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Renew British Passport in Australia: 101 Guide

A passport is a document that holds significant value, whether the purpose of a visit to another country is diplomatic, official, emergency, or ordinary.

Passports are only issued by the national government, and some subnational governments have the authority to issue them. Only if the national government shares authority.

If one thinks that a passport can only be renewed via the official home country passport office, then one should know that a passport can be renewed in a foreign country, too.

Let’s take it as an example and discuss how to renew British passport in Australia. A fact! More than 1 million British migrants lived in Australia.

1. Renew British Passport in Australia

Renew british passport in Australia how
Image by Ethan Wilkinson from Unsplash

There could be several reasons for renewing a passport, including theft, a lost passport case, or the most common reason: that it has expired. And some people forgot to renew their passports.

Well, honestly, it is a moment of worry; it’s like carrying a gun without any license. So, take a deep breath and look for options; every migrant has the right to renew their passport.

Let’s first tackle the expired British passport and how to renew it. Before moving further, one should know the changes while renewing a British passport in Australia.

According to the official site of UK.gov, as of January 13, this applies to British migrants in Australia who want to apply for a new passport.

have to send an application form directly to the British provincial courtroom by entertaining Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Not in the RPPO of the UK, but in Wellington, NZ.

1.1. Expired British Passport Renewals

According to the BHC, If one is applying for renewal of a British passport within in advance of nine-month, thus, with the new expiry date, the remaining date of expiry will be added.

One can apply online, which is the standard way to renew a British passport in Australia, or through postal means, which incur carrier charges.

The online application form is cost less than the postal method, in the online is costs 10.50 Euro less than the postal which is cost about 16 Euro courier fees with the application form.

Also, the advantage of having a UK passport is that one can use the passport until it expires.

Well, if one wants to renew British passport in Australia online, then it will be hassle-free and take less time to get a new or renew a British passport in Australia.

One has to use a debit or credit card for the payment to renew a British passport in Australia. What if the passport is expired?

Renewing an expired British passport is similar to renewing a British passport in Australia within the validity period.

But passports need to renew within 10 years after expiry. go to the site where one will find the option of “expired UK passport renewal” application form.

1.2. Stolen or Lost UK Passport Renewal

A stolen or lost UK passport is a more serious matter than an expired UK passport. And if one living abroad. Then one first needs to report to the nearby police station.

Then apply to cancel the valid passport immediately by reporting online. If you are the one whose UK passport gets lost or stolen, then go to the reporting section, UK passport online.

After entering the page, an application form will be given where one needs to fill in details of his or her UK passport.

The application form contains the details of the passport number, first name, middle name, last name, DOB, and place of birth. The instructions are given if one does not remember the details.

Thus, one needs to fill in only the blanks that one knows, if one had any photocopies then use the copy in the required field. Hence, for more help contact the UK passport office.

The Passport Office for advice is a much more direct and easy way but not guaranteed they respond as early as possible.

Then apply for a replacement passport, How to apply? Follow these to get a replacement passport from the UK.

  1. One needs to acquire a digital passport photo, make sure to have 2 to 3 digital passport photos.
  2. Fill in the application form details of your own and if it’s on behalf of an adult or a child, fill in their details in the application form.
  3. Submit the necessary documents in the online application form and pay the fee for the application form. There will be an additional 19.86 Euro courier fee.
    1. 94 Euros for adult passports.
    2. 61 Euros for a Child passport.
  4. Then one may receive an identity confirmation call from the UK passport office. Then track the application form and see if anything else is required.

1.3. Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

Renew British Passport in Australia emergency
Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay


An emergency travel passport can also be addressed as an emergency travel document. It is like a magic stick to enlighten the dark situation. By chance, if the passport is lost, stolen, or expired.

Having an emergency travel document helps an individual travel through at least five countries to the destination and for returning to one’s abode.

And one needs to travel early to the home country. The travel plans of an individual will be printed on the emergency travel document,

If there is a change in the travel plans then need to apply for a new emergency travel document British passport.

By any means, one can leave the country via visa, and if an individual wants to travel through other countries then required an emergency passport.

