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Lawn Hill National Park: 12 Updated Facts

There are many national parks in Australia. These national parks play an important role in maintaining the Australian heritage and culture. One of those parks is Lawn Hill National Park. It is also known as Boodjamulla National Park. Sometimes it is also known as Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park.

There are many famous sites which you can visit. Lawn Hill National Park is located in the Shire of Burke, Queensland, Australia. This national park comes under the Riversleigh world heritage site.

Some of those sites are Lawn hill gorge, lawn hill station, adele’s grove, Indarri falls, and many walking trails. The lawn hill gorge is divided into three parts: upper, middle, and lower.

This national park has lush vegetation and rich wildlife. There are many species of animals and birds. There are numerous freshwater springs and emerald green waters, so many marine animals also take shelter in this national park. Many islands and national parks come under the Great Barrier Reef. Lawn Hill National Park is one of them.

1. History of Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park was established in the year 1985. About 17,000 years earlier, the land of this national park was occupied by Waanyi aboriginal people. At that time, this place is known as Rainbow Serpent country. Before the Waanyi people, the traditional owners of this land were the Injilarija people. The evidence of these people is got in this place. These people live in the gorge area with midden heaps, rock art, campsite, bush camp, limestone plateau, sandstone ranges, Mt Isa, Constance range of Adel’s grove, grinding stones, and many more.

Before 1984, this area was a part of Lawn Hill Station. In earlier times, this nation’s people’s cultural heritage was very rich. After Lawn Hill national park was established, some more area was added to the national park to extend its scope of National Park.

On 8 August 1994, Lawn Hill National Park came under the Amendment of the Nature Conservation Act of 1992. After this decision, the managing authorities collaborate with the Waanyi people. In the year 1994, the Waanyi people claim the Native Title. In 2010, they got a native title and some rights to their cultural heritage.

2. Geography of Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park was established in a 2,820 km sq. area. This national park was located the northwest Queensland, Australia. The sides of this national park are 340 km on the northwestern side of Mount Isa.

The nearest town to Lawn Hill National Park is Burketown. The managing authority of this national park is Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

This national park comes under World Heritage Area. Generally, the Riversleigh fossil site comes under the heritage site. It is located in the northern territory.

This national park has many native plants due to the wet tropics environment and wet season. But here is the dry season, too, so many plants can grow in both seasons.

Lawn Hill National Park
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3. Flora of Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park is very rich in plants. It has plants like herbs, shrubs, climbers, trees, and creepers. There are other species of plants which you can see here.

Eucalyptus trees, spinifex, grevilleas, and acacia plants can be seen in the hilly sandstone area. The area near the water is rich in river red gums, ferns, cabbage palms, Mitchell grass, ferns, western bloodwoods, paperbarks, figs, and pandanus.

Ferns, bulrushes, water lilies, sedges, and mosses are some aquatic plant species found in this national park. The managing authority of Lawn Hill NP takes good care of the vegetation of this area. You will find many new species of wildflowers in Boodjamulla national park.

4. Fauna of Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park is very rich in native wildlife. The gorge area of this national park has a high population of freshwater crocodiles.

Other species found in this national park are rock ringtail possum, agile wallaby, archerfish, wallaroo dingo, northern snapping turtles, catfish, olive python, wild dogs, and many fish species.

Boodjamulla national park has an Important Bird Area. More than 140 birds take shelter in this national park. These birds are barking owl, wedge-tailed eagle, crimson finch, buff-sided robin, spinifex pigeon, great bowerbird, kestrel, painted honeyeater, brolga, red-collared lorikeet, zebra finch, purple crowned fairy wren, budgerigars, and Carpentaria grasswren.

You can visit Lawn Hill National Park all year round but are not allowed to disturb the national park’s wildlife.

Lawn Hill National Park
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5. Lawn Hill Gorge Carves

Lawn Hill Gorge is a beautiful place rich in emerald waters, wildlife, and lush vegetation. Lawn Hill Gorge carves have exceptionally beautiful views, an oasis in the outback, and walks. You can reach here by following Barkly highway.

You can enjoy tent camping and caravan camping here. There are many pre-erected tents which you can use camping. Along with camping, there are picnic tables as well. You can also capture the film of beautiful views with the help of flying drones. Campfires are not allowed at Lawn Hill Gorge.

6. Lawn Hill Creek

Lawn Hill Creek is the formation unit of Lawn Hill Gorge. It contains many fossils of world heritage. The lawn hill creek has many freshwater lakes in the western direction. They also provide sandstone cliff lining in the magnitude of the gorge. The beauty of this place is exceptional.

Lawn Hill National Park
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7. Riversleigh World Heritage Site

Riversleigh World Heritage Site is famous for the fossils found in the Lawn Hill National Park. This world heritage site is a part of the Australian Fossil Mammal Site. Around 10,000-hectare of the area comes under it.

Much research is conducted in this area to know more about fossils. The University of New South Wales conducts the investigation. Mike Archer and his colleagues do the research. They found that diluted acetic acids are the most effective way of extracting fossils.

8. Campgrounds in Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla lawn hill np campground is famous for the activities the visitors can perform here. You can go camping, canoeing, kayaking, and many more activities. These activities keep you physically fit.

We will discuss two favorite campgrounds of Lawn Hill National Park.

8.01. Adels Grove Camping Park

This is a favorite campground of Lawn Hill National Park. You can stay here at night and enjoy the campfire with your friends. Prepare well before camping because you have to carry many things with you.

