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Lamington National Park: 20 Astounding Things to Do

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia is a world heritage site and the most expensive subtropical rainforest in the world. Lamington National Park is a part of the Gondwana Rainforests and there are numerous astounding things to do in this national park. 

One can do camping, trekking, sightseeing, and have some picnic on tables that are prearranged. You will find so much to do in the Lamington national park, such as watching wildlife in their natural habitat, walking on tracks, or coming close to clouds. 

Step back in time like you have stepped back millions of years because such is the aura of the Gondwana rain forest of Australia. The Carboniferous period is like a timed itinerary of 299 to 359 million years ago (even before Gondwana formed).

Explore the Toolona creek circuit in the green mountains for a timeless experience in Lamington National Park. Discover king fern and many other ancient flowering plants which once covered the continents.

Things to do in Lamington National Park

Here is the list of things one can feel rejoiced doing it in Lamington National Park:

1. Feel like Time Traveling in Lamington National Park

lamington park jurasick era
By Bertknot/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Experience the Jurassic period with conifers in the form of hoop pines preserved on Auracaria. Look out for ancient tracks in the Binna Burra section of the Lamington National Park.

Go through time travel perception in the Cretaceous period that is the age of Angiosperms, this is when flowering plants first appeared. Windup through the rain forest on a track flanked by abundant stream lilies.

The last stop is the Cenozoic era, around 60 million years ago when Australia separated from Gondwana, Lamington National Park and new flowering plants acacias and eucalyptus appeared. The Dave’s Creek circuit is another thing to witness the change in vegetation with time.

2. View Elusive Wild Life in Lamington National Park

The real and free-of-cost show begins when the real players of the Gondwana rain forest come into play. These are the singers, dancers, and show’s toppers of their wild home. The forest that is home to more than 400 species has a lot to show in the elusive wildlife in Lamington National Park. Hence, the wildlife is wondrous in its beautiful ways.

3. Watch Satin Bower birds Show

This is a center of attraction in the Lamington National Park, where the male Satin birds love the center stage. The birds sing and dance every day to entice the olive-green female to mate. One can take a glimpse of their performance while going around the forest floor at any time of the year. 

4. Listen to Albert’s Lyrebird Song in Lamington National Park

Another singing bird with an almost opera-worthy voice is Albert’s Lyrebird. You will need a video camera to record his unmistakable voice and a glimpse of his tail feathers, long ribbon-like dark brown plumes because it has been mostly heard that these shy birds in Lamington national park are difficult to capture.

If you don’t want to go into the forest and still enjoy the environment, then the 7 stroller and wheelchair-friendly walks are your destinations. This is an easier way for you to get into nature’s lap.

Therefore, visit this park and enjoy without getting into the forest, and bring toddlers as well as old-aged family members in this stroller and wheelchair-friendly terrain.

5. Camp in Bunyaville Conservation Park

Camp, retreat in the Bunyaville forest canopy, and leave the inner city hustle behind. The park is minutes away from the center of Brisbane. Pack food or enjoy onsite barbecues in this location near Lamington National Park.  

6. View Amazing Outlook in D’Aguilar National Park

Find panoramic views over Moreton island, Samford Valley, and Glasshouse mountains. Take a stroll, head west from Mount Nebo to West ridge outlook, or head a little further to Mount Nebo to visit Maiala for the spectacular view.

7. Wind through Tall Hoop Pines in Lamington National Park

lamington national park
By Queenslandstatearchieve/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Wind your way through tall hoop pines or lush subtropical rainforest and find plenty of things to do here. A person can also rest in one of the many rest areas here in Lamington National Park. 

8. Explore Tracks in Pine Ridge Conservation Park

Explore a pretty pocket of remnant wallum heath, northern eastern boundary tracks, and witness fame-sacked kingfisher. One can plan a picnic on one of the previously built tables and look for bearded dragons on a tree trunk, in Pine Ridge Conservation Park, near Lamington National Park.

9. View Clouds in Spring Brook National Park

Spring Brook National Park is situated in the high hills of Gold Coast Hinterland. One can visit it on a clear day and get views of clouds on these hills.

10. Picnic in Samford Conservation Park

Nearly 20 kilometers away from Brisbane’s City Center, immerse yourself in the peaceful bushland of Samford Conservation Park. It is a heaven for both visitors and native wildlife. Get around in the wheelchair-accessible Gully picnic area near the Ironbark, nestled in the eucalyptus forest.

A person can enjoy watching the colorful birdlife, birds feeding on nectar-rich red ironbark flowers, flying koalas, Pooch, and pretty wildflowers that would make his day.

11. Get a Breath of Refreshing Coastal Air in Burleigh Head National Park

lamington national park
By Thinboyfatter/Wikimedia, Copyright 2022

Burleigh’s head rocky headland is equipped with refreshing coastal air. One can walk in this area of the rocky headland and clear their brain inside out with the booze of refreshing air. He can also discover Pandanus Groves and rain forest inside this park.

Entertain yourself by watching white-bellied sea eagles and dolphins roaming and playing offshore. After you have taken the walk and watched the birds, have your lunch in the picnic area on the Goodwin terrace, Burleigh head, near Lamington National Park.

12. Watch Amazing Scenery on Bush Walks on the Gold Coast

Visit and feel the magical breeze on Bushwalk on the Gold coast and enjoy breathtaking scenery in the green forest of Gondwana, near Lamington national park. The amazing scenery here is going to mesmerize your soul in as little as two hours. 

