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10 Best Japanese Restaurant Sydney Offers

Konichiwa Folks! Are you a Japanese Cuisine connoisseur? Are you a food enthusiast and a blogger? Are you craving a mouth-watering Japanese Cuisine?  Are you Japanese, and looking for the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney can offer you?

If yes, then don’t miss out on some worthy Japanese restaurant Sydney is equipped with. It is looking forward to your gracious presence for the diversity it offers you in its technique-driven food with utmost love and hospitality from around the world like Japanese, Italian, and French. Among these, Japanese Food has taken a special place in everyone’s heart.

All these years Japan and its appetizing traditional cultural cuisine have taken over everyone’s taste buds and Australia has a ‘mouthwatering Japanese restaurant Sydney will offer’ list that you must try to satisfy the palate.

Top Japanese Restaurant Sydney

Here we have a list of the top Japanese restaurant Sydney has, to make you drool over the best Traditional Japanese Cuisine you could never miss out on your Journey to Sydney, Australia.

1. Sokyo

Situated in Level G the alluring, The Star Sydney, in the Surry Hills with a blend of art and ritual is the reason why this Japanese restaurant Sydney offers has acquired this list. For the finest of curations by Chef Chase Kojima of Sokyo, born and brought up in California, U.S.A., who skilled the art of curating Japanese Cuisines from the age of 11, in his father’s traditional Japanese outlet, ensured it a five-star legacy.

He has a popular radical take on Japanese Food at Sokyo, which reflects his upbringing in the USA. Sokyo pays homage to the traditions of its origin Country, Japan, and offers visitors the best of its mouth-watering Kaiseki Style Dishes along with an experience of traditional Japanese culture and techniques served over the tables. Sashimi, Tempura, and Sushi Rolls are some appetizing dishes that will be worth every penny.

Described below are a few of the exotic Japanese dishes from the menu of Sokyo.

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1. Sokyo’s Sashimi

Sashimi is a delicacy from Japan, prepared from the choicest fresh thin slices of meat or fish in its raw form found in Australia and dipped in Soy Sauce. Sokyo’s Sashimi remains ideal and spotless for the Japanese techniques which organized it and define its style.

By Insatiablemunch/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

Sokyo styled Sashimi is a Tuna & Truffle Egg Yolk, with red onion and pickled daikon which is a radish. Sashimi carries a soothing flavor, with a minimal taste of actual raw fish that doesn’t overwhelm you and your taste buds. Condiments like Soy Sauce or Wasabi complement the Japanese flavors that reside in the Sashimi.

2. Sokyo’s Sushi Rolls

Sydney’s Sokyo sushi rolls are appetizing and it is all because of the rice of Australia. The secret to good rice is vinegar, said Chef Chase Kojima. The reason why sushi rolls herein are the best you can ever find all across the city of Sydney is the homage paid by the Chefs to the Japanese techniques.

By Lisa Pinehill/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

Sokyo’s Sushi Omakase menu is the most authentic dining experience in Sydney. Omakase is a Japanese term that means “I leave it to you” and here you entrust the Sokyo’s sushi chef Takashi Sano, a professional from the Tetsuya and Koi restaurants, and is regarded as one of Australia’s best sushi chefs.

The Sushi has a Salmon belly, BBQ freshwater eel, scampi, scallop, prawn, and sea urchin that is placed over the seasoned Japanese rice. It is appealing to the mouth and lets you know the rate of precision demanded from the best sushi masters in Japan.

Experience the contemporary style yet so flavourful heritage of origin country at Sokyo, located in The Star Sydney, which is regarded as the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney features for Omakase menu.

2. Chaco Bar

Potts Point Chaco Bar offers one of the finest Ramen in the country of Australia which is why it is enlisted as a top Japanese restaurant Sydney features. Chaco is famous for its sterling big bowls of flavorsome broth and luscious noodles.

