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6 Famous Beaches In Margaret River

The famous beaches in Margaret River are huge and have numerous things for its visitors. You will find the beach of your choice and favorable conditions here.

It has the best picturesque panoramic views to capture with many remarkable facilities. Look into this article to knowing about the best beaches in Margaret River.

1. Famous Beaches In Margaret River – 6 Best Beaches To Visit!

There are many famous beaches in Margaret River. Given below are the six best beaches to visit in this region:

1.1. Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay is a locality and a bay on Western Australia’s southwest coast. It lies between the Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. However, the name of the bay is inspired by Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin. He was a French explorer who navigated the region around the bay in 1801.

Further, the bay resides to the Cape Freycinet’s south. Walking in the North, you will reach the Boranup Sand Patch. Afterward, you are heading towards the Margaret River’s mouth. Meanwhile, you will lead to Cape Leeuwin in the south direction. It is located along the Karridale locality to the east on the Margaret River.

HAMELIN BAY & CAPE LEEUWIN | Wild Stingrays & Forest Driving

Previously, it was also Western Australia’s small port and settlement. It lies on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge’s coast. A pier was established to serve M. C. Davies’s timber milling operations. Due to the numerous rocks and reefs in the neighborhood, it is tough to navigate Hamelin Bay.

The Bay was renowned for wrecks. These wrecks occur during terrible weather. So, it is known to be a dangerous spot for mooring or anchoring. On July 22, 1900, the storm occurred at Hamelin Bay. It was the most dangerous and serious event recorded at Hamelin. Given below are the wrecks, about which databases are kept in a museum named Western Australian Museum:

  • Glenbervie
  • SS Waterlily
  • Arcadia
  • Agincourt
  • Katinka
  • Nor’wester
  • Aristide
  • Else
  • Hokitika
  • Tobar
  • Chaudiere

1.2. Meelup Beach

The Meelup Beach is among the most popular tourist beaches. It has a beautiful landscape for capturing yourself in one click. However, it resides in Western Australia along the Margaret River Region. Further, it is a top-notch beach for spending vacations with your family.

The waves on this beach are not so large. As a matter of fact, you can safely enjoy it here, even with the kids. It’s white sand and shady grassed regions are remarkable. Swimming is one of the most popular activities to do in its calm water. However, Meelup Beach is an ideal place for picnics.

#surfing Meelup Beach South West #australia

The beach is mainly situated closer to the Dunsborough region. Furthermore, the beach is conserved by Geographe Bay. Meanwhile, its serene and elaborated blue water is the source of attraction. Its exquisite native trees contribute to making its landscape more beautiful and provide shady regions for people to relax.

It facilitates clean public change rooms, showers, and toilets. You can also take a calm walk on its coastal track along the coast of the beach. Walking tracks are easily accessible and safe for kids as well. However, its walk trails and coastal views are exquisite to explore and watch. Furthermore, the beach is surrounded by the Bushland.

During the whale migration around September, you can also watch the whales here. So, don’t forget to carry binoculars with you if you are visiting during the whale-watching season. But dogs are strictly prohibited on the beach. Here, January is the driest month, and the month of June is the wettest. Meanwhile, the hottest month is February, whereas the coolest is the month of July.

1.3. Gnarabup Beach

Gnarabup Beach is situated on Gnarabup Road, nearby the Margaret River Region in Western Australia. It takes merely 10 minutes from the Margaret River to reach Gnarabup Beach. If you are visiting from Perth airport, reaching here will take around three hours.

The beach is at Prevelly, which lies in the South direction of the renowned Surfers Point. This beach is home to the limestone reef. Also, it is sheltered by the headland from the South direction. It is an extremely enjoyable place, especially on the sunny days.

Further, the beach has The Riflebutts Reserve at the upper end, giving splendid spectacles of the breaking waves.

Gnarabup Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia

It facilitates a play location for children along with a lavish green grassy region. In addition, it has tables for picnic arrangements. So, Gnarabup Beach has approximately everything as a tourist destination. However, the beach is best known for the activities like picnics, walking, swimming, family outings, and boating.

