here and there, people cut trees. These may disturb the ecological balance. This, in turn, disturbs the diversity of ancient Flora and Fauna.

You can follow the following rules, thereby helping in preserving the precious national park.

  • Do not disturb any plants or animals.
  • Feeding is prohibited, so follow the rule. Fines are imposed on those who abridge the rule.
  • Do not tease the animals. It makes them aggressive.
  • Using soaps and detergent in the preserved area is denied. These, in turn, pollute the water bodies. It also leads to algae growth. Fines are imposed on the abridgers.
  • Follow the walking tracks.
  • This National Park also homes many endangered species. It includes frogs as well. Do not remove the eggs, tadpoles. Do not disturb or tease them.
  • While visiting cave rules at night, bring torches. As glow worms are in plenty there. They are very sensitive to the changes in their environment.
  • Do not point torches at the glow worms. It interrupts their natural being.
  • Put your flash off while clicking for the same reason.
  • Speak softly.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited. The smoke is hazardous for glow worms.
  • Insect Repellent is not permitted. It kills the glow worms.
  • Keep the place clean.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Prefer a day trip
  • Wear camping gear while visiting the park. And get the soil off the gear at the entrance.

Ways To Reach Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National park is around 30 km away from Gold Coast Airport. You will have many options to reach there.

By Bus:

Line 760 bus would make you visit Springbrook National Park from the Gold Coast Airport in about an hour.


You can hire a taxi also for explore Springbrook National Park. The time taken is less but the price little more than the bus

Travel Agencies

You can contact travel agencies for a guided tour to Springbrook National Park. They have their own cabs called Town Cars. They would guide you all through your visit. Finally, they would also drop you to the Gold Coast Airport down to the New South Wales Border.

springbrook national park
by John /Flickr.Copyright 2022

Nature lovers can visit this place at any time of the day. But the best months for the nature walks is from December to March. These months are the blooming months. It is also the time when many exotic migratory birds visit the place.

The entry to the park is open throughout the day. Some entry amount is payable. You can visit their official website to know more about the details.

The park offers many safe and convenient facilities to the visitors, like the Wheelchair facility for the person with mobility limitations.


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