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Carnarvon Gorge Camping – 11 Best Spots

We all know, Gorge is a narrow valley that falls between mountains or hills, and Carnarvon Gorge is truly a wonder that will make you dumbstruck. It is most famous for its camping facilities. 

Carnarvon Gorge Camping area is an idealistic spot to camp and hike. Its everlasting beauty never fades and transits you into a completely different sphere. 

1) Carnarvon Gorge and Sandstone Wilderness

The Carnarvon Gorge section of the National Park has several campsites, and adventurous trails to hike. Hundreds of campers come yearly to see the unrealistic beauty of the Carnarvon creek gorge section.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Rachel Claire/ Pexels. @All Rights Reserved

Carnarvon Gorge is the heart of sandstone residing in central Queensland, Australia. Carnarvon Gorge stands as a heavenly oasis, breathing in the rugged Carnarvon ranges of The Great Dividing Range.

A wildlife paradise, Carnarvon Gorge draws a vivid spectrum of sandstone varieties. The Precipice sandstone curves the major landscape of this Gorge as well as its spectacular cliff lines.

Here, the rocks seem to be a painter’s art, designed precisely. The sandstone cliffs have exceptional heights. Their formation goes millions of years back in history. 

The sandstone has a historical significance. It is engraved with many stories from the past that are rooted in the originating culture of the country.

Home to many Aboriginals, Carnarvon Gorge holds deep roots in the magnificent history of its ancestors. 

2) Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Centre

Carnarvon Gorge Visitor center is an amazing option for camping in Carnarvon National park. It gives you access to camp directly inside the national parks. The main walking track is present nearby this location.

There’s is a catch, the facilities provided by the visitor center are exclusive. You can camp in Carnarvon National Park only during certain school holidays or specific months of June July and September October.

Here, you can have picnic tables and enjoy the convenience of free electric BBQs and picnic tables. One of the drawbacks is no flushing toilets are available in a caravan park. Be aware of the facilities before booking them.

As for the camping rates, this is a cost-effective place to book cheap family holidays, it only costs $6.85 per person per night or $27.40 per family per night. (one family = two adults + three to six children).

3) Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Area

Before entering the wilderness, it’s always better to have a guide. Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Area is just the right option for you. It should be the first stop in your expedition to sandstone wilderness.

Located in the Carnarvon Gorge section of Carnarvon National park, the visitor area is almost a 6-kilometer drive-in from the entrance.

With well-maintained modern amenities, the Visitor Area is powered to assure your comfort. It acts as the best guide before you step into the adventure of Carnarvon Gorge.

4) Carnarvon National Park Camping – Visitor Centre

The following contains some of the very essential details to make your stay in the Carnarvon Gorge section.

The visitor center is open at your service every day except for school holidays, following a time of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is closed only on the day of Christmas.

The visitor centre will have all the necessary information for planning your camp in the best possible way.

5) Carnarvon Gorge Camping Map

Carnarvon Gorge Camping area is one of the most stunning national parks in Queensland. The Carnarvon George section of the national park has will-curated morning walks and the campers can set up their tents at the night or do the overnight hike.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By RamoPexels. @All Rights Reserved

The campsite is more easily available during the Queensland school holidays. Nuga Nuga National Park and Expedition National Park are some of the nearby places you could visit.

6) Carnarvon Gorge Camping: 10 Best Spots Including  Next Best to Free Camping

Carnarvon Gorge is famous for its camping facilities and diverse options. This blog is a well-designed guide to assist you in planning your Carnarvon Gorge camping area.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Todd Trapani/ Pexels. @All Rights Reserved

Queensland school holidays are a special time when booking to such campsites and national parks must be made to secure the spots.

6.1) Big Bend Camping Area

Residing along a natural pool, Big Bend has quality services to give you diverse camping options and amenities blocks to make your camping experience worth it.

Big Bend camping area caravan park offers suitable options to lodge, walk, tent camping, picnic tables, and many more. Although non-flushing toilets can cause discomfort to a few visitors.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Snapwire/ Pexels. @All Rights Reserved

It is a walk-in camping area and the maximum limit of campers is 10 individuals per night. To ensure a sustainable future and preserve the existing ecosystem, toilets are based on compositing.

Throwing away other garbage in the toilet is prohibited. This is to maintain hygiene in the toilets.

As for booking, a booking of at least three months is suggested. At Most, you can stay in the free camping area for two nights.

6.2) Sandstone Park Carnarvon Gorge

Sandstone park gifts you with an exceptional 360-degree view of Carnarvon Gorge National park. It is located at the threshold of the Carnarvon Gorge.

Most importantly, the sandstone valleys hold within themselves rich culture and heritage. Kangaroos and Wallabies can be easily seen on this site.

It has unpowered sites and several bins to discard the garbage. One of the drawbacks here is the less number of trees. Proper shade is not available.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Ave Calvar Martinez/ Pexels. @All Rights Reserved

Campsites cost $35 per site per night for 2 people, extra adults cost $15 per person per night, and extra children (aged 5 – 14) $7 per child per night. Children 5 years and under are free.

6.2.1) The Art Gallery

While you visit Sandstone park, you must not miss the aboriginal artwork. Yes, the sandstone walls are stenciled with aboriginal art and take you back in time to another century.

The Art gallery is approximately 62 meters long and more than two thousand engravings cover these walls. Visit this culturally rich art gallery and jump back to ancient days.