This newer Sydney’s Chaco Bar Potts Point pays homage to the yakitori traditions of Abe’s hometown Itoshima, which gives an authentic Japanese dining experience to Australians and its guests.

A la Carte Menu

The famous A la Carte Menu is featured from Tuesday to Thursday. Various classic meals are famous on this menu which is why this eatery becomes a top-notch Japanese Restaurant Sydney features for A la Carte Menu.

Horumon Yaki consists of Grilled Sommerlad Chicken Hearts, Gizzards, and Soft Bones. A few of Yakitori’s prime varieties include Bangalow Sweet Pork Belly with Yuzu Kosho, Hay Smoked Corn Fed Chicken Thigh, and Tsukune Meatball along with Onsen Egg.

Ramen Chaco Bar
By benito_martin via Chaco Bar Instagram. Copyright 2022

Tori Soba is a Dry Chaco Ramen with Chicken Larb and served with Herb Salad and Onsen Egg. The seafood variety consists of Yaki Tako which is a Grilled Fremantle Octopus with Harissa and Kinpira Potato.

Weekend Tasting Menu

This menu is available only on Friday and Saturday. This dining experience will feature some of the top dishes on the menu such as Senbei, which is a Nori Rice Cracker with Pork Crisp and Natto Miso.

Maguro Tarutaruv is a Tuna Tartare served with Mentaiko and Crispy Potato. Shiromi no Kobujime is an exotic Kombu Cured Market White Fish Sashimi with Yuzu. The flavors are worth every penny which is why this diner is also regarded as the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney got you all for Seafood. Ramen is not featured during weekends.

Chaco Bar
By iamcarrie.k/ Instagram. Copyright 2022


Got a sweet tooth? Taste the flavourful desserts like Ume & Coconut Sorbet, Mochi, Passionfruit, and Mango. One can dine in and enjoy dinner to have the best ramen in the best Japanese restaurant Sydney has.

3. Tokyo Bird

Located in the Surry Hills, it is one of the finest, more of a Bar Style than an eatery, and the best Japanese Restaurants in Sydney. It features the Japanese Bar Culture that was introduced by the two partners Jason Ang and Yoshi Onishi.

This eatery is designed with minimalistic arrangements for around 60 people, closely arranged near the bartenders for easy accessibility. This approach was needed to offer a personalized service to the customers. This is why it is enlisted in the list of Best Japanese Restaurant Sydney features.

Tokyo Bird, Sydney
By yokibabe_3/ Instagram. Copyright 2022

Yakitori- A Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Have you heard of Drinking Food? Book a table at Sydney’s Tokyo Bird because it has its famous Yakitori Dining, which means “grilled bird”.

Traditionally Yakitori Restaurants serve homemade tare sauce-covered Chicken Wings and Skewers that are cooked over the flames of charcoal. But patrons will experience a sense of style of this bar differently.

A variety of Skewers are offered including pork belly, tiger prawns, and shiitake but menus vary regularly depending on the availability in the market which always offers a new eye-opener moment to the guests, making a worthy Japanese restaurant Sydney owns.

Cocktail Bar

This eatery in Surry Hills features a world-class drinking venue providing Classic Style Cocktails and a sleek impressive Whiskey collection.

Order a whiskey in the bar and get it served by the artistic bartenders with hand-chipped ice balls and painstaking sculpting. Yoshi Onishi, the bar manager here, will demonstrate live over the counter how to carve your hand-chipped Ice Ball for the whiskey and cocktails.

The bar’s sleek, simple and technique-focused approach to cocktails and not overwhelming the flavors is what gives a yes to dine in here and instills a wish to experience the Japanese culture here in one of the best Japanese restaurants in Surry Hills. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 4:00 pm–11:30 pm.

4. Izakaya Masuya

Izakaya Masuya is another premium Japanese restaurant Sydney has that will leave you mesmerized by its authentic Japanese Seafood cuisines. Not only in Sydney, but it is the first Izakaya-style diner in the entire continent. It brought the concept of Japanese sake from its country of origin.