If the final destination is the UK or any other country then the Border staff of the respective countries will cease the Emergency passport.

The Eligibility Criteria for The Emergency Passport or ETD are as follows:

1. Must be of British Origin.

2. Living outside of the British Boundaries.

3. If the passport of an individual is kept in the HM passport office or a foreign country embassy or at worst gets stolen, lost, or expired.

4. If an individual doesn’t have time to renew a British passport in Australia, or before traveling to any other country.

5. One needs to provide travel plan details like tickets for booking confirmations.

Note: Ensure that two-three copies of all the required documents are with you.

2. How To Apply For An Emergency Passport?

The emergency passport gave one the advantage of traveling back to the UK or at least 5 countries if required when one is in the worst situation.

But the drawback is, it can be used only for once while traveling to another country. If one is a British citizen living abroad, it may relieve some exemptions to some extent.

2.1 What is The Procedure to Apply?

One may opt for the online application form method, which is more hassle-free and fast. The fee for the emergency passport application form will be 100 Euro, and non-refundable.

If one applies directly by phone then one needs to pay on-call. And might call and ask the individual to have an appointment with the nearest British Embassy. Which is optional.

  • They will ask you to submit contact details like Email id, or phone number.

2.1.1. Eligibility to Apply for An Emergency Passport?

  • One needs to come under the British Citizens League.
  • Must live or travel in a foreign country.
  • Has a valid or current UK passport, of more than 10 years.
  • Is unable to renew their British passport in Australia or any other nation.
  • Certificate to prove residency or British citizenship.

2.1.2. Required Documents for Emergency Passport

  • Digital photo of the applicant.
  • A Xerox of one old UK passport if any.
  • Blueprint of travel plans.
  • Keep photocopies of each document and may the British consulate ask for further documents.

2.1.3.The Period Of Issuing Emergency Passport

The average duration takes to issue an emergency passport is with 2 working days after collection of the document with the application form. This may require a little longer.

Entering details in the application form will only take no more than 15 mins. The demand is for this type of UK passport, thus, one needs to wait for a confirmation email to collect the ETD.

Thus. it is advised until the emergency passport not been collected by the applicant, be not hasty to make any travel plans.

  • The drawback is that the window of the application paper is only 20 mins for security reasons. Thus one may need to start over again once it’s time out.
  • If one using a shared computer then leave the browser window before shutting down for the safety of data and the British passport online window will save the data.
  • once submit the supporting documents, cannot be revertable, or if any changes in travel plans, need to fill new British passport emergency document.

2.1.4. Emergency Passport Applying for Others

If one applies for an Emergency British passport in Australia or in any other country on behalf of another or for a Child of 16 years old need to book an appointment with a British Consulate.

A child under juvenile age is required to issue a consent signed letter, the detail in the letter given: There are 5 sections of the required field;

  1. Parent or Guardian detail
  2. The detail of the child.
  3. The detail of the individual, to whom the child will attend the meeting.
  4. The detail of the individual who will be traveling with the child.
  5. Complete detail of the travel, The blueprint of the travel.

And the person must come under a British Citizen or British Nationals. The document might need to collect in person.

2.1.5. Application Process of Emergency British Passport

  1. One needs to prepare for several questions to check whether one is eligible or not.
  2. One needs to complete the information required in the application document.
  3. The current UK passport will be invalid and require issuing an emergency passport to travel.
  4. A digital passport photo and the necessary supporting documents. A photocopy of an old UK passport will be a relief.
  5. Once the above points are met then one may select the collection method for an ETD.
  6. Do the payment of non-refundable, 100 Euros, and give an interview with a British Consulate general for completing the procedure.

3. Renew Standard Adult Passport (SAP) in Australia 

It will cost around 82.50 Euro to, renew a UK passport online, and if offline it will cost around 93 Euro. To earn a standard adult passport one needs to be of juvenile age or above.

To renew a British passport in Australia, one must submit the supporting documents to the Overseas passport renewal office. The process of applying is similar to an emergency visa.

