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Affordable Suburbs in East Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most populous city and the capital of New South Wales with numerous affordable suburbs in east Sydney. Sydney is off the southeast coast of Australia’s Tasman Sea. The inhabitants of Sydney are known as Sydneysiders, which include people from many parts of the world.

Affordable Suburbs in east Syndey connect to the city centre. Sydney city is situated on the hills around Port Jackson, better known as Sydney Harbour, where the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge stand out.

The affordable suburbs in east Sydney of the metropolitan area are surrounded by national parks, and the coastal regions include numerous harbours, rivers, streams and beaches including the famous Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach. Bondi beach is also among the main areas for backpackers and budget accommodation.

Take the joy of witnessing the world-famous surf beach and explore the eastern suburbs’ beaches. Witness the world-famous beach and Australian city beach culture, roam around on your bike and walking trails and you can even avail facilities of extensive private mooring facilities and enjoy your best at the iconic eastern suburbs beaches.

If you are looking for a variety of foods and lots of shopping, the EQ Village Sunday market is the place to go.

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney
Photo by Dan Freeman from Unsplash

Affordable Suburbs in East Sydney

1. Eastern Suburbs

On the list of affordable suburbs of east Sydney, Eastern Suburbs is located between the City of Sydney and the coast, on the south side of the harbour. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sydney and includes Bondi Beach and Watson’s iconic building. Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has one of Sydney’s best shopping destinations. Westfield includes all the genres you can think of, from luxury to highway.

The best stores are in Westfield Bondi Junction and both David Jones and Myer will have something that will suit everyone. Across the Eastern Suburbs, you will also find a variety of shops and stores that can offer something different from the big chain stores.

The Eastern Suburbs is also home to some of the best places to eat and drink. If you are in Bondi, you may want to treat yourself and visit Bondi Icebergs. Eastern Suburbs has a lot of restaurants and you will be able to choose different ones every day. The Eastern suburbs of Sydney is amazingly full of life.

Photo by Leopold Maitre from Unsplash                                  

2. Vaucluse for Scenic Harbour Swimming Beach 

Being one of the affordable suburbs in east Sydney, Vaucluse provides you with spectacular views from Sydney Harbor to the Pacific Ocean. The unique Vaucluse landscapes the natural beauty and beauty of nature.

Nielsen Park and Sydney Harbor National Park cater to the landscape and heritage sites, elaborate gardens and remnants of the Vaucluse. One of Sydney’s first sites, this prestigious site is steeped in history.

There are remains of castles and this area has been home to some of Australia’s most influential people who have shaped the future of New South Wales. Especially in a residential area, Vaucluse has hidden treasures.

Watsons Bay
Photo by Celeste & Sam from Unsplash

3. Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a small town located on the southern tip of the southern peninsula guarding the entrance to Sydney Harbor and occupying a position in the list of affordable suburbs in east Sydney.

Like its southern neighbor, Vaucluse, this is a special community with affordable housing and among affordable suburbs in east Sydney. Some of its best realities on the edge of the peninsula are occupied by the military base but visitors are not allowed here.

Watsons Bay has a few fairly average beaches and a few dining options. For more restaurants or nightlife you will need to head south to one of the nearby places like Rose Bay or Bondi. There is a park just east of the neighborhood with a road that runs along the cliffs overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Watsons Bay is one of Sydney’s ferry terminals, which can take you to Manly, Rose Bay, North Sydney, CBD, and beyond. Watson’s Bay on the west and north boundary is Sydney Harbor, east by the Tasman Sea, and south by Vaucluse.

4. Potts Point

Potts Point is a walking distance of the Sydney central business district. The beautiful art deco flats of the 1920s live next to the renovated library houses and a diverse crowd includes students, young professionals, and retirees.

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney
Image Source: Depositphotos

There are many restaurants of all your favorite places in the area: Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese, contemporary Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Vegetarian, French, Mexican, and your most humble shops for sandwiches and bar food.

