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What to Do at Davies Creek Falls: 7 Fun Ideas

Located at the Dinden National Park, almost an hours-long drive from Cairns is a beautiful waterfall named Davies Creek Falls. At the top of the falls is an incredible natural infinity pool or an oasis hovering above a cliff.

About height, Davies Creek Fall is the highest and largest waterfall near Cairns. From the falls circuit track, the fall is a short 1 km road. The Davies Creek Fall is a magnificent swimming spot less crowded than other waterfalls.

The falls are set nearby Mareeba’s Tablelands town on the other side of the Lamp Range. Although Davies Creek is a bit further from Cairns, the beautiful fall is worth the visit.

What To Expect At Davies Creek Falls Infinity Pool

One of the most scenic and exceptional waterfall oases is the falls Infinity Pool in North Queensland. The infinity pool is surrounded by large drooping trees that look amazing. There are several open and free spaces to experience and feel North Queensland’s equatorial weather. The infinity pool is above falls, and on calmer days, it is the best place to enjoy swimming and relaxing.

How To Get To The Davies Creek

The Davies Creek National Park is located almost eight km off the Kennedy Highway. You must drive past the picnic and camping spots to reach the Davies Falls Circuit. You have to follow the narrow little lane to the top of the cliff.

You must use the open and uncapped Davies Creek Road to access the Davies Creek Fall circuit track. The trail has a small car park area on the left, and the turn-off is indicated on the road to Mareeba, Queensland, almost 20 km from Kuranda. It takes nearly 20-25 minutes to cover the 1 km trail and to reach the Davies Creek Fall and the infinity pool.

davies creek falls
Photo by Bart Walus: Pexels

There are two beautiful lookouts you can cover on the walking track. The second lookout offers the best and most picturesque views over the top of the falls. You can leave the walk above the second lookout and climb the larges boulders to discover beautiful swimming holes and waterfalls.

The most magnificent is the Davies Creek infinity pool. It is a deep swimming hole surrounded by many shaded rocks. The rocks can be pretty slippery. While returning, you can take the same path or continue walking the trails to discover more swimming holes and a beautiful picnic area.

When To Visit Davies Creek Falls

The falls look splendid to visit any time of the year and is accessible all year around. During this time of the year, the Davies Creeks receive plenty of rainfall, thus making the fall look vibrant.

However, it is advisable to be safe and swim during these months as the pool can be very deep, and the waterfalls can be powerful, thus increasing the chance of drowning.

Details Of The Falls Circuit Track

The trail walk initiates from the car park zone. The course is lined with banksias, pandanus, paperbark trees, and long grass trees. The first lookout on the trail provides a view back along the valley, and the other lookout overlooks the falls. The trail walk is famously used for bird watching, cycling, walking and trekking. Tourists can enjoy solitude and calmness with nature. You can enjoy a good family picnic and a swimming area at the trail’s end.

Although the road to the trails is unsealed, the valley’s top provides a great spot to capture some good photos and memories.

Other Things To Do At Davies Creek National Park

If you are adventurous, it is time to visit the Davies Creek National Park which offers many adventurous opportunities. Along with the Linden National Park and the falls, the park has lots of exciting and adventurous things to offer tourists.

1. Camping

There are two spots where you can enjoy and experience good camping. The first is in the lower Davies Creek National Park. Another camp is set in the Dinden National Park at Upper Davies Creek.

davies creek falls
Photo by Josh Hild: Pexels

Both camping sites accept electronic bookings. However, booking and reserving your seat in advance is advisable. It is mandatory to have your camping certifications and permits. In addition, camping fees are also applied. You must show the camping booking number tag at the site entry.

There are limited facilities—campers must be self-sufficient. There are toilets provided at both camping sites. However, fires are only allowed at Upper Davies Creek and only with the firewood provided by the park.

2. Short Walks

There are several walking tracks at the Dinden National Park and Davies Creek. Clohesy River fig tree boardwalk is a 9 km walk that almost takes 20 minutes to cover by car. The walk starts along Clohesy River Road and can only be covered with a car or four-wheel vehicle. You can discover the beautiful local rainforest environment during the trek.

Bunda Bibandji rock art walking track takes more than 1 hour to cover by walking. It is an open forest surrounded by pink bloodwood and long grass trees. You get to discover a lot of plant species and traditional local plants. The track leads to two rock art galleries. Tourists of any age with good fitness levels can experience the walk.

Emerald Creek Falls lookout walking track takes a one-hour walking time, and the trail makes its way through dry sclerophyll forests.  You will see a beautiful view of the valley from the top. The trees you can find on this trail are grevilleas, acacia, and eucalyptus, along with pandanus trees.

3. Long Walks

The Turtle Rock circuit trail is a difficult walk and takes almost 3-4 hours to complete. Initiates from the Upper Davies creek camping site and passes through a eucalyptus forest. The trail offers splendid views in every direction, and the walk is marked and manifested by orange markers on the trees.

davies creek falls
Photo  Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The trails are impressive but uneven and steep. Kahlpahlim Rock trail initiates 14 km along Davies Creek Road. On the Lamp Range, the Kahlpahlim Rock is the topmost point, and the view overlooking Davies Creek is breathtaking.

Two trails named Ridge trail and the Kahlpahlim Rock trail lead to the Kalhlpahlim Rocks’ huge granite stones. The walk is difficult and should only be done by professional walkers. It is good to start the trek early to experience cooler temperatures.

4. Car And Bike Riding

There are several rivers and clear creeks in between the roads. You can only experience this scenic site using trail bikes and four-wheeled automobiles. The vehicles used during the trial should be registered, and the riders must carry their driving license.

5. Picnicking

A beautiful picnic spot is present before the camping area of Lower Davies Creek. In addition, there is one more picnic area near the falls circuit track.

The camping ground of Lower Davies Creek is an amazing place for day visitors. There are tables for picnics and toilets with wheelchair accessibility. There are several sheltered spots to relax and have a good time on nature’s lap.

davies creek falls
Photo by Evangelina Silina on Unsplash

In addition, the Dinden West Forest Reserve has facilities for toilets and tables for day visitors. This is the best place to have fun with your family and friends.

6. Bicycling

There are several trails for mountain bikes running between Kuranda and Mareeba known as the Lamp Range. Bicycles are also permitted on Bridle Creek, the roads of Davies Creek, and Clohesy River. The road of Clohesy River is a 33 km unsealed trail and passes several rivers.

7. Wildlife Viewing

Dinden National Park and Davies Creek are home to wildlife and serve as amazing places to discover a variety of animals and plant species. During the spring, the parks are filled with colourful and sweet smells of wildflowers.


Visit Davies Creek Falls, located in the northernmost region of Queensland, and see the beautiful natural waterfall. Although the water in the falls gets dried during the dry season, the place offers scenic views throughout the year. The spot serves as a great place for hikers and adventurous tourists.


Ankita M Bose
Ankita M Bose
Ankita has completed her Masters in English and has a great interest in traveling and exploring beautiful destinations. She loves writing travel contents and also keeps an interest in exploring beautiful Australian beaches, deserts and wildlife. She will guide you through some of the popular and exciting destinations to visit in Australia from her research.

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