A Guide on the Best Things to Do in Margaret River

things to do in Margaret River
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Nestled in the heart of Western Australia lies the captivating region of Margaret River. It’s a place that brims with beauty and attracts those seeking a wide array of experiences. This enchanting area is renowned for its vineyards, pristine beaches and majestic forests, offering various activities suited to every interest.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, an admirer of nature, or someone who appreciates the arts, Margaret River has something to offer. With its Mediterranean climate, it’s a destination all year round. So, let’s embark on an exploration of the adventures, delights and cultural encounters that await us in this picturesque corner of the world.

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21 Amazing Things to Do in Margaret River

  1. You’ve entered a world of wonder and limitless possibilities when you find yourself in the Margaret River. The awe-inspiring area of Western Australia has a reputation for its unique experiences, where nature is complemented by adventure and culture.
  2. The Margaret River is a place where memorable moments await to be discovered.

The region offers the perfect climatic conditions for vines to thrive during the growing and ripening period. Margaret River’s award-winning wineries and wine styles are more European than those of its counterparts across the country. Moreover, Inland lies Margaret River’s premium wine region, home to award-winning wineries perked.

Furthermore, there are wine tours in Margaret River that can take you to places where you can’t go by yourself. Some tours specialize in getting you behind the scenes, perhaps to meet the winemaker. There are full-day and half-day wine tours for thirsty minds as well as thirsty palates. We’re going to explore this amazing area, and we’ll discover the hidden treasures or experiences which make Margaret River such a remarkable destination.

  1. Visit The Best Wine Region

    Margaret River wine region is made up predominantly of boutique-size wine producers. Margaret River area was surveyed and analysed by scientists before its potential was identified as a quality wine region, and the first commercial vines were planted in the region.

Margaret River is a beautiful rural town that is the flagship of the region, well-loved, and much visited. The experience of fun-filled Margaret River tours through Western Australia’s premium wine region is always breathtaking. The area is renowned for its elegant Cabernet Sauvignon and full-flavoured white wines.

Moreover, the Margaret River region has many family-friendly wineries that are well-known as relaxed places to spend quality time with family and friends. Whatever tastes one may have, a premium local wine makes the perfect accompaniment. Tasting some of the best wines would be one of the must-try things to do in Margaret River.

  1. Explore the Margaret River Town

Margaret River Township is famous for spectacular natural beauty, world-class wine and world-class surfing. A hub of boutique shops, galleries and restaurants is on Main Street in Margaret River. You ca stroll, browse, stroll the local art, and enjoy coffee or lunch at one of the inviting restaurants. The city’s vibrant artistic scene is fully illuminated, making it a great place to pick up an unusual souvenir or appreciate the creative spirit.

There are many things one can think of while planning a trip to Margaret River. Nature has crafted the ultimate masterpiece here. Moreover, the Margaret River township is surrounded by tall trees, an open ocean, rocky cliffs and undulating plains. It’s the heart of the region from which Margaret River offers world-class wine alongside the coastline, stunning inland rivers, tall timber forests, and ancient underground caves, making it one of the mostunique destinations on Earth.

Beaches and surf breaks line the close coast, whose waters host migratory whales. It is a town in the Southwest of Western Australia, located in the valley of the eponymous Margaret River, 277 kilometres south of Perth, the state capital.

Enjoy the Beauty of Southwest Australia

Situated at the tip of Southwest Australia, the Iconic Margaret River region offers the best sights, attractions and experiences. The natural attractions of the southwest invite adventurous travellers to explore. On the land of Southwest Margaret River, you can walk among the leafy giants of the area’s tall timber forests. You can come upon the gorgeous Margaret River Region if you take 3 hours South of Perth and drive to Western Australia.

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful ocean and landscapes, Margaret River in Western Australia is always a fantastic place to visit. An electric mix of small and large towns in Margaret River, Western Australia, offers their flavour individually and attracts visitors together. Moreover, the Southwest corner of the Australian state, where Margaret River lies, is one of the world’s thirty-sixth biodiversity hotspots.

Margaret River coastline has River’s waves, attracting regular surfers to its beaches. It is a great place to enjoy watching the waves and catching the locks if the conditions are smooth. It has numerous car parks and areas where people can stop and enjoy the scenery.