The busiest time in this restaurant is Lunchtime, with a bunch of takeaway menus ordering a range from nutritiously balanced Bento menus to several varieties of sushi rolls and Donburi menus popular among the local people.

1. Sushi Rolls

The sushi rolls are prepared with traditional brown rice. The health freak customers are fond of the vegetarian sushi rolls for the nutritious value they get from them. This is why this eatery is regarded as a worthy Japanese restaurant Sydney got for nutrition-freak patrons.

This eatery features dining menus in a variety of ranges, such as the popular and Mouth-watering wagyu beef, grilled chicken, oden, Kobachi dishes, and Hot-Pot menus.

Japanese Pickles (3 kinds), Agedashi Tofu, Spicy Karaage Chicken
By Sydney Food Lovers/ Bing.com. Copyright 2022

2. Japanese Sake

The choicest of Sake comes from the original country considering the highest quality of Sake Breweries. Through detailed discussions with sake sommeliers of the store, top-notch Sake for the food menus are considered.

Masuya-Izakaya Sake
By Travel Wine Food/ Bing.com. Copyright 2022

The store aims to depict the beauty and efforts put into the making of Japanese sake to this continent as well as the world. Experience the enchanting Sake and salivate over the traditional technique-driven Sushi Rolls at the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney has for Sake and traditional meals.

5. HACO-Tempura Japanese Dining

HACO is a Japanese term for theatre that depicts the culinary joy of food being served to the arrived guests. HACO in Sydney CBD has given life to the authentic divine Tempura Dining experience which makes it the best Omakase-based tempura dining Japanese restaurant Sydney can provide its tourist guests.

Japanese Tempura consists of seafood, meat, and vegetables covered in a layer of batter and then fried. Chef Kensuke curates wholesome dishes using the choicest and top-notch ingredients that keep you engaging and your senses active. Sydney’s HACO has over 20 scrumptious deep-fried courses.

Classic Lunch

Lotus root is battered lightly, fried, and topped with premium swimmer crab and dashi vinegar jelly. A spoon of caviar is topped over the soft, fried quail egg yolk. Braised pork belly is covered in panko crumbs and is served along with shishito salsa.

HACO’s Classic Tempura Lunch consists of Calamari, Tuna, Tsukune, Wagyu Tartare, Foie Gras, Abalone, Lobster tempura, Scallop, Duck, Mango.

By Michelle/ Instagram. Copyright 2022

Dinner Omakase

Along with the Tempura, Chefs prefer to serve Kushiage dishes along, for flavourful delights to the guests. That’s what makes this eatery the best Japanese restaurant Sydney possesses for Omakase.

The Omakase based dining experience will feature a variety of dishes like the Lobster, Tuna, Abalone, Eel, Prawn, Whiting, Blue Swimmer Crab, scallop, Caviar, Calamari, Octopus, Foie Gras, Market Fish, Tomato, Asparagus, Jamon Serrano, Tsukune, Wagyu, Truffle, Salmon, Ikura, and ending on a sweet note with Dessert.

The menus may vary as per the market availability but the experience will be an eye-opener. Don’t miss out on this dinner to get your tastebuds to indulge in the flavourful tempura cuisine at this Japanese restaurant Sydney features.

6. Kuro Bar & Dining

Kuro Bar and Dining practices the contemporary style techniques and Japanese natural seasonal flavors to give out the best of its to the guests, which makes it the best bar dining Japanese restaurant Sydney has got for you all.

Kuro is a compartmentalized Japanese restaurant Sydney features giving out an exciting experience of dining in a Bento Box consisting of 4-in-1 venues. It offers the ‘La carte’ Kuro Dining.

