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Beaches in Phillip Island- 16 Gorgeous Landscapes

Phillip Island is located in Victoria, Australia. It is the home of many peaceful small beaches, unique wildlife, nature, adventures, and jaw-dropping coastlines. These beaches in Phillip Island allow you to capture countless memories.

Furthermore, you can indulge in numerous activities, including surfing, swimming, building sandcastles, and fishing. Most importantly, you can find both surf and children’s beaches here. It is also the best place to be in the appropriate weather.

1. 16 Best Beaches in Phillip Island

1.1. Smiths Beach

Beaches in Phillip Island
Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Smiths Beach is a 1 km long sheltered bay beach that faces southwest and is the most popular beach for surfing among families.

The commercial centre of Smiths Beach is at the border of Smiths Beach Road and Marlin Street. This beach has cafes, shops, and general stores near the main street for visitors and residents to get everything needed nearby.

Moreover, the water of Smiths Beach is appropriate to learn how to surf for novice and expert surfers. This beach is unquestionably the best place for hanging out and enjoying the breathtaking views.

1.2. Red Rocks Beach

Red Rocks Phillip Island

Do you like a quiet and peaceful outing? Red Rocks Beach is the place for you if you want to spend some alone time or spend quality time with your loved ones, as this includes a secluded bay.

This beach is almost always empty, but occasionally, natives can be seen heading to work. Red Rocks Beach is within walking distance from the red rocks car park.  You can recognize the beach from this car park by looking at the red rocks it was named after.

The only disadvantage of visiting Red Rocks Beach is the distance from stores and cafes, although you have Cowes Beach, which is closer to the market and is only a 10-minute drive from Red Rock. Undoubtedly, Red Rocks Beach is relaxing, and the view of this beach is rewarding.

1.3. Ventnor Beach

Ventnor Beach

Ventnor Beach is a very peaceful and dog-friendly beach on Phillip Island. Among all the Phillip Island Beaches, this beach is ideal for young kids, as it contains gentle waves that won’t harm anyone. Here, kids can simply sit in the water and splash around or build sandcastles on the shore.

Ventnor Beach is similar to Red Rocks Beach, as it is also quieter than the more popular beaches, namely Cowes Beach, Smiths Beach, and others. It also has plenty of sand to lie down on and enjoy the peaceful environment of this lovely beach.

1.4. Woolamai Surf Beach

Beaches in Phillip Island
Photo by Troy Mortier on Unsplash/ Copyright 2019

Woolamai is one of the most popular surfing beaches on Phillip Island. It is the longest beach among the Phillip Island beaches, spreading over 4.2 km. There are five good spots to provide surfers with the best breaks. It is the only beach with lifeguards, making it safe for family vacations. The only way to enjoy the view of this beach to its full potential is by walking around the shore and enjoying the scintillating coastline.

After enjoying the sunset and sunrise of this place, you will wish to remain here forever. In addition to the water, a sight to see here is the golden sands of this beach. Mutton birds are commonly found here.

There is also a Cape Woolamai surf beach near Woolamai Beach. Cape Woolamai has low tide and is ideal for beginner surfers. This Cape is home to a lot of short-tailed shearwaters.

1.5. Kitty Miller Bay

Kitty Miller Bay - Phillip Island, Victoria Australia

Love swimming or snorkelling? Well, Kitty Miller Bay Beach is the place you need to visit. This hidden gem of Phillip Island is ideal for swimmers to enjoy. What’s more enticing about Kitty Miller Bay is also the site of the SS Speke Shipwreck which is at walking distance just across the rocks. The second-largest ship-rigged crashed on this island due to poor navigation and ended up on this beach in 1906.

Kitty Miller Bay Beach also has great rock pools and is very scenic. If you are not in the best physical shape, you are advised to skip a visit to SS Speke Shipwreck as it involves a lot of rock climbing.

