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How to Change Hotspot Name?

How to change hotspot name? It can be a common question if you also use hotspots. Generally, the default hotspot names are on the device’s name. But you can show your creativity with a cool name or stand out amongst the available networks. Let’s find out how. 

1. How to Change Hotspot Name?

Initially, the hotspot name is the same as your mobile phone’s name and model number. You might not bother changing your hotspot’s name. Still, there is an option to change your hotspot’s name. 

Changing your hotspot name makes it easy to find. You can also warn of freeloaders with a complex or a funny name too. So,  if you are looking to change the hotspot name, you are at the correct place.

how to change hotspot name
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images at Pixabay

Changing your hotspot’s name is an easy task. You will find it quite relatable to change in both Androids and iPhones. We are here to help you change your wifi hotspot 

2. Principle of Wifi Hotspot – How to Change Hotspot Name?

We should know how wifi works before I try to change the hotspot name. Below is a brief explanation of how Wi-Fi tethering works.

Nowadays, many smartphones have the feature of becoming a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in case of emergency. It can be helpful when you are required to use an internet connection in case of no Wi-Fi signal available. At that time, you can use the internet from your phone for your tablet, computer, and laptop.

However, you might be thinking why can’t we simply use the internet on mobile phones and finish the task? Well, it’s possible. 

However,  sometimes you may be required to work on a full-sized device and may not be able to use your connection on the device. At times like these, hotspots are extremely useful.

Also, it’s handy when you want to share your internet connection with others. It is therefore very evident that at times the hotspot is the most useful and convenient way to share your internet connection.

These are simple to use and you do not need any additional equipment. You need to just turn on the hotspot feature on your phone and it’s done. It is similar to any other Wi-Fi network. You just need to keep your mobile data on to use this feature.

2.1. Network Sharing via Hotspot – How to Change Hotspot Name?

To generate a Wi-Fi signal, your phone needs to use the internet data of your phone’s service provider. Therefore,  your mobile data must be turned on first.

Furthermore, sharing Wi-Fi means sharing your personal data pack from your phone. If you have a limited data pack and use a hotspot, you may be left with nothing.

So, firstly make sure that you have enough data package with data in GigaBytes (GB) to share the internet through the hotspot.

Further, it is a connection, which is recommendable over a public Wi-Fi network. It is more secure than using public wifi as they are susceptible to hacking. 

how to change hotspot name
Image by kbuntu at unlimphotos.com

It is your mobile hotspot network and, therefore is reliable and safe.  You might be using your friends’ or relatives’ hotspots, which is also fine. Additionally, this way you get a faster network too as compared to a public Wi-Fi.

Moreover, it can be helpful when you’re working with your colleagues and no internet connection is available. However, you need to be cautious that the password to your hotspot is well secured and unknown people will not be able to use your data without permission.

 You can turn off your hotspot after using it. This will ensure that no other person will be using it once you’re done.

3.  How to Change Hotspot Name on Android?

Steps to change your hotspot name on an Android are quite easy. You may face slight differences depending on UI features and models.

  1. Go to your phone menu.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. You can be shown in two ways, first, the Wireless & Networks or Connectivity options.
  4. Click on, whichever is available on your phone.
  5. Search for the Tethering & Hotspot option.
  6. This will be available on each phone.
  7. Now, tap on this option.
  8. Next, open the Wi-Fi Hotspot (Portable).
  9. There will be many options in Hotspot Settings.
  10. Find the one with the Hotspot Name.
  11. Tap on it to open.
  12. Erase the recent name and fill in a new one.
  13. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Save option.

Now, your hotspot is ready to use. Others will see it when they try to connect with your Hotspot.

4. How to Change Hotspot Name in  iPhones

If you are using an iPhone. You need to follow these steps to change your hotspot name. However, instructions are almost similar for each iOS version. These instructions are applicable for only iOS versions to change the name of your hotspot.

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the Settings.
  2. Find the General Tab by scrolling down.
  3. Click to open it.
  4. You will find an option named “About”. It will be the first option in the General Tab.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Now, open a tab named “Name”.
  7. Here, you can erase the previously defined name.
  8. And write a new desired one.
  9. Lastly, click on Done on your keyboard.

This process will change your iPhone’s name and your hotspot name as well. Furthermore, this new name will be visible to other network users and you as well. Nevertheless, people will still need a password defined by you to connect through the network.

You can also change your hotspot password by visiting Settings again. Go to the Personal Hotspot option. Now, click on Wi-Fi Password. Here, you can change your password to the desired one.

5. Useful Hotspot Settings

There are a variety of hotspot settings that vary from phone to phone. This difference is due to the facilities provided on the phone. Also, the operating system and user interface have some impact.

An unsecured hotspot is more vulnerable to threats. While a secure hotspot provides privacy protection. Hotspot is not used only for internet sharing. Moreover, it is used for data transferring too.

Many times, if other sharing tools are not working then a hotspot may be helpful. However, sometimes sharing tools also use hotspots to transfer data.

 Firstly, the most used hotspot setting is to change passwords. While changing the hotspot password one should be conscious.

The new password should not be the same as the old password. Also, it should not be the same as other important passwords. This is because you have to share it with others. 

Secondly, some devices have a hotspot timer feature. This feature automatically turns off hotspots in case of inactivity. You can customize the timer as per your preference. Generally, the timer ranges between 5 minutes to 10 minutes of inactivity. 

In addition to this, you can set the maximum number of connections. Say, If you don’t want more than 5 connected devices then you can set it as 5 only. Generally, in some Android phones, this limit is up to 8 devices. This feature is very useful in case you have an open hotspot. 

Furthermore, setting up data usage limits is also a good feature. If you don’t want to allow more than the specified limit then you can use this. After reaching the data usage limit the hotspot automatically turns off. However, this feature is used in case of data limitation. Once the limit is set no one can use more than specified GBs.

6. Conclusion

A hotspot is equally essential as any other public Wi-Fi network. We use Wi-Fi networks, which is also someone else’s internet connection. Similarly, we can be the ones with the internet connection and provide others by using hotspots.

However, usually, the hotspot name is the same as your phone’s name or model. Also, if you have come this far, you must have gotten your answer to “how to change hotspot name”. For others, it could be difficult to recognize your hotspot. You can change the hotspot name to your name or some other desired name.

Changing the hotspot name whether in Androids or iPhones is quite a simple task. If you’ve read this far, you must have gotten your answer as to how to change a hotspot name. Moving on, it does not have much personalized information. Still, you should secure it with a password.

A password will help you personalize your data. This way no one else will be able to use your internet without your permission. You can also choose the users, who can connect with your hotspot. There are 2 ways to do this.

Firstly, you can set up a password. So, if the user doesn’t know the password, they can’t use it. Secondly, you can block unwanted users. This is how they won’t be connected to your data anymore. Hope you found the answer to how to change hotspot name. 


Narayani Bhardwaj
Narayani Bhardwaj
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