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What to do in Albany? 23 Amazing Things

Albany city is filled with a rich history. Do people often confuse because of its history what to do in Albany? The city is renowned for its architecture, commerce, culture, and oldest museum with consists of priceless artifacts. Albany NY is the third most populous metropolitan city. After the English took over the city is charted and no other city in the USA has been continuously charted this long.

Albany is situated on the west bank of the Hudson River, about more than 10 miles south of its confluence with the Mohawk River, and is about 135 miles stretch north of New York City. Its economic and cultural core of the capital district of the state of New York. Thus, Albany is so rich people stuck to one question let’s discuss. 

What to Do in Albany?

This article tries to cover the most specific area and locations which are either National registers in the US or one of the oldest museums in the USA. This is a list that talks about the best places like the New York State Capitol, and Empire Plaza which is becoming a fashion statement of New York. Here is the list of the 23 best palaces of what to do in Albany.

1. New York State Capitol

The New York Sate Legislative
Photo by Karen W From Pexels

The New York state capitol or New York state legislature is part of the empire state plaza in the Capitol building & Park. The plaza is built between 1867-1899. Located in the street of Washington avenue and state street. The building is registered as a National Historic Landmark in the USA.

What to do in Albany? The first start by visiting the New York State Capitol, which is New yorks pride and central attraction. There is a spooky story about the NYSC. In march 29, 1911 four days after the triangle shirt factory fire incident. 

The NYSC burned down and burn every piece of artifact and document. Also burned down the assembly library. It cost the life of one nightguard. The NYSC visiting hour starts from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. In the week of Monday to Friday and closed on the weekend. 

2. New York State Museum

The New york state museum is the home of the exquisite palace for different collections of art and a unique collection of natural diversity. This is the perfect place to visit and learn about Albany’s history. This museum is also home to published history, sciences, arts, and anthropology.

The New York State Museum is located on Madison Avenue which is attached to the south side of the empire state plaza facing toward it. The museum consists of natural artifacts, geological development documents, and other prehistoric records. 

The museum is controlled by the New York State Educational Departments Office of Cultural Education. The museum is one of the oldest and largest in Albany NY, USA. Many people hard to find what to do in Albany. Often start with the NYSM. 

3. Washington Park, Albany NY

This is one of the best and most well-maintained parks in Albany, New york. Washington park is spread over more than 80 acres. Washington park is almost covered with more than 1000 species of giant oaks and miniature bonsais. 

The park has streets to ride bikes, jog, bird watching, and more. Thus confused about what to do in Albany or where to start to take a refreshing break into the land of this park. This will relax and let us think more clearly ahead. 

4. Empire State Plaza

The Empire State Plaza New York
Photo by Charles Parker From Pexel

The empire state plaza is made by one of the most electrifying men known as Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire state plaza. The plaza is one of the most exciting and spectacular buildings in the national capital region. It was completed between 1968-1975.

The Legislative office building was the first building which is completed in late 1972. The second was the Egg art center which is completed in 1978. Though the plaza is dedicated on November 21, 1973, but finished in 1976. 

5. The Egg Performing Arts Center

The Egg Art Center
Photo by Daniel Scicchitano From Unsplash

The egg performing arts center was a combined project with city-state capitol buildings. This performing arts venue gives an extra touch to the york state capitol building. The art center is one of the unique Albany attractions.

The egg center was built between 1968-1978. There are two parts to this theatre. First is the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre which has a seating area of more than 800 people. Second, The Lewis A.Swyer Theatre has a capacity of more than 400 seats.

6. Schuyler Mansion

The Schuyler mansion is a historic museum house in Albany. Located on Catherine Street. build between 1761-1765 for Philip Schuyler. A missionary war general and became a US senator after devastating the land of natives. The amazing part it is registered and marked as a national historic landmark in the US. 

The brick-style mansion of Schuyler mansion with an area of more than 45.7 feet and two and a half stories of a Georgian house. The wall is brick, laid in English bond with tooled joints over a stone foundation. The building is covered by a double-pitched hip roof. 