1.6. Summerland Beach

SummerLand Beach | Phillip Island | Dronogifty | 4K Mavic Pro | 2019

The best beach to visit on Phillip Island is Summerland Beach. It was named the national surfing reserve. Here you can enjoy the penguin parade, surfing and wildlife. People come to Summerland Beach for a gentle surf and a laid-back vacation. This is the natural habitat of the little penguins. Here, in addition to enjoying walking a 1.5 km stretch during the day, you can also watch the beach turn into penguin land at night, which is extraordinary.

This beach is also where you can unwind from your hectic schedule and have an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Hence, grab your passport and start your journey.

1.7. Cowes Beach

Beaches in Phillip Island
Photo by FiledIMAGE on UnlimPhotos

Phillip Island’s famous Cowes Beach is a north-facing sheltered bay beach. This is also the main beach on Phillip Island. This place is a commercial hub and the best place to hang out. The beach gets the most visitors and has cafes, washroom facilities, restaurants, and boutique shops with the best ocean views.

The hustling crowd of this place will make you fall in love with the beach even more. It is best on cold winter mornings and is a perfect spot for a sweet family picnic.

Sip your coffee, have a snack, and enjoy the sunrise of this lovely beach.

1.8. Forrest Caves Beach

Forrest Caves

Forrest Caves are famous for their red-coloured sea caves created by the erosion of the cliffs. It is within walking distance from the Forrest Caves car park and can only be enjoyed during calm waves. However, it is easy to reach the caves once you hit the beach, as it is only 500 m away.

During high tides, the beach disappears, and the caves flood too. So, make sure you visit here accordingly. Moreover, it is close to the main street and lies between Woolamai and the township of surf beach.

No dogs are allowed here as this area falls under a conservation precinct. Ensure you maintain distance from the water, as no lifeguards can be found on duty at the beach.

1.9. YCW Beach

YCW Beach Slow Motion Surfing

It is one of the most renowned beaches on Phillip Island. YCW stands for Young Catholic Workers, a group popular in the 1950-60s. It is a good place for family holidays and is safe for swimming. However, it is also the best place for experienced surfers as it allows them to practice on large waves too.

The clean surroundings and white sand just add to the quality of the beaches. You get the unique experience of walking on large pebbles and relishing the lovely views.

However, the only setback is that the car park on this beach is very hectic, so you are advised to park far away across the road. Overall, the feeling this place gives can’t be compared to any other beach.

1.10. Flynns Beach

PHILLIP ISLAND flynns beach

One of the most beautiful sunsets can be seen only at Flynns Beach. It is perfect if you enjoy photography and a good walk on the beach. This beach is clean, which makes it the best background for amazing photographs. Taking young kids with you is not recommended because the tides can be high.

Flynns Beach is amazing to visit during the summer and can be enjoyed entirely. But during the sunset, penguins take over the beach, and wild geese are also common here. You can watch the penguin parade at the end of the day and finish your trip on a good note here.

However, a major drawback is the unavailability of washroom facilities nearby, so you have to go to the market for them.

1.11. Berrys Beach

Berry Beach - Phillip Island Victoria

This hidden gem is ideal for beach walks and offers scenic views for photography. Try taking a walk from Pyramids Beach, as it is supposed to be an experience of a lifetime. The clean water, the wallabies, and the coastal views are a true delight to the eyes. Taking kids is risky as the surf can be high, but experienced surfers might enjoy this beach.

You should avoid swimming here and enjoy the view in front instead. Click plenty of photos, make videos, and get lost in the beauty of nature- that is Berrys Beach.

1.12. The Colonnades

Colonnades 2022

Want to see some whales? If your luck works out, you might see them at the Colonnades.  It also has proximity to cafes that makes you relish the coastal views. You might experience cold winds during winter, and only a warm jacket can rectify that.