Kuro Dining
By LLW MAy Chan/ Instagram. Copyright 2022

Sydney has got many Japanese restaurants but they are specifically designed to depict a particular style of food experience, but Kuro has got them all and surprisingly is a successful one.

The food and drink menus are creative throughout and give out a flavourful experience in every bite. The techniques are driven precisely, creatively crafted, and executed by the artisans. The bar features an experience based on the root-to-stem philosophy which is why it ranks among the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney.


Sydney’s Kuro has got the best award-winning chefs and mixologists that carry international experience and work hard throughout to give out the best of the flavors and deliciousness to the choicest menus offered to the customers.

1. The Kuro Dining

It consists of utilizing the stellar production of Sydney and its country with added familiar authentic Japanese Flavours to give an outstanding adventure to the customers. It also offers Chef’s selection menus which are Chef’s Special.

Kuro Bar & Dining
By 🇭🇰🇦🇺 / Instagram. Copyright 2022

Here, the restaurant offers you the famous wagyu carpaccio with egg yolk jam and prawn along with it. Hokkaido scallop Tart is served topped with Black River caviar.

2. The Kuro Bar

Enjoy the Japanese Mixology at Kuro Bar, where they follow Japanese techniques to give out a theatrical, intimate, and personal sense of culture. They handcraft the premium cocktails and drinks by practicing the cultural techniques added with seasonal flavored ingredients.

Come visit one of the fine Japanese Restaurant Sydney will offer you to delight your dining escapade.

7. Tetsuya’s

Tetsuya gave birth to this identifying restaurant using his Culinary art and made it into the top Japanese Restaurant Sydney will offer to its guests and local people.

Tetsuya’s restaurant is successful because of its owner Tetsuya Wakuda who crafts and curates the best cuisine in Japanese form. The country considers Tetsuya Wakuda as the godfather of Japanese fusion cuisines.

By VIVIENNE K ❁/ Instagram. Copyright 2022

The pricey 10-course degustations is a once-in-a-lifetime privilege for the visitors which will leave them awestruck in delight and joy. The area of location is quite mind-calming as Kent Street has a Japanese garden which gives a picturesque view to enjoy the food.


A 5 Course and an 8-course Degustation is available, along with wine pairing upon request.

Japanese Restaurant Sydney
By Michelle/ Instagram. Copyright 2022


Tetsuya’s also has a souvenir shop of its premium products ranging from wine, champagne, and drinks to Goodies and stationery labeled. Get these souvenirs from one of the prime Japanese Restaurant Sydney possess.

Opening Hours: Thursday: Dinner from 55.30 pm, Friday and Saturday: Lunch from midday and dinner (from 6 pm), Sunday: Lunch from midday.

8. Cho Cho San

With a minimalistic dining design for the cool calm culture of Izakaya to be enjoyed with delight, Cho Cho San is situated in Potts Point. It is another hype in the City.

It serves the most generous and exotic flavors from the city of Tokyo in Potts Point. The dine-in designs are the modern backdrop of Izakaya. This attracts a lot of local people and tourists and is considered as the best Japanese restaurant Sydney offers for Izakaya-style dishes.

1. Izakaya Snacks & Raw Bar

Exotic Izakaya Snacks include Pickled Cucumber with Ginger Chili, Edamame, Nori, with Togarashi, Pork Katsu with Steam Bun, & Eggplant Miso Sticks. Raw Bar varieties include Sydney Rock Oysters served along with Wasabi Vinegar, Petuna Ocean Trout, Pepper served with Wasabi, & Kingfish, Sesame, along with Cucumber.

2. Plates/Vegetables

Veggie delight foods include Xo Crab Rice with Katsuboshi, King Crab Omelette with Japanese Curry, and Spicy Sesame Noodles with Ume Furikake.

