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10 Theme Parks in Melbourne to Explore

Is Australia your favourite travel destination, like thousands of others? Then it is worth knowing about the famous theme parks in Melbourne city.

Australia is undoubtedly among the most popular travel attractions in the world. Tourists worldwide who visit Australia prove their admiration. When you think of Australia, iconic cities and landmarks like botanical gardens, national parks, bridges, and more, come to mind.

If you are also in love with Australia and want to figure out your next port of call in Australia, this article certainly will help you. Melbourne- among the choicest prominent cities in Australia certainly is worth discovering.

Undoubtedly, among the best places to visit in Melbourne are its theme parks. In this article, you will find the ten best theme parks in Melbourne- that should be a part of your Melbourne visit. Read the full article to know why Melbourne should be your next place to stop by in Australia.

1. About The Theme Parks in Melbourne

Theme parks are a one-stop destination for fun, thrill, and entertainment. With different themes like horror, adventure, animals, water, and more, they are famous not only in Australia but around the globe.

From children to teens and adults, they are a lovely destination to enjoy for all age groups. Even a full day is also less- to fully experience the fun and excitement. Visiting the theme parks in Melbourne is indeed the pinnacle of the Melbourne tour. Nonetheless, theme parks in Melbourne are indeed the finest in Australia.

There is a long list of theme parks in Melbourne. I have prepared your itinerary for Melbourne travel.

2. Ten Amazing Theme Parks in Melbourne

Here is the name of the ten best theme parks in Melbourne.

2.1 Luna Park Melbourne

Luna Park: Theme Parks in Melbourne
Image Source: Luna Park Melbourne

Among the most incredible things to do in Melbourne, Luna Park is the best of the theme parks in Melbourne. Situated near St Kilda, Luna Park Melbourne is always on the to-do lists of all visitors.

The fun, joy, and excitement in the air will make you go crazy. It accommodates for thrilling rides and exciting rides, interactive games, attractions, and more.

Some fun rides at Luna Park are- Red Baron, Free Fall Coney Drop, Twin Dragon Sky Roller Coaster, Great Scenic Railway, Ghost Train, etc.

About the refreshment options- there are delicious drinks and dishes. From ice cream to burgers and pizzas, there are many options- for people of all age groups. These are indeed worth tasting. If you feel low, having something will charge you again.

Begin with enjoying rides, then energize yourself by having some flavorful dishes as your preference. Finally, give it a try at some carnival games. Who knows, you have a piece of luck!!

Whether you are a child, in your twenties or fifties, if you are family or are young at heart, you should be here!! You certainly can expect a fun and light-hearted family visit.

Nonetheless, it is an unmissable location in Melbourne.

2.2 Funfields Theme Park

Top 10 rides at Funfields Theme Park - Melbourne Australia | 2022

Among the largest parks in Melbourne, it is another lovely destination to explore in the Melbs. Located forty kilometres from the city, it is always house-full.

From wet rides and dry rides such as Gravity Wave, Typhoon, and New Dragon’s Revenge Swing ride to reimagined Amazonian Falls and Pirate Ship- the Funfields theme park is a crazy and thrilling destination. Whether it is a Sunday to enjoy or one of the lazy days of the long summer holidays, the fun and theme park is the solution for both.

You can enjoy the rides, eat and play interactive games as you would like.

2.3 Fairy Park

Fairy Park: Theme Parks in Melbourne
Image Source: Fairy Park Melbourne

Located in Southwest Melbourne, this theme fairy park- is the oldest fairy park in Melbourne. The name suggests the theme of the fairy park- a fairy world. There are characters from famous fairy tales- Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid- Ariel, Cinderella, and more in Fairy Park.

Excitingly, you will discover the effigy for famous- fairy tale characters like- Jack and Beanstalk, Cinderella, etc. These certainly are- great pieces of art.

A general suggestion is that Camelot Playground and Train Museum are perfect and a must-see. So, it can be a great day out for the whole family during the long summer vacations.