The courier fee is also similar to issuing an emergency visa, which is about 19.86 euros. Some conditions need to be fulfilled, to renew a British passport in Australia.

  • The existing UK passport must be expired.
  • No time left for passport renewal.
  • This also depends on the particular country’s rules and regulations, and on how much time will take to renew a UK passport.

3.1. Documents Need; To Renew a British Passport in Australia

The documents required to renew a British passport in Australia are;

A digital passport photo or digital photo, a credit or debit card for passport renewal fees, and a photocopy of the current passport. The renewal process is similar to the ETD.

3.2. British Passport Renew Via Offline

To renew a British passport in Australia online is a stress-free process, but some people like to follow the traditional path. But this only happens in the UK (offline).

Don’t worry they have the online mode, one can make a call on the post advice line, and they will help to fill out the form.

Passport applications are the traditional method of renewing uk passports, most UK citizens like to apply for passports offline. the offline passport renewal process is;

To get a passport either from a post office only which has sent and check services;

    • Some post passport offices can conduct an evaluation of one’s passport which has a check and send services, the chance of rejection is very less.
    • The Passport Post office also has an online service, where one can send a digital photo and the post office will help to fill out the application form.
    • Or, passport post offices have the paper option, too, to renew British passport in Australia.

3.2.1. What is The Cost To Renew British Passport in Australia?

The cost will be 16.00 Euros only to send the digital passport photo to the passport post office, on top of that there may some additional charges include.

But in offline format to renew British passport in Australia included only 16.00 Euros for both the application form and passport photo.

Thus, there is an exemption, if one can qualify for the free check and service, one need not pay any fee, to renew British Passport in Australia.

3.2.2. The Payment Modes, to Renew British Passport in Australia; SAP

The option available is either cash, or use credit or debit card, and the last option will be from the postal order, which is only payable to POL or Post Office Limited.

If there are any mistakes occur in one’s standard adult passport, from the post office then one may get a refund. Only when the HM passport office sends an official letter via mail.

In there the instructions for “how to get a refund” will be given, one can not get a refund, if to renew British passport in Australia, if the application is rejected.

4. Child’s British Passport Renewal

Child passport renew in Australia
Image by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

UK passport renewals have some of the most flexible clauses, which are not so rigid in terms of countries like America, Hungary, or Germany.

The best in the UK government, HM passport office is that one can, whether like renew British passport in Australia, even for a child under 16.

If one living in a foreign land and wants to renew a child’s British Passport, then one may follow the stress-free online method or post method.

4.1. Renew The UK Passport For Child in Time With Supporting Documents

Determining of time to renew British passport in Australia for a child solely depends upon the respective country.

Unlike the standard adult passport, where the remaining validity date will add if one can renew British passport in Australia in a given period.

But at the time to renew British passport in Australia for a child is completely vice versa, one cannot extend or add the validity date on a child’s UK passport and need a new one.

4.2. To Renew British Passport in Australia for Child Under 16; Supporting Documents

The supporting documents required to renew British passport in Australia for the child are;

  • The photocopy or original old UK passport of the child.
  • Passport from different country is also applicable, to renew British passport in Australia for the child.
  • A court order like parental responsibility, or any occupancy address/ account. Which must be relevant to the child.
  • One may require a digital photo or printed passport picture of the child.

To Renew British passport in Australia online, need to pay an amount of 53.50 Euros, either from a debit or credit card. Thus, one also needs to confirm the child’s identity.

If a child is under 12 then one needs to have a witness to confirm the child’s identity. After submitting to renew British passport in America, the child is in the HM passport office.

Then the responsible individual will receive an online confirmation letter from the HM passport office on the child’s identity.

4.2.1. Who Can Confirm The Child Identity?

  • To renew British passport in Australia, for child’s UK passport. There are some exemptions, like only those who are eligible for identifying a Child.
  • The identifier must work in a professional field like; Accountant, airliner, firefighter, or dentist and in various other fields of jobs. He/She must be under or above 18.
  • Live in the UK, know the child for 2 years, must be a neighbour, and hold the current UK passport to renew British passport in Australia for a child.
  • The rest of the passport application process is similar to ETD.

