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Why Visit Port Campbell National Park: 5 Key Insights

Australia is rich in heritage, so they are concerned about its ecosystem, biodiversity, and wildlife. So, there are many national parks in Australia. The different locations of these national parks are Victoria, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, and Darwin.

Today we will discuss Port Campbell National Park. It is a world-famous national park located on the Great Ocean Road, southwestern district of Victoria. There are many spectacular coastal formations near Port Campbell National Park.

Bay Of Islands Coastal Park, wild southern ocean, and Great Otway National Park are located adjacent to this national park. The other highlights of Port Campbell National Park are overlooking the London bridge, rugged coastline, more famous twelve apostles, island archway, London arch, limestone stacks, loch ard gorge, and shipwreck coast.

You can see wave sculpted rock formations, sheer cliffs, sea coast, crashing waves, coastal views, beaches, rock stacks, and curries inlet. You can create an extraordinary collection of great photos during the trip to Port Campbell National Park.

1. History Of Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park was established on 5 May 1964. In starting, it was spread over only 700 hectares. After that, the coastline near great ocean road was considered under Port Campbell National Park.

In 1981, the area of the park became 1750 hectares. The nearest town to Port Campbell National Park is Port Campbell. The east side of this national park has Peterborough, Point Ronald, and Princetown. The managing authorities of Port Campbell National Park are Parks Victoria.

In 2002, the Professional Fisherman’s Association tried to block the Marine National Park at the site of the Twelve apostles. Later, the Victorian Government talked to the association and made them understand that this step would harm marine life.

Port Campbell National Park
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2. Features Of Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park has many scenic and natural views. It overlooks offshore islets. Sometimes there are cliff tops and salt-laden air due to the Southern ocean’s harsh weather.

This is a world-famous national park, so it has many features which make it so special. There are many heathlands and fragile grasslands. Many different species of plants and animals make it more awful. The managing authority protects all the species of plants very well.

The location of this national park is very beautiful. It is surrounded by islands, sea, ocean, beach, trails, walking areas, coastline, etc. You can easily get modern equipment and facilities like hotel rooms because there are many towns near Port Campbell National Park.

Port Campbell National Park
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3. Tourist Attractions of Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is a very amazing place. This place is full of natural beauty. You can see many famous natural landmarks in Port Campbell National Park. You can enjoy many activities like short walks, hiking, biking, camping, photography, and watching wave sculpted rock formations.

You can explore many places like the unmissable twelve apostles, London bridge, sea coastline, shipwreck coast, loch ard gorge, port Campbell bay, island archway, beach, and birdwatching.

Many facilities are provided to the visitors like car parking, drinking water, and many more. The undoubted highlight destination of the visitors is the celebrated scenic drives of Great Ocean Road.

3.1. Port Campbell Discovery Walk

Port Campbell discovery walk is a designated path famous for outdoor recreational activities. The course of this walk runs adjacent to the coast of the sea. This walk gives you the awful experience of colorful flora and scenic views of local landmarks.

You will go your own way and get many beautiful flowers and landscapes along the way. This is also famous for the hiking trails, and the path for hiking is four km. Going on this discovery walk, you will explore many scenic views of Port Campbell National Park.

This walk covers the incredible views of Sentinel Rock, Twelve apostles, and Loch ard. This is amazing, so that you will get an extraordinary collection of your photographs. This will be your best time in Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia.

3.2. Twelve Apostles

Twelve apostles are Victoria’s natural and local landmark, located in Port Campbell National Park. This place has a group of towers within stack’s reach. It is a group of seven piles of limestone.

The linking bridge between these stacks collapsed, and now there is an ongoing connection between these stacks. The coastline renowned takes place after the collapse.

The other highlights of the twelve apostles are you can see a view of the Indian Ocean and enjoy the stacks and rocks from the beaches.

Port Campbell National Park
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3.3. London Bridge

London Bridge is also a famous rock formation site in Victoria, Australia. After the island archway collapsed, this bridge became known as London Arch. This was the bridge that connected the mainland, and it collapsed.

During the collapse, it made a sole arch so that its name was changed to London rch from London Bridge. You can view many beautiful coastal scenes and natural beauty from this bridge.

3.4. The Grotto

The Grotto is the coastline of the Port Campbell National Park. This place gives a unique view of the sea. There are many naturally formed skin holes so that the sea looks unique.

It is a perfect location for clicking photos and making an extraordinary collection of your photographs. There are car park facilities near this place so the visitors will not face many problems.

Port Campbell National Park
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3.5. Gibsons Steps

If you enter from the national park’s east side, the first thing you will see is Gibson Steps. There is a beach in Gibson, and from the top, it gives a rare view of the beaches, sea, and cliffside.

Gibson beach is so famous because there is golden sand on the beach. It is near the Twelve Apostles and the Great ocean road so you can move to these places after visiting it. The best time to visit Gibsons step is during the low tide period.

3.6. Port Campbell Bay

Port Campbell Bay is the main town hub to visit this national park. You can access this bay by the Great ocean road. Many boats are moving from this area, so there is heavy traffic.