The interior of the mansion is very well decorated. Mainly people visit because it is the house of the most famous general Philip Schuyler. There was a bloodbath civil war going on those days and the general became revolutionary. 

7. City’s Dutch Heritage

The Citys dutch heritage is the heritage of today’s settlers. this all started from the 17th-century enforcement of settlements by missionaries and colonists. The devastating war took place and settle in almost all over many continents besides a few places in the world. The lineage of the USA population is some of the direct descendent of the dutch settlers.

8. Albany Institute of History Art

The Downtown Albany Institute is a collection of natural art, culture, and history. The institute also holds the history of the Upper Hudson Valley. Located on Washington Street and was founded in 1791. This museum is considered one of the oldest museums in the US.

The Albany institute of history art has three main buildings. First The rice building is a 19th century late Beaux art mansion. Second, The main building is a classic revival 1920s building. The third is the modern glass building that connected both of the buildings.

9. Knickerbocker Arena

The Times union center is also another name for Knickerbocker Arena. This indoor arena is located on south pearl street in Albany. Opened in 1990. the arena has the capacity to hold an overwhelming number of more than 18000 and 20 luxury suites at the top of the arena. If lost what to do in Albany? then visit the arena and relax.

10. Erie Canal

The Erie Canal was built for the bicentennial water pathway. the project commence in 1808 and finished in 1898. On July 4th, 1817 the ground was broken for the canal at Rome, N.Y. The canal worked as the linkage between Lake Erie on the west bank and the Hudson river on the east.

Originally the canal was 363 miles long in lake Erie. Further, the channel was cut 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep. The piled-up removed soil is later constructed as the pathway which is called the towpath. The material used limestone and mountains, which proved a daunting task. 

The canal was built by Irish laborers and German stonemasons. All of the main labor forces are dependent on animal power or the force of water. Engineering techniques developed during its construction included the building of aqueducts to redirect water. The side of the canal was lined with stone set in clay.  

11. Underground Railroad Education Center

The center holds a freedom history that is an inspirational visitor centre in the US. It is a fascinating stop in the US. The story of Stephen Myers who fights enslavement. Turned his home into a refuge camp. The underground railroad education center became an inspirational beacon to fight enslavement. This place is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

12. Capital Repertory Theatre

The capital repertory theatre is all performing art theatre which is located on North Pearl Street in Albany. Thus it is the only theatre which is established in 1981 in New York’s Capital District. The theatre has a seating capacity of more than 400 guests.

13. Hudson Valley

The Valley is 150 miles of stretches of the ancient nourished region for flora and fauna. The Hudson River is an ancient river that encloses many secrets of history. The palace is well nourished very fruitful land for the wildlife. The landscape is covered with a breathtaking natural entity.   

The Hudson Region comprises the region which stretches from the capital district that is including Albany and Troy south to yonkers in Westchester county, bordering new york city. The Valley is adjacent to the neighboring state of New york.

14. Lake George

Lake George is also called the Queen of American Lakes. Lake George is situated in the historical landmark of the Hudson region and in between the St. Lawrence River. Near the direct line of Albany, New York.   

Lake George is natural habitation of various invasive species. Actually, there are six known invasive species in lake George. The Asian Clam which is first founded in 2010 is the biggest threat. Eurasian Watermilfoil, Chinese Mystery snail, Curly-Leaf, Pondweed, Spiny Water flea, and Zebra Mussel are other Invasive species.

15. Lark street

Lark Street is located near the two historic streets across two blocks west of the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire state plaza and one block east of Washington park. The park is also sometimes referred to as the Greenwich Village of the Albany Capital area. 

Lark Street is heaven for antique shops, art galleries, bars, coffee houses, restaurants, and shops. The street is also famous for its live music concerts by local musicians. And several major festivals take place on Lark Street each year.

16. Albany City hall

This historical building was used as the seat of government for the city of Albany. This was built in 1883 by Henry Hobson Richardson in Romanesque style. The Carillons tower is one of the few featured towers among other municipal carillons in the US. Which is 202 feet tall. 