Further, the beach facilitates public toilets, sealed access roads, jetty, and parking. Moreover, surf rescue, kiosks, and picnic tables are also included. You will find the Gnarabup Beach Boat Ramp on the southern shore of the beach. Also, there is a café for refreshing yourself after a long day of enjoying and walking.

From here, the Gnarabup lookout point is a great spot to expand your walking along the coast. You can capture the beautiful panorama of the beach’s shore and boat ramps on the picturesque bay.

Gnarabup Surf Beach, Margaret River 10/06/2020

1.4. Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach is situated at Smiths Beach Road in Yallingup, Western Australia. However, it takes about half an hour to reach the Margaret River. If you are visiting from Perth, then you’ll have to spend more than two and a half hours to reach here. Basically, this beach is a bit more remote than its other loaded neighbor beaches.

Still, the beach is renowned among professional surfers. It is also an excellent place for learning surfing. You can have a beautiful and calm walk along the long white shoreline of the beach. However, this is also a primary section of the Cape to Cape Trail. You can take a break on your way at the Lamonts for a refreshing coffee.

beaches in margaret river
Image by margaretriver.com

There is an excellent swimming location in the creek’s south direction. However, you have to be careful from a rip and large waves. In summer, there are surf Lifesavers. Still, you better swim between flags more securely. Further, this beach is an excellent spot for surfing, hiking, long beach walks, and great nature views.

It facilitates sealed roads, calm restaurants, and parking. About 50 meters offshore, there are supertubes. It is an international standard break, which is great fun to watch from the shoreline.

1.5. Yallingup Beach

The Yallingup Beach is situated at the Yallingup Beach Road in Western Australia. It is also about half an hour away from the Margaret River. From Perth, it will take around three hours to reach here. A national park surrounds it. However, the beach is one of the top visited places in the Margaret River region.

Also, Yallingup Beach is better known as the surf destination. However, it is also known for its Yallingup Lagoon. It is a conserved reef that provides a great family swimming location. In addition, it is an excellent swimming and surfing spot for beginners.

Screenshot 39
Image by margaretriver.com

There is an international household name that is the main surf break. It lures the professional surfers and swimmers here. So, it remains quite busy in the early mornings with a light breeze along the shore.

In favorable conditions, the beach is best suited for experienced surfers. However, you will find a couple of other breaks on your way to coastal walking trails. Also, it is among the famous beaches in Margaret River.

Why we love Yallingup South West Australia / Surfing / Caving / Perfect Beaches / Winery Huge Caves

Further, you can also enjoy the amazing ways of surfing with experienced and professional services that are like a live show. It is a brilliant location for picnics, surfing, snorkeling, bodyboarding, and swimming. However, it also offers a sealed road, surf school, kiosk, parking, and playground.

There are also picnic tables and BBQ options. On top of that, it also has a dog-friendly section. This section is located in the middle of the Rabbits Car Park and the Dawson Street steps. It has a large playground at the bottom too. Moreover, the vibes at the beach are relaxing and have picturesque spectacles.

1.6.  Bunker Bay

The Bunker Bay is situated at Bunker Bay Road in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Located in the Margaret River Region, it is just less than an hour away from the Margaret River.

It takes less than three hours from the Perth airport to reach here. This peaceful and panoramic way is best known for giving remote vibes.

Pullman Bunker Bay Resorts Margaret River Region - Australia

It offers calm swimming and a classic surfing experience. You can also enjoy fishing at both ends of the beach. However, it also facilitates a bushwalking trail that links clear lookouts at every end of the white sandy beach.

However, this beach is a brilliant spot for beach fishing, diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Moreover, walking and surfing at Quarries & The Farm are also included.

It facilitates a sealed access road, parking, café, and a kiosk. Families can enjoy their holidays here with children and have fun picnics here.

2. Conclusion

The Margaret River region is packed with great chilling things and numerous famous beaches. It offers a wide range of excellent picturesque spectacles. Its natural beauty lures tourists to visit these beaches around this region. Along the beaches, you will find coffee and breakfast shops. In addition, chilling cafés and decent, calm restaurants are also available.

However, foreign visitors who are coming from Perth can access almost all the beaches within three hours. The white sandy beaches here have reefs, coves, and myriad bays. However, everyone who has visited here has a favorite beach of their own in this arena.


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