However, if you enjoy a good walk and scenery, you must first reach Cape Woolamai Surf Beach and walk through the Colonnades, which takes about 1 hour. Visit this place if you enjoy the sun, surf, and a good walk. It is equally important to know that the waves are on an average of 1.5 meters, and the surf zone is available for well-trained surfers.

1.13. Erehwon Point Beach

Erehwon Point Beach Victoria

This is the most visited spot in the main street of Cowes. Although this is not a preferred beach in general, it is famous for picnics and is ideal for youngsters too. Erehwon was named by reversing the word nowhere inspired by a dystopian novel. Apart from this, it is unique because of the wooden poles located on this sandy beach and is mostly deserted as it is off the beaten track.

Moreover, here you can find a lovely shaded playground at the entry built under the Rotary Society that took over this beach over the years.

1.14. Cleeland Bight Beach

Cleeland Bight Jan 2011

Don’t miss out on the exquisite bird life at Cleeland Bight Beach! It is a secluded beach with soft golden sand surrounding the crystal-clear water. This beach stretches over 2 kilometres of Victoria, Australia. Apart from this, a great thing about this place is its locality and closeness to different cuisines and restaurants.

However, this is not the most visited beach on Phillip Island because of its lack of popularity among tourists. Yet you can enjoy the various cultures present here during your visit. You may also find mouth-watering dishes and aesthetics to have an Instagram-perfect vacation.

1.15. Silverleaves Beach

BEST THINGS TO DO with kids in PHILLIP ISLAND - Silver Leaves Beach, Phillip Island

A northern-facing beach where you can enjoy a 20-minute walk to the main street of Cowes. It is ideal for walks, fishing, swimming, and fun water activities. It should be noted that the absence of lifeguards is the only drawback of this otherwise beautiful and scenic beach.

Food is found at the Silverleaves store, or you can go to the main street to enjoy cafes, restaurants, and shops. Furthermore, there are gravel car parks within walking distance of the beach. You can enjoy a good walk from the parking to the water.

1.16. San Remo Beach

San Remo

San Remo Beach on Phillip Island is one of the best places to take your kids. It has shallow water and so children can paddle here with no danger. Kids can run on the shores safely and enjoy a good summer vacation on the beach. Moreover, the cleanliness and accessibility of the beach make it much more famous among families looking for a perfect spot to enjoy their holiday. This beach allows you to bring your dogs and enjoy a good walk.

2. FAQs

1. What is an ideal time to visit the beaches of Phillip Island?

You can visit Phillip Island from November through March to enjoy a good beach experience with beautiful sunsets, wildlife, and walks. However, it is lovely all year round.

2. Which beach is best for surfers?

Summerland Beach is the best surfers’ point. This beach has good tides for both beginners and professionals. Moreover, you can also go there to learn to surf and begin your water adventures.

3. What activities can tourists enjoy other than beaches on Phillip Island?

Apart from the beaches, tourists also enjoy visiting the Nobbies, Churchill Island, and Phillip Island Nature parks. There are also many other fun places in Phillip Island for tourists.

4. Which beach is most populated on Phillip Island?

Cowes Beach is the most popular and populated beach on Phillip Island during the holidays. However, it might be hard to relax on the beach due to the crowd. If you do not enjoy crowded places, you can alternatively visit the other 16 beaches on our list.

5. What makes beaches in Phillip Island better than other beaches?

The lovely beaches that stretch over the ocean are a good enough reason to say they are better than the others.

3. Conclusion

Phillip Island is a perfect place to enjoy with your family and loved ones. Before visiting the beaches here, you need to check the tide’s height to ensure you get a good experience of the beaches. Another equally important fact is that many of the beaches in Phillip Island are safe due to low tides.

To put it briefly, there is no other place with better beaches and scenic coastal lines. Besides these 16 beaches, there is more to explore on this island, as it is also home to beautiful cafes.

Have a good walk, surf, swim, play with your kids, build sandcastles, and spend time with your family at this fantastic place. Undoubtedly, a good day at the beach is better than therapy.


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