The tower is made in memory of those soldiers who lost their lives during world war I. The Albany city hall is listed in the US. National Register of Historic Places. A Municipal house with a memorial to the soldier.

17. Corning Tower Observation Deck

This is the visitor centre in Albany. Where one can enjoy the view of the Albany, the Plaza, and The Hudson River is also visible from the corning tower observation deck. Also one can see The Hudson valley, the port of Albany, a large portion of the city, and the government house.

This is a 42-story building that was dedicated in 1983 to the memory of Erastus Corning 2nd, a long-time mayor of Albany who played a special role in the creation of the plaza. The building is dedicated to the Albany City Skyline with its glass, marble, and angular forms. The Corning Tower Observation Deck is located on the 42nd floor.  

18. Albany Distilling Company

The Albany Distilling Company is a small owned company which is located on Montgomery street next to the pump house in the Downtown area of Albany NY. This was established in the 18th century. The New 2011 Albany Distilling Company is situated near the old distilling company. 

19. Albany Pine Bush Preserve 

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is spread over more than 3000 acres of nature preserve that is known for its rare inland pine barren ecosystems. The Albany pine bush is one of among few remaining examples of this type of ecosystem in the world.

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is seen as the historical, cultural, and environmental assets of the Capital District and Hudson Region of Albany NY. This is the home of the Karner blue butterfly. This butterfly is one of the endangered species first identified in 1944. The pine bush is considered a national natural landmark by the national park. 

20. Albany Heritage Area Visitors

This visitor center is an information center museum. This is also a planetarium located on Quackenbush Square at the corner of Broadway and Clinton avenue in Albany. This is a center that provides cultural history to tourists during their visit to Albany. 

The center provides consists of museum galleries, exhibits of Albany’s history, The USS Albany Heritage Exhibit, and other Special Exbhits and events. The house is situated near the old water pumping station. 

21. Albany Symphony Orchestra

The Albany Symphony Orchestra was first organized as a concert for live music playing. It was first organized in 1964 by a group of people who loved to enjoy playing good music and foresaw the potential. The Albany Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Mr. E.L. Zeigler in Southwest Georgia. The first concert was held on May 18, 1965. The first concert happened in the gym of Porterfield memorial church. 

22. Thacher State Park

The full name of this park is John Boyd Thacher State Park. This is the state central park which is located 15 miles southeast of Albany, New York. The park is much more close to Voorheesville, in Albany country on a state route of 157. 

The park is one of the best places for hiking trails that offer panoramic views of the green mountains in Vermont and the Taconic Mountains of the Hudson region. There is another interesting place called Tasmania Island for being another best place for hiking and tourist spot. Thacher State Park is an all-around best park which is have hiking spots and picnic spots.  

23. Lake House, Albany NY

The lake house is a Spanish revival structure with an outdoor stage which is designed by Albany Architech J. Russel White. The interior is elaborated and detailed with point terrazzo floors, and green terrazzo iron chandeliers. The lake house is used for different theatrical performances. It is located in rolling urban parkland which is a 90 acres spread landscape. The Lake house is available to not-for-profit organizations with a fee of more than $150 approx.

Foot Note

There are a lot of places to visit in Albany, New York. From Empire state plaza to the national history museum. The empire state plaza hold the most unique building of architecture after this the legislature and the Egg art center were constructed. 

Albany is rich in history. It shows the era of colonists and enslavement. Thus, the seed of freedom also emerged which is the place of the Underground railway education center. The English took over the Dutch settlement in 1664 and rename the city of Albany in honor of the duke of Albany.  

Even though one can easily understand that Albany is one of the oldest surviving settlements of the original British thirteen colonies. Albany city is like a puzzle box that has a lot of interesting places to go but it is hard to start from a point. 

Thus this article will help to start the journey from a particular point of location and what to do in Albany. The national history of art is the perfect place to gather information about the palaces in Albany and experience the best of Albany. This article only covers the most famous and infamous spot in Albany, New York. 


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