11 Incredible Facts About David Bromley—You Can’t Ignore

David Bromley has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s premier artists, and his artwork can be seen in both private and corporate collections around the world. But what exactly draws people to his paintings?

Is there something behind his art that speaks to everyone? In this article, we take a look at some of David Bromley’s most famous artworks, including several pieces never before revealed to the public, and dive deep into the meaning behind each one of them. All you Australian art lovers out there won’t want to miss it! Let’s go

1. Who is David Bromley?

If Simply put, David Bromley is an Australian artist who was born in Sheffield city of England in 1960 and started his career as a potter in Adelaide. Though he received a scholarship to go to art school and study painting, he opted not to attend university so that he could instead focus on his art.

By 1999, he had moved to Melbourne where his gallery offered him a solo exhibition. After participating in the 2000 Sydney Biennale, Bromley’s career took off when he began being invited to various international exhibitions.

Bromley initially

Australian artist David Bromley’s artwork fostered widespread acclaim when his Bromley paintings first came out. His bare-breasted female portrait art paintings create an image of the artists’ painting and show them as the center of his work, which gained him widespread acclaim.

The statuesque yet predominately provocative beauty of these women featuring life-size poses and sculpture captivates art lovers, who admire the delicate brushstrokes that Bromley has captured through his Australian art collector magazine to recreate this effect in person, it takes approximately 10 days to complete one piece due to its intricate detail.

Bromley’s Work of Gold and Silver Leaf

With gold and silver leaf applied to each painting before they are finished with oil paints and varnish, Bromley explores paintings such that you can see these parts in every detail. Often showcasing female form nudity, he draws attention to areas such as the ribcage or breasts, just barely outlining her figure from behind so you don’t get too distracted from what is being painted. David Bromley’s paintings are famous for their showy style and attention-grabbing nature – people love to watch Bromley paint!

2. More About David Bromley

Known as an Australian artist who works with silver leaf and gold, David Bromley is acclaimed for his figurative work and classical portraiture. He is also a lifelong art collector with a deep appreciation of modern artists like Andy Warhol, Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys, and Peter Blake.

Bromley studied at the National Art School in Sydney from the age of 17 to 20 years old. He then went on to receive his Fine Arts degree from East Sydney Technical College in 1974.

In 1985, he had his first solo exhibition called ‘Female Nudes’. In 2004, he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his service to arts education and has had several other exhibitions throughout Australia. He currently resides in Bundeena, NSW. His artwork can be seen at Mudgee Regional Gallery. I highly recommend you stop by and see what Bromley has created! His art collection is amazing.

david bromley
Image by Alexandra Haynak.Pixabay Copyright 2022

3. Early Life of this Australian Artist

His childhood

David Bromley is born in the city- of Sheffield in England in the Year 1960, but he along with his family migrated to South Australia, to the capital city of Adelaide in 1964. In 1973, he studied under Josef Herman at East Sydney Technical College and the following year studied painting at Albert Accademia di Belle Arte in Italy.

Bromley’s Youth

Upon his return to Australia, Bromley commenced lectureships at the Victorian College of Arts and RMIT University. He left teaching in 1980 to become a full-time artist working with gold and silver leaf.

In his youth, David Bromley was inspired by various other Australian artists who were using new techniques in their paintings. Eventually, he found his technique of painting realism by use of etchings on glass with gold and silver leaves, and since then, he became one of the most innovative artists in Australia.

As a child, David’s mother gave him a painting that he felt truly captured the essence of what was happening in society at the time, this had a lasting impression on him as an artist.

He developed his style of painting reality by using etchings on glass with gold and silver leaf in his early stages which is now popular among collectors. He went to study drawing and design at East Sydney Technical College (now known as the National Art School).

He enrolled himself in Sydney College of Arts where he met other up-and-coming artists such as Patrick McCaughey, Robert Klippel, Russell Drysdale, Fred Williams, and Brett Whitely among others. After finishing college, he became a teacher but soon realized that teaching did not suit him so he left to pursue a career in being an artist instead.