Potts Point is also home to the King’s Cross, a long-winded Sydney nightlife center with lots of bars, clubs, and adult centers. It is known as one of the affordable suburbs in east Sydney, Potts Point on the northern border is Sydney Harbour, east is Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay, south is Darlinghurst, and west is Woolloomooloo.

5. Rose Bay

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney
Image Source: Depositphotos

Looking for affordable suburbs in East Sydney? Rose Bay is an affluent area off the coast of Sydney Harbour in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Located 7 kilometers east of the central business district of central Sydney, Rose Bay gives the view of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge together.

Lyne Park passes Sydney Harbor West. Shark Island is located in Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor), north of Rose Bay.

More about Rose Bay

Lyne Park passes Sydney Harbor west and Shark Island is located north of Rose Bay. From 1938 to 1974, maritime flights landed at Sydney Harbor in Rose Bay, making it Sydney’s first international airport.

HMAS Tingira, named after the Aboriginal meaning ‘open sea’ was established in Rose Bay from 1912 to 1927. It was used to train more than 3,000 Australian sailors, many of whom would serve in World War I. There is a small park on the Rose Bay- waterfront, which is a reminder of Tingira.

Affordable Suburbs in east Sydney
Photo by Soheb Zaidi from Unsplash

6. Maroubra

Maroubra is an eastern suburb in Sydney where surf and turf dominate and this is on the list of amazing and affordable suburbs in east Sydney. Located south of the always-popular beaches of Coogee, Bronte, and Bondi, Maroubra has emerged as a family favorite, making watersport aficionados and toddlers alike.

The landowners are traditionally Gadigal and Bidjigal. Maroubra is a local Aboriginal name meaning thunderstorm, referring to the waves that hit the area under which it is famous. Thereby, Maroubra is one of the most beautiful affordable suburbs in east Sydney.

More about Maroubra

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney
Image Source: Depositphotos

There is more than enough sun and surfing in the water to get around. Named the National Surfing Reserve in 2008, the famous Maroubra waves sail a mile over Maroubra Beach, the longest seaport in the east.

Rock-like lakes are ideal for children, and a swing park and outdoor gyms provide a place in the grassy area of Arthur Byrne Reserve and Malabar Headland National Park in the southern suburbs. A trip to the north will take you to Mahon Pool and Mistral Point for a spectacular view of the coast.

Maroubra’s Streetscape is a combination of convenient shopping, famous restaurants and a host of buildings that fit the seafront downtown. As you wander away from the bustling Pacific Square Shopping Center at Maroubra Junction, you will find yourself threatened with a choice of Federation bungalows, amazing coastal homes, brick and bakeries and 1970s blocks. Well-maintained family homes and apartments live close to the dreams of renovators waiting to be collected.

The main artery under the Anzac Road connects Maroubra with its suburbs Kingsford and Randwick, as well as Matraville residential. Martin Place is at a distance of 35 minutes by bus. With an underground space where you can finish work and make it home during a family dinner and evening dip, Maroubra has it all.

7. Clyde

A small industrial area towards the southeast of Parramatta CBD and close to Granville, Clyde is bounded by Duck Creek in the northwest and the Duck River in the southeast. It is part of the Rosehill Ward of the City of Paramatta.

Clyde’s history is closely linked to the expansion of western railway infrastructure and the associated development of local production. The area today is industrialized and has very small residences.

This area has seen many changes since the beginning of European settlement and needs a more overview and history of the area and falls under some of the affordable eastern suburbs in Sydney.

8. Edgecliff 

Edgecliff is an inner suburb in the east of Sydney that expresses itself as a “bridge-link” area with no individual identification, yet a beautiful central location that is also one of the affordable suburbs in east Sydney.

Enclosed among Rushcutter’s Bay high, Double Bay and the King’s Cross grit, it has some good as well as features. This is a known affordable suburb in east Sydney. It has all the resources one can need in daily life and good communication with the CBD, and those who can deal with traffic noise can find themselves in a real place.