3. Meat/Seafood

The famous top-notch cuisines involve Stuffed Calamari with Koshihikari and Prawns with Kombu Butter; Teriyaki Fish Collars; Tonkatsu With Bulldog Sauce; Charcoal Chicken, Koji, With Yuzu; Wagyu Striploin, Mustard, With Wasabi and Koji Duck Crown, and these are the reasons for making this diner best Japanese Restaurant Sydney owns.

Cho Cho San
By insatiablemunch/ Flickr.Copyright 2022

4. Sweets

Desserts include Green Tea Soft Serve, Black Sesame Ice Cream Mochi, Coconut Raspberry Bombe Alaska, Yuzu Brulee, Nectarines, and Macadamia.

It also offers a takeaway service, so don’t worry if you cannot enjoy the dine-in, you can take the cool taste at home. Another reason apart from exotic flavors, Cho Cho San is a city hype and enlisted as the best Japanese restaurant Sydney has for you.

9. Gaku Robata Grill

Gaku Robata Grill is famous for its steaming bowls of Ramen to slurp on that makes it being enlisted as the best Japanese restaurant Sydney owns for Luscious Ramen. It serves as a Ramen joint during dawn and serves Izakaya during dusk.


Gaku serves up to four different types of Ramen- A yuzu-spiked duck along with broth and a duck smoked and meatballs made out of ducks, a bowl full of seafood consisting of salty clam consommé and poached clams and chicken tonkatsu served with pork char siu. These varieties make this eatery-worthy Japanese restaurant Sydney owns for Ramen.

GAKU Robata Grill
By Shireen Tang/ Instagram. Copyright 2022


Gaku although seems to be like an ordinary typical izakaya but the head chefs have made sure to give its Izakaya a unique eclectic blend of tradition and contemporary taste without compromising with Japanese technique-driven style with flavourful ingredients.

Come experience the style and taste at Gaku but don’t forget to book a table because it remains busy all day, no doubt making it the part of the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney has in its hands.

10. UME Burger’s Bar Ume

Another best Japanese Restaurant Sydney features is the Famous Ume Burger’s Bar in the Surry Hills that serves as a Spiritual home for Japanese Tradition in this continent. Sydney’s Bar Ume features award-winning dishes on its menu-starting from the famous Chicken and Fish Katsu Burger to the delicious Umami Seasoned Hot Chips.


Darling Square’s Ume Burger Joint has a range of seasonal favorite food items on their menu, starting from the famous fried Brussel Sprouts with Kerby Craig’s Sake Kasu vinegar dressing, to the all-time favorite chicken and fish dishes like the Nagoya style chicken Wings and the famous Ebi Katsu burger as one of the top fish katsu burgers.

1. The Signature Ume Burger

The lip-smacking Ume Burger has a Beef pattie, with Wagyu mince sauce spread all over the bun and layered with freshly cut tomato, onion, mayo, cheese, and everything you’d ever want to savor. Menu’s top Fish Katsu Burger is a hand-crumbed fish fillet, with Japanese tartare sauce, layered with Iceberg Lettuce & Cheese.

By Dude For Food/ Bing.com. Copyright 2022
2. Vegetarian

Bar Ume left no stones unturned in being famous among the vegetarians too. It offers vegetarian options as well as gluten-free dishes.

3. Kid’s Special Japanese Food

This eatery at Surry Hills also offers crave-worthy dishes on their menus for kids like the Kids Burger, Kids Fish Fingers, Kids Nuggets & Chips, and Apple or Orange Juices to drink. Therefore, it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney for families as well as Vegetarians.

Kerby Craig is the head Chef and a winner of 6 consecutive Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide at Koi Restaurant in Woolwich and for his fine-dining eatery Ume. So come experience the Japanese Styled Burgers in the Surry Hills to know more about the best Japanese Restaurant Sydney has got for its visitors.

Work Out as Much as Possible During Your All-Inclusive Vacations, and get your tummy ready for the variety of Japanese Restaurant Sydney is offering you. Sydney awaits your cordial presence to get that belly some flavors of rich traditional flavors of Japan.

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