And one can do it via post which will cost around 64 Euros, and send it to the post office of the UK from Australia.

The application will be signed by the parental responsibility individual. Even if the child is under 12 or 15, and if it is under 12 then one must countersign the photo also.

Lastly, they will receive the passport in the working cycle of 1 month but depending on the particular country, in the mailbox via post or courier.

5. Fees for British Passports

Whether it first-time British passport or to renew British passport in Australia, the fees for British passports is cost almost the same but could vary on the type of UK passport.

What will be the fees for British passports depend on what one is applying for. Thus here is a summary of the fees;

    1. Standard Adult Passport; 34 pages UK passport pages; must be of age between 16+, which is cost around in Euros;
      • 82.50 online.
      • 93 via offline.
    2. Standard Adult Passport; 50 pages UK passport pages; must be of age between 16+, which is cost around in Euros;
      • 93.50 online.
      • 104 via offline.
    3. Standard Adult Passport; 34 pages UK passport pages; must be of age between 16+, which is cost around in Euros;
      • 53.50 online.
      • 64 via offline.
    4. Standard Adult Passport; 50 pages UK passport pages; must be of age between 16+, which is cost around in Euros;
      • 64.50 online.
      • 75 via offline.

Exemption, who was born before 2 September 1929, is considered free whether online or offline. Though one can use a payment mode like cash, digital cash, or gateways.

The returning fee for important documents is free of charge if one tries to apply through a postal method to renew British passport in Australia.

Well, there are additional charges if one wants a secure document delivery, which is 5 Euros. This is optional for the secure return of the documents.

If one is born before 2 September 1929, thus he/she may acquire or renew British passport in Australia without any charges or cost. one might use a free postal courier service.

6. FAQs

6.1. To Renew British Passport in Australia; What to Do?

To renew British Passport in Australia, one needs to visit the HM passport or UK.gov site and apply through the various application form.

But if one lives in a foreign country, then, one needs to have the origin of a British citizen and can apply for a new British passport or renew British passport in Australia online.

The cost may differ according to the particular country, in which a passport applicant resides.

6.2. How Much Time Will Take to Renew an ETD?

An (ETD) Emergency Travel Document or Emergency passport is an urgent passport that can be issued for emergency reasons if the passport is expired, stolen, or lost.

The cost will be around 100 Euros approx, and the current or old passport will be invalid. The time will take less than 1 month but depend on submitting documents.

6.3. What are Passport Fees?

The passport fees which is included are almost similar for every type of passport;

Standard Passport is 34 pages UK passport pages and must be at least 16 years old, costing roughly €82.50 online & 93 offline. Standard Passport is 50 UK passport pages,

must be at least 16 years old, and costs roughly €93.50 online & 104 offline. Standard Passport for 34 pages UK passport pages and must be at least 16 years old,

costs roughly €53.50 online & 64 offline. Standard Passport for 50 UK passport pages, must be at least 16 years old and costs roughly €64.50 online & 75 offline.

6.4. How to be Eligible for British Passport Renewals?

The documents are required to renew British passport in Australia, One must be a member of the British Citizens League. You must reside or visit another nation.

Holds a valid or current UK passport that is more than ten years old. The British passport cannot be renewed in Australia or any other country.

A certificate proving residence or British citizenship is required.

7. Conclusion 

Earning a passport is not an easy thing, one is required to put in a hard amount of time to be in the interview process and has a high chance of rejection.

It’s noteworthy that over a million British immigrants resided in Australia. It is regarded as having one of the largest immigrant populations in the entire globe.

Thus, it’s not a surprise that those who want to return to their homeland need to renew their British passports in Australia.

Although the British embassy is located in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and most parts of Australia, it needs to be online, to renew British passport in Australia.

But there may be several options available but the best and only for a British origin is to apply the online mode, as it is faster and more secure.

Besides, there are premium passport options available that can be used on an emergency basis to quickly to their homeland.

To renew British passport in Australia might seem like it will take some hardship for the individual.

But surely it will bring one no matter what the reason, the peace of seeing their motherland again.


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