13-Day Road Trip Through Western Australia's South West Edge Perth to Esperance
  1. Know More about Perth

    Western Australia’s holiday capital, Perth, is a culturally diverse, unique and relaxed haven of ambient cafes, sandy beaches, verdant vineyards and charming, cosmopolitan city scenery. Shady peppermint trees are commonly found in Western Australia’s Southwest.

Western Australia’s population is concentrated in its fertile southwest corner, home to the Margaret River wine region and riverside capital, Perth. Today, Western Australia’s economy mainly relies on mining, oil and gas services and construction.

  1. Have the Best Surfing Experience

Things to do in Margaret River
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Connect with the Aboriginal culture in Wadandi and Bibbulmun country in Margaret River and experience barefoot luxury on a section of the iconic Cape to Cape Track.

Furthermore, Surfing lessons and programs are available at Margaret River Surf School, and one can add this activity to the list of things to do in Margaret River. One can also have breathtaking surfing, swimming and snorkelling spots dotted along the coast of the Southwest Ocean.

  1. Have an Exciting Whale Watching

It’s an experience like no other when you join a thrilling whale-watching adventure in the Margaret River. This area offers an excellent front row position for watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat because of its stunning coastline and abundant marine life.

Watching whales along the Margaret River is an exciting and educational experience that will introduce you to some of the incredible sea life in this region. The opportunity to observe such splendid creatures in their natural environment while appreciating the beauty and biodiversity of the Indian Ocean will leave you with a great appreciation for nature.

  1. Visit And Explore the Delicious Chocolates and Its Preparation

The Margaret River Chocolate Company makes and sells a mouth-watering range of chocolate bars, chocolate-coated delights, handmade truffles, novelty chocolates, chocolate sauces and much more. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Australia is the Margaret River Chocolate Company’s original factory in the Margaret River Region.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company has the Chocolate café at Swan Valley, one of the most popular destinations in Swan Valley and the largest chocolate factory in Western Australia. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Region was opened in 1999. The company has been creating handmade premium chocolate products.

Immerse in the Beauty Beneath the Earth at Lake Cave

Lake cave is the most actively dripping cave in the Southwest, and its pristine chamber is a visually spectacular crystal wonderland. It is situated deep beneath the Earth.

The dazzling crystal formations in the Lake Cave dominate the cave roof, while the unique Suspended Table is perfectly reflected in the tranquil water below. The Lake cave is the deepest of the show caves in the Southwest. Exploring the Margaret River caves, decorated intricately with limestone crystal form, is highly adventurous. Moreover, many breathtaking underground caves in this region are worth visiting.

Wander in the Giant Hedge Maze at Margaret River

Another unique thing to do in Margaret River is to experience the amazing Margaret River. A half-hectare giant hedge maze, 18-hole mini golf, five hectares of stunning gardens with even more mazes, outdoor games, and puzzles are the amazing Margaret River’s unique attractions.

A restaurant for rest in between activities. Margaret river’s incredible attraction provides you with hours of entertainment and fun, and it would be among the best things to do in Margaret River. The Giant Hedge Maze of Margaret River is a fun and exciting tourist attraction that enables guests to experience the beauty of the region’s landscape in new ways. This destination combines the thrill of adventure with the serenity of nature, making an indelible impression on all visitors.

Amaze'n Margaret River

Show Interest in the Local Produce

Paying interest in local produce and farmer’s market can be included in the best things to do in Margaret River. One can enjoy travelling across the region and taste everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to cheeses and chocolates.

The local produce of Margaret River is famous all over the world. Margaret River farmers’ markets have been working hard to bring fresh seasonal food directly from farmers and producers to the community. You can be proud of the beautiful taste of Margaret River. Still, you also support hardworking producers and farmers who make this area a gastronomical paradise by taking an interest in local produce. It is an elegant way of connecting to the core of Margaret River’s gastronomic scene.

  1. Go to the Breweries and have a Relaxing Time at the Brewhouse

Visit the Margaret River breweries as part of the best things to do in Margaret River and sample a range of award-winning craft beers, ciders and spirits. Some of the best Margaret River breweries are Beer Farm, Eagle Bay Brewery, Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co., Bootleg Brewery, and Wild Hop Brewing Company.

Brewhouse Margaret River is an excellent place to enjoy delicious lunch in a relaxed setting in the trees with live music. The world-renowned Margaret River Region is also home to Cowaramup Brewing Company. It is a family-owned microbrewery. Cowaramup Brewing Company offers quality hand-crafted ales and lagers, a spread of native wines, and a great menu specializing in native turnout.

