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Kinglake National Park: 10 Outdoor Thrills

Kinglake national park is the traditional land for the Wurundjeri and Taungurung people.

This national park is burnt out in a blaze, threatened thunderstorms, bush fires that burnt out tree trunks, and now the Kinglake national park is the result of post-fire regrowth.

There are various things which you can see and enjoy as Masons fall, thrilling mountain bike trails, gums camping area, picnic grounds, Tall Eucalyptus Forest, Port Phillip Bay, Technical Downhill Trail, walking tracks, Wombelano falls, Boundary Trail Path, Melbourne’s skyline, and Frank Thomson Reserve.

You can do various things in King national park, like mountain biking, enjoy scenic walks, falls tumbling, narrow overgrown paths, suspiciously electronic buzz, short walks, rock gardens, camping, lookout point, fossilized sea beds, marked trails, and horse riding.

Kinglake national park is a very beautiful nature park. You can also check the Kinglake national park reviews on the online website of the national park.

Things To Do In Kinglake National Park

Kinglake national park is a fantastic park having panoramic views. There are various things to enjoy: lovely Mason falls, an actual lake, different bird calls, Mount Sugarloaf, and horse riding. There are special picnic facilities for kids.

1. Thrilling Mountain Bike Trails

 These are very challenging walks, and you can enjoy mountain biking in this place.

There are user-identified themes that make it more difficult. You have to start your ride from Kinglake Road in Kinglake Central and end your ride at the car park at the top of the Bowden Spur Area. This ride will take about an hour to get completed.

Kinglake National Park
By Wavebreakmedia on Unlim

2. Tranquil Mountain Stream

Kinglake National Park has many mountains, but the topmost is Mount Sugarloaf. It is full of stunning panoramic views and a picnic area. 

They have special picnic tables for visitors, and it also has some restaurants and food points with a drop-down menu, and they offer some refreshments and some Australian dishes.

3. Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is located on the southern side of Melbourne. This bay is spread over an area of 1930 km sq. One side of the bay opens at the Bass Strait and has a narrow channel to pass on. It has lush gullies and regenerating forests. You can also enjoy scenic walks in this place.

This place is rich in wildlife. It has many species of flora and fauna, and it also has many water animal species. Some animals of Port Phillip Bay are Australian fur seals, Humpback whales, Bottlenose dolphins, and Jellyfish.

Kinglake National Park
Photo by Saviola Dias on Unsplash

4. Masons Falls

Masons fall in Kinglake national park is a very beautiful park with its masons falls picnic area. Manson falls is all set among towering gums and free gas barbecues and is the perfect place for some social gathering along with more features animals. The real highlight of this mason falls the very exciting masons falls walk.

This place is heart-warming, and your family and friends will love this place for sure. Mason falls, an open picnic area in Kinglake national park, lies not very far from Melbourne. This place is among the best places in Australia’s nature sites. The picnic area of mason falls with all the necessary amenities, including tables, shelters, barbecues, and toilets.

If you want to spend some peace and alone time with your family, friends, or loved ones, then this place is the best site.

5. Tall Eucalyptus Forest

There is a Tall Eucalypt Forest in Kinglake national park. It has many species of the eucalyptus forest. Kinglake national park lies in an area with high rainfall, so the eucalyptus trees are grown easily in this region. Eucalyptus trees have medicinal properties, so people use the trees to treat dry skin, colds, and coughs. Eucalyptus is also used as an insect repellent. Eucalyptus leaves are also added to the tea because of their antioxidant properties.

6. The Gums Camping Area

This Gums Camping area is very close to Melbourne. This place is very popular among the places for relaxing and exploring, mostly the northern section of the very famous Kinglake National park. The gums camping area is perfect for both seasoned and rookie campers. This place or camping area contains almost 18 campsites, with 5 suitable for camper vans.

Every campsite is separated by native flora and fauna, featuring shared picnic tables and some fireplaces. This place also provides the facility of a communal gas barbecue if you are not comfortable cooking in an open area.

7. Wombelano Falls

Wombelano Falls is among the top-rated peaceful place in Australia. This is the hidden place tucked in the gullies of Kinglake national park. This Wombelano falls very close to Melbourne city skyline and parks victoria.

Approximately 1.5 kilometers circuit weaves through the scenic rich forest with ferns and towering amazing trees. The walking track of Womebelano falls starts from captains creek road. The Captains creek road is situated approximately 300 meters leading to the car park.

Most of the walking track in Wombelano falls flat with a compacted surface. It also has a downhill area of over 200 meters. This place is little it calling for people with certain disabilities, but if they decide to explore this place, they definitely can. This Fall required a rebooked entry for the visit, and usually, animals, mostly dogs, are prohibited in this area. Reviews order informed that this place is very good and wonderful.

8. Jehosaphat Gully

This place is a small grassy clearing surrounded by towering mountains and ash forest. Jehosaphat Gully is located approximately five minutes from the popular and famous Kinglake township, parks victoria.

This place is perfect for camping, just like the Gums mentioned above. This place also has all the necessary amenities important for camping, including wheelchair access, toilets, picnic tables, and shelters. It also provides free electric barbecue facilities to the campers.

This place is just awesome and relaxing, with some precious natural sights. You can take a break from your busy schedule to visit this relaxing and careful place.

9. Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is a place located near the Yarra river. This is the best place to visit in Victoria. The shooting of many films done in this place due to its natural beauty and lovely views. This valley is well known for its wine production.

This place is very cool, and the temperature of this place is accurate for wine production. Some famous wines produced here are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sparkling wine.

You can experience nearby attractions of this place, and you can reach them with helpful information signage, maps, and information boards. Yarra Glen, Healesville, Warburton, and Coldstream are some of those places.

Kinglake National Park
Photo by Hendra Pontomudis on Unsplash

10. The Great Dividing Range

The Great Diving Range of Kinglake national park has stunning views of rolling hills, mountain ranges, and plateaus. This range has many low mountain ranges, temperate rainforests, and steeply weathered valleys.

There is a deep connection between many valleys and mountains in this range. Many waterfalls lie in these ranges. You can also enjoy biking, hiking, cycling, and camping.

Wildlife Of Kinglake National Park

Kinglake national park is rich in wildlife.  The major flora and fauna are koalas, Kangaroos, and Lyrebirds. The featured animals are Wombat, Echidna, Possum, Redheaded Cockatoos, Rosella, and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

 Many wildlife photographers visit this place to click pictures of animals and birds. Some photographers features animals suggest edits to their photos and use them for their professional work.

Kinglake National Park
By magann on Unlim

Final Note

Australia is a traditional country, and it has many national parks. But this article discusses the Kinglake national park, which is located in Victoria, Australia.

There are many attractions in this national park. After knowing about the great valleys, falls, trails, and camping grounds, you can not stop yourself from going there.

Those attractions include mason falls, Yarra valley, rock gardens, picnic area, challenging walks, technical downhill trail, good winding dirt road, gums camping ground, mount sugarloaf, tranquil mountain stream, brilliant nature walks, and so on.

It will take a day if you visit this national park, and you will remember this trip very long because it has everything a visitor wants to enjoy during their trip. If you visit Kinglake national park, have a lot of fun at all the sites mentioned above.

Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
I am an avid traveller. I have visited many tourist places and many beautiful spots across the world. I have done my Bachelor's in Biotechnology. I love to read J. R. R. Tolkiens and Charles Dickens books. I like to write my thoughts and travel experience so that people can know about the place. I like to do research about new places.

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