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14 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Queensland

Tourist attractions in Queensland give every visitor a fantastic experience. Australia’s second-largest state is nicknamed the Sunshine State. The presence of tropical islands, sunshine, the Gold Coast, and the warm climate substantiates this.

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Flo Daham/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

14 Tourist Attractions in Queensland, Australia 

Queensland attractions are never-ending. The World-Heritage Great Barrier Reef adds more glow to the crown of this Sunshine State.

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Nathan Cowley/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

During your visit to Queensland, you must take gear for your tour. There are so many places to visit in Queensland that one may lose track of their travel.

Some UNESCO World Heritage sites substantiated the popularity of these tourist attractions.

There are a plethora of places to visit in Queensland. We have chartered this list to give you proper insight to make your trip more convenient.

1) South Bank Parklands, Brisbane

South Bank Parklands is a gigantic park south of Brisbane City. It is as large as 17 hectares. It green ticks all the demands that one may have from a tropical holiday destination.

From lush gardens and exotic riverfront parkland spaces to the iconic artificial Streets Beach, there are many free community experiences at South Bank Parklands.

This will include South Bank Harbor and rainforest walks, picnic and barbecue areas, beautiful water features, and a stunning riverfront promenade ideal for walking, running, and cycling.

2) Whitsunday Islands 

Whitsunday Islands is a hub of 74 paradises. It will give you a clean and clear passage from the coral sea to the Great Barrier Reef. The turquoise colour of the water adds to this beautiful experience.

The best way to travel through the Whitsunday Islands is by jet boat. You will rush on the water like a marine animal. A premium private charter is always a better ride on the water.

Catseye Beach, Molle Islands National Park, and Daydream Island Living Reef are the treasures of Queensland’s nature. Do not miss out on unravelling these exotic places to visit now. Feel free to explore all that is around the Whitsunday Islands.

2.1) Island Hop at the Whitsundays

Like Cafe Hopping, Whitsunday Island allows you to go on island hopping. It has around 74 beautiful islands, a tropical paradise awaiting your arrival. It has a varied menu of tropical islands.

Hamilton Island has a unique name among all the pristine islands. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef adds to its uniqueness. Airlie Beach is the most affordable departure point. It will take you to Whitsunday and the Great Barrier Reef.

Magnetic Island is family-friendly, with numerous activities to keep your family members busy.

Magnetic Island ferry can add more enchantment to this family adventure. It will take you to Bunglow Bay and give you a lifetime experience of having breakfast with Koalas in Bunglow Bay.

2.2) Sail the Whitsundays

Airline Beach is the main port that will take you on a sail to Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven Beach Half-Day Cruises are one of the best ones. As the name suggests, it is half a day to sail to the most beautiful beach on Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach. The beach is draped in white sand.

If you wish for a longer sail, then Camira Sailing Adventure through Whitsunday Islands can be a good choice. Here, you can enjoy the thrill of high-speed sailing through all those magnetic islands.

There are many options; you can choose the right sail and enjoy the guided walk to Hill Inlet and Lookout. Many sails offer beverages, lunch, afternoon tea, and other delicacies.

Be thorough before you make the choice.

2.3) Whitehaven Beach, Queensland 

Whitehaven Beach is known as Australia’s cleanest and most eco-friendly beach. Most visitors choose to stay at Airlie Beach while visiting this beach.

This beach is most famous for its white appearance due to Silica’s presence.

3) Gold Coast: Golden Beaches & World-Famous Theme Parks

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Nathan Cowley/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Situated in the south of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is home to the most world-famous theme parks in the world. It is a coastal city and is known for its long sandy beach

3.1) The Gold Coast Theme Parks

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Elina Fairytale/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

If you are a Hollywood fan, you cannot miss the Movie World on the Gold Coast, which will stand out the most among all the theme parks. As Warner Brothers sponsors it, it has all the superheroes and villains.

Get ready for the constant adrenaline rush in the Dreamworld Theme Park. All the fun fantasies you had as a kid will get fulfilled in this Gold Coast theme park.

SeaWorld is another famous one on the list of theme parks. If you desire to get a taste of the marine world, SeaWorld will be the right place to get it all, all at once.

3.2) The Gold Coast Beaches

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Nathan Cowley/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

The Gold Coast shelters the most famous beaches in Australia. Golden Beaches is the appropriate name for all the beaches on the Gold Coast.

Burleigh Beach and Surfers Paradise Beach are Gold Coast beaches that will be heaven for all surfers. Coolangatta Beach, on the other hand, is a better place for families with calmer waves.

If you are looking for a luxurious beach with movie-like nightlife, Broadbeach is the right place. From several Casinos to hundreds of stores, including cafes, shopping malls, and cinema centres, it will be a fulfilling beach experience.