There are no modern elements- screens, technology, structure, etc. Interestingly, nothing has changed- much here in the kids’ ages’ past. Nonetheless, the amusement park is loved immensely by kids today, as you did when you were a kid.

The most exciting part is that children can experience their self-made fairy tales using display settings. Further, the theme park ride offers an eye-gripping view of the town of Anakle.

If you feel tired, there are worth tasting dishes at food outlets, delicious coffee at the in-house cafe, and more. Nonetheless, it is known for the kids’ love.

2.4 Gumbuya World

Gumbaya Park; Theme Parks in Melbourne
Image by Pat Whelen on Pexels

Gumbuya World is one of Melbourne’s best amusement parks in store for travellers.

Located southeast of Melbourne City, it is a water park, wildlife theme park, and adventure park- under one roof. To clarify, a water park during scorching summers and a wildlife park during biting summers.

Be it kids, family or adults, you certainly can expect a wonderful experience for all ages and the whole family. An entire day passes by, experiencing the full range of fun, amusement and thrill at the amusement park to full.

The other water theme park rides and parks amusement parks and park rides include a roller coaster for the strong at heart, a pirate ship, tree swings for the tiny tots, and more. What the best part about the whole amusement park is? There is unlimited access to the water theme park and parks amusement parks and the theme parks amusement park rides from a single entry ticket.

To say about the food options- many food outlets- serve delicious dishes, snacks, mouth-watering fast food, drinks, etc. But, to let you know, visitors can bring their food and snacks. The only point to note is that- hot food and soft drinks are not permissible inside the park premises.

2.5 Adventure Park

Adventure Park- Theme Parks in Melbourne
Image by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Among the enormous amusement parks in Melbourne, the adventure park is just the right place for thrill seekers. It is among the most prominent Melbourne landmarks located on the Mornington peninsula.

What is the Adventure Park like? Lush green and beautiful surroundings, Amazing rides, and thrilling rides and activities, and the list is long.

The theme park rides include- Red Baron, Wild West Canyon, Crazy Coaster, Tornado, Rapid River Waterslide, etc. These rides certainly are thrill seekers’ paradise.

Other than this, there are more things to do at this theme park. To mention some- Archery, Go-Karting, Mini Golf, Giant Jumping Pillow, Gold Rush Rapids- the list is long!!

Nonetheless, the theme park is best known for its water rides. Therefore, it is preferable to visit during the summer to have the best experience.

2.6 A Maze’ N Things

Located a two-hour drive from Melbourne, it stands out among the most famous tourist spots in Phillip Island. The theme park offers the whole family– unique games, popular rides and attractions, and more.

To name some of the attractions and things to do at A Maze’ N Things park-

  • Puzzle Island
  • Magic Manor
  • Mini Golf
  • Sky Trail

Get lost in Puzzle Island and explore the Shrinking Room, Mirror Maze, Gravity Room, and more.

Magic Manor is a perfect place for magic lovers. Experience the magic and thrill at the manor to its zenith.

Mini golf is the favourite place for all visitors. It is a one-stop solution for mini golf, for entertainment and enjoyment for families. For those- who like their stomach pumping- the Sky Trail is a must-do.

Nonetheless, this theme park in Melbourne is a lovely destination that deserves a visit.

2.7 Kyral Castle

Exploring Kryal Castle | Australia’s Only Medieval Adventure Park (Ballarat, VIC, Australia)

Kyral Castle certainly is the most unique theme park in Melbourne. If you believe in fairy tales, mystery, magic, and more,  this Melbourne theme park should be part of your Melbourne itinerary. The theme park is truly- the place- where myths, magic, and legends come true!!

If you want something unique and different from your experience- of theme parks in Melbourne- this theme park is a must-see.

There are many exciting and interesting things to do at the Kyral Castle. From getting lost in the maze of castle grounds to making potions in the wizard’s workshop, these are the highlights of the Kyral Castle visit.