Something more about Edgecliff

Edgecliff’s area is surrounded by a range of high ground. The posh subdivision gives it an extra layer of security and a lower crime rate as it is not the “true” Oriental area. There is a little spill from Kings Cross, but it is worth dealing with to get access to the pubs and the food and cross they have.

In terms of day-to-day resources, the basement also delivers very well. Edgecliff Station is an open-air market, 10 minutes from the Sydney central business district and it is also famous for its built-in shopping opportunities.

There are lots of green public areas, just a short distance away, you can have an access to a range of nearby dining opportunities, as well as a well-connected railway station and a daily pedestrian walkway.

New South Head Road is a busy highway, and the small structure of Edgecliff as a suburban area means it is difficult to be in an apartment far enough away from the road.

La Perouse
Photo by Niharika Bhattraj from Unsplash

9. La Perouse in South Wales

La Perouse is a small town in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb living in Frenchmans Bay, one of the smaller tributaries from the great Botany Bay. If you are up for hustle free and affordable suburbs in east Sydney this is your place.

There are only a few hundred inhabitants here, but the La Perouse Museum, Bare Island Fort, La Perouse Congwong Bay Beach, Botany Bay National Park and the indigenous historical discourses have made this a popular tourist attraction. As a result, there are many restaurants near the museum.

The water from La Perouse has some of the best scuba diving destinations in New South Wales. La Perouse is bordered north by Phillip Bay and east, south, and west by various water sources. There is also a La Perouse Museum which is located north of the capital.

More about La Perouse

Here you will find shows from the trip of Comte de la Perouse, who arrived a few days after the First Fleet. At the cable station listed in the heritage list, the museum maintains a complete Atlas of Voyage of La Perouse and Indigenous local news.

Nearby is Bare Island Fort built in the 1880s, featured in Tom Cruise’s film Mission: Impossible 2. On a quarter of Bare Island, you can find Blak Markets with traditional Aboriginal dance, traditional arts and crafts shops, and delicious tree tucker. Kadoo Tours led by indigenous peoples provides exciting information about the area.

Take a walk with Tim Ella of the Dharawal-Yuin people in Kamay and know some of the history and stories of local indigenous people. And it is a chance to try the bush tucker and enjoy the ‘Welcome to Country’ event.

The water around Bare Island is a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. At the top of the head is Henry Head’s departure track, a 4-kilometer return route to Endeavor Lighthouse and World War II battles. Take a short walk to Cape Banks for a spectacular harbor and sea view. Frenchmans Bay opens Botany Bay at its eastern end.

Congwong Bay Beach is located within Botany Bay National Park, a cool harbour overlooking Botany Bay and accessible to La Perouse Loop Road. Little Congwong Beach, also located in the National Park, is not a nude beach but people are known for being there.

Three beautiful golf courses – St Michael’s Golf Club, Coast Golf Club, and Randwick Golf are located on the spectacular north coast of Cape Banks for a spectacular view of the water. 

Photo by Clarinta Subrata from Unsplash

10. Bondi

Bondi not only has an amazing beach but is also a great place to find food while looking for the best restaurants in Sydney.  Bondi attracts many people around the world, including England, New Zealand, Ireland, and Brazil. You can expect to hear many different expressions while strolling along the beach. And although locals in Bondi are accustomed to observing health, many of them are enthusiastic swimmers, runners and yoga lovers.

More about Bondi

This is not famous for being one of the affordable suburbs in east Sydney because Bondi’s nightlife is exciting with lots of restaurants and bars to choose from. The best way to get used to Bondi is to walk along the beach and immerse yourself in the view.

A coastal walk connects Bondi with the beaches of Tamarama and Bronte – and once a year (at the end of October / early November) you can see the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ art exhibition.