This bay originated from two cliffs shielding. It is located in Lord street, the region’s main commercial area. The street-lined shops are converted into green space and then to beaches. 

It is a tranquil bay, and very gentle waves of the ocean come here, so the visitors can easily enjoy swimming, fishing, and surfing. 

Port Campbell National Park
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3.7. Mutton Bird Island

Muttonbird Island is where birds take shelter in the Port Campbell National Park. There are more than 12,00 birds who live here. The best period to visit Mutton Bird island is from September to April.

The birds discover their burrows within the island. You can see them returning from the migration in the evening when you visit the flocks of birds flying in the sky. That will be a breathtaking view. You can also use your binoculars for a more focused and clear picture.

This island has a unique shape and features. It has a form of a person with arthritis made due to erosion. It is a special place which you have not seen before.

3.8. Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is located near the Twelve apostles. It is a frequent stop when walking on the Great Ocean road. You can also enjoy the scenic views of the ocean from this place because of the trail in this place.

This place tells you a lot about the history of this place. There is a museum which helps you to discover many reasons behind the different historical stories of many areas of Australia like Melbourne, Victoria and so on. 

Port Campbell National Park
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4. Trails to Explore in Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park has many trails that you can visit. These trails give you exposure to the natural environment. You will get fresh air and become more energetic after hiking or walking on the trails.

Walking or hiking is a physical exercise that will benefit your body and mind. These trails give you a natural environment.

4.1. Newfield Bay Walking Trail

Newfield Bay is a very beautiful place. Have a walk to this place, and you will find yourself very close to nature. You can complete this trail either by walking or biking. You have to register yourself before visiting this trail. There are no registration fees. Registration is free of cost.

You can enjoy the beautiful views of other trails like Papermill Trail and the eastern Promenade trail. You can also enjoy birdwatching on this trail. Pets are not allowed on this trail.

Port Campbell National Park
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4.2. Loch Ard Gorge Shipwreck Coast Walking Trail

Loch Ard Gorge is a very vast area. The Shipwreck coast is the route for more than 600 ships. It is an easy walk. You can enjoy incredible views of the southern ocean and coastline. There is a tragic tale of the iron-hulled clipper.

This place has a unique story of two sole survivors Eva and Tom. It has many facilities for the visitors like loch ard gorge car park. There are some rules and regulations on this trail so keep them in mind. Take a map with you when you walk on this trail.

4.3. Great Ocean Road Walk

This is a walking trail in which you will enjoy the shores of the Gellibrand River. You can enjoy the weathered limestone cliffs during this walk. You can enjoy many fun activities near the river.

Your journey will come to an end by looking at the sunset. During this walk, you can see the perfect view of the Twelve Apostles and Gibson Steps. At the end of this walk, you will enjoy the heartwarming picture of the sunset.

Port Campbell National Park
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4.4. Fishing Track

The fishing track is an amazing place in Port Campbell National Park. The marine life of this national park is awesome. You can enjoy fishing with new equipment and techniques. This track provides various facilities to visitors.

There are some rules and restrictions of this place which you have to follow. You have to book your entry before visiting this place. All fireworks activities are strictly prohibited in this place. You are not allowed to do any camping near the fishing track. You are not allowed to use drones without permission.

4.5. Island Archway Walk

Island Archway is a very beautiful place; imagine yourself walking in this beautiful place. This trail takes you to the great ocean road. You can enjoy short walks on this trail.

The island archway collapsed in the year 2009. Only two rock pillars are left after that collapse. This trail has many beautiful locations. You can click pictures in that locations.

Port Campbell National Park
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5. Wildlife of Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park is very rich in wildlife. Many species of animals, birds, and plants are found in this national park. Many wildlife photographers visit this Port Campbell National Park to click photos of animals and birds.

Some animal species which you can see are Black Wallabies, Short Beaked Echidnas, Koalas, Glow worms, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Australian Fur Seals, Marsupials, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and so on.

Some bird species found in Port Campbell National Park are Cape Barren Goose, Musk Duck, Maned Duck, Black Swan, Pacific Black Duck, Australian Shelduck, Hardhead, Chestnut Teal, and Gray Teal.

Some species are cushion bush, drooping sheoak, messmate stringybark, coast beard heath, common reed, prickly Moses, white cores, Port Campbell guinea flower, clematis, and so on.

Port Campbell National Park
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Final Note

Nowadays, the daily life of everyone is very busy. They even don’t get some time for their friends and family. Due to this, the next generation is a little bit away from the natural heritage of their country.

There may be many reasons for ruining the ecosystem, biodiversity, and heritage. So, it is necessary to conserve your country’s biodiversity and heritage. The national parks are doing this job perfectly. Today we have discussed one of Australia’s national parks, Port Campbell National Park.

There are many places in Port Campbell National Park where you can enjoy, perform many physical activities, and do adventure. This national park conserves flora and fauna of the country. Along with this, it helps you to know about the heritage of your country.

Port Campbell National Park is a world-famous national park. The main attractions of this national park are the sea coastline, beach, ocean, port Campbell bay, London bridge, twelve apostles, wave sculpted rock formations, and so on. For more information, you can visit the official site of Port Campbell National Park.

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