Not only this, kids (and adults also) can test their hand in archery. Who knows, maybe you are a good archer. Further, there is much to learn for the kids from the knight school.

2.8 Adventure Garden

The list of the best theme and amusement parks here in Melbourne is not without the Adventure Garden.

Some exciting activities at the Adventure Garden are- Tube Sliding, Tree Surfing, Canopy walking, Sky scrambling, and more. Further, you can choose to do what excites you the most. If you are a thrill seeker and strong enough, opt for tube sliding, and if nature is your love- go for the canopy walking walk and witness the beautiful views and landscapes.

You will find families enjoying themselves. It undoubtedly is the best family holiday destination in Melbourne, always full of visitors. Nonetheless, there is an abundance of things to do at the park. Therefore, expect plenty of fun, amusement, excitement, and thrill.

2.9 Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium: Theme Parks in Melbourne
Image Source: Sea Life Aquarium Melbourne

Located on the banks of the Yarra River, the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is among the most popular points of interest in Melbourne.

The three-story theme park attraction attracts thousands of travellers, especially- aquatic and sea lovers. If you are a fan of and love aquatic life, then it must be on your to-do list in Melbourne.

The theme water park also takes you deep into the aquatic world-  aquatic creatures- plants, animals, etc. Your visit will certainly- enhance your knowledge about the unique water world. You can explore the water play area with incredible sea and aquatic creatures- nurse sharks, Gentoo Penguins, Mega crocodiles, and more.

The best part is that a self-guided tour is available for the visitors. Nonetheless, the three-story theme park is worth a part of your Melbourne travel list.

2.10 Riverwalk Village Park

It is among the famous amusement parks in Melbourne. Located- near- the Riverwalk Estate- there- is a bundle of fun things to do at the park. One of the best places to go in Melbourne- there are – picnic spots, a skating zone, a basketball court, and more.

The Riverwalk Village Park is Melbourne’s favorite go-to destination. The beautiful lush green surroundings add to the charm of the place.  In short a wonderful experience. You can indeed expect a worthwhile visit to the Riverwalk Village Park.

3. Suggestions on How to Make Your Trip Worthwhile

chris slupski QLqIqIhMiNs unsplash 1 scaled
Image by Chris Slupski, on Unsplash

Here are some worth-considering tips for your visit. Have a look at them and think.

3.1 Explore The Theme Parks in Melbourne

Melbourne theme parks are indeed a must-visit. Since they are the pinnacle of Melbourne’s visit, it is worth exploring them fully and having the best time.

3.2 Keep A Day Reserved

There is no doubt about keeping a day reserved for theme park amusement- park visits. Exploring the theme amusement parks- indeed, demands a day. The other way- the visit will become meaningless.

3.3 Keep A Pair of Extra Clothes

It is advisable to keep extra clothing for each child of your whole family or members visiting. To clarify- you may require it in water parks- but it may also be needed- at other parks. The kids may require even two or three because they may dirty themselves while enjoying themselves.

3.4 Advance Tickets

Booking the tickets in advance is always a good thing. Doing it reduces the pain in your neck. It may help you in case of any inconvenience. Tickets can also be booked- on the spot, but prior booking is always advisable.

Book your tickets to the theme parks in Melbourne here.

3.5 Do Not Look for Rush Hour

It is best to avoid the peak time. To clarify- holidays, weekends, and festivals. You certainly would unlike- standing in long queues and waiting for a long. Therefore, try to avoid the busiest hours. Though it is difficult- it is best if you can look for vacant hours.

In Summary

To say the final words, theme parks in Melbourne indeed deserve a visit during your Melbourne tour. Keeping aside the other attractions and landmarks, theme parks in Melbourne should undoubtedly be a part of your visit.

Do share your experience at these lovely destinations in the comment section. Also, check our similar articles on Melbourne visit to plan a perfect trip. So, when are your tickets booked to Melbourne!! I hope it is shortly.

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