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How To Choose a Good Watermelon? – 9 Things You Should Know

When the hot summer days arrive, we all wish to eat something fresh and refreshing, right? Well, what better than a cool, chilled watermelon? But the common question is how to choose a good watermelon. Well, this article will guide you.

The satisfaction you get while taking a bite instantly takes away the summer heat. Quenching your thirst with chilled watermelon is simply one of the best feelings. 

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By Elaine Bernadine Castro on pexels

1. How To Choose A Good Watermelon

Although these dreams about watermelon are satisfying, there is one confusion regarding it. That confusion is how to choose a good watermelon from the sea of watermelons. How to check if the watermelon you are picking is the best one? 

With this article, you will know how to get an amazing watermelon. You will be able to pick a watermelon that not only looks good but tastes great. So, let’s get straight into this watermelon guide.

How To Pick the Best Watermelon Every Time | GRATEFUL


2. Techniques and Tricks

Choosing a perfect watermelon is not magic. There are some techniques and tricks for it. These will help in selecting the best one out of all. Some of these techniques are:

2.1. The Trick Of Tapping

The trick of tapping the watermelon has been around for a long time. It is one of the most basic methods to know whether a watermelon is good or not. This tapping skill is similar to knocking on a door. The only difference is tapping the watermelon with fingers rather than knuckles. 

Lightly tap the watermelon and listen to the distinct sound it makes. It is important to pay attention to the sound made by it.

How to pick a Watermelon Listen to tap I show a BAD and GOOD one!!!


If you hear a deep sound like a drum, then that’s a good signal. It shows that watermelon is ready to be eaten and ripe. But if the sound is flat, it means the watermelon is not ripe or overripe.

This tapping technique is a simple way to learn about watermelons. Just remember that you have to look for deep sounds while tapping. Hollow sounds mean that you have to keep looking for the right one. 

2.2. The Field Spot

The field spot of the watermelon is the section that came in contact with the ground in its growing phase. This is an important trick to know how ripe a watermelon is.

So, when you are selecting a watermelon, keep an eye on the color of this field spot. 

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By PublicDomainPictures
on pixabay

If the field spot is yellowish or orange, it shows it is ripe. It means that it will be sweet and juicy. While in the field spot is white or a little pale, it shows it is not ripe yet.

It will not taste sweet and juicy. It shows that the watermelon needs more time to be fully ripe. 

2.3. Shape Of Watermelon

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By Dagmara Dombrovska on pexels

We all know that watermelons come in different shapes and sizes. Some are nice and regular in shape, while others are irregular and have bumps. Well, these shapes can also show whether a watermelon is good or not. 

When a watermelon has a nice regular shape, it implies that it has grown properly. It is a good sign that it is ripe and properly balanced. It means that the sweetness is distributed all throughout the fruit. Thus, when you bite from any side of the watermelon, it explodes with sweetness. 

Similarly, watermelons having irregular shapes also have meanings. A watermelon with bumps shows that it has not grown balanced. It means that some parts of it will taste sweet while others might not. 

2.4. Shiny And Glossy Skin

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By Alexey Demidov on pexels

While looking for a nice watermelon, take a good look at its outer layer. A shiny and glossy appearance shows that it is filled with moisture. This moisture is what makes the watermelon juicy and refreshing. 

The shiny outer skin of the watermelon shows that it has grown properly. It tells that it has been given the right amount of water while growing under the sun. This is why a watermelon feels heavy to hold. It shows it is full of sweetness and moisture to beat the heat.

The dull outer skin of the watermelon shows that it might be dry from the inside. Just like the leaves of plants look when they don’t get proper water. Not growing properly makes the watermelon dry and lose its shiny outer skin. It directly means that the watermelon is not ready to be eaten yet. It will not have the juiciness that you are looking for.

2.5. Tail Of The Watermelon

One key aspect you should consider while choosing a good watermelon is its tail. Some might not give much importance to this factor, but it is important.

It helps by telling about the fruit’s ripeness. The tail is the short, curly area on top of the watermelon with which it was attached to the plant. 

