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How To Choose Belt Size -Tips You Should Know About

If you are wondering how to choose belt size, then read more in this article.

Choosing a belt that fits you perfectly sounds simple, but it’s not. People sometimes get a belt too tight for them or too loose.

If you are also worried about how to choose a belt size, then read this article completely. It will guide you to the things to remember while selecting the perfect belt.

how to choose belt size
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1. How To Choose Belt Size ?

Wearing a belt of perfect size is a necessity to look good. Whether you are male or female, it is important for both cases.

Well, through this article, you will get thorough guidance. Without any delay, let’s start this amazing guiding journey.


2. Knowing About the Size of Belts

While choosing a belt is very important to choose the correct size. Now, belt size is not just a number. You have to consider how fit it will be in your waist area.

The size of the belt is usually measured in inches or centimeters. It includes the belt length from the buckle and goes to the middle hole. 

how to choose belt size
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Having a belt that fits perfectly is a point of comfort and looks.

If the belt is imperfect for your body, it can cause some issues. If the belt is too tight or loose, it will cause discomfort, and you will also feel insecure.

This is why having a good eye for the perfect belt is crucial.

2.1. Waist Measurement

Knowing about your waist size is extremely important when choosing the right belt. Only by having the right belt will you feel comfortable and confident. Start with getting a measuring tape to measure your waist size. 

To get the perfect measurement, check the tape properly for any knots. It can give wrong measurements otherwise. Stand tall with a straight back without any slouching.


Don’t shrink your belly while holding your breath; it can lead to wrong measurements. Take your measuring tape and start measuring your waistline, where we usually wear belts.

Start with the starting part of the tape and stop when the tape overlaps. Write down the measurement in inches or centimeters. 

Once you follow this process, you will get your correct waist measurement. Now, you can look for a belt of perfect size.

2.2. Different Belts

how to choose belt size
By Keegan Everitt on pexels

When we think of belts, a normal belt with a buckle comes into mind. But there are various belts available now.

You can wear them according to the event and work accordingly. Let’s look into these different types of belts.

2.2.1. Dress Belts

how to choose belt size
By cottonbro studio on pexels

Dress belts have a very narrow width. It gives off a very formal feeling. It can be worn at weddings, events, meetups, or formal occasions.

These belts add a very formal touch to your outfit. It makes you seem more sophisticated.

2.2.2. Casual Belts

how to choose belt size
By FULVIO_TOGNON on pixabay

Casual belts, as the name suggests, are for less formal occasions. They have a wide width. It can go perfectly with your normal day-to-day looks.

They look perfect with any type of pants or jeans. It is one of the must-have belts in your closet. It can make a person seem stylish and relaxed. 

2.2.3. Work Belts

how to choose belt size
By fotoblend on pixabay

Work belts are a little different from the above two belts. These belts are worn by people who are into heavy physical work. It could be construction work, laboring, adventure activities, etc. Work belts are basically worn for enduring and strength-related work. 

These belts have wide widths with strong buckle support. It is designed keeping such things as physical activities in mind. It makes a person feel comfortable while doing their work. 

2.2.4. Fashion Belts

how to choose belt size
By Kailey Sniffin on Unsplash

These belts are normally used to make some fashion statement.

They usually don’t have much function. But these are worn by people to enhance their overall outfit’s look. These belts come in various designs, colors, and widths. 

2.3. Space for Extension

how to choose belt size
By Debagni Sarkhel on Unsplash

When you measure your belt size, leaving some room for extension is very important. Extension is the extra part of the belt that goes beyond the belt buckle. This is important because it ensures your belt fits your waist perfectly. It gives more comfort and style to a person’s look. 

A simple thumb rule can do this. Just add 3 to 4 inches to the measurement of your waist. This will give extra room for the belt to be adjusted perfectly. It polishes the overall look of the belt and the person wearing it. 

2.4. Belt Test

Before getting the belt, testing it first is very important. To get the right idea about the measurement, follow this step. Buckle the belt onto its middle hole. This will indicate whether you want it to be tight or loose. It allows you to adjust the belt according to your right fit.

In summer, we wear light, thin clothes. Thus, we need to buckle it closer to the waist. But in winter we wear thick clothes so that we can adjust it accordingly too from the middle point. 

There is also a two-finger rule. Ensure you always have a space of about two fingers between your belt and waist. It ensures that your belt is nice and fit according to your body measurements.

2.5 Buckle Designs

There are many designs of buckles available in the market. The design of these buckles is not just for looks but can change the feel, too.

If the buckle is too big, then it creates a heavy impression. People who are looking for comfort might not find it comfortable.

There are also sleek and thin buckles. These are very modern in looks and comfortable to wear along with the belt. It does not weigh much, thus making the belt lightweight. But in the end, the design of the buckle depends on your own style of choice.

2.6. Shrinking of Belt

how to choose belt size
By Sinitta Leunen on unsplash

One problem with belts, especially leather belts, is their shrinking. When we initially buy a leather belt, it fits perfectly around the waist. But if it is worn regularly, then it can become loose. It creates a problem with the pants falling down a little. 

To prevent such a situation, select a belt with a little large size. It will eventually fit along the time. Furthermore, you can also add more holes to your belt. This will ensure you can adjust the belt according to the changing measurements.

2.7. Width of the Belt

how to choose belt size
By Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

It is crucial to keep the width of the belt in mind in relation to the loops of pants. The loops are the hooks in pants through which the belt passes. Different clothes have different sizes of loops. So look at these loops and choose your belt size accordingly. 

The bottoms that have narrow loop belts with narrow widths should be used. While the loops are wider than the belt, they can be of wider width. This ensures a proper fit and comfort along the way.

2.8. Take Help of Size Charts

If you find measuring your waist with inch tape difficult, go for size charts. Nowadays in shops as well as on online sites, sizing charts are available. These sizing charts have all the measurements given already. You can select the category that will fit you perfectly. 

Through these charts, you can get rid of guessing stuff. You can be sure that you are choosing the belt of the right fit. Thus, consulting size charts is an easy option to get perfect measurements.

3. Conclusion

In summary, these steps will be your guide to choosing a perfect belt for yourself. It will give you a sleek look and take care of your comfort.

A tight belt and a loose belt will continuously create problems. Thus, having a belt with a perfect size is of great importance. Also, if you feel confused while getting the right measurement, don’t be embarrassed to ask for professional help.

Hopefully, this article helped you answer the question of how to choose a belt size.


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