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A Complete Guide to Barrington Tops National Park

Barrington Tops National Park is a popular destination in New South Wales and can be considered on the list of the best NSW National Parks. It is the highest region on the mainland in the Snowy Mountains and thus enjoys regular snow dusting in the winter. It is conveniently located on a plateau.

You will need at least a week to explore this park because it is big and covers the largest temperate rainforests in Australia, waterfalls, unique flora, and fauna. You can also spot various wildlife species, bird species, insects, and larger animals.

With several attractions to explore and being listed as a World Heritage Area on mainland Australia, Barrington Tops National Park is a destination worth the time and effort.

So while at this park, here are some attractions you can encounter.

1. Things to Do in Barrington Tops National Park

1.1. Explore the Gondwana Rainforests

How to explore the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia

The famous Gondwana rainforests are considered an Australian World Heritage Area. You can explore this wilderness through short walks across the mountain treks that will lead you through the terrain.

Initially, you can start with a simple walk through the Polblue Swamp or navigate the riverside Blue Gum loop trail beginning from the Williams River picnic area. If you are an expert, try a challenging hike through the woodlands and thicker part of the rainforest for a more exciting adventure.

You will be interested to know that this heritage site is home to thriving plant species whose existence dates back as far as 400 million years ago, and indeed, you will find many endangered animal and plant species in these rainforests.

Furthermore, much of the wildlife is unique to the area, and don’t miss out on the ancient Beech forests, Gloucester River, or Aeroplane Hill. In addition, you can book a guided tour and ensure you relish all the natural wonders.

1.1.1. Food and Drinks

Barrington Tops National Park
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash/ Copyright 2017

Are you interested in packing a snack and drink for the hike? Then check out the picnic spots available where you can grab the snack items and continue your walk. Furthermore, the Mount Barrington picnic is suitable for resting while enjoying snacks.

1.2. Explore the Towns in the Area

You can also choose to explore the towns within the Barrington coast with a rich history because many of them were established in the 1800s by the original settlers in Australia, namely, the Dungog and Gloucester towns. Let us look at them.

1.2.1. Dungog

Welcome to Dungog

This beautiful historic town is near the Barrington Tops National Park, which is adjacent to the William River. While hiking in the area, you can make a quick stop in this town since the Dungog Information Centre provides maps of the routes to take during the spectacular hikes through the mountain and forests in the National Park.

1.2.2. Colonial History

As mentioned above, the town has a detailed history that dates back to colonial times. With several heritage-listed buildings on the streets, a museum, and the oldest operating theatre, you should not miss touring the town.

1.2.3. Food and Markets

15 Clarence Town Road, Dungog

If you are interested in buying food for a picnic, you will find it in the Dungog markets, the local Growers Stall, and the Clarence Town Farmers Markets. Indeed, there are several options.

1.2.4. Accommodation

There are several places to stay. These include camping by the river and caravan parks, cottages, hotels, farm stays, and other country pubs.

1.2.5. Gloucester

Barrington Tops National Park
Photo by Athithan Vignakaran on Unsplash/ Copyright 2023

This is another spectacular town in the park that you can explore. First on the Gloucester Tops Circuit, you can set off from the Gloucester Falls picnic area and narrow down three walking trails into the rainforest.

You can also find several outdoor sports, including kayaking, cycling, and abseiling. Also, the mountain bike park offers specially built trails and a secluded area for children.

You could also cool off at the Gloucester River and Barrington River with a swim.

1.2.6. The Gloucester Museum

Barrington Tops National Park
Source: Gloucester Museum, NSW

Of the many things to do, you can explore the Gloucester Museum and the artifacts from 1826. Furthermore, you can learn about the gold fever that struck the region in 1876.

1.2.7. The Gloucester Farmers Market

Barrington Tops National Park
Photo by Johnny Martínez on Unsplash/ Copyright 2017

Finally, Gloucester Farmers Market is where you can buy the food items you need for your trip. Remember that this market is seasonal. Then, visit the cellar doors and taste the wines at the wineries, namely Gloucester River Wines and Tugwood Winery.

1.3. View the Local Wildlife in Barrington

Barrington Tops National Park
Photo by SURZ from UnlimPhotos

The Barrington Tops National Park is home to a diversity of wildlife. Take a moment and get your camera ready.