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By Josiel Araujo on pexels

If you see a dried tail, it shows that the watermelon is good to eat. It shows that the watermelon has spent quite a bit of time on its vine. It has gained all the nutrients and water from the plant. As the watermelon becomes ripe, its tail starts drying up. It shows that it is ready to be picked and eaten. 

Although a dried-up tail is a sign of good watermelon, it should not be exceeded too. An overly dried tail indicates that the watermelon is overripe. It makes the texture of it mushy and soft, which doesn’t feel good to eat. 

So, while looking for a good watermelon, look at the tail carefully. The tail should be dried but still have a bit of greenness. It indicates that the watermelon is at its right phase to be eaten.

2.6. Weight Of the Watermelon 

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By haujord on pixabay

Weight is also an important aspect to look upon while selecting the watermelon. Ripe watermelon normally has a heavyweight. It indicates that it is full of juicy water to quench your thirst. 

In the supermarket or store, pick some watermelons of similar sizes. Now, observe carefully which one of them feels the heaviest. That will be the juiciest and sweetest out of all of them. 

2.7. Color Indicator

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By billow926 on Unsplash

To choose a perfect watermelon, keep an eye on its outer layer’s color. Take a good look for any greater variation in colors. Prominent dark and bright patches show it is not the right one. This variation shows that it has not been ripped properly.

Look for a watermelon with a uniform and well-balanced color. It shows that the watermelon is perfectly ripe. It is packed with juices of sweetness. This method of selecting the right watermelon is important.

So, observe carefully from this aspect and then select the best one.

2.8. Sugar Spot

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By congerdesign on pixabay

Finding sugar spots on watermelons is an effective method to know about their ripeness. Sugar spots are the slightly brown spots on the skin of the watermelons. Although it does not look very appealing to see, it is a good sign that the watermelon is sweet and tasty. 

Sugar spots happen naturally with the action of bees and pollination. Bees play a crucial part in the growing stage of watermelon plants. They take pollen from male flowers to female flowers.

It allows the plant to produce fruits. Brown spots on the watermelon show that bees have regularly visited the plant. 

These sugar spots show that the watermelon flowers have enough pollination. More pollination implies more sweetness in watermelon.  Thus, sugar spots are an important sign to look for while picking a watermelon. 

2.9. Shape and Size

How To Choose a Good Watermelon
By Piya Nimityongskul on pexels

The shape and size of the watermelon also imply how the fruit is from the inside and is crucial in “How To Choose a Good Watermelon”. It is also one of the important factors in choosing the best one. For the size, first think about the number of people to serve.

If there are more people, then pick a large watermelon. The big ones are filled with sweet juices and can help resolve summer heat. However, if the number of people to be served is less, then go for the small ones. Also, small watermelons are the ideal choice if there is less space in your refrigerator. 

Watermelons come in various shapes. These shapes also imply distinct flavors in it. Oval-shaped watermelons are usually preferred by many. This long shape helps in dividing the juiciness evenly in the whole fruit. It ensures that you get the same delight with each slice of it. 

While round watermelons have relatively thicker outer skin, they look like a round ball of goodness. Although they also taste good, less area can be eaten. The insides are a little less since the outer area takes up more space.

3. Conclusion

Selecting a perfect watermelon is a combination of skills and science. The selection process might seem confusing at first but trust these techniques.

Through these skills, it will become an easy task. The method of tapping, field spots, sugar spots, etc., make sure that you take home the best watermelon.

These techniques will make you confident in choosing the best one. It will be helpful for various occasions like picnics, summer snacks, etc. Hopefully, these tricks helped in answering how to choose a good watermelon. 


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  1. I suppose that given all of your claver clues, some of which I was already aware of, I won’t make a mistake in selecting the best ripe and ideally shaped watermelon for me and my family. Most of us should think about this because, unknowingly, we end up bringing home a watermelon that we don’t want to eat later due to a flaw. Thank you for providing this information.

  2. Before reading this article, I chose watermelon by cutting a small piece on the spot and tasting it. However, not every shopkeeper allows us to check in this manner. Your smart observation about oval-shaped watermelons prompted me to pick such watermelons in the future. I’m hoping for a more juicy and yummy flavour to get the same delight with each slice.


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