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8 Amazing Facts About Elephant Rocks Wa

The desert landscape covers more than 69.9% of Australia. 30.1% portion of Australia is habitable. If someone closely examines the map of Australia, this is the only continent that is surrounded by ocean from all directions. And the coastal plains are the most beautiful hotspot in Australia. Elephant Rocks Wa, Western Australia, is one of the best places for coastline travel in Australia. It is also one of those beautiful areas which are prone to surges of big elephants climbing or walking close to the waterline.

It might sound a little weird, but the fantastic view describes its name clearly. The big rounded, smooth black rocks settle and stand calmly under the blue sky and on the shallow water like a pack of elephants enjoying backwater in Africa. How to get into the Elephant Rocks? Can one swim in Elephant Rocks? And When are the Elephant rocks open?

The article also talks about Elephant Rocks, geographical boundaries, and climatic conditions for the best time to visit this magnificent site on the South coast of Western Australia. Also some interesting facts about this region. But first, let’s start with the facts about Elephant Rocks. Thus let’s begin.

1. William Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

William National Bay Park, WA
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

This national park is situated between two cities of Denmark and Walpole. This is the hotspot centre of several iconic locations like Elephant Cove, Elephant Rocks Wa, and Green Pool etc.

The William day national park is near the south coast highway of Western Australia with the shared Rainbow Coast. The National park consists of tall hills, granite tors, outcrops, karri forest, eucalyptus woodlands, etc., which cover more than 4200 acres of land. The park includes iconic locations which are in the eastern side coastal area. This includes Madfish Bay, Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Madfish Island, etc.

Swimming is also allowed on these rocks. Fishing is also a popular activity. There is another fact about this region. Before the encroachment of the land, this was home to the aboriginal individuals known as the Minang people. They live for more than 50k years for free and prosperity.

2. What is The Elephant Rocks Wa?

The rocks are big distinctive boulders that resemble a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow waters. The fantastic scenery is mesmerizing and majestic. It will give a first glimpse of elephants lumbering into the big blue dazzling ocean. In this region, once Noongar people roamed on this land. They were the aboriginal people of southwest Western Australia.

The Elephant Rocks has been called several names like Parry Inlet or place of the heart, Peaceful Bay or place of sand, Ocean Beach peninsular, etc. Thus here are some of the facts about these Rocks down below.

3. Some Unknown Facts About Elephant Rocks Wa Denmark

There are some interesting facts associated with the elephant rocks. The huge boulders look very magical and supernatural to any normal eye. Thus, here are some facts listed below let’s discuss them.

  1. The Elephant Rocks is located in William Bay National Park.
  2. This region is discovered after William Edward Parry in the 1880s.
  3. The Elephant Cove in Elephant Rocks is the shape of a rectangle and often has strong waves from the southern coastal region.
  4. This place is a pile of huge boulders laying randomly one by one another.
  5. The Elephant Rocks boulders are developed by the formation of granite minerals.
  6. This is the home of crabs, rich vegetation, and aquatic animals.
  7. The Elephant Rocks are 15 km away from Denmark.
  8. The Elephant Rocks are the hotspot for swimming which is also known as the Rainbow Coast of the south coast.

4. Rocks and Elephant Cove

Elephant Rocks WA
Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

There are several rocks in that area. But there are two towering rocks structure standing and staring at the vast Great southern ocean. The elephant cave is about 200 meters away from the rocks. One can access the staircase built around the rock structures. This is a stunning scenery to be held. As the two giant towering rocks separated from each other, one can easily slip through the pass and experience the high majestic tide.

Elephant cove lies in the east of Elephant Rocks, Wa. Those giant rocks can be seen from above the parking area, which is from the greens pools car parking area. It takes only 10 min to admire the beauty of Elephant Cove, and you can walk to have an experience. Giant granite boulders surround the staircase walk to get close to the boulders.

5. Greens Pool Car Park

Greens pools Car park
Image from Exploreparks_DBCA_WA_Gov_AU

The Greens pool car park is the facility provided in the Elephant rocks and cove. This car park is developed recently. The car parking area is to accommodate the visitors which are growing in number annually. The facility is well-equipped with toilets, restaurants, and changing rooms. And that one facility is mostly renowned for the pool. As its name goes Greens pool this area is famous for its good safety equipped pool for swimming.

From the Greens pool, the scenery of the Great southern ocean coastline is one of a magnificent view. Tourist visit elephant rocks mainly for swimming accessibility.

The boulders cover the green turquoise water with an excellent view of the emerald shiny lake. The white sandy beach surrounded the greens pool water and give extra features to the pool. The Greens pools are one of the most visited places. For shallow waters of green pool swimming.

This place is mainly populated and visited during the time of holidays. The entire car park is designed in terms of accommodating the public in a more luxurious style. One can swim and enjoy the shallow waters of the pool.

6. How to Get into Elephant Rocks?

To reach this sheltered beach in western Australia. It will take only a minute, walk about 100 meters close to the greens pool east. One needs to get through the south coast highway to capture the stunning sight of these rugged stone animals. The Elephant Rocks have placed about 15 km west of Williams Bay National Park, Denmark.

The cost of entry to elephant rocks Denmark may vary but the William bay national garden is free. The rock formation is from the high tides which continuously give a thrust to the rocks. Especially the staircase which goes down to the beachy rock crevasse allowing you to walk. But one needs to be careful and step at a time.

7. Is Swimming Allowed in Elephant Rocks?

The elephant rocks Western Australia is a part of a beach club which is situated in the Westport of the Bristol Country. These rocks are maintained and get ready for tourist attraction. At 9:00 am the club opens the door and closes at 6:00 pm. The Elephant Rocks allowed the tourist to swim in the greens pool and the shallow water.

There are some norms that need to follow. The weather is always uncertain their sometimes windy day and the need to be extremely aware of high tides. Social distancing is also essential one need to keep about 6 feet away from each other.

8. When is The Elephant Rocks, Open?

The school time, summer holiday, and periods in April and September are the best time for visiting Elephant Rocks. One needs to be extremely careful regarding the norms and regulations. This national site is listed and protected. During the season of festival holidays like winter holidays, the Elephant Rocks get extremely busy.

The beach is covered by the crowd during the hot seasons. A sunny day is a perfect time and day to visit the rock formation. During this season the south coast hwy is packed with cars. The national parks are also filled with crowds.

Other than this nearby Denmark town, there is another town that resides. That is Albany, another town with ancient history and sites. Thus, one can say the mysticism of Australia never ends.


Denmark Western Australia is the land of traditional owners. These traditional landlords own these lands and used to roam around. The Elephant Rocks Wa was used as the meeting place by the traditional tribes.

The places are encroached on by the missionaries. Thus to replenish these places are maintained to pay tribute to the tribes. This included the Elephant Rocks and Greens Pools Carpark facility. One can rearrange their car in this facility or make their own car park in the national bay garden.

The Elephant Rocks Western Australia is a place of spectacular sight to be held. The sea makes a perfect t junction for these elephant rocks. Rocks and elephant cove perfectly fit with the color of the ocean. This place is majestic and holds many secrets. People usually tend to this site because of its beauty.

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