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Why Visit Purling Brook Falls: 6 Facts to Discover

In the Gondwana Rainforest of Queensland’s South East, Australia, there is a place called Springbrook National Park where you may find the Purling Brook Falls. Because of its remarkable natural beauty, UNESCO has included this horse-tail-shaped waterfall as a World Heritage Site. The gurgling sound made when the water rushes to the pool below gives rise to the waterfall’s name.

One of the most well-liked spots for hiking and trekking is the area around Purling Brook Falls. The fall circuit, a 4 km long path with 265 steps dispersed along the route, must be taken in order to enjoy the best views of the fall.

1. Purling Brook Falls in Brief

In Queensland, Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, there is a scenic natural wonder pool called Purling Brook Waterfall. Lush rainforest surrounds the falls and is accessible via a short hike from the nearby car parking. Purling Brook waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is definitely worth a visit for its beauty.

Starting from the Springbrook Plateau, you may gently make your way toward the Purling Brook waterfall while hiking through the lush jungle and spotting some exceptionally unique types of plants and animals.

There are many things to enjoy here even including the Warring Pool. If you want to get refreshed from the strong Aussie sun, then enjoy a splash in this natural swimming pool named Warringa Pool. This pool is jam-packed with incredible scenery, with deep blue waters sheltered by the lush rainforest surrounding it.

2. The Best Vacation Spot

This beautiful fall is the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. With its refreshing waterfalls and lush greenery, the gorgeous fall is a veritable oasis. The finest part is that Brisbane can be reached in a short drive. Don’t wait any further; just pack your bags and head to Purling Brook Falls for the perfect family or friends getaway.

3. Accommodation and Activities at the Falls

The Gold Coast Hinterland, this local attraction, offers spectacular views, stunning walking tracks, and plenty of accommodation options. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape or just looking for some adventure, Purling Brook Falls should be your next holiday stop.

If you’re looking for accommodation near Purling Brook waterfalls, there are plenty of options available. You can select lodging that fits your needs and budget, including opulent jungle resorts and campgrounds. All offer comfortable rooms and great facilities, as well as easy access to the falls. The three popular and hospitable stays are listed below.

purling brook falls
Courtesy: Cedar Creek Lodges

There are numerous activities available at Purling Brook Falls. There are several walking tracks suitable for all fitness levels, where you can enjoy the stunning scenery and spot wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, and possums.

Notes on the trail route are clearly marked, simple to follow, and can be taken either way. Nevertheless, it is advised that you follow the track anticlockwise so that you can descend the 450 steps and return over a much softer incline. The waterfall looks amazing, and the long hikes are worth it.

4. Array of Wildlife

The stunning area is home to an array of wildlife parks, such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Paradise Country Farmstay Park, and Eucalypt forest and perfect for viewing different animals with a very up close experience. There are several animals you can spot, including cute Australian koalas.

Wallabies and pademelons are only a couple of the numerous animals that live in this region. So, take the time to explore the parks and observe the path of local wildlife and forest in their natural habitat.

purling brook falls
Image by Penny from Pixabay

Referring to Springbrook National Park, which is a part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, is home to beautiful trees that are more than 180 million years old and a multitude of waterways that pour over cascades and waterfalls into the rock pools below.

You’ll be glad you did it! So if you’re wanting to explore a beautiful part of Australia, then look no further than Purling Brook Falls and have an unforgettable experience.

5. List of Things to Do at the Falls

There are many things to do at Purling Brook Falls, making it a favorite place for both Australian tourists and locals.

Several walk trails in the Gold Coast are temporarily blocked due to flood damage caused by a significant rainfall storm in 2022, during which Springbrook received 300mm of rain in less than 24 hours. Here’s a list of just some things busy you can do at Purling Brook Falls:

  1. Take a Hike – The Purling Brook waterfall circuit is a 4.8-kilometer circuit track that winds through the lush rainforest of the national park to the base of the stunning falls. The circuit track takes around two hours to complete and is worthwhile.
  2. Have a picnic – After your hike, why not settle down and have a picnic at the picnic areas at the base of the falls? Bring a rug and a picnic basket full of goodies, and enjoy photos of the breathtaking and spectacular views. Before you go, make a stop at the National Parks Information Center on School Road in Springbrook.
  3. Visit the Lookout – There is a canyon lookout at the head of the Twin Falls circuit, which provides stunning views of the street area. Take the time to soak and breathe in the beauty of the surrounding rainforest and admire the spectacular gushing waterfall. If you haven’t had enough waterfalls, why not travel to other waterfalls sprinkling the park? Towards the end of Springbrook Road lies the wonderful Goomoolahra Falls. Admire the beauty of the beautiful rainforest, valley, the breathtaking falls, steady pace, and lush vegetation.
  4. Go for a Swim – If you feel like taking a dip, there is a swimming pool area at the base of the falls, and it will definitely relax and cool you after a long and tiring hike.
  5. Go Bird Watching – Carry your binoculars and take a stroll through the rainforest to spot some of the local species because the region is home to a large diversity species of birds, including sooty owls and paradise riflebirds.

    purling brook falls
    Image by Jessica Rockeman from Pixabay
  6. Take Photos– Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a pro, the Purling Brook Falls Circuit is an amazing backdrop for a great photo session. Snap some shots of the falls, the rainforest, and the wildlife, and create some amazing memory and magnificent view.
  7. Check out the Glow Worms – If you’re visiting during the evening, you can also check out the glowworms in the Purling Brook Falls area.

There are so many fun things to do at Purling Brook waterfall circuit, and among the several trails that surround the falls, you can take a leisurely casual stroll on any of the gorgeous trails. In addition, you can also enjoy some fishing activities in the creek below the falls.

6. Why you Should Visit Purling Brook Falls

There are many reasons to visit this amazing Australian fall circuit. For instance, you can go for a family gathering at Gwongorella picnic area or hike in the Warringa Pool Track.

  • First, the falls are absolutely stunning to look at, as well as for drinking water. They crash down into a deep pool below, and they cover the surrounding rocks in moss and lichen.
  • You can even go for a swim in the freshwater rock pools beneath Purling Brook Falls to cool off after the stair-down walks and have a great time with mother nature.
  • Next,  Purling Brook Falls is a great place for hiking, and thus it is an ideal spot for all hikers. There are plenty of trails to explore, and you can always find a spot to enjoy a peaceful lunch.
purling brook falls
Courtesy: Unlimphotos
  • The fall circuit has a sizable carpark area with restrooms to use before and after your stroll and is located in the Springbrook plateau section.
  • Lastly, visiting Purling Brook Waterfall is an excellent method to help to increase the community’s economy. All of the proceeds from entrance fees go towards maintaining the falls and the surrounding area. So not only will you have an enjoyable time when you visit, but you’ll also be helping to keep this special place running for years to come.


You can also visit the Natural Bridge along with a suspension bridge, one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the region while hiking in and around the falls. This flatland is now well known as the erosive power of the water that has flowed across the region for ages. There are also more magnificent waterfalls nearby, like Curtis Falls, Goomoolahra Falls, and Twin Falls, as well as mountains like the Tambourine Rainforest Mountain, which is a fantastic location for exploring and hiking.

So you see, the beautiful Purling Brook Falls has so much to offer to the locals as well as the tourists visiting Australia. However, remember to respect the ecosystem of the national parks and not to disturb or hinder any property which will create an imbalance for flora and fauna sustaining in the park.















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