3.3) Surfer’s Paradise

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Nathan Cowley/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

If you are near the Gold Coast, don’t miss out on the scenic view of surfers riding on the waves in Surfers Paradise. It indeed does justice to its name.

No worries if you are new to this sport and wish to try surfing. You can get instant lessons with assured safety.

Another tourist attraction in this place is Macintosh Island Park. It is a beautiful oasis amidst the high rises of Surfers Paradise.

The presence of this large park adds more to the holiday destination feel of this suburb.

4) Daintree Rainforest

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
Captured from Daintree Rainforest Official Site

Daintree Rainforest goes back in history as long as 135 years. For all the trekkers and nature lovers, the Daintree rainforest stands as one of the most challenging and exotic wilderness-dipped experiences in the world.

Don’t miss out on this tropical rainforest’s Daintree River, which falls 100 kilometres northwest of Cairns in the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed Wet Tropics of Queensland.

How do you go about this place? Well, Daintree River Cruise Center can set up a smooth passage for you to travel through one of the oldest lush rainforests in the world.

4.1) Daintree National Park

Falling in Tropical North Queensland, Daintree National Park can be dissected in two parts- Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation. The latter has the only camping ground in the Daintree rainforest, situated at the Noah camping beach in the

4.2) Take a Safari through Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation

How about an underwater dive or snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef? A bit on the expensive side, it can be one of the most surreal underwater experiences and a great way to see the aquatic life in the Daintree National Park.

Ocean Safari will lead you on an exhilarating ride to snorkel the pristine, untouched Great Barrier Reef off the Daintree Coast at Cape Tribulation.

Behold the marine life and see those cinematic coral species up close.

5) Sunshine Coast 

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
Captured by Queensland Website @All Rights Reserved

On the Sunshine Coast, you get a world cuisine of nature. It can take you days to uncover the complete potential of this natural beauty.

If you are wondering what kind of wildlife you will encounter on the Sunshine Coast, let me tell you that there’s a whole variety awaiting you. You can swim with whales or see the dolphins play.

More than 40% of bird species in Australia are found breathing in the pristine waters of the Noosa Everglades.

You can even enjoy the cost cottages in the Hinterland Head of the Sunshine Coast or explore original Eumundi Markets.

Buderim Forest Park is only a few miles away from the Sunshine Coast. You can take in the fresh breath near the waterfall of this forest.

5.1) Bask on the Beaches of Noosa Heads

Why are Noosa Heads so famous? Well, you ask, and it gives. If you want to swim, you can hit the Noosa Main Beach directly. If you feel like surfing, then the Noosa World Surfing Reserve will do you good.

As for walking, you can enjoy the forest and coastal trails of Noosa National Park. Among all the National parks, it offers you more: you can even spot a Koala in the eucalypt forests of this park.

However, the most peaceful way to enjoy this place is by basking on the pristine beaches of Noosa Heads.

Noosa Main Heads Beach owes its popularity to the shelter of the Noosa National Park Headland. This keeps the water clean and sheltered.

The presence of the National Park adds to the scenic view as the green forest borderlines the beach.

5.2) Australia Zoo, Sunshine Coast

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Michael Waddle/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Australia has a reputation for its varied wildlife species throughout the world. Expect no less from the Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

The best thing about Australia Zoo is that it doesn’t keep animals caged in small spaces. Australia Zoo earnestly attempts to give them the feeling that they are home.

Australia Zoo owes its name not only to the different species that push the name higher but also to the keepers who maintain the decorum of the zoo and the comforts of the wildlife species.

You also have a unique, close-up encounter with some Australian animals. This is the most fascinating factor about the Australia Zoo.

6) Go Four-Wheel-Driving on K’Gari (Fraser Island)

Fraser Island has a second name, K’Gari. Fraser Island is recognized among UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the largest sand island in the world.

It is situated on the east coast of Australia. The magical combination of rainforest trees growing on sand adds to the glory of Fraser Island.

The best way to get the finest taste of Fraser Island is by going on a four-wheel drive. Many rules need to be followed while driving in these divine dunes.

Aussie Trax 4×4 Rentals is a reputed car rental agency. They are the oldest car operators on Fraser Island. They will guide you rightly.

7) Curcumin Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Manuel Monero / Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Curcumin Wildlife Sanctuary is a national jewel of Australia’s wildlife treasure. A duration of 3 hours may not be sufficient to take in the diverse wildlife exhibition at Curcumin Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Queensland, on the Queensland coast. Curcumin Wildlife Sanctuary is situated close to the Gold Coast.

8) Bird-Watch at Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park is most famous among all the national parks for its fabulous bird-watching trail. It is situated in southeast Queensland. The visitors have varied options while choosing the trail that fits their wants and needs.

