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Unforgettable Phillip Island: 10 Must-See Attractions

Phillip Island is a very famous day-trip destination in Australia. It has diverse landscapes, including rugged coastline, surf beaches, and forests. Witnessing the very famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of the best things to do on Phillip Island.

In addition to penguins, Phillip Island is also home to Koalas of various kinds. There are a lot of Koala Reserves that can be found in this area.

Besides the landscapes and natural habitat, Phillip Island is also known for hosting significant events like The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, V8 Supercars, and Superbike World Championship.

Where Did the Name Come From

The name Phillip Island came from Governor Arthur Phillip. He was the very first governor of New South Wales. Before this name came into existence, Phillip Island was known as Corriong or Millowl. These names were given by the Boonwurrung people, who were residents of this area.

This place got its original name in the British era, dating back to the late 1700s.

Unique Things To do In Phillip Island


Phillip Island will never disappoint you. You will be able to find a bunch of amazing things here. Starting from the incredible natural wonders to witnessing some of the world-famous car racing championships, Phillip Island has so much to offer.

Below are some of the fantastic things you can do in this place.

1. Experience Feeding Pelicans at San Remo Beach

The San Remo Fisherman’s Co-Op feed pelicans every day. They feed a bunch of pelicans around noon every day near the San Remo foreshore. Every day around this time, many pelicans are seen arriving from nearby places and patiently waiting for their food.

The tradition of feeding the pelicans was started in the year 1985. During those times, pelicans were seen coming to the foreshore to eat the unwanted fish thrown away by the anglers. After seeing this, the people of that area started the tradition of feeding them.

things to do in phillip island

Today, the pelican feeding program is run by trained staff and is regulated by many departments, namely the Department of Water, Land, and Planning.

Every day, feeding the pelicans lasts for about 10 mins. During this time, the fishers of San Remo provide a brief educational presentation comprising the pelicans’ diet and lifestyle. The presentation also covers how we can conserve and improve the environmental efforts that will help save them and many such species.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the water while seeing the pelicans because Stingrays are often peeping through the deep waters.

The address of this place is 170 Marine Parade, San Remo, Australia.

2. Enjoy Fish and Chips at San Remo

After seeing the pelicans, head over to the San Remo Fisherman’s Co. There, you can enjoy the fantastic fish and chips. The fish that is served here is excellent in taste and quality. They serve fresh fish with homemade tomato sauce along with chips.

things to do in phillip island

You can also opt for the fresh seafood that they serve. They have sitting arrangements both inside and outside their restaurant.

The address of this place is 170 Marine Parade, San Remo, Australia.

3. Enjoy the Cadillac Canyon at Bore Beach

Cadillac Canyon is located at Bore Beach. It is a tiny canyon in Bore Beach that got its name from a local photographer. Cadillac Canyon is the best place for those who love clicking pictures.

The Cadillac Canyon becomes the perfect place to click pictures when the canyon gets filled with high waves that crash the surface. It provides an excellent background that includes the waves and the surface.

One distinct feature about Bore Beach is that it gets to face high waves and strong currents. These waves make swimming in this water quite dangerous. If you want to visit Bore Beach, stay away from the water.

The address to this place is 145 Potters Hill Road, San Remo, Australia.

4. Dwell Around the Coastal Reserve of Phillip Island

Soon after you cross the bridge of the Phillip Island, you will come across Phillip Island’s Coastal Reserve. If you want a more transparent and better view of Phillip Island, visit the Coastal Reserve of the island. It is also known as the visitor center of Philip Island.

While standing on the bridge of Phillip Island, you might be lucky enough to see some marine animals having an excellent time inside the water.

things to do in phillip island

Suppose you are wondering about how to reach this place. Worry no more. Just turn left after crossing the Bridge of Phillip Island. You will find a narrow road that will lead you towards the Caravan Park of Phillip Island.

Park your vehicle and walk down the main entrance of Caravan Park. Keep looking left to find a sign that reads “Beach Access”. And here you are.

5. Visit the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is one of the major attractions of this place. The best part about this factory is that you will get the chance to make your chocolate.

Want to hear something more interesting? The entry ticket of this chocolate factory is also made up of chocolate. But do not eat it before entering the factory. In addition, this place also provides complimentary chocolate to everyone upon entry.

things to do in phillip island

After seeing everything in Phillip island’s chocolate factory, head to Panny’s chocolate cafe and chocolate shop; there, you will get the chance to choose your favorites from a wide variety. Some lucky individuals also get the chance of getting Panny’s “Secret recipe” white truffles.

There is a 45-minutes to 1-hour time limit scheduled for every visit. Children above the age of 4 and adults will have to pay the entry fare for entering this factory. Entry fees for children less than 4 years are not required.

6. Visit Churchill Island Farmers Market and Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Churchill Island is known as the first farm in Victoria. It is also the first European garden and working farm. The farm is spread over an area of about 50.7 hectares. The farm also has an original Churchill Island Homestead.