After joining the Paddington Galleries in 1971, he continued working there until 1991. His works have been shown all over Australia including several exhibitions in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

David Bromley has also traveled overseas to countries such as Canada and China to exhibit his artwork. The past few decades have been very successful for him since many of his paintings are currently owned by collectors all over the world, including one that sold at auction for $380 000 AUD.

4. Education & Training

David is a full-time artist and has had both formal and informal training. He has an art degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2007, a BA in Fine Arts from Central Queensland University in 2010, and attended Burwood Adult Education where he took life drawing classes.

For his more contemporary influences, he has been influenced by artists such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse. As for his classical roots, he was influenced by da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Bromley has also traveled to Italy and France to see European masterpieces in their home settings, a trip that inspired him to paint his interpretations. He was taught how to draw by his uncle as well as by art teachers in primary school and even high school. After spending some time working as an artist, he spent time studying history, perspective, and anatomy.

In 2002, he started creating paintings using acrylic and oil paints as well as pencil and charcoal. He switched to acrylic painting since it was more versatile for him.

He also started creating street art paintings, which he continued doing until 2009 when his mother passed away. He felt that selling them didn’t feel right and they reminded him too much of her passing so he focused on making classical artworks instead.

David Bromley
Image by Arthur Halucha.Pixabay Copyright 2022

Since his focus is on classical painting, he’s often looking for inspiration and goes on painting trips. In 2014, he visited Italy and France to see some European masterpieces in their home settings, which inspired him to paint his interpretations.

He also studies history, perspective, and anatomy to help inform his creative process. During that time he’s been interested in art nouveau paintings since they have many floral elements in them.

5. Where are his works displayed?

Name any Continent- Europe, Asia, Africa, or America, David Bromley’s artwork is exhibited on nearly every continent. Why not? right? Every continent and its respective people must admire unique styles and distinct themes which they look out for in paintings, and David Bromley’s paintings are a perfect fit!

Solo Exhibitions in State and Regional Galleries

Bromley has had his work displayed in State and regional galleries such as the National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) among many others.

In 2006, he designed a mural outside of Melbourne Library that features an image of one of Australia’s most infamous criminals, Ned Kelly. For more than 30 years, he has taken part in group exhibitions in Sydney as well as solo exhibitions.

The list includes many other art galleries such as Greenaway Art Gallery, Sydney Dick Bett Gallery, Adelaide Coventry Gallery, Sydney Jan Murphy Gallery, and many others. Bromley’s work is collected all over Australia and he has also been commissioned to create pieces for exhibitions.

He can be found in local galleries in Wagga Wagga, regional NSW, Brisbane, and Sydney. The Australian Art Collector Magazine has listed David Bromley as one of Australia’s 50 most Collectable artists.

Bromley’s Donations and Charities

He has also donated artwork to all sorts of charities, including Tiny Teddies where sick children can take comfort in something special while they’re in the hospital. His most famous piece, The Tragic Tale of Peter Rabbit is featured in the book by Beatrix Potter that tells the story of a rabbit who lives in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

It was given to him by his wife as a wedding present – she had written on it: a reminder that life goes on. Bromley signed it to mark our happy ever after.

He has a big heart for children and does work for a charity called Blinky Bill’s Playhouse which helps to transform hospital rooms into fun places where kids can spend time with their families when they are very unwell.

And who could forget his stunning piece, The Birth of Lady Liberty in 1988? This was a commissioned work that is on permanent display at Kooragang Island. It features a scale model titled Lady Liberty (1988) and depicts a woman holding an Australian flag and gazing over Lake Macquarie, where Kooragang Island is located.

During its creation, it was recognized as one of Australia’s biggest sculptures by area. The entire structure measures 500 meters long and 50 meters high – making it quite hard to miss!

To find out where his works are displayed and to purchase any of his pieces, you can visit his website here. David’s artwork is affordable, but it’s still a worthwhile investment because they are timeless. If you love art that has a vintage aesthetic or just appreciate pieces by local artists, then David’s work is a must-see.

Australia is known worldwide as one of the biggest art markets in the world, so if you’re looking to add some original pieces to your collection, then David may be worth checking out. His gallery online also sells canvases and signed prints at reasonable prices so it won’t break your bank account. Even if you don’t like art that much, he makes great gifts for people who do!