You can also shop at the Bondi market held every Sunday at Bondi Beach Public School with Bondi lives at night with many bars and bars kept open late into the night. Two of their most famous are Icebergs and Sean’s Panorama – both of which offer beautiful views and an impressive vibe.

11. Clovelly

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney
Image Source: Depositphotos

Clovelly is a quiet and beautiful suburb and is among the affordable suburbs in Eastern Sydney. It is far enough to the south from Bondi Beach with a key low enough that it is not a tourist destination, giving you a cohesive public veneer.

Single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartments persuade people to look for houses here. The restaurant and shop are located near the main road- Clovelly Road, which runs down the beach. The sea itself is small and is pushed back from the sea by a few hundred meters ( 120 meters).

On both sides of this opening are concrete platforms suitable for sunbathers; on the south side, there is a pool of saltwater and a cafe. Burroughs Park and Bundock Park, bordering the northern and southern seas, have gymnastics, plenty of picnic areas, and continue the amazing hiking trail that begins at Bondi Beach.

The historic Waverley Cemetery, located in Clovelly despite its name was founded in 1877 and houses the remains of 86,000 people. It is only in a land with several spectacular coastal buildings that the Tasman seafront can be used by the deceased. You can probably not ask for a better place to enjoy life after death and it is a delightful place to walk to discover some of the first lights that make up Australia.

Photo by e from Unsplash

12. Coogee

Located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Coogee has a relaxed atmosphere and a great combination of things you can see and do while you are ready for a family vacation.

Coogee is known as the affordable suburbs in east Sydney because the Coastal houses usually come in the form of apartments and condos, but back from the beach are full of single-family homes. This is a place for young people: about half of the population here is between the ages of 20 and 40.

There are many dining and nightlife options for this crowd, including the well-known Coogee Bay Hotel and the refurbished Coogee Pavilion. Restaurants, cafes, bars, taverns, surf shops, grocery stores, post offices, pharmacists, and other stores are located on or near the main road, Coogee Bay Road. For water lovers, there are options besides swimming or surfing on the beach.

Towards the North of Coogee Beach in Gordons Bay is a popular snorkelling spot. Apart from the water, the parks have plenty of picnic or sports facilities and this marks the southern start of Bondi to the beautiful Coogee Coastal Walk. The Grant Reserve Park hosts the amazing annual Coogee Arts Festival every year in February.

Photo by Nick Jones from Unsplash

13. Randwick

Among the affordable suburbs in east Sydney, Randwick is a large area under Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs region. Although it is usually a place to stay, there is also much you can do here. The Belmore Street and Avoca Street shopping malls have many shops, cafes and restaurants to explore.

Another harbour on Perouse Road, dubbed ‘The Place’, features bars, restaurants, and a redesigned art deco Randwick Ritz Cinema, featuring the latest movies. You will find many food cuisines available here, including Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Australian, Japanese, Indian, and tapas. Two shopping centers offer grocery stores and other daily necessities.

More about Randwick

Randwick Racecourse, which covers most of the northwest area, hosts horse races throughout the year. The racecourse also hosts the annual Future Music Festival, which brings together Australian and international artists. Depending on where you live in Randwick, Coogee Beach is a 15-20 minutes walk or a 10-minute bus ride. Randwick has a beautiful mix of single-family homes and apartments with multiple units.

Affordable housing and the vicinity of the University of New South Wales make it a popular destination for students. With so many good primary and secondary schools, it is ideal for families. Randwick is bordered on the north by Queens Park and Centennial Park, east by Waverley, Coogee, and South Coogee, south by Maroubra, and west by Kingsford and Kensington.

Something to Take Away

There are quite a several affordable Suburbs in East Sydney. where you can rent and buy properties, have fun, visit famous places, attend special events, go for a visit to the nearby botanic gardens, shop at oxford street mall, enjoy a coastal walk on the extended coastal walkway, and taste beers at some of the outdoor beer gardens.

Affordable suburbs in east Sydney are a whole package if you are either willing to live here or rent properties for your staycation or vacation.


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