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Bald Rock National Park Demystified: A Handy Guide

Bald Rock National Park is a famous national park located on the northern side of New South Wales, Australia. It also has Tenterfield and NSW Queensland border on the sides of the national park.

On the other side, Bald Rock National Park is connected with the Girraween national park. There are many national parks in Australia, but this park is unique. It has many awe-inspiring lookouts, and the summit offers panoramic views.

You can plan a short vacation trip to this national park. It is a day trip, and you can see many unique things in this national park. There are many trails with easy walking tracks and surrounding bushland.

This national park has boundless countryside, gas barbecues, granite boulders, picturesque walks, only established picnic area, shaded spots, Bungoona walking track, and granite gardens. It has maximum elevation, and you can also see rock formations here.

1. History of Bald Rock National Park

This park is named Bald Rock because of the large granite outcrops rising 200 meters above the landscape. In Australia, this is the largest granite monolith. You can reach this national park with the help of sealed roads.

Bald Rock National Park has its own aboriginal heritage culture. There are many traditional owners of this place. This national park is highly rich in cultural heritage.

There are two marked routes; there is a steep way with an exposed face. The other is the easier gradient through the bushland, with rock faces.

2. Geography of Bald Rock National Park

Bald Rock National Park is a very stunning destination in NSW. It was established in the year 1971. It is spread over an 88.83 sq. km area. The managing authorities of this national park are NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

You can see tremendous views on the New South Wales border. Mount Lindesay Road, Mount Barney, Mount Mackenzie, and Flinders peak from this border.

3. Campgrounds in Bald Rock National Park

Bald Rock National Park has campgrounds, so you can enjoy camping in this national park. The person has reasonable fitness goals and frequently goes on camping. Don’t forget to bring good shoes for yourself because during camping you have to perform many activities like climbing, walking, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

You have to carry some things which are needed for you during this camping trip. You can bring some things like rubber gloves, a fish hook, waterproof matches, antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and some tablets. These things will make your camping trip easier.

Bald Rock National Park
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4. Bald Rock Picnic Area

There is a Bald Rock picnic area in the Bald Rock National Park. There are picnic tables for the visitors. This picnic area is located near the London Ranger District. There are around four picnic sites for the visitors.

The visitors can enjoy horse riding and outdoor games like volleyball and basketball. The picnic area is open from 6 am to 10 pm. There are no extra fees for the picnic area. The picnic area has many facilities for visitors, like restrooms.

From 1936 to 1970, the picnic area was the site of the Bald Rock fire lookout tower. The tower was a part of the entire national forest. After 1970, this area was replaced with a picnic area.

5. Walking Trails in Bald Rock National Park

Along with campgrounds, Bald Rock National Park also has many walking trails. Bungoma walk is one of them. It is an easy walk. During this walk, you will encounter many species of plants, wildflowers, and birds.

This walking trail is 3.2 km long. You can complete this walk only in 1-2 hours. This walk climbs through the granite boulders with a granite face. You can enjoy birdwatching during this walk.

Other than this, some other walking trails in Bald Rock National Park, like Rock face walk. White dots define the walk of this trail and steeply climb to the summit of Bald rock. This is a border link trail, and it is moderately challenging. After completing this walk, you will say it is a great walk.

Bald Rock National Park
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6. Vegetation of Bald Rock National Park

Bald Rock National Park is highly rich in vegetation. It has many woodlands and tall open forest structures. Various species of trees, herbs, shrubs, climbers, and ground cover are found in this national park. It has mountain gum plants also.

Some of those trees are Banksia integrifolia, Eucalyptus Campanulata, Allocasuarina littoralis, Eucalyptus Tindaliae, Eucalyptus Propinqua, Eucalyptus Pauciflora, Eucalyptus Saligna, Angophora Subvelutina, and so on.

Some shrubs are Monotoca Scoparia, Acacia Irrorata, Platysace Ericoides, Hibbertia Obtusifolia, Dillwynia Phylicoides, Melichrus Procumbens, Lomatia Silaifoli, and many more. The featured woodland of this national park is the New England blackbutt.

Some species of trailers and climbers are Desmodium Varians, Tylophora Woollsii, Hardenbergia Violacea, Desmodium Rhytidophyllum, Rubus Parvifolius, Glycine Tabacina, Glycine Clandestina, Smilax Australis, Eustrephus Latifolius, and so on.

Some ground cover species are Themeda triandra, Poranthera Microphylla, Goodenia Bellidifolia, Pratia Purpurascens, Opercularia Aspera, Stylidium Graminifolium, Sorghum Leiocladum, Poa Sieberiana, and many more.

Bald Rock National Park
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7. Wildlife of Bald Rock National Park

Bald Rock National Park is a shelter for many animals and birds. The animal species in this national park national f squirrel glider, cunningham’s skink, and swamp wallaby. These animals and birds are taken care of by the national park staff.

Many bird species are found in Bald Rock National Park. Yellow-tailed black cuckoo, noisy friarbird, eastern yellow robin, fan-tailed cuckoo, scarlet honeyeater, Spotted Pardalote, Australian magpie, brown hornbill, white-throated treecreeper, grey fantail, rainbow lorikeet, and laughing kookaburra.

Bald Rock National Park
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Final Note

Bald Rock National Park is a famous place near the Northern tablelands in Australia, specifically in New South Wales. You can enjoy the stunning view of the granite gardens scatter on the trail leading to the campgrounds.

You can take a short walk on the trails and find yourself very close to nature. You will enjoy the natural air, waterbodies, and mountains of the southern hemisphere near you. There is wet weather, so stay updated so the weather will not ruin your trip.

Bald Rock National Park has a park entry fee so prepare for that. You can capture stunning photographs of nature as well. You can visit the online website of the national park for more updates.

Priyanshi Sharma
Priyanshi Sharma
I am an avid traveller. I have visited many tourist places and many beautiful spots across the world. I have done my Bachelor's in Biotechnology. I love to read J. R. R. Tolkiens and Charles Dickens books. I like to write my thoughts and travel experience so that people can know about the place. I like to do research about new places.

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