Don’t forget a pair of shoes with a good grip. Bring some rubber gloves, antiseptic wipes, prescribed medicines, band-aids, and waterproof matches.

Lawn Hill National Park
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8.02. Miyumba Camping Area

In this camping area, you will enjoy birdwatching a lot. You will see many flocks of birds passing over your head. This is the best place for wildlife spotting. It is located near Gregory River. There are many facilities given to the visitors in this camping area.

This camping area has toilet facilities, tent camping areas, and camper trailer camping. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars if you want to watch the flock of birds.

9. Walking Tracks in Lawn Hill National Park

Every national park has so many walking tracks. People can enjoy hiking, cycling, biking, and walking on these tracks. These walking areas help the visitors to explore the national park easily.

You will encounter many new species of plants, animals, and birds. You will explore distinct locations of the national park. You will also meet with the aboriginal people and learn about their culture.

10. Attractions of Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park is very rich in historical things. In this national park, you can visit lawn hill gorge (it includes the upper valley, middle gorge and lower gorge), the sandstones Constance range, rock outcrops, rugged escarpments, alluvial flats, clay plains, mount Isa, Gregory river, Adel’s grove, lawn hill creek, Riversleigh fossil site, Duwadarri lookout, Indarri falls, and native wildlife.

Lawn Hill National Park
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11. Accommodation Options in Lawn Hill National Park

Boodjamulla Lawn Hill National Park has a lot of accommodation options. This national park is established over a large area, so it is difficult to explore in a day. So people stay here at night and then move forward and explore the remaining things.

There are bushranger quarters, eucalyptus ensuite rooms, and outback ensuite rooms. All these places have all the required facilities. They have air-conditioned rooms, beds, storage space, linen, pillow, towel, and many more.

All these affect visitors’ experience. They start loving the place as they are not facing any problems with accommodation facilities.

12. 7 Days Drive Of North West Queensland Parks

This 7 days drive starts from the Savannah way. This drive covers all the areas of rainforest and reef. The routes of this drive are very comfortable. Generally, it is a four-wheel drive because it is a long route, so people use four-wheelers.

Let’s discuss the 7-day tour program in detail.

12.01 Day 1 Cairns To Atherton Tablelands

On day 1, you have to start from Savannah way. This route passes through agricultural lands and townships. The main attractions of this place are rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and lakes.

You can stop and have your meals at Mareeba. You can also explore Kuranda village during this trip. There are powered sites where you can get more information about the route and the places where you can stay overnight.

Lawn Hill National Park
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12.02 Day 2 Mareeba To Undara

On the second day, you can start your trip from Mareeba and travel in the south direction. You will reach the Volcanic National Park. After exploring this national park, you will move forward to the Archway Explorer, which is famous for its architecture and caves.

You can stay at 15 Queensland Rail Carriages after finishing your travelling on day 2. You can also follow another route for the same visit; it is from Chillagoe to Undara.

12.03 Day 3 Undara To Cobbold Gorge

On day 3, you must travel from Undara and reach Mount Surprise. Then you will move to Georgetown and explore the incredible views of Etheridge river. Here you will see many gemmany semi-precious gemstonesove westward, and you will reach Cobbold Gorge. This is the youngest gorge in Queensland. Explore it completely, and then you can stay at Cobbold Village at night.

12.04 Day 4 Cobbold Gorge To Croydon

On day 4, you have to leave Cobbold Gorge and reach Croydon. This town has very big historical stories. It was believed that the discovery of gold took place in this town in t885.

Some more things which you can explore in Croydon are Croydon tracks, Gulflander, Croydon Mining Museum, and Lake Belmore. For more information, you can also visit True Blue Visitor Centre.

Lawn Hill National Park
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12.05 Day 5 Croydon To Karumba

On the fifth day, you have to move forward and reach Karumba. You can get Karumba by following the route of Normanton. It is located near the Norman river. Karumba beach is the main attraction of this place.

This place is more prone to fishing. You can eat a variety of sea foods here. You can relax and watch the incredible sunset views on Karumba beach. At night you can stay here and enjoy your time at the Anchorage Bar and Cafe.

12.06 Day 6 Karumba To Burketown

On the sixth day, you have to move forward from Karumba and reach Burketown. This town is very important in the history of Gulf Fever. You can visit a lot of aboriginal people like Garawa and Gangalidda.

You can also enjoy the cruises at the Alberta river. You can also look at the sunset at Alberta river, and at night you can stay at Burketown.

12.07 Day 7 Burketown To Boodjamulla National Park

On the last day of the tour, you will reach the Boodjamulla national park. Now, you have to explore the national park the whole day. You will see the vibrant colours of nature here. You will see the fringing rainforest and sandstone peaks.

You will also encounter the Indigenous people of this place. According to those people, the Rainbow Serpent plays an important role in the formation of the

Final Note

Today we have discussed Lawn Hill National Park. This is a famous national park located in Queensland, Australia. This national park has many historical approaches. It plays an important role in the formation of the gorge.

If you are here, explore Lawn hill gorge, Adels grove, wild dog dreaming track, Indarri falls, rivers, lakes, and many campgrounds. In earlier times, the traditional owners of this place are Waanyi people.

They love their culture and heritage, so they have fought for their culture. Now, they are living in the Lawn Hill National Park and follow all of their cultural heritage. By exploring this national park, you will learn a lot about the cultural heritage of the Waanyi people.

Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
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