6. The Uniqueness of David Bromley’s Art

David Bromley was a popular Australian artist that specialized in oils and watercolors, though Bromley infuses with a variety of different materials. His work is distinct for its serenity, capturing a moment in time with clear, soft colors, use of texturing techniques in metallic paints, and detailed subjects.

He often focused on beautifully structured compositions and rich light effects, or lively scenes from Australian life. You can see all these elements throughout his prolific collection of artwork, which spans over 40 years.

Image by pasja1000.Pixabay Copyright 2022

Many of his most popular pieces featured Australian scenes, including beaches and skylines, beautiful artwork of butterflies, unexpected metallic backdrops on gold and silver leaf, as well as still lifes.

He also incorporated whimsical depictions into some of his artwork, such as in his 1995 piece Somniloquy. His depiction of different native animals is equally impressive, and he often painted them with an almost human quality.

He also depicted many iconic structures throughout Australia, including Sydney’s Opera House and Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. Overall, he had a talent for capturing light and clarity through careful subject selection and detailed painting techniques that made each of his piece shine.

David’s Favorite Art Styles

The art styles that David likes to work with range from portraits, landscapes, and street photography, through to still life, abstracts, and detail studies. Bromley’s figurative approach to art in some of his artworks reminds us of Andy Warhol’s pop art. He has done many commercial projects in all those areas, but his favorites are his bold colorful figures in the still-life series.

Still, Life is such a broad term, there are many different types; from simple objects such as fruit or flowers to more complex groupings such as florals or animals. This can involve a bit of research online and in libraries looking up items/creatures that he may not know much about which also helps him better understand their formation and why they do appear in the same form themselves.

What makes Bromley’s work stand out, though, is his choice to paint with oils. While it’s not rare for an Australian artist to use oil paints, many other artists prefer acrylics or watercolors.

Instead, Bromley worked exclusively with oils, making each piece distinct from most others. He also preferred heavier canvases and never used frames or glass during framing. This was an interesting choice that paid off in unique pieces that still shine today.

7. The Duality In His Work

Australian artist, David Bromley, is recognized for his illustrative style. His artwork stems from a young age when he would copy images out of comics and paint them with acrylics on canvas. He can come up with ideas as soon as he starts painting, using different textures and patterns to create striking compositions.

david bromley
Image by Barbara A Lane.Pixabay Copyright 2022

David Bromley spent much of his early life in England and China before returning to Sydney in 2005. The shapes and symbols within his work represent Australiana while highlighting the duality between land and sea – two contrasting environments which exist side-by-side in Australia. The blue skies gradually deepen into the warmer sandy ground while calm ocean waves eventually become powerful inland rivers; depicting a land where opposites attract.

Experimentation with Art

He is always experimenting with new styles and techniques in his artwork. His work has been described as having a luminosity and depth that is often compared to Claude Monet, because of his extensive use of acrylics.

The modernists in him love using bold colors and simple lines that are reminiscent of Pop artists like Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol as you can see from the use of high key color used in the layerings in his paintings.

And while they’re not so bright in color, he has also experimented with a more classical style, similar to Renaissance painters such as Caravaggio. A distinctive feature of David’s artwork is its luminous texture imparted by its glowing light effects.

8. A Deeper Look At His Influences

One of the most notable influences on David’s work is that of pop art. He has represented works showing the use of simple shapes and bold colors to create images that are pleasing to the eye and convey their message simply while retaining an intrinsic sense of depth and meaning.

David acknowledges the importance and benefits of teaching children about art, which is demonstrated in his belief that to teach effectively, teachers need to themselves be familiar with a variety of media to create more interesting lesson plans for their students. This belief is reflected in his efforts to expose his young son to all aspects of the world of arts through visits to galleries, exhibitions, and classes.

David’s works typically show no landscape or background details to give the viewer space for their imagination. In one of his artworks, we see tree branches coming out of a white square onto a purple background, which forms part of the border around the canvas.

The composition gives us hints as to how we should view it – it is primarily based on verticals and horizontals rather than diagonal lines. The elements combine beautifully, with each adding something special without detracting from the other elements.