  1. Enjoy the Tallest Lighthouse

Guided tours of the lighthouse tower as part of the best things to do at Margaret River, take visitors up the easy 59-stair climb to the top balcony of the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. It is one of the most widespread attractions within the region.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Australia and is also a must-see attraction. Located in the southwest point of Australia, the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is a 10-minute drive south of Augusta, at the very end of Leeuwen Road. Nobody could forget to have a cape explorer tour to visit Australia’s tallest mainland lighthouse, situated at the most south-westerly point of Australia, on one of the world’s great capes.

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  1. Rejoice and Cherish the Beauty of Caves Road

    Caves Road stretches between Naturaliste to the North and Leeuwen to the South. Caves Road has many attractions besides visiting caves and is a place worth a visit. Ngilgi Cave is a 10-minute drive from Dunsborough along Caves Road, Western Australia’s first tourist attraction.

Mammoth Cave is a self-guided cave home to ancient fossil remains of long-extinct giant animals. Visitors can explore the Mammoth Cave through the boardwalks of the majestic chambers of the cave.

Immerse in the adventure tours of the Margaret River region and enjoy nature at its best. One can also walk through the three massive chambers of the jewel cave in Margaret River, which have been safely preserved for years. The crystal-encrusted jewel cave is the most recently opened of all the show caves in the region. The region has a list of the big wave surfing locations that help discover some of Australia’s best surf breaks.

  1. The Stunning Cellar Door is a Must See

One would meander from cellar door to cellar door, which is easy and spectacular with vistas of farmland, wine country and the coast. Breathtaking views complement this delicate blend of art and nature in elegant architecture. In addition, visitors may taste the world’s finest wine while enjoying a stunning landscape.

A visit to the cellar door of Margaret River is an unforgettable experience in its culture and fascinating environment, whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply someone who loves wine. Moreover, a journey through Margaret River cellar doors is sophisticated yet relaxed, authentic and un. It can also be included as one of the best things to do in Margaret River. It is worth visiting at any time of the year to have a wine-tasting experience.

  1. Have Fun with Cycling and Biking

Cycling along the riverside would be among the best things to do in Margaret River. The region also has a fast, twisty single track to quiet country lanes, something for all cyclists. It is a mecca for mountain biking and road cycling. Mountain biking trails allow you to experience the Margaret River up close, through thriving forests and rugged mountains.

Bramley National Park is another attraction of the Margaret River region for pedal power enthusiasts. The region’s blossoming mountain biking scene is set for another boost with the opening of a beautiful new group of trails in the Bramley National Park.

  1. Have the Best View of the Ocean

One can enjoy the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean when one is keen to immerse in the amazing natural beauty of the river mouth as part of the best things to do in Margaret River.

The river mouth comes gracefully through the hillside and out onto the beach and is a place where Margaret River and the Indian Ocean meet. It is a popular surfing location. Hamelin Bay is a place worth visiting. Hamelin Bay’s vast expanse of white sand and turquoise water is filled with marine life. It is a sheltered bay great for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

The cottages near Hamelin Bay offer a fantastic view of the ocean. If you’d prefer to reconnect with nature and have a relaxing break from telephones and social media, then Hamelin Bay Holiday Park is the place to go.

  1. Connect Closely with the Environment at Cape Track

It mainly follows the coast, alternating spectacular sweeping clifftop views with stretches of pristine beach. It is designed to bring people in close contact with the environment. Cape person tours could be conducted by native, passionate, environmentally accountable, and conscientious operators.

Their staff all hike, surf, fish, forage, and live in the region. The region also has many family-friendly activities within a short drive. There are pony and tractor rides, playgrounds, barbecues, and picnic times for kids.

  1. Have a Jetty Ride and love the Beauty of the Ocean

    The longest jetty in Australia is the Busselton Jetty, which runs 2km into the Indian Ocean and is a must-do activity while visiting Margaret River. Margaret River beaches are a must-visit and are always the best things to do in Margaret River. Its clean, white sand and crystal-clear blue waters have a spectacular view to attract.