Visit the Gold coast hinterland for an awesome experience. Here, you can view colorful birds in their natural habitat and listen to birds chirping to have a mind soothing experience.

Observe the amazing rainfalls that will take your breath away in the hinterland. The most exciting part here is breathing the fresh mountain air while you spectate the magnificent mountains in the hinterland valley. 

The nearby Numinbah valley also has a lot to offer to visitors. When you visit here, take a glimpse at the incredible scenery of this valley and make stunning memories. Enjoy the prodigious view of wild and domestic animals pasturing in the grasses of the valley and make memories of the rain forest walks in Numinbah valley with the splendid view of the valley.

13. Walk on Curtis Falls (Lower Creek Circuit)

You have to drive for an hour from the Gold coast to visit the Curtis Falls on Tamborine mountain. This is an island of ancient lava immersed in the beautiful landscape of the Joalah section of Tamborine National Park, near Lamington national park.

You can watch the splendid Eucalyptus forest while walking on the Curtis Falls. The lush rain forest beneath Staghorn Ferns, near Curtis Falls, is a major attraction.

By Tatters/Flickr, Copyright 2022,

14. Delve into Palm Grove Circuit

lamington park
By Thinboyfatter/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Visit the Palm Grove section and embrace its greenery, colorful plants, and wildlife. Don’t forget to spot colorful fungi on the forest floor and capture it in your camera.

The pigeons, doves, and a group of birds in their canopy and feeding fruits on trees and butterflies laying their eggs on palm leaves are moments worth capturing in your camera.

15. Time Travel in Tullawallal Circuit

lamington national
By Thinboyfatter/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Nearly an hour’s drive from the Gold coast will take you to the Tullawallal circuit. There is a chain of mountains that lies towards the south of the Lamington national park which is a part of the world heritage site and provides an amazing view.

This area makes a person feel as if he has come to a different time era and reminds him of the Dunwich Island of North Stradbroke Island

16. Explore Python Rock Track

lamington park
By Thinboyfatter/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Python Rock Track is a series of green mountains also known as O’Reilly that is situated on the western side of Lamington national park. It takes an hour to travel 36 km to reach here from the Gold coast. Visit the national park information center to get a discovery guide before visiting Python Rock Track.

The Python Rock Track provides an alluring scenery due to the green Eucalyptus forest that is another world heritage site. One can capture pictures of millions of years of erosion on the Python Rock Track.

Moran’s Falls and Castle Crag are other must-visit areas of this park. Therefore, after wandering for the whole day, one can have a picnic in the picnic area where tables are decorated with boasts electric barbeque.

17. Enjoy Views on Twin Falls Circuit

national park
By Ron Knight/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Twin Falls Circuit is situated in Spring brook National Park, near the Canyon lookout. If you are coming from Gold Coast, then it will take only an hour to reach this beautiful place. Here, the view from the top of an ancient shield volcano is mesmerizing and lets you witness a fascinating glimpse of the Twin falls circuit in the Lamington national park.

Twin falls circuit offers two magnificent waterfalls. Beautiful palm and tree ferns give a splendid view to the eyes.

You can also pay a visit to other forest types in Twin Falls Circuit rest at the Tallanban picnic area and re-energize yourself, but do not forget to take precautions on cliff edges and rocks near the falls as they are slippery.

Magical History Tour of Earliest National Parks 

18. Tour in Witches Falls, Tamborine National Park

lamington national park
By Malcolm Jacobson/Wikimedia, Copyright 2022

Witches Falls belongs to Tamborine National park and it is a traditional land belonging to the Danggan Balun people who are dependent on these forests for food and related things. Nevertheless, they have taken utmost care of this place for a long time.

Witches Falls cover an area of 3.6 km and Witches Chase covers an area of 2.6 km. After visiting this place, an individual will get to know about the history and lives of the people as well. Therefore, it has a first spot on the magical history tour list.

19. Walk in the Bunya Mountains National Park

lamington park
By Lady Alys/Wikimedia, Copyright 2022

Bunya mountains national park is also closely associated with the Danggan Balun people and sustains a second spot on the magical history tour list. The most exciting part of Bunya mountain national park is the walking tracks which were built in the eighteenth century.

View the wonderful mountain range that rises astoundingly from the land. The prospect of the Bunya pines tower over the tall rain forest from the top of the mountain is marvelous.

20. Walk on Tracks in Cunninghams Gap, Main Range National Park

lamington park jurrasic era
By Betknot/Flickr, Copyright 2022

Cunninghams Gap, Main Range National Park has a third spot in the magical history tour and is close to the nation’s people. Walking tracks of this park were built around 1930 and hold a history behind its making. 

The major attractions of the main range national park are the Gap Creek Falls Track, which covers an area of 9.8 km, and Mount Cordeaux Tracks.

Explore The Lamington National Park

Lamington national park is a world heritage site and it is blessed with rivers, waterfalls, ancient forests, a network of walking tracks that may take a full day to cover. 

With amazing views, breathtaking scenery, and vast wildlife, Lamington national park is the place to spend your vacation in. From taking pictures to wandering in the forest area, camping trekking, and watching wildlife in their natural habitat, there are plenty of things for everyone to do.

Lamington national park is a fabulous vacation spot for adventure-loving people because one feels like time traveling, listening to bird songs, watching animals in the forest, witnessing mind-blowing waterfalls, trekking on mountains, viewing clouds from close, having a picnic, and much more. There is so much to do for everyone that one visit to this place is simply not enough.

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