The simplicity of this painting emphasizes its beauty even more than if there had been any unnecessary detail added – like distracting backgrounds or props. You can’t help but notice how perfectly balanced everything is when you look closely at this painting!

9. David Bromley’s Best Artwork and Projects

David Bromley, a former architecture professor, and Associate Dean at RMIT University, Melbourne. His major works include Orange Day: Mirage at Night (2000), Heaven at Large (2001), and Nests(2002). All three of these paintings explore imagined/hallucinatory worlds through evocative color choices and unorthodox compositions.

David Bromley Paintings

Two of Bromley’s paintings are set within a night sky and feature multiple areas of bright color and dark streaks. They also exhibit obsessive attention to detail and layers of abstraction, as if it’s impossible to tell where one element ends and another begins.

In other words, Bromley is an artist who’s willing to take risks with both his medium and style, which makes him that much more interesting. Below you can see some samples of his most noteworthy works:

Orange Day: Mirage at Night (2000), Heaven at Large (2001), and Nests (2002). One thing to note about these pieces is the heavy use of light, specifically, a mix of natural and artificial light sources. These details help to emphasize Bromley’s strong sense of atmosphere and make for a compelling viewing experience.

If you live in or are visiting Brisbane, there is also a gallery dedicated entirely to this artist on Ann Street. If not, get your hands on one of his limited edition prints available on Saatchi Art! Bromley has also been selected as a finalist four times in the Prestigious Archibald prize and shares the title with famous personalities such as filmmaker Scott hicks, pop star Kylie Minogue, and also Actor Hugo Weaving.

10. What Does The Future Hold For Him As An Artist?

There are a lot of different things that we can’t predict in life, but there is one thing that we can with certainty say about this artist: David Bromley’s work will continue to grow and develop over time.

We see something new every year from him and I’m excited to see what he comes up with next! He has begun his journey as an artist and it’s been such a pleasure following his development over the years. One day soon, he’ll be considered among Australia’s most prolific artists in history who have had their work shown around the world.

That kind of success might seem like the height of artistic achievement for some people, but for him, it would only be the beginning. The future holds nothing but promise for this talented man and if you haven’t seen any of his work yet, now’s the perfect time to check out some more images or find out when he’ll be back on our shores.

11. How Has He Been Successful And How Can You Follow His Path?

David Bromley has built his career by working hard, taking calculated risks, and being open to experimentation. He is an artist who is not content with being a one-trick pony and trying to please every client; he wants to pursue every opportunity that comes his way. For instance, in 2011, he started experimenting with photography to diversify his portfolio and see what opportunities might come from this new endeavor.

Bromley’s risk paid off as it opened up other doors for him when those in the art industry had seen enough of his work. In 2012, he was invited to be part of a group show at The Grace Museum in Texas which focused on artistic innovation through photography and earned him more commissions from collectors outside Australia because they were able to see how versatile Bromley’s talent was.

We must say one thing, hard work always pays you off and that’s the thing that correlates to David Bromley and any other artist or famous personality in this world.

Follow Bromley’s example. Take risks and make calculated decisions that could expand your career or portfolio in new ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and see where it takes you.

Most importantly, work hard and make every effort to grow yourself as an artist so you can create a legacy worth following. There may be one or two things you have to sacrifice along the way, but if you have a passion for art, then it will all be worth it in the end!


Now one thing is for sure, you will explore David Bromley more, more of his paintings, his pattern of artwork, and his unique personality. David Bromley is a master craftsman who creates highly detailed drawings with charcoal and ink. His intricate sketches are realistic enough to be mistaken for photographs but he takes care not to make them too detailed to leave something to the imagination.

David Bromley’s artwork has been shown all over the world, including many exhibitions in Australia, America, France, England, Germany, Poland, and Japan. In his own words, Bromley states: My work usually reflects the events that I have lived through or things that have happened around me. Sometimes I like to use these experiences as a starting point for my drawings. Sometimes it’s about more universal themes such as love or loss, but they’re always personal stories.

So, with this, we conclude our article and hope that you liked it. Please put your reviews and valuable suggestions on this article by using the comments section below. Also, if you want to explore some more fascinating Australian artists, then you must click 6 Fascinating Story About Mirka Mora You Must Know

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