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Why Visit Shoal Bay? 5 Amazing Places and Activities!

Shoal Bay is one of the best Australian beaches for its unforgettable views. The Shoal Bay holiday park offers the perfect swimming water with nice cafes, clubs, and shopping sites, while the country club serves the best spa experiences.

1. Things to do in Shoal Bay

The Shoal Bay comprises the Howard River and several small tidal creeks. Shoal Bay has scenic scenes with white sand beaches that are adorned by a heritage lighthouse. They have a variety of Flora and Fauna to explore with 61 plant species endemic to the Northern Territory. Let us look at the fun places to visit at Shoal Bay.

1.1. Visit the Famous Ramada Resort

The Ramada resort by Wyndham Shoal Bay in New South Wales on the North coast is one of the most beautiful places with white sand, sparkling water, and breathtaking natural scenery.

The ramada bay is near Newcastle airport, making it an ideal place for events and meetings. The fresh air at the bay makes a person feel energetic, and the many dining options ease the events.

The Ramada bay resort looks like a mini paradise land with lagoon-style pools that are children’s friendly with a wide range of facilities regarding fitness. Some features of this resort include:

  • Wyndham beach provides the drive for fishing and dolphin-watching cruise.
  • Wyndham bay attracts visitors with other extra activities, including surfing lessons, horse riding, and many dune adventures.
  • Wyndham bay has many heritage sites, as the local anglers created it.
  • The landscape had aboriginal cultural sites depicting the town’s cultural significance.
Source: Ramada Resort Official website screenshot
Courtesy: Ramada Resort By Wyndham

If a person desires destination weddings, Wyndham bay becomes the perfect location to spice up the love. The accommodation options with a variety of rooms put the guests at ease.

The stunning views of beaches and the convenience of the bride and groom’s family smoothen the procedure of events. Ocean charms leave feeling invigorated by a beautiful lighthouse.

1.2. Explore the Nelson Bay Beach

Nelson Bay is at the shore of Port Stephens, bringing the visitors very close to the environment.

To enjoy the waterfront of the bay, you can easily hire bikes for the Bartlett cycleway, which gives a glimpse of Nelson Head Lighthouse and the marvellous coastal views. Features of Nelson Bay Beach include:

shoal bay
Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash
  • The Great Lakes Marine park provides the unique experience of watching dolphins and whales, as, during the warm months, you can accompany dolphin swimming.
  • In the east zone, they have Halifax Aquatic Reserve where you can discover underwater creatures.
  • The eastern part has Tomaree National park famous for its historical fortification built during World War II.

The Tomaree National park offers a perfect way to explore the cultural heritage of the Aboriginal Worimi people.

1.3. Relax at Shoal Bay Holiday Park

The small place of Port Stephens is the site of white sand beaches with a heritage lighthouse and the Tomaree Head Fortification at the Shoal Bay road.

It is on the north coast that offers a hiking experience as you need to walk 161m above port Stephen to reach the top of Tomaree Head. Some of its features include:

  • On the bay’s eastern side, they have Tomaree National Park, the spot for whales and koalas.
  • You can also observe the Nelson Head Light House between Little Beach and the bay.
  • While heading south of the bay, you can find different beaches to enjoy, and one of them is Fingal Bay Beach.
  • Here you can surf and catch fish during the sublime sunrise, or walk in the coastal forest.

The beach offers adventurous thrills, including quad biking, sandboarding, scuba diving, and much more. The Bay offers many cafes, restaurants, and takeaways regarding the eating and drinking facilities.

1.4. Check out Shoal Bay Country Club

The Shoal Bay Country Club is on the East Coast that is loved by locals and visitors for its serene surroundings. The location has vibrant and historical essence with vast ocean views that refreshes and entertain the peoples.

Source: Shoal Bay Country Club Official Website Screenshot
Courtesy: Shoal Bay Country Club
  • The Mermaid’s Cafe at Shoal Bay attracts many visitors for its excellent environment and friendly staff.
  • The Mermaids Cafe becomes the spot for sun-kissed long lunches and cocktails for families.
  • The club even host events such as a Karuah oyster and Timber Festival with live performances, entertainment, and an activity tent for children.

1.5. Play with Dolphins at Port Stephens

The excellent Port Stephens with tide valley is in new south wales, Australia. Port Stephens has 26 sandy beaches that offer swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking for families. To watch 150 bottlenose dolphins, you can get to Nelson bay and swim with mammals on this Australia tour.

Port Stephens is the estuary of the Karuah and Myall Rivers that was inhibited by the Worimi, which included the Greweigal, Gamipinigal, and Maiagal tribes. Port Stephen is a coastal heaven for visitors.

The wreck beach is at the edge of the University of Columbia, which is taken to be a nude beach where clothing is optional. When reaching the coast, you need to walk down the staircase, which is around 500 steps and can exhaust the visitors.

Source: Port Stephens Official website screenshot
Courtesy: Port Stephens

However, Wreck beach is worth walking down for the magnificent views of the north coast mountains and the perfect sunbathing spot.

  • While Zenith Beach is around Shoal Bay and can be accessed by road, and it lies between Tomaree Headland and Stephen park.
  • Zenith Beach is uncrowded and is perfect for walking and observing natural views. Port Stephens also offers bike racing among athletes and sprint events too.
  • Talking about the box beach between Fingal Bay and Shoal Bay in Tomaree National park is the best spot for surfing.
  • To visit the box beach, you need to head to Shoal Bay road, which is similarly secluded with pristine views. You can easily park your car and access the beach just a few meters away. The beach has outcrops that are the residue of volcanoes.

One can explore Sydney, a vibrant city with clubs, fun bars, museums, and beautiful beaches. NSW has a perfect hiking place with the beautiful Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. Here we can find countless national parks that protect and preserve wildlife. The wildlife comprises kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and birds in the countryside.


The Shoal Bay Holiday Park has become one of the most visited places in New South Wales. The beautiful villages of the bay are picture-perfect with lovely cafes and friendly people. It becomes a relaxing place where a person can revitalize the body and mind. The cafes and restaurants offering delicious cuisine in the country clubs make the tour enjoyable, and the various locations serve lots of activities for adventure.

Sara Faraz
Sara Faraz
Sara Faraz is a student who has recently completed her university degree and is striving for excellence.

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