Elabana Falls and Picnic Rock Trail can have challenging walking tracks, but they offer the thrilling sound of the waterfall, and the imagery it creates is supreme.

Border Track and Box Forest Circuit is near the Gold Coast, and Caves Track Loop is near Binna Burra. The difficulty may vary in each of the walking and biking trails, but the bird-watching view remains extraordinary.

What beautiful birds do you get to watch in Lamington National Park? Eastern Spinebill, Regent Bowerbird, Rose Robin, and many such birds will please your eyes and the lenses of the photographer’s camera.

9) Hop aboard a Whale Watching Cruise in Hervey Bay

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Pixabay/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Hervey Bay is synonymous with one of the most affluent marine life existence in Queensland. This makes it stand as one of the most famous Queensland attractions. Most of the tourists name this place as a whale heritage site.

A short drive from Brisbane River will lead you to Hervey Bay, the whale-watching capital. During your visit to Queensland, hop abroad on a whale-watching cruise in Hervey Bay.

Many cruises will take you close to these beautiful marine creatures and add to your cinematic experience in Queensland.

10) Visit Cairns 

Cairns is a beautiful city on the tropical northeast coast of far north Queensland. Cairns is home to the World Heritage Rainforest.

Due to its ideal location and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, it attracts more visitors every year. You can quickly board a cruise of your liking from Cairns.

Here, you can also get a chance to snorkel and dive around the great barrier reef and behold cinematic and surreal aquatic life.

You can also pay a quick visit to Kuranda and see the plenty of treasure the rainforest village keeps under its shade.

11) Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway takes you on an unbelievable railway journey. For some, this experience can be unrealistic and out of a fantasy land.

It journeys its way from Cairns to Kuranda, a village situated in a rainforest. Why is this railway so hyped up? The railway line is about 327 meters above sea level, and the Kuranda Scenic Railway passes through beautiful falls directly in the Barron Gorge National Park.

Barron Gorge National Park exhibits exceptional rugged mountains of the rainforest and the gorge, extraordinary variety in wildlife, and intriguing history behind its origin.

There are many famous walking tracks in the national park: Barron Falls Lookout, Glacier Rock via Douglas Track, McDonald’s Track, and many more.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is no joke. It has around 1200 different types of butterflies. The sanctuary breathes in the core of Kuranda Village.

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Paul Campbell / Pexels @All Rights Reserved

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary has the largest exhibition of butterflies in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

12) Stroll along Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas

Once you step into Four Mile Beach beach in Port Douglas, it won’t be easy to say goodbye. The sand shines like gold in the Sun, and calmness blankets the entire area.

Port Douglas is located in far north Queensland. If you are sure to spend some quality time here, book in advance, as the seafront accommodations in Port Douglas are limited and always in demand.

Besides surfing and swimming, Kite Surfing is a famous thing to do on Four Mile Beach.

When you visit Queensland, do not miss out on getting a quick tour of the spectacular beaches of Port Douglas. You can easily access the most scenic view of the Great Barrier Reef.

13) Sunrise with the Kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough

Do you want to jump into the Disney world? Watching the sunrise with the kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough will give you similar vibes.

Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Harry Cunningham/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

When visiting the Mackay region of Queensland in Australia, you cannot miss the chance to take this spectacular view of wallabies and kangaroos on the beach.

These species visit Casuarina Beach to eat the seedpods washed up overnight on the tides. To ensure you do not miss this spectacular sunrise, go to the beach half an hour before sunrise.

14) Explore the Brisbane Islands

A plethora of adventures await you on the Brisbane Islands. Do not hesitate to explore this set of islands as you did around Whitsunday. You can absorb the supreme nature of these islands by discovering the walking trails.

Mulgumpin, or Moreton Island, is the third largest sand island in the world. As for accommodation options, Tangalooma Island Resort will allow you to have dinner with wild dolphins.

Peel Island is one of those islands that seems utterly untouched by civilization. To get here, you can quickly board the Aria Cruises from Raby Bay Harbour for a day trip.

Bribie Island is the only island in Queensland connected to the mainland by a bridge, and its proximity to the Oasis makes it more special. Bishop Island is a name for the lost island of Morten Bay. It is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River.


Tourist Attractions in Queensland
By Nathan Cowley/ Pexels @All Rights Reserved

While you visit Queensland, touch every possible branch of nature. Take in the secluded beaches and the coral sea. Capture a world-famous view of the great barrier reef and the exoticness of Barron Gorge National Park.

From the Daintree rainforest in the north of tropical Queensland to the Australia Zoo in southeast Queensland, from art galleries and Queen Street Mall to Mout Etna Caves in central Queensland, try to visit Queensland in the best way possible.

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