  2. The ocean’s stunning secrets are revealed every moment, from playful dolphins to vibrant coral reefs. This adventure isn’t simply a trip; it connects you deeply with the endless wonders of the sea. And let the ocean’s charming beauty leave an indelible mark in your heart, a memory of endless and natural wonders.
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  1. Taste the Best Ice Creams in the Region

You can relax with a frozen dessert (ice cream and many more) or caffeine and enjoy the calm and soothing Margaret River farm life. The region is home to some of the freshest handmade ice cream.

You can enjoy a pleasant experience and taste the best ice cream in Margaret River. Local manufacture and devotion to flavour are evident in those icy delights. They are made with the finest local ingredients, providing a taste of the natural bounty of this region. There is a taste to suit all tastes, such as the richness and creaminess of chocolate or the refreshing flavour of fruit sorbets.

  1. Treat yourself to this exciting taste and learn why Margaret River’s ice cream is so unique in the region, whether you are exploring a lively town or making your way around scenic vineyards.

    Spend Time at the Gnarabup Beach

Another excellent region attraction is Gnarabup Beach, which connects to the community. The clean and calm blue water of Gnarabup Beach gives the feeling of the world’s best swimming pool for kids and everyone. Gnarabup Beach lies in the beautiful western Australia’s Margaret River Valley and is a coastal gem. This fantastic beach is famous for its natural beauty, offering beautiful white sand, crystal clear waters and stunning ocean views. This is one of the most popular beaches for surfers, sunbathers and beachcombers.

Gnarabup Beach is an ideal spot to swim, surf or enjoy a day at the beach without too much fuss thanks to its soft and laid back atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by nature, making it an excellent place to come and spend some time with nature, watching the sunset or taking a walk on the shore. For anyone interested in exploring the area of Margaret River, it’s a must-see destination.

Exploring the Flora and Fauna of the Region

There are underwater observatories in the region that are beautiful and an attraction not to be missed. The region has incredible natural wonders with many endemic species of flora and fauna.

Sunflowers Animal Farm is an interactive, hands-on farm animal display with over 350 farm animals and continues to be the top tourist attraction in the West. The sight of enormous trees in the region will amaze you. With sunlight streaming onto their smooth trunks, the Karri trees, which have a height of over 60m and can go up to 90m, are some of the best sights. The organisation working for nature conservation in the region is helping to protect and preserve the region’s natural environment.

Best Time to Visit Margaret River

The perfect time to plan a visit to Margaret River is the busiest sunny and lovely summer (from December to February). Still, the shoulder season is fantastic, too (September to November) and (March to May). It’s an excellent time to explore this area in the spring of Margaret River. It’s generally mild, and the natural landscape is blooming with colourful wildflowers. The landscape becomes a dazzling tapestry of colour thanks to this natural spectacle. The spring season is the perfect time for outdoor activities, vineyard tours and a visit to the natural beauty of our region.

In Margaret River, the summer is a peak season for tourism. It’s ideal for beach activities, surfing and water sports, with warm, hot weather and longer daylight hours. In this period, there were several outdoor events and festivals taking place in the region. Be aware that it can be challenging to find a spot, so booking your room in advance is an excellent idea.

Autumn is an excellent time for visiting. The weather is pleasant, and it’s a popular time of year. It’s March when the grape harvest starts, and it’s a great time for wine lovers to get their hands on some of the region’s finest wines. You’ll feel a little more relaxed as the crowds thin out in comparison to summer.

Winter is the off-peak season in Margaret River. The weather’s going to be calmer, with occasional rain. But from June to September, when humpback whales migrate along the coast, it’s a beautiful time for whale watching. Wineries and cosy restaurants provide a warm and welcoming escape from the cooler weather. During this time, lodgings are often cheaper.

Margaret River, Australia. The Wonderland of Western Australia

Final Words

There’s a lot of fantastic stuff to do in Margaret River! You’ll find magnificent beaches, such as Gnarabup Beach, that you can explore by swimming or surfing. It would be best to visit a local wine cellar, where you can taste some great wines and take in the best views of the vineyards. To get a closer look at the area’s rare subterranean beauty, visit Mammoth Cave.

Take advantage of nature by walking in national parks like Leeuwin-Naturaliste Nature Reserve, with its beautiful trails. Let’s enjoy the fresh local foods in cafes and restaurants. An exciting event or festival is also held in Margaret River, which provides entertainment for all. Margaret River offers something for everyone to enjoy and make lifelong memories, whether you’re a fan of the outdoors, wine or good food.


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