6.3) Takarakka Bush Resort – Carnarvon Gorge Camping 

Takarakka Bush resort is the best resort when visiting Carnarvon Gorge. Five minutes drive from the great Carnarvon Gorge, the resort’s location adds to your convenience.

With a quick check-in process, the resort is quite spacious and comfortable. The new dump point very well accommodates the crowd.

The lush green bush borderlines the entire resort. The airy structure of the resort gives the feel of a natural residency.

It is the only resort near the Carnarvon Gorge camping area that is airy and available open year-round. Booking is a must.

6.3.1) Accommodation Options

The lodging accommodation options have tents and safari-style tents accompanied by timber floors. Here you can choose between two tents with three or six-bed layouts and other optional facilities as per your needs.

For more luxurious accommodation, you can book Explorer Cabins. These cabins have private cooking and air-conditioning facilities.

6.3.2) Happy Hours

Around 4 a.m., the Happy Hours initiates. Happy Hours are curated for the visitors who will soon become close companions on the camping trip.

All exchange greetings and their travel adventures. This is a healthy step by the resort to incline your trip in a more friendly direction.

6.3.3) Carnarvon Gorge Camping Guide

The resort brings you an accurately designed guide to balance out your trip and cover all the spots in the Carnarvon Gorge Camping area. The astronomy tour is an ad to the Carnarvon Gorge camping adventure. 

6.4) Big 4 Breeze Holiday Park Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area

There is no doubt that Carnarvon Gorge has amazing views, and dramatic landscapes, and is a great place to hike and camp, is home to 173 species of birds, 60 different mammals, 22 species of frogs, and 90 reptiles.

Situated amongst Carnarvon National Park on hundred acres is BIG 4 Breeze Holiday Parks, Carnarvon Gorge camping. Five minutes’ drive from the main track car park, this Breeze park awaits you.

This place is suggested to campers who enjoy creature comforts. Both powered and unpowered sites are present. 

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Bunty Smum/ Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

As for the cabins, there are multiple options, from Explorer cabins for 3 to Taka tents for 4 to 6 people. Studio cabins and cottages are more expensive options available at a rate of $242 per night and $252 per night respectively.

Proper toilet and bathing facilities are available in all the cabins. The Taka tents are more affordable options that cost around a hundred bucks per night. However, adequate toilet facilities may be absent in these tents. 

A convenience shop to suit your needs is also present in the area. Special deals on holidays and exclusive discounts for members are an add-on bonus. 

6.5) Ka Ka Mundi- Carnarvon Gorge Camping 

Limited facilities are provided in this camping area. Self-sufficient campers will have a better time here. The campsite offers bush camping.

Small springs emerge from the sandstone and an easy drive-in will make your trip worthwhile.

6.6) Mount Moffatt- Carnarvon Gorge Camping 

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Picography / Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

With a variety of options, Mount Moffat has four different types of campsites. Walk-in tent camping, camper trailers, and caravan campsites, diverse options are available. Carrying the booking number tag to the campsite is a must. No fire is allowed.

6.7) Salvator Rosa- Carnarvon Gorge Camping 

This camping area is known to safeguard the rugged, sandstone watershed, ‘the roof of Queensland’.

The natural architecture of this area is artistically carved especially the bright escarpment. However, reaching this spot can turn challenging.

6.8) Carnarvon Great Walk- Campgrounds

A total of powered sites and five camping areas are present here. These are the Big Bend walkers’ camp, Gadd’s walkers’ camp, West Branch walkers’ camp, Consuelo camping zone, and Cabbage Tree camping zone.

6.9) Glamping at Carnarvon Gorge

In contrast to traditional camping, glamping is a particular type of camping that has more luxurious accommodations inside the camp. Glamping can be compared to the five-star hotel rooms in the world of camping. 

From necessary furniture to provide you comfort, glamping camps are extremely spacious and lavish. 

6.10) Wallaroo Outback Retreat

With a touch of luxury, it can be a good option for those wishing to enjoy glamping tents. Their resort-style services will provide you with glamorous glamping tents.

The arrangements inside the tent are top-notch with linen bedding, comfortable furniture, and a gentle fragrance. Incessant eucalyptus grows in the surrounding ranges. Thus, it sets the romantic mode for all couples.

6.11) Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Snap Stock/ Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

These lodges will provide for you most lavishly. Undoubtedly the Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge is the most extravagant lodging option available near the national park.

This type of accommodation has 28 spacious safari-style cabins, proper air-conditioning or heating facilities, as required as well as a private bathroom. Daily bush bar facilities are also present.

Queen single cabins are also available with one queen-sized bed and one single bed. Accommodation in a wilderness lodge can turn expensive ranging around 200 bucks per night.

As for food options, self-cooking is not an option. Two electric barbeques will provide for you. You can easily self-cater for yourself.

7) Plan Your Trip

Carnarvon Gorge camping will give you a fresh breath of nature. You can spend hours walking and discovering new elements away from civilization. Carnarvon Gorge camping offers you huge areas to set camps and hike.

It is truly another world, where you can get the feels of ancient times. A hub of nature and striking structures that will leave you awestruck.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping
By Serg Alesenko Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Since the area is naturally so fit for camping, the accommodation around it has developed in such a manner. The camping and hiking facilities are top-notch, safety precautions are well maintained at all times and the crowd is also restricted for the same.

Plan your Trip, and taste the best flavor of adventure in the dense valleys and gorge of Carnarvon. An awakening camp adventure awaits you.


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