From various types of birds, hopping kangaroos, the wallabies on the grassland, the platypus in the rivers, the Koalas, and possums, you will witness a sight worth remembering.

You can do this while enjoying your packed lunch in one of the most stunning sceneries.

1.4. The River Walking Track

This will be an exciting journey for you with your friends and families while you travel through the shallow valley and Antarctic Beech Forest walking track. The mesmerising scenery will leave you speechless.

Antarctic Beech Forest, Gloucester Tops, NSW

You can witness snow, mountains, and the Lamandra and Crimson Rosellas birds on the trees. Based on the season, you might even see the colour display of various wildflowers.

The track will eventually lead you to the Gloucester River, and if you stop, you can see some of the wild animals mentioned above.

Finally, the track will end at the Gloucester Tops picnic area, where you can snack while resting.

1.5. The Allyn River Rainforest Walk

While on this beautiful walk on the Allyn River, you will wander through the stunning rainforest with tall trees and thick buttress roots. The atmosphere will be very calm, especially with the view of the crystal-clear river bank.

Allyn River Rainforest Walk

The ground is mainly even, and hence you will not get exhausted. The walk begins at the Peach Tree near the picnic area.

1.6. The Barrington Trail

Barrington Tops National Park, Blue Gum Loop Walk

Firstly, this route is only open to vehicles and mountain biking people from October to May and may close anytime due to weather conditions.

The trail is a great way to explore the park, get a spectacular view of the forest and mountain ranges, and enjoy wildlife service and natural resources.

Pack your camping gear to set up camp in case you want to go camping, and the camping sites include the Little Murray campground, Mount Barrington, and Junction Pools campground. You can also do some fishing.

You can also get off your bike and stretch your legs on any walking tracks. The tracks include the Aeroplane Hill walking track, Blue Gum Loop Trail, and others. Feel free to stop and take some photographs of the captivating scenery and the wildlife creatures you may spot.

1.7. Majestic Barrington Mountain Bike Tours

DETONATOR - Black Technical Trail - Barrington Bike Park

Aussie Bike Tours organizes guided tours for mountain bikes through Barrington Tops National Park. This tour is well-arranged and requires booking through email, call, or online.

A host will lead the cycling tours while taking you through the beautiful Barrington Tops National Park. The host will also guide you through the mountains and to the countryside.

The tours involve occasional stops for you to take pictures and have a picnic, and even more interesting is that Aussie Bike Tours provides lunch. Isn’t that just lovely?

In addition, this tour has support vehicles accompanying you for your entire journey for security. Finally, the rides end near Gloucester, where you can return the Aussie bike.

1.8. Visit the Waterfalls in the Park

Barrington Tops National Park
Photo by June Admiraal on Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Barrington Tops is home to the Barrington River and several river headwaters. So, you can find several waterfalls in this area. Aren’t you interested in visiting some waterfalls?

Considering all the rivers flowing down the mountains and the constant rainfall, you will find several waterfalls in just about any part of the park. Here are some of the waterfalls you may come across.

1.8.1. Gloucester River Falls

Antarctic Beech Forest, Gloucester Tops, NSW

The Gloucester River Walk will lead to the waterfall. You will find a stunning scene that is perfect for photographs. Not far off, you can get to the river and stop for a snack while gazing at the blissful flow of the water.

Furthermore, you can swim on a hot day.

1.8.2. Antarctic Beech Forest Track

Explore The Antarctic Beech Forest

Prepare to be transported into another world, almost similar to something crafted out of a fantasy. This waterfall flows in a delicate and fragile, unique green ecosystem. One can describe it only as breathtaking. This waterfall is also known as The Gloucester Tops Cascade.

1.8.3. Polblue Falls

Polblue Falls are easy to come across. After strolling through a few eucalyptus trees, you can find the falls next to the picnic area car park. You can stretch and relax here while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

POLBLUE FALLS nsw Barrington tops done by DRONE

2. Conclusion

Barrington Tops National Park is a destination worth your time. You should be ready for a wild trip because the list of things to do at this park is endless, and the activities above are just some of the many that await you. Therefore, you should plan and take off at least a week or two to enjoy its magic.



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