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Montezuma Falls – 6 Essential Things To Know

The Montezuma Falls on Tasmania’s west coast can be described as both enchanting and intriguing. As Tasmania’s highest waterfall, it is a feast for the eyes of the beholder.

Many visitors have witnessed it to be one of the most impressive waterfalls in all of Australia. The entire place exudes beauty and tranquility and the experience, on the whole, is altogether amazing.

But then again, you cannot expect the highest waterfalls in Tasmania to be any less worthy. Do you? Well, absolutely not! Not only will you be viewing Tasmania’s highest waterfall here, but you will also become one with nature along with a natural collage of myrtles, sassafras, leatherwood ad giant tree ferns.

With a wonderful mix of endless blue skies and a rich variety of priceless birds, Montezuma Falls is truly a paradise on earth.

Montezuma Falls
Image by chesshirecat from Pixabay

1. What To Expect From Montezuma Falls? – A Brief Hike Summary

The Montezuma Falls track path is the historic route used by the North East Dundas Tramway. As a level track, the short walk is a fairly easy grade hike and the bush is quite beautiful as well.

The hiking track to the falls begins from Williamsford. It can be described as a fairly pleasant hike in an open park-like rainforest. The pleasant park-like rainforest is filled with beautiful leatherwood, myrtle trees, and eye-catching fungi.

The entire hike is a three-hour return walk wherein you will have a tremendous opportunity to get close to several exotic birds, notably white’s thrush. The White’s thrush is a medium-sized, speckled brown and white ground-dwelling bird.

Montezuma Falls
Image by Takashi Yanagisawa from Pixabay

The uniqueness of the White’s Thrush is that it forages quietly on the rainforest floor and is most likely to fly only a short distance when disturbed. Shortly after that, it settles back again on the rainforest floor to help you get a second look.

2. Getting To Montezuma Falls

The most convenient way to get to Montezuma Falls would be from Queenstown. From here, head north on A10 towards Rosebery for about 50 km.

Just before two kilometers south of Rosebery, take the right turn to Williamsford. You will find a ‘Montezuma Falls’ sign posted here. Then follow along this road for six kilometers to reach the car park. The entire road to the falls is mostly gravel so it is wise to travel carefully.

Montezuma Falls
Image by chesshirecat from Pixabay

3. When Is the Right Time To Visit Montezuma Falls?

Montezuma Falls can be visited at any time of the year. There is no need to wait for a particular season to see these stunning waterfalls.

Montezuma Falls
Photo by Viviamo from Depositphotos

It is an absolute delight to be able to head to Montezuma Falls and be a part of nature, landscape, and native wildlife. Apart from birdwatching and nature photography, visitors will journey through time to witness the rail and mining history of the region.

If you are looking to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the West Coast Range, then the village of Rosebery would be the ideal location. It also offers you delightful shopping and picnic opportunities.

4. Montezuma Falls Walking Track

The Montezuma Falls was named after a powerful Aztec Emperor and as the name suggests, you can expect it to be grand and imposing.

As you follow along the former tramway track on this thickly forested west coast that is wet and steep, you will be forced to wonder as to how they ever built a tramway here!

Types of Walking Tracks on Montezuma Falls

  1. Easy Montezuma Falls Track – A leisure route that begins from Williamsford Car Park

  2. Challenging Montezuma Falls Track – A longer route that begins from Melba Flats or Zeehan

The walking track eventually will help hikers to reach the base of the 104m high falls. An interesting piece of information would be about the creek immediately found below the falls. It was once spanned by the wooden trestle bridge.

A magnificent bridge that stood 160 feet long and 50 feet high is now derelict pieces of timber, moss-covered concrete piers, and rusty bolts. It is sad to note that these are the only remains of the Wooden Trestle bridge.

Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that this location offers beautiful views of the back of the falls and the western rainforests. Kindly note that the hikers have to return vide the same track.

5. Montezuma Falls Suspension Bridge

The Montezuma Falls Suspension Bridge is found just five kilometers from the Montezuma Falls Walk. The famous bridge is both scary and impressive at the same time.

The falls can be viewed from here or you can choose to continue to the end of the walking track below the main part of the falls.

Either way, the Montezuma Falls will never cease to impress you. The magnificent waterfall continues to cascade towards the end of the track beneath the suspension bridge.

Montezuma Falls
Image by James Thompson from Pixabay

6. Safety Precautions And Things to Know Before Heading To Montezuma Falls

  • Restroom Facilities and Picnic Tables can be found at the beginning of the walk.
  • Rosebery is the closest destination for shopping.
  • Unsafe for anyone to drink or swim in the creeks due to heavy metal contamination from historic mining.
  • To cross the creeks, it is advised to use only the bridges provided and never to swim across them.
  • Always be ready for any weather. Carry a light pack that contains a weatherproof coat, a warm hat, and water. The water quantity is 1 liter per person. It is advised to carry high-energy food and a first aid kit.
Montezuma Falls
Photo by brozova from Depositphotos
  • For sunny days, you need to carry a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Insect repellant is another essential commodity.
  • To avoid littering, please carry a small garbage bag.
  • Carry a mobile if you find phone reception but limit the use of the battery.
  • Always be ready if your short walk takes you to remote areas. Carrying extra food and an emergency tent is advised.


Tasmania has gone well and beyond Australia’s reputation as a dry desert filled with creepy crawlies. There are many great places to visit in Tasmania.

As an island with the freshest air in the world, Tasmania is now known as the land with abundant rains. This has mainly resulted in pristine waterfalls throughout its natural surroundings.

Largely untouched by mankind, Waterfalls in Tasmania continue to remain rugged, wild, and beautiful.

Standing at an impressive 104 m height, Montezuma Falls is known as one of the tallest waterfalls in all of Tasmania.

One can never cease to wonder if the waterfall was exclusively designed as a waterslide jutting out of the cliffs around it. Head to Montezuma Falls on your next getaway weekend to experience a rainforest surrounded by lovely trees and beautiful birds and be captivated and mesmerized by the true beauty of nature.

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