The Churchill Island Heritage Farm is home to various farm animals, beautiful flower gardens, farm grounds and unique homestays. You will also be able to find farm grounds where animal demonstrations and wagon rides are performed.

things to do in phillip island

If you have your kids along, visiting the farm of the Churchill Island is going to be the best decision. It is so because every day a lot of educational demonstrations take place here. Children will get the opportunity of learning a lot about farm animals.

The interactive and educational displays include wagon rides, cow milking, sheep shearing, whip cracking, and working dogs. If you want to explore this farm to the fullest, it is suggested to take a walking trail. The Churchill Island loop, which is spread over an area of about 5 kilometers, is the best way to experience all the beautiful sceneries of the island. Generally, you will need 2 hours to complete the 5-kilometre route.

If you do not have the time to complete 5-kilometres, you can also opt for an alternate option. The alternate option is the North Point Loop which is spread over an area of about 2-kilometres and requires one hour to complete.

A friendly piece of advice, if you want to visit this place, it is better if you arrive around the afternoon or during lunchtime. You can either bring your food along and have a picnic, or you can dine in some of the best restaurants that this place has.

The admission fares are different for kids and adults.

7. Take A Walk Along Woolamai Surf Beach

When you are on Phillip Island, you should visit Cape Woolamia. It is located in the southernmost part of Phillip Island.

Cape Woolamai is home to incredible golden beaches, numerous vantage points, granite cliff coastlines and various wildlife. There is also the presence of wallabies in Cape Woolamai.

things to do in phillip island

Apart from these, another distinct feature that makes this place famous is the Woolamai Surf Beach. It stretches over about 5 kilometers and is considered perfect for surfing. 

The Woolamai Surf Beach also provides a lot of facilities. Some of the facilities include the availability of surf shops, parking areas, a lifesaving club, toilets, and places that serve both hot and cold food.

8. Take A Walk Around the Coastal Walk of Cape Woolamai

The Coastal Walk of Cape Woolamai is a trail that is located on the top of the coastal cliffs. It passes through a fauna reserve with fantastic sea caves, mesmerizing sea views, gigantic rock formations and panoramas.

You can reach Cape Woolamai via three trails. To make the job easier for the visitors, the walking trails are highlighted with markers of different colors.

things to do in phillip island

If you are willing to take the Pinnacles Walk, follow the green markers. The Pinnacles Walk spread over 4 kilometers, and an estimated 2 hours are required to reach Cape Woolamai through this route.

If you are planning to reach Cape Woolamai through the Old Granite Quarry Walk, follow the blue markers. It is spread over about 3kilometres and will require 3 hours.

If you want to follow the Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk, follow the black markers. The 6.6kilometres route will take 3.5-4 hours.

9. Spend Some Time at the Koala Reserve

Do you want to see the candid lifestyle of the Koalas? If yes, then head over to the Koala conservation reserve. Here you will be able to see a variety of koalas in their natural habitat.

things to do in phillip island

Not only Koalas, but you will be able to find a lot of other animals on your way. Some include eastern yellow robins, wallabies, bats, kookaburras and echidnas. Volunteers at the Koala conservation center are there to answer all your queries regarding these animals.

10. Witness the Famous Penguin Parade of Phillip Island

One of the most prominent features of Phillip Island is its Penguin Parade. People from all over the world come here to witness this place’s fantastic parade.

things to do in phillip island

Every night, a bunch of little penguins parade back to the shore after a long and busy day at the sea. The Phillip Island’s penguin parade is a sight for sore eyes.

To witness this lifetime experience, you must head over to 1019 Ventnor Rd, Summerland Beach, Australia.

Ways To Reach Phillip Island

Curated below are some of the easiest ways by which you can reach this place.

By Car

If you start your journey from Melbourne, you must take the Monash Freeway first. As soon as you reach Cranbourne, opt for the exit of Phillip Island. As you opt for the exit of Phillip Island, you will be taken along the South Gippsland Highway. From there, you will have to follow the directions leading to Phillip Island through the Bass Highway.

If you continue driving along this road, it will take you to San Remo, which is named the Phillip Island Tourist Road.

By Ferry

Stony Point is the place from where you will be able to get passenger ferries from Mornington Peninsula. One disadvantage of ferries is that they are subject to weather situations.

By Coach

There are V/Line Coach services available. People who would like to avail of this service will have to book their tickets in advance of their journey.

By Tour

If you are a resident of Melbourne or have no time to rent a car, taking the Phillip Island Tour is the best option.

The tour includes various destinations like the animal park, the Maru Koala, the Nobbies center, and the famous penguin parade.


Apart from the things mentioned above, there are many other things to do in Phillip Island. Visiting the puzzle island, witnessing the candid moments of the Australian fur seals, riding the boat cruise, and visiting the Smiths Beach and the Southern Ocean are some other amazing things you can do in this place.


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